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Arthur S. Newman
Author, Illustrator
Z Is For Zero Zero Is For Out Of Time

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

A deranged fan has wagered a dangerous game with the heirs of a popular author, Janae Mayfield (writing under the name, Annie Reeves), who has died without finishing her life’s work of completing her popular mystery series. The family (Reese Mayfield and Peter Mayfield) has vowed to let dead authors and their works lie, choosing not to release the notes for the final novel or to hire a ghostwriter to complete the series. As Annie Reeves’s fortune dwindles and one member of the family disappears, other members are concerned that they may be next. The assailant vows that the family and its fortune will diminish little by little if they do not complete the work. Are there notes for the last novel? How far will the menace go to have his or her obsession satisfied?