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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • American Banjo

    by Eric Randolph Rasmussen
    An heirloom Federal-style clock is passed down through eight generations of a secretive family of ultra-high-net-worth Americans. Built shortly after the American Revolution, it has come to mean something different to all its holders. To Sandra Eccles, one of the family’s daughters, the clock may prove the guilt or innocence of not only a few founding fathers, but also her storied grandfather, who made munitions in World War II.
  • Zip Monkey

    by Eric Randolph Rasmussen
    Angel Bimini is a former pornographic actress who has reinvented herself as a private detective. She's hired by a buffoonish client who insists he's being stalked by a girlfriend. It so happens, this Ralph works at the local medical research university. Not only has the university attracted unwanted attention for its animal testing ... but it has a serious cash flow problem. Angel hopes this job will be an easy $1,000. The next thing she knows, somebody is shooting up her office. Even stranger i... more
  • Nikolai Delov

    by James Dante
    Nikolai Delov is a businessman who found wealth in post-communist Russia. Unfortunately, all other aspects of his life are in ruins. He is at odds with his son, Valentin, and his brother, Anatoly. One day he becomes romantically involved with Inessa Zorina, a woman who runs a rehab house for sex trafficking victims. His business nemesis, Vladimir Konstantinov, is also interested in Inessa and sets out to destroy Nikolai's life. Vladimir has Nikolai's son arrested on false allegations and then ge... more
  • F...G...C...(Familiar, Greedy, Crooks).

    by Ab Mbiaasu
    At Illusion College, it is survival of the crookedest. Until a student learns the tricks of “bargaining power” from the witty and astute Maliq, his days on illusory grounds might become a nightmare— especially in the unforgiving hands of Senior Ralph. Udu, a young teacher at a study college reflects on his boyhood days as a student at Illusion College. He remembers his old school as a lobbyist playground instead of a learning center. For him, teaching is not a calling but a covert purpose—to loo... more
  • Sebastian

    by Richard A. Light
    As the runt of the litter, Sebastian must face life alone, often alienated and misunderstood, so he seeks inward and with the help of an elder, finds brilliance at the end of the winding, confusing, and adventurous tunnel of life. His optimism in the face of aloneness, a near-death experience, love, and harsh winters allows him to become truly himself in a world filled with fear, death, and hardship. This is a book that is part autobiography, part ethical will, and part fiction. It is a ... more
  • Three Steps to the Making of an Assassin

    by Jack Cashman
    Two friends growing up in a small New England mill town share a misspent youth full of mischief and mayhem. Events around the Vietnam War lead their lives in completely different directions. While they maintain their friendship, the direction of their lives could not possibly be any more different. One chooses a career in law, while the other leads a double life that includes killing for hire. In the end, they are reunited in an effort to bring sanity back to their lives.
  • An Irish Immigrant Story

    by Jack Cashman
    Johanna Cashman and John McCarthy, along with over a million others, immigrated to America to escape a devastating famine. They left behind family members who faced starvation to come to a land that would give them a new opportunity for a good life. They were soon made aware that they were not welcome in this new land and that every day would present a new struggle for survival. Johanna and John got married, determined to raise a family in their adopted country. In spite of all the obstacles the... more
  • Cogrill's Mill: An energetic witty ride through life and love in the countryside

    by Jack Lindsey
    George Cogrill is troubled. He has been made to give half of his inheritance, which includes his beloved Water Mill, to Vicky Gloam, a gorgeous female photographer. He finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to her but there are dark forces at work determined to wrench the mill from his grasp and threaten his very existence. This is a humorous tale of treachery and intrigue, featuring romance and murder. Beautiful women, scheming villains, a dog that inherits a fortune and a cat that do... more
  • The Birth Mother

    by Seymour Ubell
    A young Chinese girl leaves her home to work for a wealthy Chinese family. At age 15 years she is brutally raped by a visiting business executive staying at the home of this wealthy family. As a result, twin daughters are conceived and are given up at birth. The girls are adopted by an American couple. While the girls grow up in the USA, the young Chinese "birth mother" matures into a well-educated worldly woman who falls in love with a young man who works for the "adopted" father. The young cou... more
  • A Night in October: Tales from the hurricane coast - a novel

    by Robert J. Illo
    This is a story of survival – a story of the costs and comforts of living on our hurricane coasts. This story of one family’s encounter with a storm named Sandy tells of weaknesses and strengths known to all of us, within a setting of beauty and terror – along the Atlantic coast. In this place, where the soul is fed as stoutly as the body on the ocean’s riches, and to which people have been drawn for millennia, two worlds collide – one solid and one fluid – one in which people can dwell and ... more
  • Beyond The Utmost Bound

    by Joseph Smith
    On the night of high school graduation, what is the smartest kid in class who doesn’t fit in suppose to do? Simple. Ditch his plans for college, break up with the one person he loves, say goodbye to his small country town, and jump into a 70s van with nothing more than some clothes, books, a box of 8 tracks and travel halfway around the world on an epic quest in search of himself. With the help of an eighty-year-old American Indian Zen philosopher, an ex-marine cowboy, a reverend river... more
  • Wild Heart of the Seas: Give No Quarter

    by Jem Richards
    Join Crystal and the rest of the crew in the second book of the Wild Heart of the Seas series! Crystal sends Captain Stevenson and the Saving Grace to patrol Eastern Africa and Indonesia while she guides the Avenging Angel around the Caribbean and Western Africa. Get ready to discover where their travels take them and the adventures they have! Crystal finally discovers her true feelings for Commodore Sullivan, but she isn’t sure where it will lead her!
  • Wild Heart of the Seas: Birth of the Avenging Angel

    by Jem Richards
    Crystal Boudier is the oldest Governor’s daughter of Port Royal, Jamaica. All her life she has had a stifling life filled with lessons and responsibilities. But one day, pirates raid her city to pillage and plunder. Crystal and a handful of her friends manage to assist people to a ship in the harbor and sail to safety. Upon their return, Crystal finds her parents dead and her sister was taken hostage by the fearsome pirates. Crystal takes up the mission to fight pirates and assist the cities peo... more
  • Fire Sweeping: The California Ballot Killings Book II

    by H. M. Wilhelmborn
    2039. California. Dust storms and illnesses are on the rise, and fire sweeps across land still holding vegetation. Janet Whitaker Virdis, a mother of four, who believes herself devoted and good, struggles to deal with the consequences of her infidelity, which led her to the bed of a high-ranking man from a powerful and dangerous political party. Janet wants two things: She wants to maintain the illusion of a happy marriage to her devoted and considerate husband. She also wants the married ma... more
  • Poisoned Rose

    by Jem Richards
    Nikkita is a peasant that lives deep in the country. Both her parents were killed when she was only 16 by outlaws, now she is on her own. A traumatic event left her with a child to care for, and she fights to survive during rough times doing anything she can to forge a life for her and her child. Nikkita does not trust men since her traumatic experience, she has found ways to protect herself and keep at a distance, but when she finds a man dying in the woods she knows she must help him.
  • Harper's Shiloh

    by Sean Kevin Gabhann
    James Harper leads the men of Company B at the Battle of Shiloh.