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Hardcover Details
  • 10/2015
  • 978-0-9939156-0-4
  • 368 pages
  • $35.00
Ebook Details
  • 09/2015
  • 978-0-9939156-3-5 B015QBP50W
  • 368 pages
  • $9.99
Theresa Nicassio
Author, Illustrator
YUM: Plant-Based Recipes for a Gluten-Free Diet

Adult; Health, Diet, Parenting, Home, Crafts & Gardening; (Publish)

A delectable gluten- and sugar-free plant-based and allergy-friendly cookbook that is also a coffee-table art-book, YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet goes above and beyond these parameters.

The 368-page allergy-friendly resource book YUM has a scope that extends far beyond the typical cookbook in any genre. The book, described as “a masterpiece” by many is an unprecedented comprehensive resource that is invaluable for anyone with special dietary needs (e.g. due to food sensitivities, autoimmune challenges, heart disease, cancer or diabetes), that is also relevant for anyone desiring to live a healthier, happier or more conscious life.

Soulfully written, with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure, this resource invites everyone to the party (including those with special needs and restrictive diets). YUM offers a metaphor for living a meaningful life, filled with joy and abounding with pleasure.

YUM is a book for all ages—kids, teens and adults alike enjoy relishing in the sensual pleasure and deliciousness offered within its pages. Truly a must-have for all who love life, beauty and good food.

“A thorough, informative cookbook for healthy meals; ideal for those with food restrictions.”
Kirkus Reviews

Refreshingly free of politics and polemics…Kid- and family-friendly…inventive riffs…simple and ingenious…Even carnivores will find dishes…hard to resist.
Publishers Weekly (*Starred Review*)

YUM features:

  • Over 180 delicious and easy-to-make gluten- and refined sugar-free vegan recipes that your whole family will enjoy that are all simple enough for a 12-year-old to prepare.
  • Fun ways to bring real food to life for you, your friends and your kids
  • Notes about ingredients by a registered dietitian (Bev’s Bits) and nutritionist (Haely’s Hints).
  • Beautiful food, garden and lifestyle images throughout, as well as life-enhancing stories and reflections by the author.
  • An extensive “Funky Ingredients” chapter describing over 50 less-familiar ingredients, including a discussion about sweeteners, information about their propensities to spike (or not spike) blood sugar levels and different culinary uses for each.
  • A complete special diet and allergy chart for all recipes.
  • Tips for creating a more sustainable kitchen, including ways to reduce food waste.

YUM is much more than a recipe book—it’s a much-needed and long craved for resource for your body, a feast for your mind and senses, and an invitation to a deliciously new way of living. All the recipes have been designed to be simple enough for a 12-year-old to prepare, so making gluten-free, plant-based food is a breeze for busy families.

Enjoy mouthwatering delights that everyone will love, even if you have lactose intolerance, celiac disease, diabetes or other health challenges.

Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Refreshingly free of politics and polemics, Nicassio’s book strictly focuses on the food, offering thoughtful and practical recipes such as her Best No Meat-Meat, a combination of mushrooms, walnuts, onions, and herbs used to create shepherd’s pie, as well as spaghetti and veggie meatballs. Kid- and family-friendly food dominates the book, with vegan versions of mac and cheese, tacos, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies, as well as inventive riffs. She employs baked polenta as a substitute crust for pizza and collard greens as a stand-in for tortillas in wraps—all of which are simple and ingenious. A highlight are her chia chips, a crunchy snack full of healthy ingredients that work well with all manner of dips. Even carnivores will find dishes like Rho’s Giardiniera Pickled Vegetables and garlic-infused polenta hard to resist. Most recipes are as straightforward, though some, such as lemon cupcakes, call for a painfully specific ingredient (in this case, a quarter teaspoon of psyllium husk powder), which may be off-putting to initiates. That said, once readers have sorted out their preferences and tastes (particularly regarding which sugar substitute they’ll be using), they’re good to go. (BookLife)
Alessio Fasano MD, Director, Center for Celiac Research and Treatment, Mass Gen

"With her YUM 'philosophy' and accompanying recipes, Dr. Theresa Nicassio makes me think of the beautiful and bountiful way of life in Southern Italy, with its emphasis on food, family---and also fun. Her psychological background brings a much-needed dimension to the discussion of special diets and the role that food plays in the total picture that makes up our health."

Anne Champagne, MES Green Words Writing and Editing

October 9, 2015

Book Review of YUM: Plant-based Recipes for a Gluten-free Diet

In a world overrun with books about how to eat for vibrant health, Dr. Theresa Nicassio’s YUM: Plant-Based Recipes for a Gluten-free Diet stands out from the herd. First and foremost, she incorporates an ethic of care for Earth. There are recipes for those who avoid meat, gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs and potatoes; notes by a dietician and nutritionist; and many extras, so this is much more than a cookbook. The recipes are imaginative, quick and easy to prepare even with young sous-chefs. And Theresa combines expertise as a chef, integrative healer, psychologist and mom.

That it has a “Funky Ingredients” Chapter is just gravy. That Theresa’s writing is life-affirming and enthusiastic makes reading it good fun.

YUM is a feast for the eyes as well as the belly: almost every page is bathed in intense colour with eye-popping pictures of food and flowers.

In addition to some 180 recipes that a 12-year-old can master, the book has diet and allergy charts to help quickly locate recipes that accommodate 19 different allergens; cooking tips; info about food combining and replacing foods that induce inflammation with healthy alternatives; and recipes for specific health issues. There’s a compendium of alternative sweeteners, flours and sundry ingredients that explores their pros and cons, and a rundown on kitchen tools. Theresa’s ethos of service and care for the planet shines in her tips for creating a more sustainable kitchen by cutting down on food waste. In a world where nearly a third of the food grown is wasted, this alone puts the book far ahead of the pack.

The recipes range from strawberry cheesecake smoothies to mango banana granola, Korean zucchini pancakes, dandelion quinoa salad, creamy cucumber and sorrel soup, Italian stuffed artichokes, pad Thai, guacamole with cilantro and basil, to fudge lava cake, healthy truffles and no-pumpkin pumpkin pie (think cashews and yams).

Scattered through the book are “Haley’s Hints” (counsel from a nutritionist), “Bev’s Bits” (a dietician’s wisdom) and “Bee Bites”: nuggets of lore about the creatures who pollinate so much of our food and without whom our plates would be decidedly bare.

Theresa’s training as a psychologist adds depth to the book. “Through understanding our relationship with food and the magnitude of its importance, we can increase our capacity for compassion when challenges arise concerning food, eating and weight.” When we must give up foods we love, we can feel sadness, fear and loss because of the changes to our familiar relationships with food, with others and with ourselves. “It is this level of consciousness I’d like to welcome to the table,” she writes. When we surrender to loss and accept the reality of dietary changes, we can shift from depression, anger and rebellion to excitement about delicious new meals. “YUM is not just about recipes; it is also about empowerment and embracing life in an exciting new way.”

Theresa thinks we can learn to abandon our fixation with dietary “shoulds” and instead relish our daily (gluten-free) bread. Some weight-loss gurus claim that by enjoying what we eat fully, we release brain chemicals that help us lose weight. So trying on Theresa’s philosophy of “responsible hedonism” might even help regain that svelte youthful figure. But that’s not the intention. The idea is that “life is to be celebrated and cherished; to this end, responsiveness to others and service to the planet are as important as pleasure-seeking for one’s self. So, while delicious and simple-to-prepare recipes are an important part of the YUM Living experience, they are just one means of enabling a joyful, mindful and respectful way of living.”

Like Taoism, YUM “acknowledges life as it is, instead of rejecting, judging or trying to control it (efforts that are typically futile and not sustainable anyway). YUM Living invites us to enjoy the pleasures of living mindfully and to discover remarkable possibilities for deepening and transforming our daily existence.”

Theresa’s book arose out of her own descent into ill health and her discovery of ways to recover. She did prodigious amounts of research, educating herself about the mind-body-spirit connection, functional medicine, allergies, inflammation, the hormone connection, environmental toxins and more. YUM is endorsed by world-renowned physicians and researchers.

YUM is a fine book for those with allergies who care about how the way we eat affects the planet that feeds us all.

Kirkus Reviews

Nicassio’s collection of more than 180 recipes that are plant-based and gluten-free offers help to those who suffer from dietary restrictions.

After suffering from negative reactions from some foods, Nicassio, a registered psychologist, sought out alternative methods of healing and ways to use food as medicine. She “became a Certified Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner, a Certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef and Instructor and a Certified Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator.” Her YUM philosophy is inclusive—even die-hard junk-food addicts or meat lovers can enjoy her recipes alongside those who need or choose to avoid certain foods. Nicassio emphasizes easing into the world of healthier eating, gradually incorporating more nutritious ingredients into the pantry and trying just a few recipes at a time. She lists “Funky Foods,” many of which are key ingredients in her recipes. Golden berries, lovage, buckwheat groats, kelp noodles, camelina oil, coconut aminos, and chicory root inulin powder may not be familiar to those without access to a well-stocked health food store. But Nicassio clearly and simply explains the nutritional importance of these ingredients. She also lists helpful kitchen tools, but since some items, like high-speed blenders, can be expensive, she suggests experimenting with a regular blender first. The recipes include nearly all food types—beverages, appetizers, salads, snacks, main dishes, etc. Some recipes aren’t as simple as billed: more than 70 require another recipe or two from the book (her Stuffed Bell Peppers recipe requires four), so interested readers will benefit by fully stocking their kitchens before proceeding. Environmentally conscious cooks will appreciate Nicassio’s section on creative, easy ways to reduce waste in the kitchen. Although probably best suited to those already familiar with plant-based, gluten-free eating, the author’s charm might convince many others to give it a go.

A thorough, informative cookbook for healthy meals; ideal for those with food restrictions.

Kirkus Reviews

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 2015

ISBN: 978-0-99-391560-4

Page count: 368pp

Publisher: D&D Publishing and Distribution

Program: Kirkus Indie

Review Posted Online: Oct. 30th, 2015

Neal Barnard MD, President of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

"Theresa Nicassio gives healthy eating the look and taste a gourmet cook would love. Armed with the recipes in this book, you'll find yourself head over heels in recipes that pack a nutritional punch as well as a hefty dose of deliciousness. Eating a low-fat, vegan diet is the best way to promot health, and Theresa has embraced this in her YUM philosophy. Pairing wholesome plant-based foods with her recipe-making talents, these easy-to-make meals will leave you feeling better than ever."

Sandra Cabot MD, Author of The Liver Cleansing Diet

“Congratulations to Theresa Nicassio PhD for putting
together such a well researched, well organized and easyto-
use cookbook. YUM is sure to encourage many people to
try a gluten free diet—this book showcases such a plentiful
and incredible variety of delicious food.
“YUM is a masterpiece in several ways. It is beautiful to look
at and the photography brings the colours, textures and
shapes of the foods and meals into a vibrant living experience.
It reminds us that healthy foods are the art of nature.
It is a masterpiece of healthy food combining, which will
help those with gut problems and food sensitivities to not
feel as deprived. It has cleverly excluded foods that are toxic
or promote inflammation and replaced them with healing
and delicious foods.
“Hippocrates taught doctors that good health begins in the
digestive tract and that food should be our medicine. This
beautiful recipe book embraces those eternal principles in
a modern and exciting way. To feel well and energetic and
to have a clear and happy mind, we need a healthy gut and
liver. The gut–brain connection is huge. The gut–immune
connection is just as huge.
“I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves eating
living, healthful foods and especially those who love
to cook.”

Saul Pilar MD, Integrative Physician, Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medi

“Just holding and looking at this fabulous book makes
me want to eat every one of the recipes. Not just eat but
prepare myself. So many new and innovative ingredients
make the book stand out of the crowd of the usual fare.
I have found Dr. Theresa’s YUM creations feed well the body
and the heart.”

Theresa Nicassio’s award-winning Cookbook, YUM is a “masterpiece.”

Dr. Theresa Nicassio has done a great service for healthy eating with her cookbook YUM, which may surprise those who have not experienced plant-based recipes for a glutenfree diet. It all started for Dr. Nicassio when she typed her recipes into a compilation. Voila, YUM was launched and she worked on it for five-plus years before it went to press.

Here is our Q&A interview:

Q: You have incorporated a host of wonderful photos into YUM. What prompted you to do that?

A: There are several contributing factors to my decision to make YUM into a coffee table art book, as well as a delicious healthy lifestyle book that even the “hard to feed” could enjoy. Initially, I was taking photos of my recipes just as a memory tool. Many years of gluten exposure wreaked havoc on my nervous system, including my memory, as many folks with celiac disease or other gluten intolerance similarly experience. Because of this, I discovered that when I was trying to cook food that I could eat, I could better remember what my options were if I had photos in my iPhone of my previous successes. Enjoying art and beauty, I would enjoy setting up the food photos in beautiful ways, with different lighting, etc., just because it was fun.The other reason is I want to share with readers how incredibly delicious and beautiful healthy whole food-based food can be!

Q: What is your favorite recipe?

A: The recipe I’m most proud of is my lemon butter cream frosting invention. With about 50 per cent of the population now finding themselves with diabetes or pre-diabetes, with a frightening increase in childhood obesity and diabetes rates as well, something needs to change. The North American tradition of cake with butter cream frosting to celebrate birthdays is so damaging, given this health epidemic. I was obsessed with creating an alternative that had no sugar, butter, margarine, shortening or lard.

Q: What inspired you to write YUM?

A: While I’d always been a great cook, I really didn’t like cooking, so it’s really funny that I am now the author of this award-winning book! Growing up in an Italian home, I learned that cooking was largely “women’s work” and wasn’t how I wanted to be spending my time. However, when I realized after a dozen years of debilitating illness that food could be a source of healing, suddenly cooking became a tool for empowerment!

Q: Is your cookbook for everyone?

A: YES! When people see the book, their first thought is (it’s) for those with gluten problems and/or for those who are vegetarians and vegans. YUM is about “inclusive cooking” – creating food that everyone can enjoy, even those with special diets. As the medical research continues to support, we can all benefit from reducing our sugar intake and by eating more fruits and vegetables. Clean whole food is good for everyone.

Q: Tell us about your award?

A: As a cookbook author, the biggest award competition you can enter is the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. It’s been likened to the Academy Awards or Olympics for cookbooks. There are 209 countries in this year’s competition, competing in 82 categories before an international jury of judges. YUM has won the Canadian Title as the “Best Diet Book, for the Public” in English. I’ve been blown away - never did I imagine winning such a prestigious award. And now, it’s been announced that it has been short-listed as one of the “Best in the World!” I feel deeply humbled by the opportunity to be flying to China for the big awards event in May (29th) to represent Canada in the competition - truly a once in a lifetime experience.

YUM is available on Amazon, at Whole Foods Markets, Finlandia, Garden works, and at many other independent natural food stores. YUM is also available on the book's website, where a portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.

Dr. Sandra Cabot, MD is quoted on the book’s cover: “YUM is a masterpiece.”
Twitter: @christineruns Run With It TV on YouTube – runwithitcb1

Vancouver Psychologist Launches the First Book of its Kind

Theresa Nicassio registered psychologist, and gourmet raw food chef is the new author of YUM.

This one of a kind cookbook focuses on the psychological implications of living with dietary restrictions and preferences. Theresa bringings the psychological perspective into the discussion of helping individuals make dietary changes.

YUM holds the reader’s hand while educating and empowering them to successfully change their lifestyle habits. Providing the reader with “the missing piece” that has been overlooked when making a dietary change.

As a seasoned psychologist, Theresa has personally been touched by the debilitating effects of gluten and other food sensitivities. “It’s wonderful to be able to use my experiences and expertise to help others navigate these challenges with greater ease and joy. My life’s journey forever changed when my personal health crisis began in 1997. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to live more vibrantly, mindfully, and healthfully in every way possible and offer my insanely delicious recipes and health discoveries with others.”

YUM is a plant-based recipe book that focuses on a gluten-free diet. The book features 180 easy to make recipes that specialize in refined sugar-free meals the whole family can enjoy.

For more information on YUM visit

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YUM — Where Deliciously Simple & Healthy Living is Possible (Q & A)

Theresa Nicassio | Vancouver based psychologist and a gourmet raw food chef is launching her first book inspired by her passion for food, life and love. YUM: plant-based recipes for a glutenfree diet features 180 delicious and easy to make, refined sugar-free easy to make recipes the whole family can enjoy.

The launch event will take place at Shaughnessy Heights United Church from 2:30 – 5:30 pm on Saturday September 19th. “My life’s journey forever changed when my personal health crisis began in 1997.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to live more vibrantly, mindfully, and healthfully in every way possible and offer my insanely delicious recipes and health discoveries with others.” YUM is the first book of its kind that truly attends to the psychological implications of living with dietary restrictions and preferences.

Bringing the psychological perspective into the discussion of helping individuals make dietary changes, YUM provides “the missing piece” that has been overlooked far too long.

YUM utilizes this understanding and holds the reader’s hand, while educating and empowering them to successfully change their lifestyle habits in a way that they can confidently and easily sustain.

As a seasoned psychologist, Theresa has personally been touched by the debilitating effects of gluten and other food sensitivities. “It is wonderful to be able to use my experiences and expertise to help others navigate these challenges with greater ease and joy.”


Q & A with Theresa-Nicassio

Theresa you are a sought after psychologist and a raw-food chef with a cookbook out soon. What inspired you to write YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet?

That is a great question. The word “inspired” is the critical word here since writing a cookbook was certainly never on my bucket list.  The conception of YUM came as a result of two really big things happening in 2010, coincidentally, right around the same time.

The first of these was the discovery that the primary underlying cause of my twelve year health crisis (that began after the birth of my first daughter) was my body’s reaction to gluten. Surprisingly, that little protein had wreaked havoc on my immune, respiratory, neurological and articular systems and had led me to be debilitated all those years.


The second of these was my then twelve-year-old’s sudden decision to live a completely plant-based lifestyle, after watching Alicia Silverstone’s interview on an Oprah Winfrey Show. The journey to find, and then later create, delicious food that our whole family could enjoy (given the special needs and longings of our bodies and souls), became the five year gestation of YUM. This book was intended to be the resource that I longed-for and couldn’t find.

As it evolved, I realized that it could be something that I could pass along to my children as a healthy resource for them to benefit in their lives and be something they could also share with their families. Ultimately, as friends we shared the recipes with got super excited and happy about the creations, I realized that this book could be much more than I had previously thought it could be a gift that I could offer others who also suffer, to bring more pleasure and ease to their lives, regardless of their health circumstances.

With the rapid rise in obesity and diabetes, YUM also became a source of hope to reverse this trend. Watching my own dad suffer from diabetes, enduring the worst of the worst that disease can cause, my passion to offer easy lower glycemic (yet really yummy) alternatives, has become one of my biggest aspirations for YUM.

What is YUM Living?

YUM Living is the soul of this book. It is a psychologically-based philosophy of living that embraces and celebrates pleasure-seeking in a mindful and responsible way that I call “responsible hedonism”. As a species, we love pleasure and prefer to avoid discomfort and effort as much as possible.


This is our nature. So, instead of judging ourselves and others for these longings, why not accept and dance with them, and find ways to creatively weave them into something wonderful, healing and life-giving? Life is here to be lived joyfully and freely, yet many of the mental and societal constructs that we have co-created as a society get in the way of joy and individual expression.

As a psychologist, having offered therapy for over 29 years, I have come to realize how much emotional suffering is caused by the way we think about ourselves, each other and the world. YUM Living offers a simple paradigm with nine general principles that can help prevent or even reverse much of this unnecessary suffering, replacing this suffering with freedom, connection and joy.

You decided to publish the book yourself. What was that process like, and what led you to make that decision?

The process of writing and publishing a book is a very interesting journey. In many ways, the writing itself is largely a very personal and internal process. This decision was multi-faceted, because of many factors. Basically, YUM was “discovered” even before I was even thinking about seeking a publisher. So, about three years into the writing, unknowingly, we had a publisher over for dinner who was blown away by the food and by the story and vision for the book.

The year working with the publisher and editor was fantastic, where amongst other things, independent test kitchens in the U.S. & Canada tested many of the recipes and gave feedback and ideas about the recipes. To make a long story short, unfortunate health circumstances resulted in the need to pursue another route to publish. With the book so far along, this became a difficult decision, since there are benefits and drawbacks around the both the option to work with a publisher or to self-publish.


I had a very big vision for YUM, wanting it to be a paradigm-changing and high-quality book, large and filled with an inordinate amount of beautiful full-colour, full-page photos (all factors that are very costly). What I discovered was that this wasn’t likely to happen with either the conventional publishing or standard self-publishing model.

Feeling compelled to also ensure that the integrity of my vision of this book would be ensured, I ultimately decided to create a third and unconventional choice the decision to start a new and vibrant independent publishing company that would represent my vision and mission to inspire minds and empower lives.

As a bonus, I already have other books that have been brewing in me for years that would be perfect under this label as well. So, in many ways, not only is the book YUM being launched right now, but the start of this new publishing company is also being launched at the same time. This is a very big deal.

For a busy professional on the go, what are some little changes they can make in their diet to deal with stress and assist with overall health?

I love questions like this! It is really important to be practical and realistic and not expect perfectionism. Three little changes that can help with both stress and also be beneficial are:

  • START SMALL | Learn one or two quick dishes that you can make in a flash that are delicious and easy-to-make. It is amazing how much your stress can go down once you have just one such dish in your back pocket to call upon when you need it. As you gradually start to bring more healthy food into your life, the less healthy options begin to get squeezed out. This is especially great because it requires almost no effort!
  • MAKE LARGE BATCHES | When you have favourite recipes that can be stored in the fridge or freezer for a few days in meal-sized containers, make large batches and use the leftovers for lunches or pulled out to be used for quick suppers. Tabbouleh and bean or lentil salads and soups are some of my favourites for this purpose. Sometimes they can even be used in other dishes such as wraps or over pasta, quinoa, or cooked grains.
  • ENJOY MORE WATER DENSE FOODS | When we eat foods with a high water density (such as fresh greens and other fresh fruits and vegetables), our bodies tend to be very happy. What many people don’t realize is that while hydration is super important, water-dense foods also offer a plethora of nutrients and tend to fill us up faster. When our bodies feel full and are provided with the nutrients that they need to thrive, we also tend to crave the less healthy foods less. It’s really a win-win-win.

With the temperatures dropping, what would you recommend to add into our existing diets to help the body transition for fall/winter weather.

Not being a physician, I cannot speak about the physiological effects of food in this way. It is important to also consult with your doctor about your unique health needs and propensities as you seek guidance around your health. That said, I know that the types of food that I personally enjoy when the weather starts to feel chilly are foods that are inherently warming.

For example, while I enjoy eating a lot of raw food (especially in the summer months), I find that in the colder times of the year, my body enjoys more cooked foods, especially soups and stews. Of course, there are foods that are thought to have “warming” effects as well, such as ginger and hot and spicy foods like peppers, mustards, horseradish and the like. A word of caution, though, is that as with other foods, we need to all eat those foods that our bodies uniquely love. Also, for those with certain food sensitivities or other health conditions or for those who are taking medications that can cross-react with certain foods, it is always important to work with your healthcare professionals for guidance around any dietary changes that you might be considering. It is amazing how many seemingly benign foods, such as grapefruit, can be a concern for some individuals. It’s always best to first consult!


Is it true you took all the bright, colorful photos seen in YUM?

I know it is pretty crazy, but yes, I took all of the food and garden photos in YUM, except for the photo of the Chia Chips (which my wonderful author and lifestyle photographer Alejandra Aguirre photoali took). Ali took all of the photos of me and all but four of the lifestyle photos. Colour, light and balance entrance me. It was wonderful to be able to share the world as I see and experience it through my own lens.

Particularly special was being able to do so, even in those most quiet and sacred moments, such as when communing with nature, including my intimate encounters with the bees. This is something special that I am particularly happy to be able to offer to my readers not just the sound-bytes of my words or the food-bites of the yummy recipes, but also the sight-bytes of the visual sensual experiencing.

Pictures can express what words can only attempt to communicate. Images can take our breath away in awe, soften our inner world, and even calm our other senses and physiology, in a mere moment. Beauty transforms us and I believe is an under-tapped vehicle for emotional healing.

You have been receiving a lot of praise for YUM. Are there any plans for more books in future?

Oh yes! I have some other beautiful books in the making and gestating within me. The next book will be a book of reflections for living. Another that has been percolating is about connecting with the beauty that resides within each of us. There is a more provocative one I’ve been contemplating, and of course, this will not be the last of the YUM recipe books!

We hear there is a launch party for YUM coming up! Can you give us some details about that.

Oh my goodness, yes! This is going to be the party of parties a free family-friendly community festival celebrating living, great food, each other and our planet. Inspiring artists, non-profit organizations, local business, and health and wellness professionals, all committed to healthy living, humanitarian- and earth-friendly initiatives will be there.

In addition, there will be food demonstrations, speakers, yummy samples, a great kids craft corner, henna for teens, door prizes and fantastic musical performances by local musicians, featuring singer-songwriter Tessa Mouzourakis, throughout the main event. After the main event, there will be a free Disco lesson and a dance party to follow.

The launch will be at Shaughnessy Heights United Church, located at 1550 W. 33rd Avenue (at Granville St) from 2:30-5:30pm. $1 per book will be donated to the charity of your choice of the four that D&D Publishing and Distribution is sponsoring for the year (Canadian Celiac Association, the Suzuki Foundation, American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association, and The Master Shift.

We would love to get your favourite smoothie recipe and breakfast ideas that we can share with our viewers.

I have so many! However, in the spirit of finding the easiest healthy tips and tricks, I would love to share with your viewers my Peach Banana Green Smoothie that my daughter Alex created that has only 3 ingredients, plus ice and water! (p. 55) Another dynamite breakfast recipe that is super delicious and seriously packed with nutrition and can be made to be a convenient on-the-go meal that is one of my favourites when I travel is my Flax & Chia Raw Power Breakfast. (p. 60)

YUM took 5 years in the making. Where can we purchase the book?

The best place to purchase YUM if you are unable to attend the launch party is on the YUM website: yumfoodforliving. When you order from this website, $1 per book will again be donated to the charity of your choosing of the four sponsored this year by D&D Publishing and Distribution. As a special deal for our loyal customers, through September 20th, you can get the special book launch 25% discount for all books purchased on the website.

After the launch promotion ends on September 21st, YUM will also be available on and Locally, Gardenworks is also carrying YUM, and it will soon be available at many other stores. Inquire at your favourite stores to ask whether YUM is available in their stores. If not, feel free to give them the contact information for them to order YUM at or they can phone 604-445-MIND (6463).

If you would like to make a large purchase of YUM books or you have a charity or business and would like to make a large order of YUM (e.g. for fundraising efforts, corporate gifts, etc.), you can contact D&D Publishing directly for information about discount pricing available for large case orders.

Thank you for your time.

For more information please visit:
Twitter: @TheresaNicassio

YUM Book Tour (2015-2016) Highlights

YUM Book Tour (2015-2016) Highlights

Williams-Sonoma Artisan’s Market – Vancouver September 5 (Noon-4pm) 2903 Granville Street,Vancouver BC

Oak Street Farmers’ Market – Vancouver
September 9 (3pm-7pm) 949 West 49th Ave.,Vancouver BC
Unitarian Church of Vancouver Parking Area

YUM Book Launch & Dance Party – Vancouver
September 19 (2:30-5:30pm) 1550 W. 33rd Ave, Vancouver BC
Shaughnessy Heights United Church

Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest – Portland
Sept 26 – 27 Columbia Conference Center
8439 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland OR

Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest – Portland
Sept 26-27 Columbia Conference Center
8439 NE Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR

Thrive Cafe – Seattle
Sep 29 (11am-1pm) 1026 NE 65th, A102, Seattle, WA

GardenWorks – Book Signing – Burnaby
Sept 20 (1-4pm) 6250 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby, BC

Costco Book Signing – Kirkland
Oct 10 (10am-Noon) 8629 120th Ave. N.E., Kirkland, WA

Costco Book Signing – Issaquah
Oct 10 (2pm-4pm) 1801 10th Ave. N.E., Issaquah, WA

West Coast Women’s Show 2015 – Abbotsford
Oct 16-18 Abbotsford Tradex Trade & Exhibition Centre

Okanagan Tour – Merritt – Kelowna – Penticton
Oct 19 (11am-2pm) Brambles Bakery
2151 Quilchena Ave. Merritt BC

Oct 20 (5:30-7:30pm) Chapters-Kelowna
Orchard Park, 2271 Harvey Avenue Kelowna, BC

CANCELED Oct 22 (6:30-8:30pm) Hooked On Books
225 Main Street. Penticton, BC

Oct 23 (Noon-3pm) Mosaic Books
411 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo 2015 – Vancouver
Oct 30-Nov 1 Pacific National Exhibition (PNE)

University Place Pierce County Library – Tacoma
Nov 5 (7pm) 3609 Market Pl, Tacoma, WA

Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks – Vancouver
Nov 7 (2pm-4pm) 1740 W. 2nd Ave., Vancouver, BC

West Coast Christmas Show 2015 – Abbotsford
Nov 20-22 Abbotsford Tradex Trade & Exhibition Centre

Gluten-Free Expo 2016 –Vancouver
Jan 16-17 999 Canada Place,Vancouver, BC

Gluten-Free Living Show 2016 – Abbotsford
Apr 1-3 Abbotsford Tradex Trade & Exhibition Centre

Hardcover Details
  • 10/2015
  • 978-0-9939156-0-4
  • 368 pages
  • $35.00
Ebook Details
  • 09/2015
  • 978-0-9939156-3-5 B015QBP50W
  • 368 pages
  • $9.99