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  • Rahiem Brooks

    Editing, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent, Publishing
  • John Bryant

    Art & Design, Web Design, Social Media
  • Buckley/Swartz

    Editing, Business, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    I'm an award-winning freelance medical writer. Most of the work I do involves a combination of research, writing, and editing. I handle a wide range of assignments. Projects range from an article for The New Yorke r to a manuscript for the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition . I'm the author of a book, Childhood Obesity, and a collection of short stories, Mr. Chiardi & Other Stor...

  • Sally W Buffington

    Social Media

    Facebook Instagram Beautiful and interesting photographs!

  • Brooke Burgess

    Editing, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    I'm a 15yr veteran of interactive narratives, with award-winning work in the realms of videogames, film, comics, and transmedia storytelling. I've produced and consulted on AAA studio and publishing projects, as well as exciting independent productions. Feel free to get in touch If your IP ignites the mind, and you're craving a collaboration with a passionate creative!

  • Mark Burkenbine

    Editing, Art & Design, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR
  • Lola Dee Burton

    Business, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing
  • Business Solutions

    Editing, Business, Production, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent, Publishing

    Cover Art- $100 Website Design-$600+Hosting Fees Book Editing-$1 Per 12pt., Arial, Double-Spaced Page eBook Creation- $0.03 Per Word Business Card Creation-$25 Resume Writing-$75 Marketing Email-$25 Email Newsletter-$100 Printed Newsletter-$150 Flyers-$35 Copywriting- $25 Per Page Blog Post Writing- $25 Social Network Design (Facebook and Twitter)- $50 Social Network Maintenance- $25...

  • Buy The Book Marketing

    Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Your Book Marketing Plan If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else. –Yogi Berra Your book marketing plan is a map to where you want to go with your book. Without a map, sure, you might get somewhere….or nowhere! We start by determining what you want to accomplish, then research the market, ideal readers, and the best ways to reach them. The...

  • BuzzTrace

    Business, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    BuzzTrace is online software that helps publishers and authors discover who's talking about their book, and use this buzz to get powerful action-driven reports and analysis to advise the user on how to sell more books.

  • Shalisha Bynoe

    Editing, Social Media
  • Mary Byron

    Editing, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    "No Ordinary Life: Awakenings in the Final Days of Apartheid" “Once I started Reading, I could not stop! What an adventure. I felt like I was there with Mary.” – Joanna Davidson, The Denver Post

  • Dan Cafaro

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing
  • James Callner

    Social Media

    OCD Coaching Videos & Words of Wisdom are designed to support and educate you in the recovery from OCD. Provided by The Awareness Foundation for OCD

  • Cardboard Monet Book Production {Cover Art, Typesetting, Social Media & More!}

    Art & Design, Production, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR
    2 Endorsements

    Cardboard Monet showcases the design adventures of award-winning designer, author, publisher & doting wife Ashley Ruggirello.  CM began as a full-service design studio, and while we still provide those services we’ve transitioned into book production as well—including, but not limited to: full, print-ready cover art, interior typesetting, promos and more! As an avid reader and passi...

  • Carissa Andrews - Author Revolution CEO

    Art & Design, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    I help indie authors level up their writing and publishing skills through online courses and other resources (such as podcasts and FB Live Events). Rapid Releasing is the way to increase visibility, royalties, and critical mass. I show authors how to get it done. Just call me the Rapid Release Queen. ;)

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