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David Steigelfest
The Collective
The foundations of human civilization had become so fragile, all it took was the right kind of nudge to cause it to collapse completely. Well, at least that's the story He would have you believe. Jonathan, however, knows better. In fact, he has a good idea of how to counter the malevolent spirit that has enthralled what’s left of humanity, but his material self died decades ago. What remains of his soul is now entangled with the collective consciousness of a beehive, trapped by the same evil force, with the memory of his predicament lost to history. Meanwhile, ten-year-old Jeight has serious attention issues and can’t talk. Everyone around him, including his older brother, Brandon, believes he is developmentally disabled. The root cause, however, is that Jonathan has been trying to make himself heard and, in the process, interfering with Jeight’s ability to stay present. When the hive is destroyed and their remote haven is overrun, Brandon and Jeight escape with their friend, Saanvi. As they make their way across post-apocalyptic California, at first just trying to survive the violent setting and their complicated relationship, Brandon and Saanvi encounter a series of unexplained phenomena that reveal Jeight to be more than he seems. It turns out Jonathan’s link to Jeight has unleashed a growing power that is at once both a great source of hope and utterly terrifying.