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August 1, 2014
Two different packages to match your needs -- and your pocket-book. Both provide detailed feedback from PW reviewers about your project.

PW Expertise: Manuscript Support from BookLife and Publishers Weekly

Welcome to PW Expertise, a new set of services bringing the insights and experience of PW’s professional book reviewers to help you reach your writing goals and make your book the best it can be.  Through PW Expertise, we provide written feedback on your projects designed to outline key strengths and weaknesses and to aid you in writing and the publication process.

We currently offer two services through PW Expertise:

First Read

A PW First Read is an affordable service that you can use to get quick, insightful feedback on a project.  Think of it as our take on what you might send an agent or editor to get them interested in your book.  One of our expert reviewers will read your synopsis and the first 1,500 words of your manuscript and provide an instructive response that analyzes your project’s strengths and weaknesses, and offers constructive feedback on how it can be improved.  A First Read will help you through the early stages of the publication process, identifying any issues or red flags that might hinder your chances with agents and editors.

Click here to learn more about First Read.


This is our full-service manuscript evaluation.  One of our expert reviewers will read your manuscript and provide insightful written feedback on a variety of topics, including strengths and weaknesses of your writing style, plot and story development, character construction and believability, as well as the kinds of issues and red flags mentioned above.  A PW Manuscript Eval is for writers looking to refine a complete project to get it ready for submission, and for writers looking for help getting over the humps that many writers encounter between drafts of a project.  It’s where our best minds meet yours.

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