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Other Nonfiction

  • Three Legs and a Spare: Essentials of the Canine Amputation Recovery and Care Handbook from Tripawds

    by Jim Nelson
    Whether your dog has already lost a leg or will be having an amputation soon – due to canine cancer or for any another reason – Three Legs and a Spare will help you prepare for your dog’s new life on three legs. Three Legs and a Spare is the first Tripawds dog amputation e-book, originally published in 2009. Now in its Fourth Edition, this essential canine amputation recovery and care handbook has been updated to include numerous informative articles, forum topics, videos, podcast interviews,... more
  • Get the Word Out

    by Anne Janzer
    Get the Word Out is a guide to writing a nonfiction book or memoir grounded in a sense of purpose. This practical and inspiring book offers advice for every phase of the journey, from clarifying your concept and owning your authority to drafting the manuscript and doing the important work after publication.
  • Book Blogger Directory

    by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt
    This Book Blogger Directory lists blog addresses, contact information, where reviews are posted, as well as standard turnaround time and book formats accepted. Indexes list bloggers by accepted genre so you can easily find bloggers amenable to your subject matter. More than 200 blogs are included, all current as of June 2020. The index lists each genre linked to each blog that accepts books in that category.
  • The Little Handbook for Navigationally Challenged Cidiots

    by D. C. Head
    Filled with hundreds of common driving offenses, this gut-wrenching funny handbook features hilariously, jaw dropping terms and phrases describing some of the nastiest driving habits you or another cidiot have engaged in almost every day on the highways and byways. Inside, you'll find "The Motor Mouth Motorist" who suffers from road rage, "The Para Lane Bluffer" who can't decide if they want to merge with oncoming traffic until the last second, "The Eye Shadow Bandit" who thinks she's skilled en... more
  • Invaluable

    by Maya Grossman
    Invaluable is a career development book for young professionals who want to become kick ass employees. It’s a step-by-step practical guide for the skills and strategies employees need in order to position themselves as invaluable, stand out at work and future-proof their career. Does the world need this book? There are thousands of books written about how to become an entrepreneur, start your own business and become independent. But what if you don't want to be your own boss? What if you lik... more
  • Christmas Is All about Gifts

    by Kevin Lofton

    Christmas Is All About Gifts illustrates a parent teaching his inquisitive children about Christmas. This is not a children's book. It's a Christian parent's guide to teaching their kids about Christmas. This book should never be read by children without a parent being present nor should the song be played to children without a parent being present.   

  • kalyanchart

    by Kalyan Chart

    Want to play and earn? Then Kalyan Panel Chart can be your peace of mind as we are one of the leading names in providing gambling games like Kalyan and satta games. We have a team of a professional and experienced team of Kalyan charts who know and can acknowledge you about the game, and that's the reason you should choose us. We have knowledge and skills you can ensu... more

  • Vocal Warm Ups & Exercises

    by Toula Mavridou-Messer
    If you are a drama student, actor, performer, speaker, or voice-artist or training to be one This is the book for you! There is nothing else out there like it! Filled with easy to follow vocal warm-up exercises, awesome alliterations, and illustrations; you will be impressing audiences and smashing auditions in no time without damaging your most valuable asset - your voice!
  • Dear President Trump: 50 Satirical Letters from Phoenix to The White House

    by William Friese
    Dear President Trump began with a seemingly futile protest letter about killer vending machines. It became a spirited work of individual expression and a lifeline for the author’s sanity. In a collection of 50 satirical letters to the White House, first-time author William Friese channels his frustrations with President Trump’s administration. Written from the viewpoint of an ardent supporter, the letters document major political events and comically highlight the Trump administration’s tenure o... more
  • ¡Un doctor por favor!: Why We Need More Hispanic Physicians In The U.S., and Why You Should Be One Of Them

    by Paola Mina-Osorio
    Authored by a Hispanic doctor and scientist, ¡Un Doctor, Por Favor! was inspired by a Hispanic student who was told by her school counselor that she was “not college material.” This real-life story, which is followed in the book, is but one example of the difficulties faced by young Hispanics trying to enter the medical field. ¡Un Doctor, Por Favor! provides an overview of the complex health and educational challenges faced by Hispanics in the U.S., and presents it both by the numbers—aggregatin... more
  • Akkad Et Xai: L'Ange Et La Rebelle

    by Danielle Jaworowski
    Jaworowski's French-written Akkad et Xai, published through FriesenPress, is a fiction novel that explores the journey between two interconnected characters, Akkad, a guardian angel and Xai, an old soul living in a much younger body. Their journey, and at times conflicting relationship, represents a larger narrative that highlights the real and serious issue of child suicide. This cautionary tale to parents, educators and health care workers, is as entertaining as it is touching. It highlights t... more

    by Lucia Mann
    The Little Breadwinner is a story of tyrannized, frightened families - mostly poor peasants, indigenous peoples. and child farmworkers whose lives meant nothing to the military death squads during the 1980 to 1992 civil war that ravaged the Central American state of El Salvador. Throughout these pages, you will experience intense trials of courageous survivors with unforgettable characters who yearn for peace, justice, and normalcy. One of the brave people you will meet is Estrella Godwin Lozan... more
  • Freddie's Last Ride

    by Mary Anne Whelan
  • Just Go!: Leave the Treadmill for a World of Adventure

    by Gabrielle and Skip Yetter
    In 2010, Skip and Gabi Yetter quit their jobs, sold their home, gave away most of their possessions and bought one-way tickets to Cambodia. They wanted to see more, do more, experience new things and break away from their traditional lifestyle. Along the way, they met dozens of people like themselves: individuals, couples and families who'd decided to opt out of conventional lifestyles and travel to other parts of the world - whether in midlife or just starting out. Just Go! is about that jou... more
  • The Definitive Guide To Moving To Southeast Asia: CAMBODIA

    by Gabrielle Yetter
    The Definitive Guide to Moving to SouthEast Asia: Cambodia is an insider's advice to discovering all that Cambodia has to offer. It's at once a travel guide and a relocation guide for expats. Written by an expat who moved to and works in Cambodia, this book covers all you need to know to visit or relocate to Cambodia. In these pages, you'll read about the exquisite contrasts of Cambodia. You'll discover places where you can get a massage on the beach or hike through a jungle to a lush waterf... more
  • Do You Believe Jesus?

    by John A Popken
    Do You believe Jesus? presents an alternative theology to those presented by mainstream Christianity. There are thousands of diferent religious groups that profess Christianity. Yet each of them teach their own version of what they believe Jesus taught. Logic screams out at us; they cannot all be right. This book sorts through the multitude of false beliefs and presents the truth about the teaching of Jesus. It does this by excepting as true those things Jesus taught His Apostles. It also shows ... more