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  • The Accidental Bird Dog

    by Terry Ann Fernando
    Terry Ann Fernando had no interest in getting a dog until her husband Chris persuaded her otherwise. They eventually decided on a Vizsla, an uncommon breed known for its intelligence, sweet nature, and bird-hunting abilities. Zara, their new puppy, didn’t show a strong inclination for hunting when she was young, and Chris and Terry Ann had no interest in hunting either. When she was two years old, Zara’s breeder encouraged Terry Ann to enter her into a beginner-level hunt test. With minimal trai... more
  • The Showgirl and the Writer

    by Marnie Mueller
    The Showgirl and the Writer, A Friendship Forged in the Aftermath of the Japanese American Incarceration, by Marnie Mueller, is a hybrid memoir/biography. It encompasses Mueller’s own story, beginning at her birth to Caucasian parents in the Tule Lake Japanese American High-Security Camp in Northern California, and tells the tale of her long friendship with Mary Mon Toy, a Nisei performer who was incarcerated in the Minidoka Japanese American Camp in Idaho during WWII. The two met by chance in 1... more
  • Building My Career in Print and Web Publishing

    by Kay F. Davis
    I loved the humanities education I received in college. My B.A. degree in English and history gave me a solid foundation in research and writing. These skills are applicable to many industries. After undergraduate school, I decided to go into publishing. I worked as an editor for 15 years, primarily in the field of education. After graduate school, I went into Web publishing. My ability to distill information into the essential ingredients remains useful to this day.
  • Memoirs of a Suburban Troublemaker

    by Ellen R.B. Smith
    Attention troublemakers, parents of troublemakers, and everyone who embraces a rebellious spirit! This captivating narrative is dedicated to you. In the heart of Reston, Virginia, an openly integrated community established amidst the civil rights movement, Ellen’s coming-of-age journey unfolds against the backdrop of societal change. With vivid detail and emotional depth, Ellen chronicles a blissful childhood that comes to an abrupt end when her parents divorce. Labeled as a troublemaker, Ellen ... more
  • ISBN:978-1-64411-7934

    by Emmanuel Dagher
    Emmanuel Dagher is one of the kindest and gentlest souls who walks this planet. He is someone who really walks his talk, and I frequently recommend his work to people, especially to those who need help in shifting from a scarcity paradigm to an abundant one! ––Anita Moorjani, NYT Bestselling Author of ‘Dying to Be Me.’ Renowned therapist and spiritual teacher Emmanuel Dagher reveals his transformative journey and revolutionary healing method in his latest book, HEAL: A Guide to Becoming Your O... more
  • Designing American Jewelry

    by Ellie Thompson
    Designing American Jewelry: From City Rhythms to Western Dreams is both personal memoir and compelling retrospective showcasing the life’s work of the award-winning fine jewelry designer, Ellie Thompson. The book describes her vision as a contemporary American designer, including why jewelry matters, as well as the sense of meaning and connection it confers on those who wear it.   From her humble beginnings as a teenage shop girl in New Haven, CT, Thompson tells the tale of her career as a high... more
  • Highway to the Sky: An Aviator's Journey

    by Lola Reid Allin
    Despite Lola Reid Allin’s childhood desire to avoid the straitjacket of traditional female roles and become a pilot, her desperate need for unconditional affection after a lonesome childhood sways her determination. At age twenty, she leaps into marriage and motherhood. Four years, one toxic relationship, and one private pilot license later, she leaves her husband, even though she knows she’ll be censured by friends, family, and 1970s society at large. Her head-on battle with tradition continues... more
  • Marta Vol I

    by Dave Rogers
  • The Ballet of Swallows

    by Mozhgan Mahmoodian
    Against the backdrop of 1979 post-revolution Iran, seven-year-old Mozhgan Mahmoodian struggles to understand the right and wrong in her world. At home, the kitchen wall is the only thing separating her father’s two lives – one with her maman, and the other with his second wife. In her dogmatic school, disillusionment threatens to take away Mozhgan’s claim to her one superpower: her brain. Determined to create her own path, she decides the best way forward is by doing the opposite of what the ad... more
  • Return to the Catskills Blue Line and Beyond

    by Michael Boyajian
    First a leg injury knocks the author off his hiking pace around the Catskills and then the passing of his wife Jeri throws him into a malaise of inactivity for years but Jeri’s presence returns from the other world across the rainbow bridge and the two lovers find themselves hitting the trails together once again.
  • The Extended War Diary of a German POW

    by Helga McKee
    In this poignant autobiography, a young German girl reflects on her harrowing experiences amidst the ravages of war-torn German during World War II. Navigate the gripping narrative as she grapples with the relentless challenges of fear, hunger, and the desperate quest for survival, painting a vivid portrait of the endless days and nights shaped by the tumultuous backdrop of history.
  • Disposable Teen

    by Brian Pelletier
    Rejected and alienated by those closest to him, a young gay teen embarks on a harrowing journey to find a place where he can truly belong and be accepted. The raw and unfiltered true story of Disposable Teen is a powerful coming of age tale that sheds light on the painful challenges and traumatic experiences that plague so many queer youth. Born into a shattered family, tormented by a zealous mother, this story delves deep into the author's tumultuous journey of seeking love and belonging. De... more
  • In the Face of Catastrophe

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    The Gift of Presence When a stroke leaves Jenn comatose and clinging to life just days before her thirty-first birthday, she and her family face an overwhelming and painful journey. As they struggle to grasp what happened, to move forward and heal, they discover an unexpected gift: how to be present in times of uncertainty while holding onto hope and the power of family and community to sustain them through these challenging times. Structured as diary entries, this poignant memoir shares m... more
  • Toxic Bonds and Betrayals

    by N. Njeri Jones
    Kat and Austin seemed like the perfect couple. The love between them appeared to have blossomed overnight. They had a few bumps in the road blending their families but were able to get past the drama. Believing that they were each other’s soul mate, they decided to get married. Kat had no idea that a storm was brewing in the background. Austin's mask began to slide off his face after each passing season. Thinking that a move would provide an exciting fresh start, they relocated miles away from f... more
  • Places We Left Behind: a memoir-in-miniature

    by Jennifer Lang
    When American-born Jennifer falls in love with French-born Philippe during Israel’s First Intifada, she understands their differences: she's a secular tourist, he's an observant immigrant. Determined to make it work, they spend the next 20 years rooting and uprooting their growing family, each in search of a place where they can feel home and whole. In "Places We Left Behind," Jennifer puts her marriage under a microscope, examining commitment and compromise, faith and family.
  • Better than Cocaine

    by Barry Max Wills
    “You’ve bought what?’ ‘A plantation in Colombia.’ ‘Whatever for, darling? You’re not going to go off and live there, are you?’ ‘No. Well, not now, anyway.’ ‘And what are you going to grow? Cocaine?” And so, what begins as a romance in London, becomes the adventure of a life-time, taking our protagonists far from the leafy streets of Chelsea to Colombia's coffee-growing country. Barry Max Wills is not a fish-out-of-water but instead revels in the challenges of his new home and role on a... more