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  • The Twenty: One Woman's Trek Across Corsica on the GR20 Trail

    by Marianne C. Bohr
    Marianne Bohr and her husband, about to turn sixty, are restless for adventure. They decide on an extended, desolate trek across the French island of Corsica--the GR20, Europe's toughest long-distance footpath--to challenge what it means to grow old. Part travelogue, part buddy story, part memoir, The Twenty is a journey across a rugged island of stunning beauty little known outside Europe.
  • Joseph W. Taylor BORN TO BIRD

    by Ann Taylor
    Joseph W. Taylor BORN TO BIRD is a biography of the foremost North American amateur ornithologist and conservationist in the mid-twentieth century. BORN TO BIRD examines Joe Taylor’s life path as a journey toward his true self. This transformation came slowly. He was born to economic and social privilege, yet an unanticipated destiny with birds awaited him. Birdwatching began for Joe at age eight. Early on, he conformed to a traditional pattern of education and employment. Nevertheless, b... more
  • Memoirs of an unexpected loser

    by Magali M.
    What happened? How did I manage to miss the train to the land of fulfilled potentials? I'm stuck on the platform and it looks like I can't even get anywhere anymore. This journey dives into a series of life events most people have either experienced or know someone who has: a non-success in a study, a gap in a career, the loss of someone dear, sexual abuse, miscarriage, addictions, expatriation... It also gives a few slightly abrasive facts about France, being a human female in this century and... more
  • College Life of a Retired Senior

    by Yvonne Blackwood
    Seven years after she retired from a lengthy career in banking, Yvonne Blackwood surprised her friends and family by returning to school at age sixty-four to pursue an English degree. Her purpose was fueled by four powerful reasons—to add texture to her writing; to ward off dementia; to enhance structure in her life; and to inspire her two young grandsons to continue their education after high school. But as she stepped onto the campus of Canada’s third-largest university, Blackwood had no idea ... more
  • We Are All Made of Scars

    by Christopher Morris
    What is "normal" anyway? As Chris’s home life deteriorates and he descends into an abyss, he’s showing up for high school finals so high he can’t even remember his locker combination. While other kids are having Thanksgiving dinner, Chris is chasing his drunk mom down the sidewalk of a strip mall, trying to take her to rehab. He’s winning a cruise to the Bahamas, drinking and pretending to be in his twenties to hook up with someone much older. Bad decisions and misadventures abound when Chris... more
  • Off the Chart A Nurse's Journey of Heart and Humor

    by Jennifer Tipton
    In the world of nursing, they say if it wasn't documented (charted), it wasn't done. In my book, Off the Chart A Nurse's Journey of Heart and Humor, I share those stories, you know, the ones you would never find in a nurse's notes, but rather in their hearts. After a nearly thirty-year career in nursing, I take the reader through my journey and share the personal stories of some remarkable individuals that touched my life. Along with a collection of patient stories, there is a chapter about pain... more
  • All the Memories That Remain: War, Alzheimer's, and the Search for a Way Home

    by E.M. Liddick
    When E.M. Liddick, a legal advisor to a special operations task force, returns from another tour in Afghanistan, he finds his formerly idyllic life in shambles. He’s haunted by the decisions he made overseas, he’s just told his wife of eleven years he’s no longer in love with her, and his father––the person whom he would have turned to for advice—is ten-years deep into a battle with younger-onset Alzheimer’s. Broken and lost, Liddick wonders, How can I possibly find my way without you, Dad? T... more
  • And I Always Will

    by Chris & Ashlyn Phillips
    A true love story that begins with a lot of fun but ends in the tragedy of Ashlyn finding she had inherited Huntington’s Disease [HD] from her father. HD runs in families. We managed for a while with Art therapy, massage, and beauty treatments but there is no known medical cure for this neurodegenerative disease. I can cause movement disorders, repeated dangerous falls, mood swings, personality difficulties and judgement issues. Historically, HD was often misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s Disease, MS ... more
  • College Life of a Retired Senior: A Memoir of Perseverance, Faith, and Finding the Way

    by Yvonne Blackwood
    Seven years after she retires from the Royal Bank of Canada, ending a thirty-seven-year career, Yvonne Blackwood surprised her friends and family by returning to school at sixty-four to pursue an English degree. She craves knowledge and is motivated by four powerful reasons—To add texture to her writing; to ward off dementia by exercising her brain muscles with her studies; to add ongoing structure to her life by attending classes regularly; to inspire her two young grandsons to attend universit... more
  • My Experiences in Medicine, Theology, and Along the Way

    by Douglas E. Busby
    In this fascinating book, Rev. Dr. Douglas E. Busby describes remarkable experiences that he had in his careers in medicine, theology, and along the way. These experiences began as a pioneer in space clinical medicine and ended as an explorer of spiritual healing. Meanwhile, he held many clinical, research, administrative, and teaching positions in aerospace and occupational medicine, and then became an interim minister and academic theologian. Dr. Busby believes that as spiritual beings, we are... more
  • A Parthenon on our roof: Adventures of an Anglo Greek Marriage

    by Peter Barber
    A story about an Anglo Greek marriage to a fiery Greek wife. What could go wrong? Read on and find out! Peter takes us on a journey into the heart of his adopted Athenian family. Humour, Love, well observed culture all mixed with the beauty of Greece and the Greek islands. The perfect escapist read.
  • On Fire: A Memoir

    by Steph West
    On Fire is a poignant and uplifting exploration of the mother-daughter relationship and how it's affected by weight, gender, mental health issues, and class inequities in the Midwest. West's sharp observations of the systemic way our culture marginalizes single mothers—and contrasting intimate stories of raising her daughter within that culture—makes it a must-read for mothers and fathers of daughters, and children of single mothers.
  • The Man Behind the Makeup: The Professional Wrestling Life And times Of Jeff Bearden, Who Wrestled As Giant Warrior, Big Tiger S

    by Jeff Beardon
    nternational pro wrestling star Jeff Bearden has gone by many names: Butch Masters, Giant Warrior, Big Tiger Steele, and Colossus the Gladiator. Under these guises, he became part of wrestling history. Enter the wild, bloody life of pro wrestling during its Golden Age, from the viewpoint of one of its "biggest" stars. At seven feet tall, Jeff Bearden towered over his competition from the time he premiered in territory wrestling in 1987, through the crazed and dangerous wrestling scenes, infamy, ... more
  • How To Be Quiet In Small Spaces

    by Steve Wellington and Marybel Salis
    How to be Quiet in Small Spaces by Steve Wellington and Marybel Salis is a comprehensive guide to finding peace and tranquillity in even the busiest environments. The authors explore the reasons why modern life often feels overwhelming and noisy and offer practical strategies for reducing stress and cultivating inner stillness. Drawing from their own experiences and expertise in mindfulness and meditation, Wellington and Salis provide readers with simple yet effective tools for developing a quie... more
  • Two Counsellors Wandering Around A Prison

    by Katie Carlyon
    The book follows a counsellor and her colleague as they fight to set up counselling in a prison. Within their time of counselling questions are asked around the system and where the men reside including should a man die in prison? and what therapy have the men previously received?
  • How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome

    by Ryn Gargulinski
    Ryn Gargulinski (aka Rynski) went from a scruffy drunken rebel without a house on the streets of New York City to an award-winning writer, artist and speaker thriving in Florida (who is only scruffy every other Thursday). This book tells you how it happened, complete with handy tips along the way. Come along for the ride, and you’ll discover: •\tHow to get out of kissing a scrawny squatter without making him mad •\tWhat happens when you drink an entire bottle of gin in 52 seconds •\tWhy ... more