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BookLife Review Promotional Video

Use Our Simple Tool to Create Your Own Custom Video

Follow the steps on this page to create an animated, promotional video in three sizes optimal for posting and advertising on social media.

After creating your video, you'll be taken to a page where you can pay using your credit card. After payment, we'll email you the video you have created in its three sizes, and if you ordered a marketing campaign, we'll begin that. For more information about BookLife Review Promotional Videos, view our BookLife Review Promotional Video FAQ page.

Customize Your Video

1. Choose Music:

Select some music that best fits your book's theme.

    2. Choose Background Color:

    Select a complimentary color that contrasts your book cover and helps "grab" viewers' attention. It also needs to contrast with the text color, which you'll choose next.

    3. Choose Text Color:

    Select a color that will stand out, or "pop," in your video. It needs to attract attention and be easy to read.

    Tip: Some places the ad appears are small; think of someone on their phone scrolling quickly through their social media feed. Without a strong color contrast it will be too difficult to read. To test how your video will look, stand 10 feet back from your screen; can you read your video? If you need to, go back and change your background color; the contrast between the background and text colors is crucial to the success of your video.

    4. Choose up to 3 quotes from your review:

    Select three short quotes from your review that will compel viewers to learn more about your book and buy it.

    Tip: Your selections should be as short as possible, so they can be instantly read in a glance. Imagine your quote on a billboard. Each quote needs to be short and punchy. Your goal is to grab the viewer and get them to click, not share long quotes.

    5. Choose Action:"Buy It Now", "Learn More"
    6. Action URL

    This is the web address linked from the "action" you chose above. At the very least this web page should provide an easy way to buy your book in one or more formats, and ideally it should offer more information about you and your book as well. Please note that the action button in your video isn't an actual link embedded in the video; video's can't have links embedded in them. Instead the button is used for video ads, where the entire video is clickable. When the video isn't used in an ad, the button is a reminder for viewers to take action.

    Video Preview

    Choose one of two templates for your video. Each template has three different sizes; select each size to see what the video you've created looks like in that size.

    Square,Portrait (tall),Landscape (wide)

    Choose a plan

    Promotional Video Only

    Promo Videos Only $197

    Purchase the videos to post on social media and elsewhere on your own.

    Promotional Videos + Marketing

    Promote your video to active readers of books in your genre on Facebook, Instagram, and the Facebook Advertising Network.

    • Advertising usually occurs across a 2-3 week period.
    • You will receive a simple report reviewing your results at the end of the campaign.
    • At the conclusion of your first campaign, you will have the option of reaching more readers with the videos you already own.
    • You can order a video-only at this time and order a campaign at a later date.

    Viewer Boost Campaign $697

    Reach 25,000 potential buyers with your video ad when they are using social media. This campaign will reach one target audience.

    Supercharged Viewer Boost Campaign $1,097

    Reach 50,000 potential buyers with your video ad campaign when they are using social media. This campaign will reach two or three unique target audiences.

    Promo Code

    Be sure to double-check your video to make sure it's the way you want it to look. You'll complete your order by paying for it on the next page.