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Other Nonfiction

  • Global Warming & Human Cosmic Purpose

    by Nobody
    Learn why human-induced global warming is an inevitable stage of unfoldment of a thriving life-bearing planet. Explore the nature of human cosmic purpose & find out why it is intimately connected to the phenomenon of global warming. Understand why attempting to deal with the phenomenon of global warming through reducing the use of fossil fuels leads to needless suffering & death. Furthermore, appreciate why such an attempt could lead to the decimation of life on Earth. Come to know the ... more
  • The Midnight Hour

    by Bud Harris, PhD

    The morning sun is borne in the shadow of midnight.

    In this chaotic, ultra-important election year, Jungian analyst Bud Harris has stepped beyond his role as psychotherapist to speak in this book to our national heart and soul. Culling through his many years of political observation, he muses on the sources of our American discontent, proclaims that we must stop treating each other as enemies, and challenges each citizen to personally invest in a hopeful future. We owe ... more

  • Loving You Infinitely: : Before, During, and After Your Sun Set

    by Amanda Elise Booker
    A mother-daughter bond should be unbreakable. It should be filled with love, joy, respect, comfort, and support. There are times when there will be arguments, disagreements, tough times, and bad days. However, the strength of this bond surpasses all the shortcomings or misunderstandings and reigns over with amazing grace. The day I lost my mom, my whole life changed. It shifted. My life was no longer the same. I was not the same person. Our bond was physically broken, but a spiritual bond was ga... more
  • Myth, Religion and Reason: answers to unanswered fundamental religious questions

    by Lansh Radau

    While religions are age-old, some questions related to them are equally ancient. These questions are as relevant today as in times past: questions, such as why Jesus is considered to be the Messiah, the Son of God and an integral part of the Trinity; why Muslims offer their most important prayer on Friday at noon; why the concept of an all-powerful creator God is so central to Abrahamic religions, such as Christianity and Islam, while it is either absent or mutely alluded to in Indic religion... more

  • Dissertation Maestro

    by Dissertation Maestro
  • Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh

    by Jeremy Beth Michaels
    This unconventional how-to beauty book takes a hilarious and easy-to-learn approach to the most commonly-asked questions regarding beauty, skin care, aging, and makeup application. From the mind of an inappropriate comedian and makeup artist, and complete with illustrations, you get the best of both worlds. This isn't your standard beauty how-to book. If you scour social media for the latest beauty videos, or if you love spending your day off browsing the aisles in Sephora, you'll love this book... more
  • Never Trust Any God: A Mild & Wild Chat with the Brilliant Celestial Mechanic

    by Thejendra Sreenivas
    Have you ever seriously wondered why our planet is oozing and dripping with diseases, terrorism, racism, wars, crime, politics, business headaches, and 1001 other problems? Or felt shocked by famous businesses suddenly taking a nosedive from riches to rags? Or baffled by the unexplained collective silence of the benevolent Gods from all of our rival religions? If it’s a big YES, then don’t waste time seeking answers from any reputed experts, enlightened professors, top economists, or by reading ... more
  • 978-0-578-58263-4

    by Jeannette Washington
    Diversity in tech has traditionally looked at women, people of color, and LGBT representation. However disability is now becoming a bigger part of that conversation. Technically Difficulties is a call to action and a love letter to individuals interested in tech but assume that dyslexia may burden their endeavor. With five chapters packed with insight on tokenism, imposter syndrome, implicit bias and other global themes, this book will light the path for those who have counted themselves out of ... more
  • The Damu Chronicles: Emails With A Sumerian God

    by Rocko Paolo
    A friend and I like to debate controversial subject matter. My friend gets an email from an entity and believes it must have come from me. The information received via email is so intriguing that it becomes a series of email communications each one with a more interesting view of the universe and human origins. The friendship is tested as it is still unclear who is the source behind the entitiys' email.
  • Writer's Notebook: A Guided Journal to Plan Your Story

    by Liz Delton
    Have you ever wanted to write a book? Or are you an experienced writer, starting your next story? Get your thoughts on paper by writing all your story ideas in this pre-organized journal. This notebook is part blank journal, part guided story planner. There's plenty of room for you to customize your notes, and enough guidance to help figure out your plot, characters, and publishing goals. It's your writer's notebook. Now, go write your story.
  • Stubborn Credulity

    by Jonathan Giardina

    Counter-apologetics influenced by David Hume. Learn why theologians were once referred to as "insuppressible fallacy-mongers." This book debunks many apologist arguments, including:

    The Kalam Cosmological Argument,

    The Fine-Tuning Argument,

    The Entropy Argument,

    The Ontological Argument,

    The Moral Argument,

    The Argument from Success,

    The Argument from Prophecy,

    The Argument from Alleged Miracles,

    The Argument from Martyrdom,

    <... more
  • Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-First Century

    by Reid A. Ashbaucher
    Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-first Century, is informative, instructional, and systematic in its approach to eschatology, teaching from a dispensational perspective. This textbook, the first of its kind, has been developed from a college syllabus on premillennialism and provides a structured approach to a dispensational theology. Dispensational Theology is designed for those majoring in Bible or Theology, who have already taken course work in New and Old Te... more
  • Grief Becomes You

    by Maya Stein

    Grief Becomes You is a tribute to loss, an offering made on behalf of a desire to give voice to the quieter, more shadowy, more elusive aspects of grief’s landscape. The work in this collection of more than 60 contributors reflects the breadth and depth of that real estate, and my hope is that it provides the kind of navigation and comfort we often need most when we are lost in our grief: to know that we are not alone.

  • Emotional Fossils: Mental Illness and Human Evolution

    by John V. Wylie, MD

    This essay is the culmination of forty-five years as a psychiatrist investigating the relationship between severe mental illnesses and human evolution. I have concluded that the most important changes leading to our evolutionary success occurred inside the mind. Upright posture, large molar teeth, opposable thumbs, large brains, and the onset of culture were additive responses to the evolution of what MOTIVATED early humans. The inner experiences of major depression, panic disorder, schizophr... more

  • While I Was There With The Students

    by Ms Robinson
    While I Was There With The Students is a guide for new teachers entering the education field. The boo shares personal experiences, resources and steps to becoming a new teacher.
  • Puppy Love: Potty Training My Puppy Pal

    by David Doogle

    Potty training your puppy pal can be quick and easy. David Doogle has written a book that simplifies the process and actually makes it a fun experience that brings you closer to your new companion!

    There is nothing in the world quite as exciting as having a puppy around! Puppies are so cute, adorable, and rewarding. Bringing home a puppy of your own to raise is one of the best decisions you will ever make!

    After you read this book you should gain:

    • A General Understandin... more