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The Thirteenth Moon: A Moya Fairwell Adventure
Moya Fairwell has just turned thirteen. She's a little quirky, the oddball at school, but she doesn't really care. But lately she's also been hearing a strange voice whispering to her, seeing things out of the corner of her eye, her truly odd, weed-eating grandmother is talking in riddles, and the ring given to her for her birthday is itching her finger like crazy. If that's not enough, when the clock strikes 13, the full moon flashes green, time freezes, and the small, odd, white-haired boy shows up on her doorstep -- things REALLY get weird. Follow Moya and her Friend Fritz into the land of Rimorr where Moya discovers her heritage as a "Knower" and her the prophecy of her needing to fight the "Worl Devils" to keep the balance of good/evil. Along the way they meet strange creatures, make odd discoveries, and find that being different can create the best friendships.
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