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Romance / Erotica

  • Collision

    by Kristen Granata

    Rating: 9.25

    Plot: This novel's fast-paced plot is well structured and compelling. The narrative is sometimes pleasantly predictable and the book makes for a comforting and nostalgic read.

    Prose: Granata's novel boasts flirtatious, bubbly dialogue and a strong and entertaining narrative voice. Plenty of life lessons also give heft to this engaging story.

    Originality: This is a fun, uplifting romance novel inspired by genre classics. However, the author infuses the work with her own take on grief, illness, abandonment, new love, and lifelong friendship.

    Character Development: Granata’s characters are both realistic and relatable, even is some of them are vaguely reminiscent of genre types. Nonetheless, the cast is fun, well crafted, and entertaining.

    Blurb: A poignant tale full of brightness and hope.

  • A Pinch of Salt (Three Sisters Catering Book 1)

    by Bethany Lopez

    Rating: 4.00

    Plot: The plot of this novel will be familiar to readers. Additionally, there's very little in the way of stakes or tension throughout.

    Prose: The book's prose is solid, moves along at a good pace, and is engaging. Several literary references to well-known romances are sure to delight fans of the genre.

    Originality: There are few surprises in the story, and readers will find the plot fairly predictable with familiar genre tropes.

    Character Development: The romantic leads are familiar and fairly one-dimensional. Jericho, a minor character, carries more mystery and potential conflict than any of the major players. The reader is left missing that depth and potential in the others.