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  • Too Good to Be True: Scottsdale and Privatization in the 1980s

    by Paul Redvers Brown
    This is the personal story of a very public project. In 1984, a respected Boston environmental engineering firm took on the industry’s biggest engineer-constructors to win the first municipal water treatment plant privatization project in the country. The City of Scottsdale, Arizona had embarked on the "untested" financing approach to take advantage of tax incentives that arrived with the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Because it was the first of its kind, and the water industry saw many more to c... more
  • The Path of a Buddhist

    by Michael Boyajian
    Join the author as he recalls his earliest encounters with Buddhism and his subsequent awakening on the Dharma path.
  • The Rise of a Freemason

    by Michael Boyajian
    Join the author as he recalls his earliest encounters with Freemasonry and his subsequent rise in the craft
  • Whatever Happened to Lil' Bobby Burton? A True Adventure

    by Becky Brinkley
    Beginning on the playground as a child, the love of football drove Bobby Burton through his life. Nobody expected 145-pound Bobby to play or survive college football, let alone be MVP. Follow Bobby’s adventures as a college football player, a pro recruit, an Air Force pilot, a Vietnam vet, a survivor of two plane crashes, and a father of six. A true sportsman at heart, Bobby’s humor and sports go hand-in-hand. If you like classic football or true military stories, you'll love this one.
  • Partner with Purpose: Solving 21st Century Business Problems Through Cross-Sector Collaboration

    by Steve Schmida
    Today’s “wicked” problems combine daunting business, social, and economic challenges. That’s why solving them demands cross-sector partnerships among companies, nonprofits, and governments. Partner with Purpose is a step-by-step guide to planning, launching, and growing such partnerships, illustrated with vivid stories from Fortune 500 companies and partnership professionals around the world.  
  • This War Within My Mind

    by John Poehler
    This War Within My Mind is a game plan that will change the way you view bipolar disorder. It starts with simply changing the way you see yourself. You are a warrior. A bipolar warrior. It is within you to take back control of your life and your illness.
  • The Girlfriend Mom, A Memoir

    by Dani Alpert
    What do you do when your boyfriend's daughter asks you for a tampon two minutes after first meeting her? And how young is too young to curl up and watch "Borat" with said boyfriend's son? Dani mulls over these questions and more while highlighting her unconventional and pseudo-parenting role as the Girlfriend Mom.
  • Our Encounters with Ancient Rome and Greece

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author as he and his wife Jeri travel Britain and Europe in search of Ancient Rome and Greece.  "Scratch the soil of Britain and Europe and you will find Rome"

  • Life in the Camel Lane: Embrace the Adventure

    by Doreen M Cumberford

    Life in the Camel Lane

    Life in the Camel Lane: Embrace the Adventure is what Doreen Cumberford, a Scottish author, calls her learnoire!  It is a combination of her story and the stories of other expats learned while living in Saudi Arabia for 15 years as expat employees or spouses.

    The book takes the reader through the four stages of culture shock: arrival, honeymoon, frustration and adjustment stages to final acceptance followed by the retu... more

  • Never a Stranger

    by Tania Romanov

    Tania Romanov hangs from the final limb of a family tree of generations of unintentional travelers—exiles, refugees, displaced people. 

    She grew up with stories of exile—stories of adventure. Perhaps that’s why, as an adult, she started living her own adventures—and hasn’t stopped since.

    In India, she learned that to Indians the way she mourned her husband was far less personal than their custom of dropping cremated bodies into a river; in Japan,... more

  • Stark Raving Zen: A Memoir of Coming Alive

    by Kristy Sweetland
    Stark Raving Zen is the story of how one woman came home to her soul on a road trip from Minnesota to California, a journey both terrifying and beautiful. Her only physical companion through each stage of this sudden awakening was her dog, Arya, who kept her grounded through shocking revelations, heavenly and hellish visionary experiences, and an intuitive opening including a voice in her left ear that guided her, working to keep her safe as her mind unraveled. This heroine’s journey is also th... more
  • Attacked!

    by Mark Simon
    In 1980, in Houston, Texas, I was bullied in high school. I ignored the gang and the bullying grew worse. The first major attack was at a bonfire party and about 30 teens attacked me in my car. A number of them showed up later that night at my home and attacked my family in our front yard. My family was terrorized for months including horrible death threats of our bodies being found in a bag in bloody pieces. I was attacked with bats, chains and tire irons on multiple occasions. My friends were... more
  • SKIN, BONE, and FAT LACES: Race, Culture, and Community in Seattle 1982-1994

    by David Toledo
    SKIN, BONE, and FAT LACES - Race, Culture, and Community in Seattle is an eye-witness account of the who/what/where that happened on the Northwest Hip Hop scene from 1982-1994 which shaped Seattle’s cultural identity and its vision for race relations & social justice advocacy. The historic Dance Clubs, iconic Breakdance Crews, seminal Graffiti Artists, legendary Djs, and platinum selling Rappers are all waiting inside.
  • Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company

    by Tommy Swanhaus

    Looking to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? Before you take on your new venture learn the harsh reality of what it takes to succeed. Or maybe you are a business owner that wants to amplify or grow your existing company, but do not have the money here are some ways to achieve that growth without using physical capital. Or maybe you are someone that wants to grow within your current company, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company” has the secrets or “k... more

  • Stroke: Overcoming my Worst Nightmare

    by Sara Marie Anderson
    A 27 year old woman returns from the gym and her life changes forever when she nearly dies from a massive cerebellar stroke.
  • In Our Thirties: Insights and Expert Advice for This Decade and Beyond

    by Laura Sgroi
    Turning thirty is easy, but...what happens when we become a thirtysomething? What comes next shapes us in ways we could never imagine. Many of us dread our thirties, but they show up no matter what we had planned—our dreams and aspirations, our self-imposed goals, or the accomplishments by which society attempts to measure and define us. In Our Thirties explores the opportunities and challenges in this remarkable decade of life, encouraging a deeper, more mindful journey that leads to growth a... more