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The Necromancer's Child
Tori Blake is digging up more than her past. Fourteen years after her parents’ death, Tori Blake is still searching for answers. She returns to her home town of Harold to investigate the so-called accidental fire that burned them alive. With most of her childhood memories buried by the trauma of witnessing the event, she must rely on accounts from her parents’ former friends and colleagues. Her efforts to find the truth, dig up as many rumors as facts. Her vision of a perfect family is tarnished by evidence of abuses and betrayals. With the fire’s ignition source still in question, Tori gives little credence to the locals’ suspicions that witchcraft was the cause of the deadly inferno that day. However, when she begins to experience a haunting of her own, she is forced to question reality as she knows it. When she can’t find the answers she wants among the living, Tori embraces her mantle of necromancy and starts to interrogate the dead.