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Robert Burden
Author, Illustrator, Editor (anthology), Service Provider
The Sploor Imperative
We are destroying ourselves. There are a lot of highly advanced aliens who cannot allow us to do that. They are desperate to see humanity get its act together.

If you are looking for a book with an interesting and unique premise, that charges straight forward into some of the most difficult challenges humanity faces (and offers solutions), this is it.
Life after Death? Time Travel? Aliens among us? It’s all here and will keep you turning page after page. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to read the complete “The Sploor Imperative” and am looking forward to reading Book 2 “The Grooloos Merger” and seeing where our Hero, Jason, is off to next!

Our World Is Not Working - A New Sci-Fi Thriller By Bob Burden “The Sploor Imp

CHILLIWACK, B.C., CANADA, March 21, 2022 / -- “The Sploor Imperative” is the first of a four-book series which detail the alien’s efforts to correct their own design errors and help us.

"We are destroying ourselves. There are a lot of highly advanced aliens who cannot allow us to do that. They are desperate to see humanity get its act together."

Their help is recorded through the eyes of a human-alien-hybrid, one amongst thousands created so the alien presence doesn’t scare humanity. His name is Jason; he was selected from all the other hybrids to oversee the alien efforts to implement his own suggested solutions that were selected from the thousands submitted.

We all know the current state of the planet we call home and do little about it. Neither do the humans on millions of other planets throughout the Sploor multiverse, but for the Sploor this is unacceptable. These books show how the telepathic, unarmed, and peaceful Sploor, will correct this unacceptable situation and the discoveries they make while doing so.

The Sploor’s imperative is simple: Save the future for everyone! 

How could humanity affect the future?

The Sploor face a challenge: In order to save themselves and all those races who had gone before them, plus all the humanity that might come after them; humanity needs to become more honest, focused, and educated.

The alternative: We all cease to exist!

The Sploor also happen to be the creators who made our multiverse and everything in it including all of humanity as we know it. But, somewhere down the line they had made a few mistakes; they must have, because humanity is not performing as expected. 

Left to the Sploor, they would devote time to correcting the problems and get humanity back on track: But it isn’t their decision alone. There are the Grooloos to consider. The Grooloos had created the Sploor. There were other alien races before the Grooloos whose Life Force Energy (Liffergy) now exists alongside the Grooloos. This is a big problem for one and all.

But there’s a snag: There’s also an unavoidable time element to be considered.

All intelligent life is created to evolve and learn so they can eventually convert themselves, to a powerful, immortal, pure-energy-being (PEB) just like the Grooloos and Sploor had. 

But not a God! 

There are no beings fit to be called God’s in these books just an ever-increasing hierarchy of super intelligent alien races all struggling to learn more.

Unfortunately: Humanity has stopped progressing. The expected conversion process is nowhere in sight (64% use of our Brain). The Grooloos are even more desperate than the Sploor. They want to erase mankind and reboot from scratch after cleaning the human mess and refurbishing the entire Sploor multiverse.

These powerful telepathic aliens have mastered time, scale, and travel at the speed of thought. They could destroy the entire multiverse with a single thought. Resisting them is not an option.

After completing a final survey on human planets in 2018 a joint decision is made at the highest level: Reboot humanity.

Fortunately, this decision is made by a huge bureaucracy: There is a statutory 80-year appeals period. But nobody dare tell humanity about that. Humanity hadn’t even completely accepted the existence of aliens yet. Humanity might be traumatised by such a revelation.

Jason was selected because he wrote a paper at university that clearly identified the problem as communism. It was the only viable suggestion the Sploor received that didn’t blame their design errors. 

Jason’s paper was wrong in almost every substantial respect. As Jason completes his first task and fights off communist aggression a discovery is made.

Communism was not the cause; it was a symptom. The actual cause was an attack upon humanity by an alien species from outside our plane of existence. The attackers used a brain-altering: Extreme-Violence Inducing Liquor: A drug.

It is available as an aerosol so it can be absorbed through the skin. Jason’s second task is to find and destroy the aliens and their whole distribution system going back as far as 1184 AD. 

This will change our timeline. Will this result in chaos or solve the problem?

Robert W.W. Burden
R Burden Books

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Our World Is Not Working - A New Sci-Fi Thriller By Bob Burden “The Sploor Imperative” Shows An Alien Solution


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