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  • SKIN, BONE, and FAT LACES: Race, Culture, and Community in Seattle 1982-1994

    by David Toledo
    SKIN, BONE, and FAT LACES - Race, Culture, and Community in Seattle is an eye-witness account of the who/what/where that happened on the Northwest Hip Hop scene from 1982-1994 which shaped Seattle’s cultural identity and its vision for race relations & social justice advocacy. The historic Dance Clubs, iconic Breakdance Crews, seminal Graffiti Artists, legendary Djs, and platinum selling Rappers are all waiting inside.
  • Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company

    by Tommy Swanhaus

    Looking to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? Before you take on your new venture learn the harsh reality of what it takes to succeed. Or maybe you are a business owner that wants to amplify or grow your existing company, but do not have the money here are some ways to achieve that growth without using physical capital. Or maybe you are someone that wants to grow within your current company, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company” has the secrets or “k... more

  • I Know Jesus Christ Is Real

    by Melinda Deir-Boyette

    I Know Jesus Christ Is Real, is a candid, spiritual and philosophical memoir  aimed at adults. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ is real. Time after time, he has appeared to me to comfort, challenge, rebuke, encourage, provide, heal, rescue, or gave me a message to deliver. Hoping to bring others to a relationship with their Lord and Savior, I have opened up my life in my memoir, sharing both the bad and the good as honestly as possible, witnessing the ongoing presence ... more

  • Stroke: Overcoming my Worst Nightmare

    by Sara Marie Anderson
    A 27 year old woman returns from the gym and her life changes forever when she nearly dies from a massive cerebellar stroke.
  • In Our Thirties: Insights and Expert Advice for This Decade and Beyond

    by Laura Sgroi
    Turning thirty is easy, but...what happens when we become a thirtysomething? What comes next shapes us in ways we could never imagine. Many of us dread our thirties, but they show up no matter what we had planned—our dreams and aspirations, our self-imposed goals, or the accomplishments by which society attempts to measure and define us. In Our Thirties explores the opportunities and challenges in this remarkable decade of life, encouraging a deeper, more mindful journey that leads to growth a... more
  • Never a Stranger: From her past in Croatia and Russia, to finding a son in Bhutan, to befriending women in Africa, one woman's s

    by Tania Romanov
    Tania Romanov hangs from the final limb of a family tree of generations of unintentional travelers—exiles, refugees, displaced people. She grew up with stories of exile—stories of adventure. Perhaps that’s why, as an adult, she started living her own adventures—and hasn’t stopped since. In India, she learned that to Indians the way she mourned her husband was far less personal than their custom of dropping cremated bodies into a river; in Japan, that her ancestors could find her in the oddest... more

    by Becky Brinkley
    Beginning on the playground as a child, the love of football drove Bobby Burton through his life. Nobody expected 145- pound Bobby to play or survive college football, let alone be MVP. Follow Bobby’s adventures as a college football player, a pro recruit, an Air Force pilot, a Vietnam vet, a survivor of two plane crashes, and a father of six. A true sportsman at heart, Bobby’s humor and sports go hand-in-hand. If you like classic football or true military stories, you'll love this one.
  • Unfading Light - The Sustaining Insight & Inspiration of Abraham Lincoln to be published by Rowman-Littlefield/Hamilton Books

    by Richard Fritzky
    While of value to all, Unfading Light will uniquely appeal to the ‘Lincolnians’ because it brings a great and diverse cross-section of champions and living lights of Lincoln from all corners of America together to focus on the same questions about him – questions that evoke rich and moving observations and considerations of him - questions that more often than not, required me, as prodded by them, to dive deep into the depths and oblique ‘nooks and crannies’ of Lincoln’s actions, thoughts and co... more
  • Between Inca Walls, A Peace Corps Memoir

    by Evelyn Kohl LaTorre
    At twenty-one, Evelyn is naive about life and love. Raised in a small Montana town, she moves at age sixteen with her devout Catholic family to California. There, she is drawn to Latino culture when she works among the migrant workers. During the summer of her junior year in college, Evelyn travels to a small Mexican town to help set up a school and a library--an experience that whets her appetite for a life full of both purpose and adventure. After graduation, Evelyn joins the Peace Corps an... more
  • How Did I End Up Here? Essays from an Imperfect Life

    by Vicky Perrone
    Vicky Perrone has led an imperfect life, but many would say she is now "living the dream." A prize-winning photographer and former photojournalist, she has gone from troubled teen to adventurer and world traveler. Along the way, she's learned about life, relationships -- and herself. In these essays, she shares her unique experiences, insights, and foibles with humor and a strong dose of self-deprecation.
  • Mangoes in the Rain: No one can take away your Imaginations

    by Chinamelum Menakaya
    Growing up Nigerian American in America was tough by itself, but what people didn’t know was that 13yr old Chinaemelum endured physical and emotional abuse by her father. At a young age she took on protecting her mother from her fathers fist, nothing she ever did was good enough, though she tried so hard to seek approval from her father, she always fails. As Chinameleum became a preteen, her father begins to calls her a prostitute, to the point 13yr old chinamelum begins to believe her father... more
  • The Hammer

    by T. R. Robinson
    The terror of an abusive spouse and The innocence of a young child.
  • How Much Big Is the Sky

    by Sherry Chapman
    How Much Big Is the Sky is a mother's searingly melodic and eloquent love song to her teenage son, Ryan, following his sudden death resulting from a car crash. Sherry Chapman captures the intimacy and immediacy of her experience with a rare combination of profound tenderness, literary skill, and raw candor. This stunning account of love and loss is structured in five parts resembling the various stages of grief. From the sudden blow of an early morning phone call to a mother's frantic advocacy t... more
  • Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life

    When Larry Fowler became a Navy SEAL BUD/S trainee, he could barely swim. Nevertheless, he somehow survived “Hell Week” and graduated Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training Class 89. Larry says it takes the same grit, courage, and tough-as-nails perseverance as a Navy SEAL in training to live the life of a true Christian. If he can survive Hell Week, you can survive and thrive where you’re at right now. In his inspirational book, Dare to Live Greatly, he reveals how faith is continuous, ac... more
  • Bohunk's Redemption

    by Bohunk
    A riveting life and death novel, directly from the mind of a famous author and physician writing under the alias Bohunk. The novel uniquely follows the steps of Bohunk’s life through both a humorous yet straightforward lens; from his childhood origins stoking the potential for future addictions, to his succumbing to addictive substances, to the tempest of addictions as his life descended into chaos, to pulling himself out of the darkness and shaking off the shadows of his past. Along his way, Bo... more
  • The Red Sea Bride

    by Sylvia Fowler
    At a school on the Pacific Ocean, a California girl named Sylvia meets and falls hopelessly in love with a devastating young Saudi man. He marries her and takes her to Jeddah, a five thousand-year-old city on the Red Sea. There, the unseen world of jinn and angels is as palpable as the sand of the desert. Bats swoop in and out of palm trees, camels graze by the water, talismans are used to ward off the evil eye, but as in all communities, love proves the one true binding force. Sylvia merges int... more