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  • Aaxel Author Services

    Editing, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    Aaxel Author Services supports authors through all stages of the writing, publishing and marketing processes. From turnkey publishing to customized marketing plans and more, Aaxel Author Services has all the solutions to help you get your book into the hands of readers, whether it be in print, ebook or audiobook format. Aaxel Author Services is a top-rated Partner Member of the Alliance of Indep...

  • Samreen Ahsan

    Editing, Art & Design, Production, Web Design, Social Media

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent, Publishing
  • Anitbeet Productions

    Editing, Web Design, Publishing

    Anitbeet Productions offers editing services for new and emerging authors. We also provide lay-out and formatting services for novels as well as cover design, website design, marketing and promotions. Our goal is to help authors reach great success while show casing quality work through authentic talent.

  • App development service provider

    Web Design, Social Media
  • Dharmani Apps

    Web Design

    We provide services to major brands, start-ups, small businesses, and government agencies. We create and provide modern, contemporary solutions to meet the business needs of our customers. For more information please click now:-

  • Malik Aswad

    Business, Art & Design, Web Design, Agent

    Edulize provides information about Education, Edutech, Students, Teachers, Relationships, Careers and Counselling on Professional Learning.

  • Author Branding

    Editing, Art & Design, Web Design

    Design Coaching & Consulting 
 Included with your first hour of coaching is a free branding guide (in quickly accessible PDF form) that includes all the questions you should ask anyone you’re considering working with to develop your brand, be it just your logo or the bigger picture. Hire me by the hour or on a per-project basis to review and provide feedback and suggestions on your pres...

  • Author Connections, LLC

    Editing, Business, Production, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    Author Connections is devoted to editing and marketing excellent books for discerning readers. After celebrating ten years in October 2020, the company is poised to continue the mission of showcasing talents and titles that deserve to shine.

  • Author Strategies, LLC

    Editing, Production, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    I'm Nina Stewart, The Author Strategist. I help authors and aspiring authors write, market, and publish their books without exhausting their resources.

  • Author Websites and Self-Publishing Support

    Web Design, Publishing

    We build custom websites for authors. Because we have a background in book marketing, we are able to integrate our knowledge of what it takes to sell books into the sites we build for authors. Our sites are beautiful, affordable, and easy-to-use so you can update them yourself without having to rely on web experts in the future. We also have a "do-it-yourself" author website template ...

  • muzafer bhat

    Editing, Web Design, Agent
  • Book Marketing and Publicity

    Editing, Business, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent
    17 Endorsements

    Book Consulting, Publicity, Coaching, Promotion, Film Options. My name is Sherry Frazier and I am The Queen of Hoopla I am known for my enthusiasm, tenacity, 'tell it like it is' attitude, for my passion for good work and my ability to make things happen. I am great at helping authors to build their brand and extend it on social media. I coach authors to help identify and implemen...

  • Book Publishing

    Editing, Business, Art & Design, Production, Distribution, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    Writers Publishing House connects our clients to their ideal audience with simple, effective marketing solutions. Founder Lizzy McNett saw the importance of delivering real business value with simple branding strategies. When Lizzy begin her career in the Book Publishing Industry almost 18 yrs. ago, she felt it was important to create a tailored made strategy for each client’s needs. A coo...

  • Book Reviews & Book Promotion for Children's Books

    Editing, Business, Production, Web Design, Social Media, Promotion & PR, Agent, Publishing
    2 Endorsements
  • Bowker

    Editing, Distribution, Web Design, Promotion & PR, Publishing

    Bowker provides products and services that make books easier to discover, evaluate, and experience – connecting publishers, authors, and booksellers with readers. From essential identifiers like ISBNs and barcodes… to editing and copyright protection services… to marketing and publicity tools, Bowker offers a wide range of tools and resources authors need to publish and promot...

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