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Other Nonfiction

  • The Red Movement

    by Shadan Kapri

    "The Red Movement" is a call to action against the injustices embedded in our modern world today.  It lifts the veil over the problem of modern-day slavery hiding behind the glittering image of globalization and its intersection with environmental degradation. It connects the exploitation of humans with the exploitation of the Earth. It not only reveals the problems in detail but provides solutions that each person can incorporate into their daily lives.  It’s one of... more


    by Susan Swanson


    Is a thorough reference to dog training that covers a wide range of themes important to dog owners. The book is divided into four parts, each focused on a distinct component of dog training. Throughout the book, there are chapters dedicated to typical topics like as nonverbal communication, managing undesirable behavior, mealtime issues, and separation anxiety. The conclusion includes additional resources such as books, websites, forums, and mo... more

  • Sports Shooting and Hunting Australia

    by Richard Skiba
    The book serves as a comprehensive guide to firearms, focusing on their mechanics, history, legalities, and safety with a specific Australian context. Aimed at potential and current gun owners, it educates on best practices to ensure safety and enhance shooting experiences. It provides a thorough understanding for those considering gun ownership and assists in making informed decisions about firearm selection and maintenance. This is particularly useful for individuals seeking firearm lic... more
  • Life Lessons of a Queen

    by Dr. Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah
    Life Lessons of a Queen is takes readers on a journey to discovering their purpose. It empowers female leaders to know their worth in the kingdom of God through their true identity and how He positions us for purpose.
  • The Happiest Preschool

    by Martha Heineman Pieper, Ph.D.
    The manual is a groundbreaking roadmap for preschool and kindergarten teachers and has the potential to revolutionize early childhood education. It takes the current trend toward play-based learning and social-emotional development to its logical conclusion, namely, freeing the classroom from inappropriate demands and expectations and inspiring children to follow their interests and retain and expand their curiosity and creativity. It has a section on responding to children's fantasy play, whic... more
  • Podcast Journal: A fab & fun way to keep track of your favorite podcasts, hosts, & quotes!

    by Candace Gish

    Award-winning author Candace Gish Presents Podcast Journaling!
    Never forget your favorite podcasts again!

    These journal pages for podcast listeners will help you keep track of your favorite episodes, hosts, and topics. Most importantly, this journal will help you remember the essential takeaways for your own life.

    With an easy-to-follow format, you’ll bring the best of the podcast world into your own in no time with:

    • Podcast & Venue Organizer
    • ... more
  • 979-8-865-25722-6

    by Gary Orleck
    ‘Travels With Maurice’ is a gem of a book that just sneaks up on you with its greatness. While the title makes you think it’s a travelogue or road trip book (and we’ve all read enough of these), Travels is so much more. The story begins with a toast in a bar to the news that an old friend has died; you are quickly drawn into the world of Gary Orleck, who did a simple favor for Maurice, a fellow student at Babson College, and then found his life changed in a way that he could have never foreseen.... more
  • CONSOLIDATED WISDOM: The Ultimate Book of Quotations For Success, Happiness and Health

    by Gene S. Jones

    CONSOLIDATED WISDOM contains precious insights and practical advice from antiquity to modern times that provide a panoramic view of the evolution of human thought throughout the global rise of civilization. This inspirational mixture of timeless wisdom, expansive ideas and uplifting thoughts serves as an empowering resourcefor anyone interested in improving their life. Arranged by category into 22 chapters that cover the gamut of human existence, Consolidated Wisdom offers more than 1500 quot... more

  • For Whom The Virus Tolls: Resilience, Perseverance, Fortitude, and Survival in the Face of COVID-19

    by D. John Jackson
    Did the COVID-19 pandemic bring the world to a standstill? Did it wield an impact beyond claiming millions of lives and disrupting global norms? This unprecedented crisis unveiled deep-seated divisions within our societies, reshaped our perspectives on science, and prompted profound questions about our capacity to unite for the greater good. How profoundly did this sweeping contagion reshape individual lives at their very core? "For Whom The Virus Tolls" illuminates for all readers a stark tr... more
  • Publish Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide to Write, Publish, and Grow Your Big Idea

    by Jenn T. Grace
    Strategic Advice from a Nonfiction Publishing Expert How many times have you thought, "I should write a book," but weren't sure where to start or if anyone would read it? Perhaps you want to become a thought leader, boost your brand and career, inspire and empower others like you to feel seen or heard, or even change the world. Whether your reasons for writing a book are personal, professional, or a mix of both, getting your story out there can be transformational for you, your career, and yo... more
  • How to Get a Job and Keep a Job

    by Keith Calhoun-Senghor
    The book is a no-nonsense job survival manual: a brief, practical, brutally honest guide for students, interns, and anyone starting or changing their careers and seeking to navigate the stormy seas of politics within their organizations. It describes, in plain English and in 24 "Calhoun-Senghor Rules,” the critical political skills you must master to succeed in jobs in the US, Europe, or virtually anywhere else in the world. This is the stuff they don’t teach you in school. It is b... more
  • The Christ-Centered Marriage: A Bible Study Seeking the Truth About Love and Marriage the Way God Intended

    by Barbara Marcella
    Have you ever felt confused about the topic of marriage and wondered if it is worth going through all the effort for? There are so many conflicting thoughts, opinions, experiences, and voices regarding this topic today, and with the rise of divorce and the decline of couples getting married, one could easily be discouraged— but what is the truth? In this devotional study, we will go straight to the source by diving into the Bible to learn from the very One who created marriage and all of its in... more
  • No Worries You've Got College: A NO-NONSENSE approach to starting up college, surviving college, and finishing college faster, u

    by Bruno Pavlicek
    No Worries, You’ve Got College, serves as your no-fluff and stuff guide towards preparing you for success in ultimately becoming a college graduate and a success thereafter. This book is also designed to eliminate any concerns you may have of attaining such a life goal, which when achieved, no one can ever take away from you. The basic objective of this book is to provide you with a compass that will enable you to act upon a plan that directs you in not only surviving college, but creating a... more
  • Becoming Modigliani

    by Henri Colt M.D.
    Becoming Modigliani is a comprehensive biography that delves into the troubled life of the Jewish-Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Written by Dr. Henri Colt, an internationally recognized lung specialist, the book examines the artist’s legend and Modigliani’s creative journey from a medical perspective, from his birth in Livorno, Italy, to his tragic death in a paupers’ hospital in Paris at the age of thirty-five, presumably from tuberculous meningitis. Becoming Modigliani sheds light on th... more
  • In The Beginning… Man Created God?

    by Brandon Irving
    "In The Beginning... Man Created God?" explores the parallels between religion and mythology. This book focuses primarily on the Christian faith and its origins and exposes the numerous contradictions espoused within its texts. It is designed to challenge readers to employ critical thinking above passed-down rituals and ancient texts to find answers to our deep questions about life and purpose.