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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Haunting Patagonia

    by Eva Newcastle
    Argentina's chief paleontologist was someone I should have never come across even though my life was a fossilized ruin. Yet Dr. Leonardo Díaz was captivating, and coincidences were never perchance. That much inspired me. That much I knew. He was a seductive beacon I would trust to follow, uncertain if a phantom's whispers were real.
  • Love Pour Over Me

    by Denise Turney
    Perfect blend of real life, beautiful romance story splendidly webbed with mystery, suspense, and an undying love. Fans of A Man Called Ove, Wounded, Thirteen Moons and Loving Donovan may fall in love with Love Pour Over Me Being forced together and belonging together are two different sides of their risky relationship. This reckless father, son bond reaches a head after four men enter Raymond's life, creating haunting secrets that take readers on a suspense filled page turning ride through C... more
  • Long Walk Up

    by Denise Turney
    "However long the night, the dawn will break." A winner among the best short inspirational books! EXPERIENCE LONG WALK UP'S STIRRING INSPIRATION AND POWER Long Walk Up is one of the top inspiring books. This inspirational novel tells the story of an African orphan girl's journey from poverty and despair to her remarkable destiny as Africa's first woman president.
  • Midnight Black

    by robert emery (pen name R. J. Eastwood)
    “When plunder becomes a way of life for men, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." Frederic Bastiat, French Economist. 1801-1850 Fifteen years following his imprisonment for committing a brutal revenge murder, former top DEA Agent Billy Russell is paroled five-years early to a world controlled by autocratic billionaires. Armed only with his wits, Billy returns to a society fighting for its very survival and so... more
  • A Penny's Thoughts

    by Tommy O'Sionnach
    The story of an American penny on it's journey through circulation and all the people it comes across. An inspirational read that touches on faith and the human experience.
  • Saxon Heroines: A Northumbrian Novel

    by Sandra Wagner-Wright

    Seventh century England is a hodgepodge of warring Anglo-Saxon states filled with shifting alliances and treacherous grabs for royal power. Kings rise and fall, depending on Woden's Luck. Northumbria, the damp kingdom north of the River Humber, is a state riven with rivalries and kings determined to expand at any cost. 

    Women have no obvious role in a warrior society, but by using their wits, four women—two queens and two abbesses—make monumental changes. One woman ... more

  • Eternal Promise: The Soul of Mary Stuart

    by Holly-Eloise Walters
    Eternal Promise, The Soul of Mary Stuart is an intimate version of the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, told with fresh eyes and an open heart. Journey with this Queen as she lives through a breathtakingly pure love, heartbreak, and relentless betrayal. Author Holly-Eloise Walters infuses this telling with warmth, compassion, and love.
  • The Devil's Kiss

    Israel Hands grows up amidst the tumult of the Salem Witch Trials. At the age of twelve he slays a local innkeeper who has accused his father of being in league with the devil. To evade capture Israel absconds to the sea and becomes a preeminent sailor and a ruthless killer. Feared and betrayed by his friend Edward Teach, Israel is crippled for life and driven from the only world he’s ever known. Three hundred years later, retired naval officer Tom Stone buys an old tavern in the seaside tow... more
  • Jenny on the Street

    by David Haldane

    "Dark and twisted a bit like Stephen King," is how one reader recently described "Jenny on the Street: And Other Tales of Reverence and Revolution by a Very Young Man."

    A desperate young woman lost on the drug-infested streets of London, an insane revolutionary holding the devil in a jar, an indifferent truck driver forced to run over cats and a reverent grandmother looking for God in a rock. All of them are among the unforgettable characters inhabiting these 13 shor... more

  • Migrations

    by Tim Pompey
    Life is transitory. People move from one point to the next. What happens in that transition? And what choices do we have in the process? In these eight brand-new stories, we follow men and women in transition, sometimes by choice, sometimes imposed by unforeseen circumstances. A young man who graduates from college. An African-American soldier returned home from WWII. A chance meeting with a man in a nursing care facility. A family whose Christmas is affected by Covid-19. Three women who through... more
  • Still Breathing

    by E. A. Fournier
    A sixty-nine-year-old widow from the Midwest travels alone to Kampala, Uganda to help secure a library for a middle school. She learns that nothing in Africa is as it appears and it is only her life experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother and caregiver that give her even a chance to succeed.
  • Treasure Hunt: The quest, echos from the past and the encounter.

    by Johanna Rapin
    Treasure are meant to be found! That’s what Bob will try to discover after his granduncle while laying on his dying bed, revealed to him that he hid a treasure map in his barn. Treasure Hunt is a novel that will lead readers back to where we all belong, where love is perfect. Where we are truly expected and welcome... Where heaven touches earth, to finally bring us back to where we were meant to be.
  • The Poison Of Money

    by Joe Torrence
    The Poison Of Money book addresses a struggle that virtually anyone can identify with: Our obsession with and awe of the rich and powerful vs. spiritual teachings that warn against the Seven Deadly Sins including Greed and the Pleasures of the Flesh. This book exposes the far-reaching repercussions of money and its deadly venom. Money. Society's barometer for success. Your ticket to a life of luxury, power and the pleasures of the flesh. How could money possibly have a poisonous side? T... more
  • Lighting the Stars

    by Gabriele Wills

    Tucked into the rugged Canadian wilderness of Muskoka’s majestic lake country, Merilee Sutcliffe’s peaceful town seems worlds away from the escalating conflict in Europe. But life is about to change dramatically in the Summer of 1940. As her patriotic friends and relatives leave for battle, her small town is thrust into the war machine. Merilee’s formerly tranquil skies soon roar with aircraft from the Royal Norwegian Air Force, stationed nearby to train young men determined... more

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