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  • Sell Your Story to Hollywood: Writer's Pocket Guide to the Business of Show Business

    by Kenneth Atchity
    Through the expanding influence of the Internet and the corporatization of both publishing and entertainment, the process of getting your book to the big screen has gotten more complicated, more eccentric, and more exciting. This little book aims to help you figure out how to get your story told on big screens or small.
  • The Best Husband And Wife Joke Book Ever!

    by Nick Fisher
    They say marriage is made in heaven, but then again so is thunder and lightning, and no doubt if you were to ask those that came up with the jokes in this book they’d probably tell you that their marriage was made in HELL! Split into two parts - Husband - Wife / Wife - Husband - this book contains the best jokes there are about marriage. Some are old, some are new, some are re-written and some are blue - and some are fairly filthy, sexist, slightly offensive, and not very P.C! And if you’re mar... more
  • Pop and Fizz's Double Feature Movie Night Guide (Romance)

    by Erin Coughlin

    Award nominated writer/ producer Erin Coughlin presents the first in a new series of interactive movie guides designed to help you say "Goodbye!"  to evenings of aimlessly ping-ponging between streaming services, apps, and television channels . Now movie enthusiasts of every genre can plan an evening of great entertainment- whether they are flying solo, hosting a movie night with friends and family, or planning a romantic evening with someone special. Each chapter con... more

  • Kayfabe: Stories You're Not Supposed to Hear from a Pro Wrestling Production Company Owner

    by Sean Oliver
    If you thought the world of pro wrestling was wild, imagine what you haven’t seen on TV and in the ring. Add to that the backdrop of building a renegade production company, negotiating with impossible wrestling talent, and hosting groundbreaking, shoot-style programming, and you have the story of Sean Oliver. Sean has seen industry-wide accolades for the company he co-founded and for which he serves as frontman. But there are also the threats, stories of abuse, and moments of downright hilari... more
  • E = Emcee Squared: Tips & Techniques to Becoming a Dynamic Master of Ceremonies

    by Rae A. Stonehouse
    In this practical, easy to use book, Rae Stonehouse a.k.a. Mr. Emcee puts the "Master" in Master of Ceremonies. He shares tips & techniques that he has learned over the years in becoming a dynamic Master of Ceremonies. By reading this book you will learn: * How to take charge of any event. * How to organize yourself so that everyone will know that you are in charge! * How to think logistically, from several different perspectives. * How to create agendas that work. * Stage management te... more
  • Making It

    by Francesca Garnett and Lisa Bankoff
    What we really wanted now was to find some work singing ‘live’ and we used to go around Soho asking in the cafes and clubs if they were interested in having us sing there. It was during one of these excursions that we had an amazing stroke of luck. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were standing on the pavement waiting to cross the road and I recognized John Lennon and Paul McCartney who were just going inside a café on the other side of the street. Of course, there was a mad discussion about what ... more
  • Saint Harry

    by Jewel Hart
    Angie’s widowed Aunt Ida decides to embark on a career talking to the spirits, and use her powers to help her family and friends. Angie worries that something crazy might happen. And it does.
  • Oberiu

    by Aleks Matza
    Oberiu is a theatrical work showcasing the lives, writings, and performances of Russian avant-gardists Daniil Kharms, Alexander Vvedensky, and other members of The Association for Real Art (Oberiu) in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • The Animated Marx Brothers (Hardback)

    The Marx Brothers always seemed cartoonish. Small wonder that film animators plucked their personas from their first appearances in The Cocoanuts (1929) and Animal Crackers (1930) and caricatured them in countless animated appearances in theatrical cartoons. Their animated likenesses have since been wisecracking in television cartoons, direct-to-video movies, fan films, commercials, flip books, avatars, emoji, a slot machine, and two TV pilots so rare they were once thought not to exist. ... more
  • Tales from the Tables: A Wicked Funny Look from the Waiter's Side of the Tables

    by D.L. Tracey
    The hectic, sad, ever so funny, you must be kidding me life of a waiter and the day-to-day life of survival in the restaurant industry. This book will teach a guest how to eat for free with just a few key phrases. Truly understand what your waitstaff is thinking about you as they approach your table and through-out your meal. Waitstaff are the true first responders of the restaurant industry. We must be at your table no matter what is happening in our life’s. Heck we must be at your table ev... more
  • The Cuckoo Chronicles

    by Jeff Low
    "A warped collection of 125 bone-tickling short stories, perfect for when you need a daily or marathon pick me up, The Cuckoo Chronicles is a seismic account of what happens when patients in a mental facility are able to escape after the visitors are mistakenly interned and inmates are allowed to walk out the front door and into society, where they get into everything! They become doctors, lawyers, rabbi's, pimps...some even go to work for - "The Phone Company!" Casualties include celebrities... more
  • Capturing the Magic: A Photographic Celebration of the Disneyland Resort

    by Holly Wiencek
    Celebrate the wonder of the Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney's magical land where stories, fantasy and enchantment unfold before your eyes. Leave today behind as the creators of Capturing the Magic take you on a photographic celebration of the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy. With hundreds of breathtaking images of Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney District and the Hotels of Disneyland Resort, as well as an insider's rich historical details, you will feel ... more
  • Sudoku Rocks!

    by David Klein

    Sudoku Rocks! is the complete Sudoku book: 500+ puzzles at eight levels of difficulty, expert instruction, alphabet and other specialty puzzles, dedicated website to complement the You'll spend hundreds of hours enjoying Sudoku Rocks! By David Klein, the author of the award-winning Sudoku book Sudoku: Its Power Unleashed.

  • Sudoku: Its Power Unleashed

    by David Klein

    Sudoku, Its Power Unleashed, was named "the best Sudoku guide in print" by Kirkus Reviews in 2017. And for good reason. The book is chock-full of excellent large-print puzzles at various levels of difficulty. Specialty puzzles, which double the fun--as well as the brain workout--are also included in abundance. These include Alphabet puzzles, Word Guess puzzles, Word Scramble puzzles, Math Hybrid puzzles, and "Brain Playground puzzles," which actua... more

  • All the Single Girls

    by Jeanine Furino
    All the Single Girls tells the story of the American single woman as she has been depicted on television from the 1950s to 2014, and how she has evolved in response to, and along with, the ever changing world she lives in. All the Single Girls includes interviews with actresses Sharon Gless, Susan Silo, and more, with over 130 series discussed in detail.