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Kimberly Quay
Winter Unleashed
The bond between fated mates can’t be severed… Or so I thought. Growing up as the outcast of the Cullum County packs, I never thought I’d find my mate. Now that I have Liam, I never want to let him go. But an ancient evil fairy has other plans… Celeste wants Liam for her own, and she'll do anything to get him. I wake up one day to find I’m missing chunks of my memory, and I’m not sure who to trust. All I have are my wolf’s instincts telling me Celeste is bad news, but the weird, all-too-real dreams are telling me otherwise. As I struggle to regain my memories, I find out Celeste wants more than my mate. She has plans that could destroy the supernatural world. To stop her, I have to trust my wolf and let her guide me to the one person who can help me. When I get a taste of what I’ve lost, I’ll do whatever it takes to get back to the life I never realized I wanted, and now can't live without.