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Other Nonfiction

  • Will I Always Be A __ In America? A Black Man's Reflections on Living In America

    by John Reaves
    This book is a collection of ten essays that provide reflections on issues regularly faced by people of color living in the United States, and includes the titles, “We Want to Live,” “My First Confrontation with a Police Officer: Three Decades Later, I Cannot Forget It,” and “The Neighborhoods I Live and Run Through: Are They a Symbol of Optimism or a Death Trap?” Each essay ends with a question that the reader is invited to answer. John Reaves’ goal is to share his thoughts on and experiences w... more
  • Himachal business Listing Directory

    by Him Khoj
    If your hometown in Himachal pardesh and you do small business in small area and you want to make your business large and you want more profit then you must visit in Himachal business listing directory and register your business.
  • 50 Years in the OR

    by Ron Whitchurch
    The First Book about the Unsung Heroes of the Operating Room 50 Years in the OR: True Stories of Life, Loss, and Laughter While Giving Anesthesia (LoonLake Press) takes readers along for over 100 of the most memorable cases by debutauthor Ron Whitchurch. Spending 50 years safely putting people to sleep, watchingover them as they dozed through operations both planned and unplanned, these arethe incidents that stood out in a long career in which Whitchurch enjoyed everyminute of this life-and-de... more
  • A Higher Conversation

    by Neil David Chan
    An Enchanting metaphilosophy. Our Journey in life is never complete without a conversation with our soul.. A Higher Conversation is about making that contact with your soul and bringing your soul into your daily life. We are and have always been a three-part being - Body,, Mind and Soul. While we use our body and mind to think and do, we hardly engage our soul. The feeling is the language of our soul. To Feel, to think, and to do are what all humans do. Having that conversation with your soul ca... more
  • A Step Back

    by Amy Jean
    Stepping back to reflect often offers new insights not only into one’s own life but also about the universe that surrounds us. Explore these revolutionary ideas with Amy Jean in her new book, A Step Back (available January 2021)— lively illustrations and photos accompany poetry and prose. Like a lexicographer, she investigates and challenges the definitions of love, weight, face, truth, and time. She creates her own dictionary and constructs new definitions to dig deeper into the meanings of tho... more
  • Keep Kids Out of Porn: The Government’s Intentional Failure

    by Marc Lafond
    The primary aim of this work is to offer an inventive solution to block minors from accessing pornography online, which offers a solution to South Carolina Bill H5414. Another fundamental purpose of this work is to examine why the government’s actions were negligent in establishing regulations that prohibit child exploitation in pornography. The federal government has taken great strides to create laws that ban child pornography but has failed to cover all the gaps of child abuse because of negl... more
  • Patriarch Daniel and The Resurgence of the Romanian Orthodox Church

    by George Alexander
    For a comprehensive history of the Romanian Church and its influences upon Romania in the post-Communist era, look no further than this brief work by George Alexander. Within its pages are dedicated research and over 100 source notes in regards to all the remarkable reforms, charities, and revitalization of both church and Country that has occurred under the leadership of the patriarch Daniel. Patriarch Daniel is proven in this book to truly be a Christ-like role model for all. Romania has been ... more
  • Pulling Wings From Butterflies: Tercio De Varas

    by Capt. Mike Simkins
    This is a true story that the entire aviation industry in the UK and the USA don’t want to be told. Captain Mike Simkins refused to place his passengers and crews lives in danger when he was instructed by senior airline managers to perform a duty that would have resulted in him operating at the same effectiveness as that of a drunk driver. Until now the full details could not be released. However, In a series of three volumes, ‘Pulling Wings From Butterflies’, exposes the damning relationship... more
  • A Beard Cut Short

    by Todd Neff
    One of the University of Michigan's most popular professors is fired amid murky #MeToo allegations. A former student investigates his mentor's life, his teachings, and his firing.
  • A New York City Adventure

    by Paul Calabrese
    Our New York City adventure starts in Coney Island, and ends in the Bronx Zoo. During our travels, we will be visiting some of New York City’s most famous landmarks and learn a little trivia about the past and present of these amazing wonders of New York City. Fun for all ages, A New York City Adventure, shows a visually comedic view of the city I was raised in, and the people and places I have had the privilege and pleasure to come across. New York Strong.
  • Inglish Maed Simpəl

    by Chris Marquis
    Quite simply, English should be Written as it Sounds, and Spoken as it is Written. Inglish Maed Simpəl shows exactly how this can be done! Followed carefully, this text will enable publishers everywhere to transliterate the English language into an identically sounding language that is written as it is pronounced and pronounced as it is written. Read these 50 pages and you can do it yourself! For hundreds of years now, there has been a desire to sort out the spelling of the English language. Wil... more
  • Are You Looking Call Girls Service At Lowest Price

    by yamini das
    There has been a consistent effort on their part that they have the fun and take out pleasure while outing with them to somewhere. The best reason is they feel warm, welcomed and appreciated for being what they are unlike their real spouses at their homes who never do the same to them. ... More Info :
  • Confessions of a CIA Spy - The Art of Human Hacking

    by Peter Warmka
    What can you learn from a CIA spy who spent his career artfully manipulating regular people to steal high-value secrets? Plenty! In this explosive book, former intelligence officer Peter Warmka unveils detailed methodologies that he and other threat actors use to breach the security of their targets, whether they’re high-profile individuals or entire organizations. His illustrative examples reveal: *the motivations and objectives behind attempted breaches by foreign intelligence services, c... more
  • 101 Totally Unnecessary Redundancies (plus 30 spares, just in case)

    by Michael Macy

    Wonder what you'd get if you crossed New Yorker cartoons and Dr. Seuss? Could be spectacular or a disaster! I'd say 101 Redundancies is somewhere in between ...