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Other Nonfiction

  • Conversations with Animals: From Farm Girl to Pioneering Veterinarian, the Dr. Ava Frick Story

    by Ronald Joseph Kule

    Starting from her birth in Missouri on a Fourth of July, the biography of renowned Veterinarian Dr. Ava Frick, an acknowledged animal whisperer and Founding Inductee to the Animal Chiropractic Hall of Fame, intermingles her life story with reminiscences (in her own words) of certain animals who made a difference in and altered her life as much or more than she made a difference in theirs. Frick is a 40-year-experienced veterinarian and outspoken, outside-the-box proponent of in... more

  • The Path To True Leadership

    by Charles Leonard Gill
    We must be intentional with our lives and decide to grow continually to become an inspirational individual with the right attitude who strives to achieve spiritual, personal, and professional growth, then move to the next stage, LEADERSHIP! The book provides fundamental leadership principles for front-line leaders, the purpose of coaches and mentors, sharing your story, learning your staff, understanding change, and giving back.
  • Fooled by the Winners: How Survivor Bias Deceives Us

    by David Lockwood
    Fooled by the Winners will change the way you think about the stock market, health care, global warming, diets, lotteries, restaurants, and your siblings. It will reshape your perspective of the past and give you a clearer view of the future. Fooled by the Winners is a book about survivor bias, the cognitive error of focusing on the winners, the successes, and the living. But in many instances, we can learn more from those who have lost, failed, or died. Survivor bias is found in a wide ra... more
  • Talk Your Way Round Europe

    by Shaun Dowling
    TALK YOUR WAY ROUND EUROPE FRENCH SPANISH ITALIAN GERMAN Talk Your Way Around Europe provides a new, and simpler, method of learning French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Whether you want to learn the language from scratch, or simply refresh your memory, this is the book for you. Each language comes with a carefully chosen 500 – word vocabulary, with a separate list of words for buying food and eating out, and one for business use. a list of 80 frequently used “message builders” with which to... more
  • I Never Knew You

    by Elliot Brent

    It is known and understood that the mystery of the seven golden candlesticks of Revelation 1:20 is of the seven periods of the church. The church is currently in its last age-- the age of Laodicea. The ages of the church end in failure. Thus, as in 1517, when one named Martin Luther wrote words unto the church of his day, this very literature serves as those 95 theses that Martin Luther nailed to the church's door years ago. When Israel began to fall into idolatry, they moved further away... more

  • The Evolution Revolution: 2021

    by Sahara Devi

    Take a journey that will open your eyes, your mind, your Heart.

    Take a journey that will #UpliftandInspire.

    Take a journey that will create insight and encouragement.

    In simple, relatable language—more wham/bam/thank-you-ma'am and less blah, blah, blah—Sahara speaks of the human condition at the crossroads of a new way of being in the world: a way of being that honors the essence of what we are and propels us toward the next stage of evolution as a species,&n... more

  • Inside the Robe

    by Katherine Mader
    Have you ever wondered what a judge is really thinking? To most people, judges are mysterious creatures. Judge Mader shines a bright spotlight on the hidden folds of the judging world. The old saying is that judges merely "follow the law." Yet following the law can produce wildly different results depending upon each judge's background, politics, and life experiences. Even the floor of the courthouse to which a case is assigned can mean the difference between prison and freedom. From her perc... more
  • Building for Retirement in Belize: How a Primary School Dropout Conned a Multiple-Degree College Client!

    by Gloria Alecia Swift
    Ms. Gloria Swift immigrated to the United States in 1973. She worked long, exhaustive hours and saved her money to retire in tranquility somewhere in Switzerland. However, as her retirement date drew near and she listened to her sisters’ decision to return to Belize and assist the underserved people in rural areas, she changed her plans. She joined them, but they needed a home. She found Ben, a contractor in Belize, sent money to him, and the result was a disaster. Ms. Swift sued Ben in Supreme ... more
  • Decision Point

    by Nathan John
    Decision Point is an exciting new approach to personal development and motivation. With a saturated generalist market for personal development, self-help and motivation decision point focuses the wide and general narrative to a single point, the point in which a person makes a decision to make a change, and what to do immediately after. Decision Point shows it’s reader how to introduce small disciplines into their lives as part of a wider plan to that personal success is ensured. The author uses... more
  • The Strong Delusion: Revealing the Strange God of the Antichrist

    by John Milor
    John Milor’s fascinating work is based on the Bible telling of a powerful deception that will overshadow the Earth, a deception so intense that only those with a genuine love relationship with God will be able to endure it. Events from the author’s own life, including a series of supernatural encounters, have revealed some key components of this “strong delusion,” which he believes will initiate a grand display of open contact with extraterrestrials. It will also involve the rise of Islam. I... more
  • Sage Advice - The Lives and Maxims of Some of History's Wisest People

    by Richard K. Borden

    What If You Could Acquire Four Thousand Years of Wisdom in One Book?

    Eighteen wise leaders...

    Four millennia...

    Spanning the entire globe. In Sage Advice, you will examine the lives and maxims of eighteen sages selected for their unique contributions to human thinking. You’ll find a short thought-provoking biography of each, followed by quotes from their carefully collated texts that address timeless topics like patience, wisdom, making mistakes, and leadership, among ... more

  • Christian Ufology

    by John Milor

    To quote the movie, A Few Good Men, the world decries, "I want the truth!" Yet the military and the government have shouted back, "You can't handle the truth!" Until now...

    We are on the cusp of public disclosure, and the implications are staggering. Is it possible for Christians to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial (ET) life? Author John Milor argues yes; it simply requires looking at Scripture with an updated lens. This book does that by hig... more

  • So You Think You Know Canada, Eh?

    by Marianne Jennings
    A book of fun facts and quirky trivia filled with all things maple syrup, amazing Canadian inventions, famous Canadians, breathtaking nature, the kind people who live there and a few words to help you speak Canadian.
  • Chasing Ostriches

    by Victoria Stevens
    Ever since I learnt that people drive around Africa in 4x4s, sleeping in rooftop tents for months at a time, I dreamed of joining them. My obsession became reality in January 2020, when together with my boyfriend I bought a 20-year-old dark blue Land Rover Defender. She's called Nyala. After a few test weekends to check out the car, we were ready to go. Coronavirus struck. Borders closed, hard lockdown began. Our plans to spend six months overlanding through southern Africa were put on hold. ... more
  • The Bible's Hidden Treasure: James: the Precious Pearl: Hageman M.S. C.H.P., John P.: 9781973692850: Books

    by John P. Hageman
    This book’s primary goal is to lead us on our most important quest, to discover, understand and travel on our narrow path to heaven. Our narrow path to heaven is simply obedience to God’s will and His Commandments. One person told me the whole concept of the Bible might be summed up in four words, “do good – resist evil.” The tough question is, how do we do this? One book of the Bible, the short book of James, is what I found to be like a hidden treasure or a precious pearl, as discussed in t... more
  • GROW

    by Molly Schrieber
    GROW is the perfect book to deepen your understanding of Mindfulness and how it can benefit the children in your life. Regardless of your title-teacher, parent, friend, neighbor-you can become a Change-Maker. GROW shows you how.