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  • Best Franchise In India

    Business, Production, Distribution, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Our company’s reputation has quickly grown prominently by word of mouth in the tea and health community. Each blend is uniquely crafted to invoke an authentic tea sipping experience and made to satisfy our fondness and love for tea. Find out what keeps our customers happy and coming back for more. Let’s just say that once you’ve tasted the natural goodness, you’ll be proud...

  • best seo company in nagpur

    Social Media, Promotion & PR

    We manage all numerous sorts of and dynamic industries. So, we want to remain up to this point with the time change. that's why our all team members incessantly learn new things and share them with all members and purchasers likewise to steer with time and find higher results.

  • Beyond Words Book Marketing

    Social Media, Promotion & PR

    We love authors! And with over 20 years of broad based marketing experience we have the knowledge to help you create an effective strategy and the passion to get it done for you. The first step is to figure out what it is you want to accomplish. The second step is to settle on a plan that is collaborative. While we are hands-on, it is important that your readers get to know YOU. So we want to mak...

  • Bidwell Media

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Web Design, Social Media, Publishing

    Bidwell Media is an award-winning marketing and project management agency. They enjoy managing projects for local, Australia wide and international clients. They aim to help your business achieve success in an ever-changing marketplace through collaboration and a combination of experience, training, creativity and passion. Services include: Advertising / Reports / Books / Brochures / Busine...

  • Sandra Bischoff

    Social Media, Promotion & PR
  • Black Ch√Ęteau

    Editing, Art & Design, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Black Château is a marketing and PR agency that specializes in promoting authors and their books. The company developed the proprietary Author Network, an affordable marketing and PR strategy for authors that includes the most-desired services, such as book reviews, author interviews, articles, and author events. Additionally, Black Château offers a full-service array of marketing an...

  • Black Diamond PR Firm

    Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Senior Publicist - Black Diamond PR Firm. Specializing in Authors and Artists We offer a multitude of services for our clients. Pricing is reasonable and comparable. We offer specialized services to suit your individual needs. Among these are: Image and branding. Consulting and coaching. Web design, Media Relations, promotions and so much more. Please...

  • Black Eden Publications

    Editing, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    At Black Eden Editing Services, what we do is so much more than polishing and revising. Whether you've written poetry, a screenplay, a novel, or a resume, we know form and genre. We make sure to leave dialects alone, preserve your voice and vision, and make sure you retain complete creative control. We believe that high-quality revision services directly contribute not just to the success of ...

  • Blog Author

    Social Media

    My blogs will offer information to the general public about how things have changed in the past 50 years: healthy lifestyles, cooking, food, recipes, sports, travel, reading, writing, publishing and more...

  • Tom Blubaugh

    Business, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    Perhaps you have written a book, your first or even your tenth, and you’re not sure how to strategize with all the changes that are happening at breakneck speed across the ever-evolving literary marketplace. It is likely that you have a multitude of questions that have obscured your path – stalling your writing and/or distribution plan. Tom Blubaugh presents helpful strategies, useful...

  • Dougald Blue

    Editing, Business, Production, Social Media, Promotion & PR
  • Blurb and Review Writing

    Editing, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    Mbizo CHIRASHA is Co-Editor of SECOND NAME OF EARTH IS PEACE .Publisher and Projects Curator at Time of the Poet Republic( Literary Arts Activism Projects Diplomatie . International SpokenWord and Page Poet . Anthologist . Arts for Human Rights and Free Speech Fellow. Author of A Letter to the President . Co-Author of Metaphors of the Rainbow. UNESCO-RILA Affiliate Artist...

  • Mark Derrick Boisvert

    Social Media
  • Book & Bilias LLC

    Social Media, Publishing
  • Book Blogger

    Social Media, Promotion & PR

    I promote romance and paranormal books on my Tears site. Please send me fully formatted html if you'd like me to include your books.

  • Book Brush

    Art & Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR

    Book Brush is a platform that provides an easy way for authors to create professional looking ads and images for social media. We offer a free plan where authors can create 3 free images per month along with a paid plan with a lot of additional features like our Custom Creator, 3D Creator and Video Creator. Last month, we launched Instant Mockups - a super simple tool authors can use to create ov...

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