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Through Paphlagonia with a Donkey

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Today when travel has become impersonal, we find in this book a personal account. Here are fresh and highly individualistic impressions of the Turkish people living in the wilderness of the Isfendyar Mountains on the coast of the Black Sea. Starting in complete ignorance and with no preconceptions David Beasley and through him the reader experience the warmth, generosity and touching enthusiasm of the Turks for contact with a foreigner. Through Paphlagonia With A Donkey is an awakening of a Westerner to an Eastern culture on the one hand, and an amusing, sometimes sympathetic appreciation of the independent personality of the donkey, Bobby, on the other.
Explorer's Journal

David Beasley is a young Canadian, educated at British-style universities, who likes solitude, and who made a trip through Paphlagonia (not to be confused with Patagonia) in western Turkey, along the Mediterranean coast, on a donkey. On the way he had an opportunity both to enjoy a seldom visited and relatively tourist-free region, and obtain solitude for contemplating English literature, and to meet the local people (Turks) with very little of the modern world intruding on him. He describes the various phases of the journey, including the negotiations for the purchase of the donkey, as well as the people he met and spent time with, meanwhile learning and improving his Turkish. A charmingly written book, describing a trip that most of us are unlikely to make through a region that most of us are unlikely to visit but may have wondered about.

Serge A. Korf, Ph.D., Med 1938 - The Explorers Journal