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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sonata in Wax

    by Edward Hamlin
    On a sweltering Chicago afternoon, a lost piano masterpiece surfaces on a set of World War I-era wax recording cylinders. The dazzling piece is years ahead of its time, more Coltrane than Debussy—how could it be? Brought low by a painful divorce, renowned classical music producer Ben Weil throws himself into unlocking the sonata’s mysteries. But when a famous pianist stumbles upon the work and takes credit for unearthing it, Ben’s swept into a lie that could shatter his reputation and his privat... more
  • Lost Seeds: The Legacy

    by Teresa Mosley Sebastian
    Shaped by the ghosts of their parents’ former enslavement, two brothers, Dub and Tim, must decide—confront the past or suffer the consequences forever? In this riveting continuation of the Brisco family saga, brothers Dub and Tim strive to persevere against their early 1900s post-slavery beginnings—clashing with their history of family trauma and their different coping mechanisms for living in a world that doesn’t accept them. While Dub becomes a respected coal miner and finds prosperity for... more
  • Cicadas

    by Jenna Putnam
    Cicadas is a coming-of-age story about reinvention, set in a small coastal town in Southern California. Anouk, a twenty-something student from rural France, joins Michael and Marina, a wealthy American couple in an open marriage, at their dream-like home flanking the sea for the summer. As the initial thrill of Anouk and Michael’s affair begins to fade, she navigates the couple’s swinging moods and manipulative efforts to control her. While Anouk enjoys the company of both, she becomes close... more
  • Heart-work

    by Roberta Silman
    Heart-work is a compelling collection of stories by Roberta Silman that explores the intricacies of love, the infinite surprises that exist within families, the yearning for guidance that can result in great leaps of the imagination on the part of her passionate and resilient characters. As she did in her first prize-winning collection, Blood Relations, Silman has created a group of unforgettable people who have something to tell us about how to negotiate the often dangerous shoals of daily e... more
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem

    by Elizabeth Boyle
    Madeline Drake is on the verge of stardom when an accident on a snowy Wyoming road sends her careening a century into the past. Landing in the quaint town of Bethlehem, she discovers a place that operates by its own set of rules and the oddest gathering of lost souls ever collected. This quirky, small town, with its currency of wishes and second chances, has only one rule—you have until Christmas Eve to prove your worth before you can leave. Having never been much for rules, Madeline begin... more
  • Her Golden Coast

    by Anat Deracine

    One is meek. The other brash. Can two broken souls find a place they belong?

    San Francisco, 2007. Laurie Lamont craves security. Having survived an abusive father and snared a job as admin for a Silicon Valley startup, the twenty-something stays focused on the three H’s – home, husband, and healthcare. But when she discovers her would-be spouse is secretly in love with another man, Laurie fears her dreams are destined to crumble.

    Malini “Mal&rdq... more

  • Soul Family Six the Chosen Series

    by Ashley Hibbler
    Four short stories combined into one series that speaks on a revenge that goes all the way back to when the Five Guardians were children themselves.
  • The Vow: A Novel

    by Jude Berman
    Accused of dressing as a boy to study in the prestigious galleries of eighteenth-century Italy, child prodigy Angelica Kauffman has set high goals for herself. She is determined to become a history painter, a career off-limits to women. To ensure her success, she has vowed never to marry.
  • The Die: A Novel

    by Jude Berman
    In the democratic nation of California, Darah discovers the game she’s working on in a Silicon Valley tech company has been tampered with and turns to a hacker friend, Jedd, for help. The mind-control plot Jedd and his friends soon uncover is a bigger threat than he or Darah imagined, but are they willing to risk everything to prevent it from going forward?
  • Slow Slide into the Truth

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    Psychotherapist Beth Linn is trying to stay focused on her work in the town where she grew up. But she’s becoming increasingly triangulated between clients in a situation she senses could become deadly and the discovery of long-held secrets about her own past. Kim St. Clair’s thrilling debut novel takes us deep into the experiences of being both therapist and client. We enter the uncomfortable spaces of the profession—the isolation of confidentiality and the weight of possessing information t... more
  • The Rocky Hill

    by Ilana Haley
    Ilana Haley takes her literary inspiration from an Israeli childhood-as a child of early Kibbutz pioneers. These stories and poems reflect values and conflictst hat helped to make the nation of Israel. She left her Kibbutz and spent two years in the army; from there, to her life in Tel Aviv as a dancer with the Israeli Ballet, and then to America with a grant from The Martha Graham School. She found inspiration as a fashion designer, studying at the Chicago Art Institute, and as a Yoga teacher a... more
  • The Trial of William Shakespeare a Love Story

    by Robert Boog
    Attorney Mike McKenzie has been tasked with representing Edward de Vere, the seventeenth earl of Oxford in a plagiarism lawsuit taking place in 21st century Los Angeles. The defendant, William Shakespeare, has agreed to testify and through the magic of AI and Zoom Technology, Michael is not only allowed to cross examine historical figures but by reversing the technology, he can see for himself the familiar challenges of living with a father-in-law who has lost his favorite daughter.
  • The Silver Squad: Rebels With Wrinkles

    by Marty Essen

    The Bold, the Brave, and the Wrinkled: Retirement Just Got Rowdy

    Barry and Beth, high school sweethearts separated by time and circumstance, find themselves reunited at the Blue Loon Village senior living center in Minneapolis. Now both seventy, they rekindle their relationship only to discover how differently time has shaped them. Beth has blossomed into a free spirit with a goth flair, while Barry has transformed into the curmudgeon he swore in his youth he&rsqu... more

  • The Island King

    by Gina Giordano
    He once destroyed everything she loved. Now, only he can save her from ruin. Can she forgive, and even love, her enemy? In this dark, immersive tale, the author of STRANGE EDEN returns to colonial Nassau to continue the story of Eliza Sharpe’s volatile marriage to Charles Sharpe. 1792: In the aftermath of her lover Jean’s death, Eliza harbors a secret that threatens to make her fraught situation even worse. She is carrying his child. But when the clairvoyant slave Cleo comes to her aid, th... more
  • Unraveled

    by D. A. Peevy, Jr

    "Unraveled" follows the intertwining lives of Zavion Felton, a celebrated quaterback, and his son, Jordan, amidst the backdrop of New Orleans and the Atchafalaya Swamp. Zavion's journey from the humble streets of Montgomery, Alabama to the heights of football fame is shadowed by a tumultuous past involving his ex-husband Tyreek, who's tragic demise cast a long shadow over their lives. As Zavion grapples with personal demons and professional triumphs, Jordan navigates the com... more


    by Doug Ingold
    With his work selling well through distant urban galleries, the father and twice-divorced painter Robert Turghoff has created an idyllic life for himself. In the rural northern California community where he has lived for two decades, he has his cat, his pool and spa, a few close friends and the privacy he craves. But when the local paper sends a reporter to discuss his proposed mural for the struggling village center, he meets the mysterious Yvonne Curtiss. Yvonne soon proves herself a brillia... more