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Business / Personal Finance

  • Plot: The book walks the readers (presumably, retail business owners) through a series of strategies and tactics designed to steer them towards success. It delivers an outline that readers can continually revisit, and encourages engagement through a series of self-assessment worksheets.

    Prose: Delaney conveys her information in a conversational but authoritative voice that comes off in a positive, friendly, and upbeat manner. There is room for improvement: the writing often veers into tangential directions that do not add value to the overall message, creating unnecessary wordiness and distracting readers.

    Originality: The book covers a topic seldom discussed in today's digitally forward business philosophies: the brick and mortar retail operations. It provides an original, refreshing, and crisp point of view that revisits age-old advice with an update to fit today's modern needs.

    Character/Execution: The book gives readers insights into the author's rationale and opinions on how to successfully run a retail business. However, other than writing with a commanding tone, Delaney fails to establish her credentials, explain what makes her an industry expert, or give readers a compelling reason why they should take her advice.