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Other Nonfiction

  • The Missionary and The Magician

    by Edward N Brown
    The little-known true story of the life of Saint Peter – after the death and resurrection of Jesus – and his extraordinary battles with the heretical sorcerer Simon Magus – THE MAN WHO COULD FLY! The later life of the man chosen to carry the future hope of the world on his shoulders – an uneducated working man – a simple villager and fisherman – but a holy man of incredible character – a man destined for greatness! His name was Simon, but he is known to history as Saint Peter. Here is what ... more
  • I and the Other

    by Joe Nalven
    Imagine a hurricane inside a meditation──that’s where we stand in our national conversation on race. But our knowledge of reality is frail. What we need is a daring guide to brave the unknown and push us closer to understanding others and ourselves. The adventurer must be bold enough to climb the mountain of race and ethnicity, away from distortion. Enter Joe Nalven. Nalven enthusiastically ventures upward without a safety net, guide, or crystal ball to decipher what is to come. From puzzles, pa... more
  • Beyond the Oasis

    by Jeannette Hanby
    Open this book and step into the East African bush. Climb into our Land Rover and head for adventure! Take a lion-mauled warrior to hospital. Search for singing stones and hidden treasure. Explore central Tanzania’s rock paintings with Dr Mary Leakey and Hadza hunters. Go on safari to Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Battle with bureaucracy in Dar es Salaam. Capsize on Lake Eyasi. Witness the funeral rites of a chief, and the terrible fate of a thief. In Spirited Oasis, we described how we settled ... more
  • Library Lin's Curated Collection of Superlative Nonfiction

    by Linda Maxie
    Library Lin's Curated Collection of Superlative Nonfiction is a librarian's A-list of nonfiction books organized by subject area--just like a library. Linda Maxie (Library Lin) combed through 65 best books lists going back a century. She chose from tens of thousands of books, sorted them according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system, and selected an entire library's worth for you to browse at home. In this broad survey of all nonfiction categories, you will find titles on everything from ... more
  • Your Neighbors Are Doing Psychedelics

    by David E. Carpenter
    "Your Neighbors Are Doing Psychedelics" features the true story of policeman Nick Watchorn, who lived through the infamous Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia, in 1996. Over the ensuing 22 years, Nick dealt with severe PTSD that nearly ended in suicide. In 2018, Nick made the decision to enroll in groundbreaking clinical trials using MDMA therapy (aka ecstasy) to treat his chronic PTSD. Nick’s true story — parts of which were taken from private journals he kept throughout his MDMA treatm... more
  • Whiskers Abroad: Ashi and Audrey’s Adventures in Japan

    by Carrie Carter
    Whiskers Abroad is a lively travelogue featuring a trip to Japan shared by two main characters, Audrey and her cat Ashi, who alternate recounting their versions of events. During a twelve-day trip, the pair visit several cities. Adventures abound. Audrey is still trying to find her place in the universe, while Ashi believes Audrey would sink beneath the waves were he not present to rescue her. Audrey’s daily horoscope offers tantalizing clues as to what’s in store for the pair. Written by Carrie... more
  • Spirited Oasis: Tales from a Tanzanian Village

    by Jeannette Hanby
    ” Enter a world with dramatic scenery, red dust whirlwinds, a lush oasis, bad roads and a striking cast of colorful characters. Two foreigners are exposed to a diversity of landscapes and ethnic groups when they come to live in Serengeti’s backyard, a remote part of East Africa called Mangola. They absorb, build, and learn. And share their discoveries with you. This is a book for the adventurous, the curious, those lovers of insights about different people and places. Numerous drawings and photo... more
  • Keeping It Under Wraps: Sex: An Anthology

    by Louise Bryant
    Society tells us what is right and what is wrong based on unrealisticexpectations. In the end, though, no matter how unique our experiences seem, they aren't wrong: they simply are. The Keeping It Under Wraps anthology series provides a safe space to change the narrative, to speak openly about individual experiences, and in the end to understand that while each experience is different, we are not so different from each other. Let's start the conversation. What better place to start than... more
  • Keeping It Under Wraps: Parenthood, Uncensored

    by Louise Bryant
    To procreate or not to procreate: that is the question. The choice, in itself, is a big conversation in society, and often something that is highly judged. Even the relationships we have with our own parents are expected to fit a norm that doesn't actually exist. The Keeping It Under Wraps anthology series provides a safe space to change the narrative, to speak openly about individual experiences, and in the end to understand that while each experience is different, we are not so different... more
  • So You Want To Be A Dictator: A Supreme Leadership Guide For The Aspiring Authoritarian

    by C.T. Jackson
    Feel like you should do more with your life? At the expense of others? Then dictatorship may be for you! In this satirical leadership guide for aspiring autocrats and assholes, learn how to dismantle boring old democracy and capitalize on your most tyrannical desires. Join former government lackey turned humorist C.T. Jackson as he takes you from humble beginnings to your full, totalitarian potential, all the while basking in the batshit crazy examples of history's most famous despots. ... more
  • Snoozer Quinn: Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Pioneer

    by Katy Hobgood Ray & Dan Sumner
    Book dedicated to Snoozer Quinn sheds light on the virtuosic jazz guitarist, with a biography, interviews, photographs, and musical transcriptions.
  • Reinventing Patient Centricity: Bringing patient-led business models to life

    by Sharon Suchotliff, Hensley Evans

    "Reinventing Patient Centricity: Bringing patient-led business models to life” explores opportunities for pharma to move beyond the buzzwords and adopt true patient-led business models. The book takes readers through the patient experience, identifying tactical examples for pharma around where, when and how to bring in the patient and the business benefits of doing so. Along the way, this guide shines a spotlight on some of the industry’s biggest stumbling blocks and celebrat... more

  • Recalibrating Everything

    by J.D. Price
  • Get Bail, Leave Jail: America's Guide to Hiring a Bondsman, Navigating Bail Bonds, and Getting out of Custody before Trial

    by S.J. Plotkin
    Finalist 2021 Best Book Awards, American Book Fest Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Bronze Medal Winner 2022 When you or someone you care about is incarcerated, your priority is to secure a safe release as soon as possible. This can be overwhelming. You may feel rushed and might make bad decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information—decisions that carry serious long-term consequences. Get Bail, Leave Jail helps Americans safely navigate legal accusations, arrests, bail b... more