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  • Denied! Failing Cordelia…Book Three: Climbing the Broken Judicial Ladder

    by Tim Whittome
    In Climbing the Broken Judicial Ladder (the final volume in my Denied! Failing Cordelia trilogy, I look in considerable detail at what happened when I shoved the perspective and orders of the Los Angeles Juvenile Dependency Court into a large and prejudicially weighted backpack and attempted to climb the California judicial ladder. This climb would take me on a legal journey through the California Court of Appeal (Second Appellate District) to the rarefied atmosphere of the California Supreme Co... more
  • The Mountain Within

    by Frances Sinclair-Kaspick
    Canadian, Out of trauma, born physically disAbled, North American Indian. Born into poverty, raised in a large single parent home by my Grandmother. Growing up in an unsafe neighborhood, dodging preditors, addictions, my biggest fear, I'd either succumb to the lifestyle or never make it out of the jungle. My story talks of humble early beginnings and striving to become fiercely independent. Becoming self-sufficient as a young adult, was a great relief and feeling to know, "I'm going to make it... more
  • Hurricane Harvey Lowku

    by Elaine Parker Adams
    When Hurricane Harvey ravished Houston in 2017, Elaine Parker Adams was evacuated from her flooded home to a retirement community. The following months nearly overwhelmed her--rebuilding a home, recovering from cancer surgery and radiation therapy, and mourning the loss of a dear sister. Writing allowed her to cope. Her memoir actually is a collection of lowku poems with descriptive narratives. Lowku is a form of haiku that focuses on social issues rather than nature. The book has five sect... more
  • From the Mountaintop

    by Campbell Bolwell
    From the Mountaintop is a story about a solitary individual who spends his lifetime searching for the deeper meaning to life and trying to understand its purpose. Not satisfies with the explanation of existing religions he embarks on a lone journey of study and experience, unwilling to accept anything of faith alone and searching for evidence to support his emerging theories about reality. Against the background of his extraordinary adventures, which influenced his search and shaped his characte... more
  • Love, Death & Tango

    by Maraya Loza Koxahn
    On the brink of menopause, the author takes a two-year sabbatical from her life and flees to Buenos Aires to dance tango and reinvent herself. Intent on taking a "pause" from men, she instead finds herself in a relationship with her dance partner—where the threat of his death has the potential to outweigh the romance. Catapulted into questioning her core beliefs, Maraya investigates love and other means of "enlightenment" in order to find "something more."
  • 23 Days At Montefiore Murder Mystery and Malpractice: A Patient Advocate's Odyssey

    by Sherri Jefferson
    Dismayed by the dangerous, deceitful, and deadly practices of New York's Montefiore Medical Center, their doctors, and lawyers who are hired to cover-up their abuses; 23 Days at Montefiore journeys the path of a patient advocate fighting to save the life of an elderly woman forced to suffer multiple experimental surgeries. She also observes the suffering of other patients and a systemic practice of abuse. A heart-wrenching read, this book explores 23 days of torment, denial of patient care, and... more
  • Europe on One Roll of the Dice: My Suspended Stories of Ideas (Zeitkritik)

    by Vasile V. Poenaru
    AUTHOR’S WRIT OF ENTANGLEMENT Once upon a time it so happened that I wrote a poem for my wife. I did it in the blink of an eye - with transcending metaphoric swing. Which makes it a quite tangible product of rather intangible facts, I guess. Soon enough there would be a letter in my mailbox: a writ from Germany. The State Chancellory of Lower Saxony was ordering me to recite the poem in front of a select audience at the EXPO 2000 Hannover (nn in German). Jawohl! Alles klar! Sir! Yes, ... more
  • The Beginning of the End

    by Tara Blair Ball

    "In 2017, Tara Blair Ball thought she had it all: a handsome husband, beautiful infant twins, and a great house in the suburbs. But then came a discovery that worked just like a grenade lofted into the middle of her superficially serene life: her husband had been secretly abusing drugs for years, he had a secret card, and he'd embezzled from his job. After trying to work things out and having two devastating miscarriages, she'd then commit her own great betrayal: having an affair... more

  • Blood Bones and Blisters: A culinary rant

    by Tristan Jones
    I wrote this book for cooks. For the younger crowd just starting in the industry you can learn some valuable lessons from my experience. For the older folks that have been in this stress riddled drug soaked mad house for a while, I think you’ll get a few laughs. The first half is an abbreviated version of my story followed by some assorted thoughts on our industry and modern F&B culture. I have made a lot of mistakes and done numerous things that many will call questionable, but I didn’t suga... more
  • Escape from the Ordinary

    by Julie Bradley
    When you arrive at foreign shores by sailboat, it’s not such a small world after all. Come along with Glen and Julie as they sail around the world and discover that reality is even bigger than the Escape they imagined. This breathtakingly personal true story will thrill those wanting to sail off into the sunset or enjoy the wonders of the world from the comfort of home. Escape from the Ordinary reminds you of the unlimited possibilities in life and nudges the reader into thoughts of their ow... more
  • Just This Banjo

    by Joseph Patrick Costello III
    Desperate for a way to communicate after losing his hearing, young Patrick Costello set his heart on becoming a musician. Ignoring the odds, empowered by his family and a karate grandmaster, Patrick won a banjo in a bet, salvaged a guitar from the trash and wandered into the city of brotherly love looking for a teacher. What happened next is an unbelievable true story of chasing improbable dreams, the kindness of strangers, the IRA, the Philadelphia Mummers, and unconditional love.
  • Cracking An Egg

    by Andy Becker
    Cracking An Egg is a humorous and heartfelt memoir of early childhood experiences about growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. 22 vignettes relate stories that discuss conformity, rebelliousness, family relationships, fantasies, humiliations, gratitude, and most of all, love.
  • Dancing with the Trinity

    by Monique Jesiolowski
    Using colorful descriptions and heart-felt anecdotes, Monique vividly depicts the joy of living a life completely surrendered to the will of God. She encourages us to make ourselves available to follow His lead, to be willing to drop everything and join the dance at a moment’s notice. This book is sure to touch the heart of each and every reader, reminding us to set aside some time each day to play with reckless abandon, and to tend to the things in our lives that are truly important.
  • She's Got This! Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On

    by Joanne Hartman & Mary Claire Hill
    Boldly and unapologetically told, the essays featured in this powerful collection exemplify strength and resilience as 46 writers—published authors as well as fresh voices—take their truths public. Filled with hope, humor, and determination, these stories tackle love, loss, friendship, identity, and parenthood. She’s Got This is their anthem, one that will resonate with women everywhere.
  • Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement

    by Kay Rock
    Fasten your seatbelts, we're going for a ride. Readers of all ages will relate to these meaningful and engaging vignettes that span a wide range of topics from personal triumphs to fascinating historical events. They reveal a zest for life and an infectious curiosity about the world. Her take on ordinary events is sometimes comedic, sometimes poignant, and always relatable. This charming collection of essays is like a call from your best friend--an unexpected gift that appears when you reall... more
  • Kinex Media

    by Kinex Media