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Other Nonfiction

  • Our Global Lingua Franca: An Educator’s Guide to Spreading English Where EFL Doesn’t Work

    by Gregory V. Diehl
    Across continents and cultures, English has emerged as the shared bridge language that connects business, arts, sciences, and entertainment worldwide. In this thought-provoking and impassioned manifesto, a globally experienced EFL educator sheds light on the humanitarian importance of continuing to spread English as a universal means of communication—most notably in parts of the world where educational standards are lacking. This polemical and informative guide challenges prevailing English ... more
  • The Day that Shit Changed

    by Derrick Jackson
  • Self-Publish & Succeed: The No Boring Books Way to Writing a Non-Fiction Book that Sells

    by Julie Broad
    You can write a book—anyone can. But if you want to write a book that people will want or even need to read, it’s not as simple as sitting down to write. In fact, that’s one of the biggest mistakes unsuccessful authors make. Writing a book can be one of the smartest moves for your business success. But you need more than a message and writing skills to create an impressive book that readers will love. You also need a plan to market, sell, and leverage your book into a new level of leadership... more
  • YOU ONLY GO EXTINCT ONCE (Stuck in the Anthropocene with the Pleistocene Blues Again)

    by Bob Lorentson
    A collection of short essays and stories that blend humor with science, nature, and human nature. They not only show us the natural world, but how hysterically far from the natural world humans have come. Sometimes, when you find yourself at an evolutionary dead-end, all you can do is laugh.
  • Self-Publishing Lesbian Fiction: Write Your Own Way

    by Elizabeth Andre
    A step-by-step guide for successfully writing and self-publishing lesbian, Sapphic, WLW, queer, and other fun fiction!
  • Instant Gratification Generation

    by Michael Standberry
    If you wish to understand the truth about instant gratification, know how it affects, the measures you can take to slow down your life in order to achieve greater gains, keep reading… You’ve Just Discovered A Guide That Will Take You Through The Various Aspects Of Instant Gratification, A Phenomenon Made All The More Possible Due To The Advancement Of Technology And The Immediate Pleasure It Brings! Everyone, young and old, is impacted by instant gratification. This is due to the fast-pace... more
  • Thread of Fate

    by Reg W. Selfe
    A friendship first made on a 1950s holiday, a document unsigned at the last moment, the suggestion made by a stranger, a photograph taken in Spain, all elements in a chain of events leading to a totally unexpected romantic encounter quite late in life. This is the story of a childhood in the 1930s, taking us through carefree days at the seaside, when it is never too young to fall in love. An account of wartime on the east coast and day-to-day work behind a pharmacy counter in those long, dark ye... more
  • Marketing Your Young Adult Graphic Novel: Strategies for Success

    by Alexandre-luc Wahlström Smith
    In today's highly competitive book market, effective marketing strategies are vital for the success of a young adult graphic novel. This comprehensive guide explores a range of strategies and techniques that will help you promote your graphic novel successfully. From defining your target audience to creating a compelling book cover and developing a strong online presence, this guide covers all the essential steps to connect with your readers and stand out in the market. Engage the expertise of a... more
  • Head of the Class

    by Joshua Evan Roig
    Head of the Class is a crash course in becoming the standout teacher your students remember forever!
  • Lead You

    by Ufuoma Otu
    Despite several decades of so-called independence from colonial rule, representative government has largely remained elusive in many African countries, compromised by systemic corruption and political tyranny. Widespread apathy from years of living under harsh realities has led to younger Africans speaking out against deplorable leadership and governance that ignore their basic needs and actively rob them of a brighter future. Indeed, the future ought to be brighter for a continent that co... more
  • Karmic Selling

    by Stan gwizdak
    In his first book, entrepreneur Stan Gwizdak reveals how he’s built his career by helping others. He spent decades in the corporate trenches and saw the dangers of environments where everyone takes, takes, takes—instead of giving. A life-threatening car accident spurred him to escape the toxicity and start his own consulting firm. With clarity and honesty, Stan shares the successes and failures that helped him grow his business—and shows that when you do good, even more good will come... more
  • Madame Restell

    by Sharon DeBartolo Carmacck
    At 8 a.m. on the first of April 1878, the chamber maid found Madame Restell’s nude body in the bathtub, her throat cut. The coroner ruled it a suicide. But is that what really happened? Madame Restell was New York City’s most notorious abortionist of the nineteenth century. She capitalized on her career as a “female physician” and “professor of midwifery,” helping hundreds of women and men with family limitation needs. But she flaunted her wealth from catering to New York City’s elite by ... more
  • Hope Through the Truth: Standing in the Gap in America

    by Stanley Holstein

    Is there any doubt that a full-fledged spiritual war is raging all around us? The legal, moral, and social battles taking place in our homeland are not simply ideological; they are spiritual as well. The increasing rampant rage, random violence, and growing disregard for human life leave many of our neighbors fearfully asking, "What is happening in America?" The entire body of Christ should understand the origin of this onslaught because nothing new is happening in Satan's war a... more

  • Twelve Gifts of Christmas: From Our Heavenly Father

    by Stanley Holstein
    As a child, Christmas was a time of wonder for me. School was closed. Sledding, hot chocolate, decorations, and social gatherings were the order of the day. Finally, on early Christmas morning, I would scurry downstairs to behold the lights ablaze on the tree and gifts stuffed underneath. With great anticipation, and impatience, I would wait for the rest of the family to get out of bed so we could open our presents. So, “Is Christmas truly about gifts?” I say, “Yes, absolutely.” Christmas co... more
  • A Hypnotizing World

    by Weston A. Knudtson

    Why is the world so messed up? War, poverty, crime, sickness, and death run rampant. Is there a root problem to all this? What if there is more to these issues than meets the eye? After all this time, it seems humanity would’ve worked out the kinks. There must be some reason the world is like this. Is there hope for this depressing world? If society continues down the same path, what does the future hold? Does God exist? Is death our final destination?

    In A Hypnotizing World... more