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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Pinnacle

    by Benjamin Kessler
    When an entire construction crew goes missing while working on the world’s tallest building—300 floors and rising—the workers brought in to replace them find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with the mystery of their disappearance. Following an electrical engineer called to the site and his proximity to the building’s bizarre central stabilizer, an enormous metal rod called the Spike, the narrator is forced to reckon with obsession, inheritance, and his own failed sobriety. Set in a near future w... more
  • Hannah: The Lighthouse Girl Of Newfoundland

    by Don Ladolcetta
    Nine year old Hannah is unsure what to expect when her large family moves from the fishing village they always lived in, to an isolated lighthouse off the coast of Newfoundland. What she discovers is a life filled with adventure, wonder--and danger. As Hannah grows into a young lady, she’s determined to make the best life possible, despite ever-present adversity. Facing everything from the fury of Mother Nature to illness, and from a persistent suitor to the Great Depression and World War II,... more
  • Another Christmas Carol: A Modern Sequel to the Charles Dickens Classic

    by John C. Derr
    What if the remarkable story of Ebenezer Scrooge was true? What if the account was relayed to Dickens and he turned it into A Christmas Carol? What if the Ghostly visitations did not begin with, nor end with, Scrooge, but the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come visit one misanthropic soul in need of reclamation every Christmas Eve? This modern-day sequel to the Charles Dickens classic assumes all of the above. And this time, the spiritual trio’s attentions have been directed to a... more
  • Looking for Don

    by D. Krauss
    What is Butch thinking? He joined the Air Force to escape New Jersey and now, look, one day out of basic training and he's tooling around the Pine Barrens in his Mom's car searching for his best friend, Don. It's like he never left. And he's still in big trouble: Pee Sea, the most notorious drug dealer in the state, wants his head on a pike; his stepfather wants the car back and Butch gone; and his ex-girlfriend, April, wants to personally remove any body parts Pee Sea doesn't. If Butch could ju... more
  • Bugs, Weeds, and Water

    by Evangeline Greene
    Zoey Starling has no idea what it means to be normal. Everything she touches has a taste, and her father’s identity is a town secret. Her sisters have issues of their own. While it’s a struggle for Celeste to connect with the world, Ruby, who has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t seem to worry about anything. Orphaned at birth, the fourteen-year-old triplets live with their aunt in rural Leamington, Ontario, steps from Point Pelee National Park. From their little cottage on the lake, they mark ... more
  • The Lighthouse

    by Christopher Parker
    Amy Tucker is struggling to put her life back together following the death of her mother. The loss has left the 18-year-old heartbroken, and she doesn’t know if her world will ever be whole again. Meanwhile, in Seabrook, a small town famous for its haunted lighthouse, Ryan Porter lives a simple but busy life, maintaining the ranch which he shares with his father. Separated by hundreds of miles, yet drawn to each other by forces they can’t understand, Amy and Ryan spend a magical day together and... more
  • The Chimes of Westminster: And Other Short Stories

    by Gary W. Priester
    A collection of short stories by Gary W. Priester The stories are quirky and range from chimes, to crimes, to the good old times . In the title story “The Chimes of Westminster,” Sid inherits a chiming antique mantle clock from his great aunt Florence. But does the clock possess a mind of its own? During his research, Sid discovers the clock’s unusual history. “Death” ponders the deaths we encounter in life. Our hero goes out kicking and screaming. But not before he reveals his intimate ... more
  • Reparations USA

    by Philip Wyeth

    America, 2028. The War for Equity has begun! A new bureaucracy called the Historical Reparations Administration oversees enforcement of restitution for colonialism and slavery. This is the story of everyday people caught in the crossfire between idealism and technology. A chillingly prescient dystopian satire, Reparations USA is the first of a four-book series that explores many of today's most pressing societal and political issues.

  • Enfant Terrible: Opening Acts

    by Gwydhar Gebien
    Damen Warner is the front man for a metalcore band who has hit the skids. Hard. His record label dropped him, his manager has gone missing and now his agent won’t return his calls. He is broke and homeless, and his career is deader than rock and roll. And worse—he’s thirty. In a last-ditch effort to revive his career, Damen returns to Chicago on the promise of playing Lollapalooza and his life quickly spirals into a vortex of sex, drugs, rock and roll, colorful language, explicit content a... more
  • Recommendations for Usage, Commercial Contracts, and Cost Recovery in Government Contracts

    by Gregory K. Tharp
    This book will be of interest to those in the field of contract management in the United States government, the private sector, and internationally. This book is relevant to scholars and academics as well as both American and international policymakers, those working in the field of contract management, and those seeking to join the field of contract management. It will be useful for people interested in contracting with the United States government and in designing and implementing acquisitions... more

    by Matt McMahon

    Phil Kyle likes being an introvert. But when he reads a passage that makes him realize he has never had a meaningful relationship - with anyone - he ditches his mildly successful career for an isolated mountain cabin. Phil makes a few tentative friendships in the mountains and a few enemies. Between internal and external skirmishes Phil meets sages from the Himalayas, rescues damsels in distress, soars among the clouds, and falls in love. All within forty miles of his cabin. After an incident... more

  • Not Our Fathers' Dreams

    by Robert Herzog
    In 1968, a simple rite of passage like graduation can have a deadly consequence: eligibility for the draft. When Bobby Kennedy is assassinated the night before Alexander “Zack” Zacharias’s college graduation, Zack’s hopes of Kennedy ending the war are dashed. Now his only option for deferment is to join the Teachers for Change program. He’s convinced teaching will be easy, allowing him to pursue his real goal of living a creative life in the East Village. But Zack is assigned extremely chall... more
  • Down Under

    by Georgia Faye
    Sam’s free-spirited nature leads her to Australia and anywhere else that smelled of adventure. Her lust for life often led her down rabbit holes, discovering the places where her fears lived. To create balance, she builds her life around American expats who become her family. Extravagant parties, intimate gatherings and the intrigues of the rich and famous, she finds herself wrapped in a love triangle torn between two suitors - a stalwart Aussie teacher who shares his enthusiasm of the Outback, ... more
  • Back Home Again

    by Deb Larson
    Francis Frailey has a new wife, and he has to make the trip to meet her family in Louisville. Simple, really. They would join his brother-in-law Joe and family on a steamboat, and be at their destination in a few days... How could he have forgotten the boat trip from his childhood? The nightmarish memory of his uncle abusing him? Or the memory of his mother pretending all was well? How could he make his wife happy yet not go down that ugly road in his mind? Ruf Douglas is still in love with Ha... more
  • How to win Buy box on Amazon

    by olivia smith
    Amazon, being one of the most influential e-commerce platforms offers numerous benefits to its sellers. But, there are a number of sellers who sell almost same products as you sell, thus making it difficult for your product to target its audience. To stand out, the sellers should provide the best amazon enhanced brand content and product description page to engage the users when they arrive on their page and target to win the Buy Box, which has a d... more
  • The Lives of Cat

    by Barbara Jean Ruther
    SYNOPSIS - The Lives of Cat \tCat Donley, abandoned by her father, left with an alcohol-fueled mother, is raised by her older sister. Cat overcomes a dysfunctional childhood, pursues a career in commercial real estate.\tStrolling the boardwalk, in a moment of recklessness, unlike her character, she crashes a fancy LA pool party. She meets Xander Xavier, son of the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, now manager of the Russian-financed Bodyguard Academy in Sonora, Mexico. They fall in love and marry. H... more