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  • Jogie Torres

    Editing, Art & Design, Agent
  • Tribune Publisher

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent, Publishing

    Editing : Transform your content with professional editing services. From grammar and style to structure and clarity, our editing ensures your message shines through flawlessly. Art & Design : Elevate your brand with captivating artwork and designs tailored to your vision. Our team of talented artists brings creativity and innovation to every project, ensuring your visual identity stands o...

  • TRISTAN Publishing

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    We are an independent publishing house dedicated to producing books and other products with messages that uplift, inspire and give hope.

  • Gregory Tyson

    Art & Design

    A black man in Savannah Georgia who does art and write for a living. Let me know what you think of my work.

  • vfx academy

    Art & Design, Production, Distribution

    VFX artist encounters over a decade of award-winning experience in developing of amazing visual effects for feature films, television, and commercials. shown the ability to work equally separately and collectively and deliver high-quality results on deadline and within budget. knowledge in a range of VFX initiatives, which include Maya, Houdini, Nuke, and After Effects.

  • Jessica Warrick

    Art & Design

    Children's book illustration

  • We Are Puppeteers, LLC

    Art & Design

    We Are Puppeteers offers custom workshops on site in schools, libraries, stores, churches, theaters, gardens, city parks, or homes. We Are Puppeteers works with you to design workshops that meet your goals, whether the goal is educational or just for fun. We Are Puppeteers creates stories and puppets for the enjoyment of children of all ages. Our mission is to share the art and the cre...

  • Wilkinson Studios, Inc.

    Art & Design, Production

    Wilkinson Studios represents artists from around the globe, and can help you find the perfect illustrator for your self-published book, whether it's a children's book, YA or adult novel cover, fantasy, science fiction, graphic novel, comic book, scientific publication, or educational work. We have the artist and style to fit your manuscript and your budget. We also can provide layout,...

  • Wisdom House Books

    Editing, Art & Design, Production, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing
    1 Endorsement

    WISDOM HOUSE BOOKS offers every service an author may need to produce a high quality book and to maximize that book's potential under our care. We represent the best of YOU and our services reflect that. We pull our resources and years of experiences in Publishing, Editing, Promotion & PR, Production, Art & Design, Web Design, Social Media, and Photography representation together for you. A...

  • Write Success Publishing

    Editing, Art & Design, Publishing

    We are a no-fuss editing and writing service for indie authors.

  • Writing Coach

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Publishing

    We are a holistic arts organization and publisher. We provide writing coaching, editing, resources, illustrations, and design support to both new and established writers.

  • Writing Services Africa

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

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