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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sevyns Life: A Story About The First Black Billionaire Transgender Woman: Prologue to Chapter 7

    by MarthaK Sayz
    Sevyn Sleven, a billionaire transgender woman, has always been known for her sharp wit, intelligence, and unwavering commitment to her family. In this captivating memoir, Sevyn takes readers on a journey through her life, from her humble beginnings in Chicago to her current status as a talk show host and cultural icon in Dubai. The book begins with Sevyn's early years, growing up in a working-class family with 12 siblings. Despite the challenges of poverty and violence in their neighborhood, ... more
  • Marriage and Hanging

    by Genevieve Morrissey

    On a cold January morning in 1832, a young New England mill girl, five months pregnant, is found hanged in a deserted woodyard.

    Initially ruled a suicide, letters found among the victim's effects lead to the suspicion that the father of her child—and likely murderer—is the young Reverend Josiah Woodley, a married man. Josiah is arrested and charged.

    Since the death of their infant daughter, when Rachel Woodley was disappointed to discover... more

  • The Secret Gift

    by Joseph Tristan
    “The Secret Gift” is a story that exemplifies the positive virtues of life. A story of family, friends, faith, and love, and how life becomes complete when you bond all four together. “The Secret Gift” is the story of a gifted heart surgeon, Landon Rief. Landon retires after thirty-five years of treating people with heart conditions. Landon begins his retirement life by traveling abroad to initiate his bucket list. While traveling through Germany, a mysterious stranger visits him and he le... more
  • Psychosis & Guitars by Batson Sludge

    by Batson Sludge
    Batson Sludge lives in an abusive household. He is placed in a mental hospital. He develops imaginary helpers as coping mechanisms. He discovers his gift for making music. He is released from the hospital and starts a band. Music becomes his therapy and coping mechanism. He becomes a legendary, infamous rock star.
  • The Making of Genevieve

    by Judy Lannon

    Living a privileged life on the shores of Newport, RI, sixteen-year-old Genevieve Lemaire has her future carefully planned. She will finish high school, graduate from college, and become a sought-after interior designer. Marriage, a husband, and children are not in the immediate plan.

    However, it is the year 1940, and world events are about to take unexpected turns as they intertwine with Genevieve’s choices. Do her choices begin with her new neighbor, the handsome Nicky Reynolds,... more

  • TWO

    by Nathan Nicolau
    Howl, the studious yet blunt college student, and Ella, the free-spirited art school dropout, are one and the same. Both are college-aged, aimless in life, and haunted by their pasts. They would have never met on any other day, but that changed after a surreal encounter at the park involving an Italian opera Ella could recite but could not understand. As the two investigate the mystery of the unknown opera, they travel through their home city of Charlotte, North Carolina, discovering themselves ... more
  • The Faces of Unborn Butterflies

    by Mariela G. George

    "The Faces of Unborn Butterflies" is a deeply moving and thought-provoking novel that skillfully delves into a myriad of societal issues while navigating the complexities of trauma, loneliness, and the quest for self-discovery. The narrative artistry weaves an intricate tale that employs metaphors and poetry to convey profound messages about human existence, relationships, and personal growth. 

    The story primarily follows Investigator Adriana Denkova, a Bulgarian immigrant with two deca... more

  • Tallstone and the City: A New Heaven and Earth, Second Edition

    by Dennis Wammack
    Tallstone and the City is first in a six-book series. It tells the simple story of two members of the Clan of the Serpent from their birth through their death—Pumi the stonecutter and Valki the gatherer. Pumi and Valki—through innocent altruistic acts of living—invent sex, create a city, domesticate wheat, establish science, create animal husbandry, and thereby lay the foundation of civilization. The Beginning of Civilization: Mythologies Told True is a character-driven suis generalis ser... more
  • Bridges Between Our Hearts: Book Three in the Love That Does Not Die Trilogy

    by Jennifer Collins
    Bridges between Our Hearts continues Larissa's winding journey through the anguish of grief as she resolves to live life to its fullest. Challenges in the world around her and changing family configurations create emotional chasms she never imagined. Faced with choices between connection or further loss, opportunities to build bridges emerge - allowing Larissa to see clearly that love does not ide. Quite the opposite.
  • Elysian Fields

    by Twila Gingerich
    Quiet and unworldly Imogen has spent twenty-four years locked in a mind hell-bent on her demise. Isolated from her peers by the oddities of her mental illness, she’s more acquainted with counsellors’ and doctors’ offices than classrooms or house parties. On the precipice of graduating from university and happy with her boyfriend Jesse, Imogen can finally see the possibility of a normal future. When an unwanted pregnancy threatens her well-being and compromises the medication she depends on, ... more
  • No One Is Good Except God Alone: God's Ultimatum for the Church to Pierce through Darkness, Defeat Evil, Conquer the World

    by Hanh Nguyen
    This book unfolds the reality of Isaiah 5:20-21 of the present world where evil is called good and good is called evil. In contrast to such confusion of good and evil, the Goodness of God surpasses all human conception and stands alone with its unique and supreme standards that cannot be changed by man's opinions. As the Church is called to rise and shine the Glory of God, her only avenue is to know the Goodness of God, operate by the direction of the Goodness of God so she can conquer the world... more
  • The Ghosts of the Past

    by Luigi Pascal Rondanini
    Antonio and Giorgio, two old friends, recall their adolescent years when their friendship was interrupted for no apparent reason. They retrace the choices and life paths that led them away from each other. They face old grudges, jealousies, and misunderstandings. On this day of revelations and new awareness, the two friends discover that they have changed and no longer know each other as they once did. Yet, the bond that united them emerges intact, ready to be renewed, if only they know ho... more
  • The Childgrove

    by John Goldsberry
    In the summer of 1966, nine-year-old John is thrust into a mystery where his own voice beckons him towards a truth he has carried since birth—a truth with an unspeakable cost. Meanwhile, across the years, in 1914, another young soul named Edward grapples with the haunting family secrets that bind him. Linked by threads of tragedy, redemption, pain, and triumph, their parallel journeys converge, and the bond between the two boys transcends the limitations of time itself, imparting lessons that ec... more
  • Genesis: The Grail Knight (Footnail)

    by AK Howard
    What power does the lost Holy Grail hold? In the heart-stopping fourth installment of the Footnail series, Genesis and her team face her most challenging quest yet. New clues emerge leading to the search for the lost Holy Grail. Leading her group to be fragmented into different paths, and the trials that were supposed to unite them have pulled them apart. As Gen confronts the echoes of her fractured team, she discovers a dual battle awaiting her. In her visions, a mysterious white stone... more
  • Things We Do For Love by Vered Neta

    by Chick Lit Book Café
    Daisy Bach, a therapist, has always been certain that she did not want to have children. Her childhood experiences with an overbearing and controlling mother, Verity, who tore the family apart, further cemented this decision. However, at the age of forty-five, Daisy finds herself reconsidering this choice. Unfortunately, her decision to try and conceive is complicated by her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. With strained family relationships, Daisy faces the daunting task of caring ... more
  • An Umbrella Costs the Same Even When It Doesn't Rain

    by Walker Rose
    This is a book of poetry.