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  • Connie Myers

    Editing, Business, Production, Distribution, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent, Publishing
  • Max Myers

    Editing, Art & Design, Social Media, Publishing
  • Nancy Naigle

    Production, Distribution, Social Media, Publishing
  • Emmanuel Nataf

    Editing, Art & Design, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR
  • Nathan Nish Freelance Services

    Editing, Art & Design, Production, Social Media

    Available on a case-by-case basis for various projects: Editing of words (commonly referred to as books, essays, research papers, short stories, public notices, etc.) Art sometimes, design more often (and digitally-designed art even more often.) Production of audio, prefer music to audiobooks. [Which means, most projects with musical elements will be considered, most projects like audiobooks ...

  • Vernita Naylor

    Editing, Business, Distribution, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    We Are Available To Help Your Dream For over 20 years we have provided a variety of services: editing, book reviews, commentary, and support services including positioning your content and book for the marketplace. We have worked heavily within the industry from self-publishing, Random House (and their affiliates), and Barnes & Noble to Reader's Favorite. Contact us we are looking forwar...

  • Joseph Neri

    Editing, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent
  • Deaidre Newby

    Business, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    We are a faith-based organization whose mission is to let our light shine before others, that people and industries may see our good deeds and glorify of our Father (Matthew 5:16). Kamby Management Group, LLC mission is to promote successful innovations and creative ideas through marketing and advertisement efforts. It is our goal to help you reach your goals. Whether you are an independent musi...

  • Nicholaa Spencer Creative Writing Services

    Editing, Business, Social Media, Publishing

    Author Nicholaa Spencer offers affordable and excellent services such as: 1. Ghostwriting novels/novellas/short stories (Fiction genre) 2. Proofreading novels/novellas/short stories/articles 3. Editing fiction novels (heavy editing to polishing) She also does social media services like paid shoutouts. Email for more information and price quotation.

  • Ninety Degrees Media

    Editing, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Lisa Angle is the right Angle to help you write and sell your story. She provides coaching and developmental editing for novelists and memoirists. She also designs author websites and offers social media advice.

  • Ashlee North

    Social Media, Promotion & PR
  • Novel Publicity

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Founded on January 1, 2017, LitRing launched with a bang! Our author services include, but are not limited to: Group promotions (audiobooks, genre-specific, more follows on BookBub and Amazon, and more!) Advertise your book Launch your book Webinars

  • Novel Publicity

    Editing, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Established in 2011, Novel Publicity provides marketing, editing, and formatting services for all authors, regardless of their paths to publication. We believe that every story deserves to be told, and every story deserves its very own base of readers who will love and cherish it for years to come. Connecting authors with the perfect audiences for their books is what we do best. Whether you'...

  • Novel Reviewers

    Social Media, Promotion & PR
  • novelist, poet, screenwriter, public speaker

    Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Sadie is available for public appearances and speaking engagements, especially tailored to the YA audience. Her favorite topics include "Normal is an Illusion" (how to be you in a cookie cutter world), "Silencing your Inner bully" (how to embrace yourself and your life's passion), and "Indie Author 101" (the ups and downs of indie publishing aka DIY or self-publi...

  • Nurture Your BOOKS - Top Book PR & Promotion Services

    Business, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Nurture Your BOOKS™ is a top, global company that provides book PR, promotion, publicity, and marketing services. Located in Ontario, Canada, it is a trusted company that works with clients from around the world and was founded in 2010, by Bobbie Crawford. Nurture Your BOOKS™ is in business to guide and assist authors and publishing companies by helping them reach their online market...

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