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Romance / Erotica

  • Plot:Franklin does an excellent job crafting an interesting storyline with likable characters that will resonate with readers. While she relies on a rather clichéd plot device by having her heroine quite  literally bump into the man of her dreams not once but twice, the plot is otherwise refreshingly new and wholly engaging.

    Prose/Style:Franklin has a clear gift for writing. The story she relays is interesting, but how she handles the story is one of the qualities that sets the work apart. Her plot unfolds at a steady pace, and she creates living, breathing characters and realistic conflicts between her love interests.

    Originality:Franklin is able to deviate from the stereotypical romance formula by presenting fully developed, likable characters that live in the real world. While there is a happy ending, the story does not unfold like a fairy tale. Instead, she presents a unique setting populated with realistic characters and events. 

    Character Development:While Franklin offers an interesting plot with strong writing, what truly sets this work apart is her strong character development. The reader comes to know Lena and Gage, their emotional baggage, and why they think and act as they do. Franklin provides further depth by offering a subset of interesting secondary characters with nearly the same level of detail.

    Blurb:Entertaining and engaging, Franklin's tale will captivate readers from beginning to end.