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  • The Sport Is Steroids

    by Jim Rutter
    Athletes have used performance enhancing drugs to set world records in dozens of sports. In 2009, one young American weightlifter sought to achieve the same. Pat Mendes’ journey would see him win three national titles, compete internationally for two countries and appear on the world stage aside the titans of the sport. His career ended due to a pair of faulty anti-doping tests—one proven in court to be totally unreliable. To this day, Pat is the only American to snatch 200kg. He trained har... more
  • When He Was Anna

    by Patti Hornstra
    When He Was Anna by Patti Hornstra has been called raw, emotional, brave and honest. When Patti’s child comes out as transgender, her world is rocked, to say the least. This memoir is the story of a reckoning still in progress, but one thing holds true-- Patti’s child is fiercely loved, even when understanding and acceptance proves to be a rocky road.
  • 101 Arabian Tales: How We All Persevered in Peace Corps Libya

    by Randolph W. Hobler
    A collective memoir of 101 of my fellow Libyan Peace Corps volunteers from 1968--1969. Follows them all through training, teaching English at sites all over Libya, through the Ghaddafi revolution and in the Epilogues what they've done over the last 50 years. Full of compelling, poignant, tragic, triumphant, exciting and funny anecdotes, all deftly woven together.
  • The Parables of Sunlight

    by Margaret Dulaney
    Especially during the era of COVID, many have fantasized about leaving the big city behind to take up a life in the country. Author Margaret Dulaney didn’t just dream about it – she did it. After 18 years living in Manhattan, she and her husband traded in their hectic city life for the peace of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Taking on one hundred acres of neglected farmland, they discovered a rich community of souls, both human and animal. Dulaney is sharing that story – which suddenly seems al... more
  • The Sixth of September

    by Callista Bowright
    Olivia comes from a simple Lancashire background, where her terrible, traumatic childhood leads on to further drama, pain, and tragedy, which mould her into a tough, beautiful fighter. Sophie is raised in wealth and comfort; she has the education, talent, and intellect but no confidence. She struggles, in her hippy way, through similar life experiences – and appalling losses – with nervous bravery. Both are sensual, raunchy, strong, and loving women, who defy society’s hypocrisy. Then, one Septe... more
  • Self Service Automation

    by gsn self service Automation
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  • The Strong Ones: How a Band of Civilian Women Made Their Mark on the Army

    by Sara Hammel
    They said women couldn’t keep up. They said women weren’t strong enough to do the military’s toughest jobs. In 1995, a ragtag band of civilians came to prove them wrong. THE STRONG ONES will inspire a new generation with its cast of ordinary women overcoming daunting obstacles—and will thrill readers with a stunning and heartwarming twist. This is the inspiring true story of forty-five civilian women, including the author, who volunteered for a controversial seven-month Army strength stud... more
  • Speaking Volumes

    by Gordon Griffin
    How a fishmonger’s son growing up on Tyneside (with a Geordie accent) became the person who recorded over 900 (and counting) audiobooks and got the MBE from the Queen for it. A ‘Billy Elliot” story that’s ‘heart-warming’ and ‘inspirational’. As Miriam Margolyes says on the back cover: “a witty and moving memoir of how a working class boy becomes THE voice of the spoken word. An honest and vivid account plus excellent advice for those of us who work with words..”
  • Seven Summits for Dad

    by Anthony McClaren
    A journey through loss, despair, reflection, and redemption. Anthony McClaren didn't have an idyllic childhood. His mother was an extremely unconventional woman who passed away from Cancer in her early 50s. His father, an Air Force Master Sergeant, spent his final years battling Parkinson's Disease with Anthony as his primary caretaker. Following his father's death also in his 50s, Anthony was faced with an overwhelming amount of grief and uncertainty about his own place in this world. Alw... more
  • Luck Times Two, An Adoption Memoir

    by Sandra Wilson
    The book will take you to China, as you learn the challenges that Fu Shuang faced living in an orphanage and going to boarding school for over a decade. Then you will travel back with her to America after her adoption, as she lives family life while learning English, enduring bullying and coming of age. It is a story of faith and hope and of course, luck.
  • Seek Lamp

    by Pendant Light
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  • Angel in the Mirror: Road to Recovery

    by Lumi Winterson
    Mental illness directly or indirectly affects everyone, and yet it makes the sufferer feel completely alone. This book aims to educate the reader about mental illness, about therapies that are available, what has worked for Lumi and what has not. Whether you are a patient or client, carer or health professional, Lumi shares with you her own experience of the world of psychiatry. By speaking out, she wishes to tear down the walls caused by stigma. Everyone deserves some happiness and understandin... more
  • Down From the Mountain

    by Brian Vickery
    The book was written to record the history of Brian's father and his uncles. They all joined the Second World War together and Brian thought that their service should not go unrecorded - it was intended to be a short history but led itself into Brian's life when he unexpectedly found himself drafted into an Army that he had no interest in joining - the Army however provided a dimension for Brian that he had never visualized and provided the experiences and friendships that can only be achieved t... more
  • I'll Be Damned

    by SNOPIX
    So now, as I do try to find the words to sum up this whole experience. l can only think that, even if it did end in an inglorious way. After such a tumultuous journey, which took me to places I could never have imagined travelling too. I will always be rich in the memories captured in these words, that have and always will, define my life in every way.
  • A Clown in Cobwebs

    by Walt Nelson
    After a passionate date, Frank and Linda find that they will soon be parents. Frank is sent oversees with the marines, and Linda is left to face pregnancy out of wedlock in the late 1950s south alone. After they later marry, they have a son born with birth defects. Is this a punishment or a lesson? How should they care for this son?
  • Presidential Spirit

    by Gina S. Scheff
    Gina has no intention of marrying again following a disastrous divorce. She wants to focus on raising her son and building a career, not falling in love. But then she meets a spirited airman named David Scheff and everything changes. It doesn’t take long for him to convince her that marrying her soul mate might be a good idea after all. A member of the Air Force, David eventually becomes the flight chief for Air Force One, giving Gina the opportunity to shake hands with presidents William Jeffe... more