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Mark Reefe
The Ghosts of Glenn Dale
Mark Reefe, author
A mysterious woman has moved to Spindle Lane. Many in the neighborhood are beguiled by her alluring smile and exotic accent, but sixteen-year-old Kate Dwyer isn’t impressed. Suspicious by nature, she spies on the woman and soon discovers her terrifying secret. Kate’s new neighbor is a witch. The nightmares start soon after her discovery, no doubt the witch’s retribution for Kate’s snooping. In her dreams she is plagued with an insatiable appetite and tormented by a demonic creature named Raga. Kate tells her friends, Theresa and Jackie, about the nightmares and witch, but they are hesitant to believe, given Kate’s flair for the dramatic. But when stories of mutilated bodies surface on the evening news and sightings of a terrifying creature known as the Goatman circulate through their high school, her friends reconsider Kate’s seemingly outlandish claims. Working as a team, they uncover a connection between the deaths, the witch, the Goatman, and Glenn Dale Hospital, an abandoned sanitarium with a sprawling complex of forgotten tunnels. Kate suspects the secret to stopping Raga’s increasing influence over her lies somewhere within the decaying hospital, but does she dare venture into its darkest corners to discover the secrets that lurk within? And if she doesn’t, what will be left of her when Raga is finished?