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  • Strangers with Benefits

    by Johnny Townsend
    Two Mormon missionaries knocking on doors in New Orleans come upon a gay couple who help them unleash their repressed sexuality, leading them to begin a clandestine love affair carried out in the back rooms of gay bars and French Quarter bathhouses. Knowing that excommunication means abandonment by family and friends, they race to save money by posing nude and dancing in stripper bars before they are discovered. Still intent on “serving” as missionaries, they take up escorting to give others th... more
  • Hobble

    by Neale Sourna

            BENNET GILLESPIE is a successful, yet burned out half Native American professional healer, who, while jogging, crashes into a recuperating crippled beauty on the beach of Virginia Beach. He begins an obsessive, sexual triangle with the innocent appearing, seductive African American, DAY, who's jealously guarded by HOPKINS, her overbearing, elder British guardian.

            Benn's a master manipulator, bu... more

  • Becca DuMaurier

    by Neale Sourna

    In the middle of the 1688 Invasion of Britain, willful Lady Becca, a widowed African British Royal Court favorite flees marriage with a close friend, an older English earl and famous general, for a Catholic African Irish gentleman pirate, she hardly knows.

                It's 1688 AD, in the midst of the "Glorious Revolution," another British civil war between Protestants and Catholi... more

  • Romancing the Spirit Series, novellas 7-12

    by CB Samet
    Romancing the Spirit Series is a delightful collection of six novellas, each introducing new couples thrust in paranormal romantic suspense adventures.
  • Always…As One

    by Robert Hester
    Plot: David Wyatt is a piano prodigy and at 15 years old his family moved from Tennessee to Oklahoma City where he begins a new school year and a life he never expected. He meets a teacher that alters his life and he begins a challenge to bring back a dream that had been forgotten years ago by the woman he loves. Setting: Modem day Oklahoma. ... more
  • Reveal

    by MC Yatsko
    Can you find a second “love of your life” after the loss of your first? Paul Kellogg, a widower with two young daughters, attempts to answer this question as he struggles to overcome the loss of his wife. Christine O’Neil, a beautiful, unmarried, marine biologist, has trust issues with men due to a demeaning sexual relationship with her college boyfriend. As a romance develops between Paul and Chris, Brenda Harris – a jealous and vindictive associate of Paul’s – wants him in her bed and will do ... more
  • Missing

    by M.K. Chester
    She shouldn't be alone. He shouldn't be the one with her. Private Investigator and ex-Ranger Noah Sullivan arrives in Nashville to identify the victim of a twenty-year-old kidnapping, one of a series of cases in a nation-wide investigation. He plans to locate the victim, hand off information to authorities, and move on. But Quinn Collier has other plans. How dare this handsome stranger ruin her life and not stick around for the fallout? Uncovering the truth means questioning everything she... more
  • Everything Changes

    by Melanie Hansen

    by LoLo Paige
    Tara Waters loves being a firefighter and the adrenaline rush of fighting wildfires and saving lives is her calling. She must be on her game to join an elite hotshot crew in Montana. But when Tara is sent to fight fires in Alaska, her dream falls out of reach. Ryan O’Connor helps Tara when she fails to save someone on a wildfire, and she figures she owes him one. But she doesn’t owe him her heart just because of his undeniable charm and good looks. He tries to help her deal with the line of duty... more
  • What's Left of Me

    by Kristen Granata
    A contemporary romance about courage, loss, and moving on. Callie Kingston’s life as an Orange County housewife isn’t as perfect as it seems. Her husband isn’t the same man she fell in love with nine years ago, and her home is no longer her safe haven. But she’s determined to keep up appearances, especially when it comes to concealing the bruises her husband’s temper leaves behind. Until Cole Luciano moves into her best friend’s house across the street. He’s abrasive and rude, but his steel-blue... more
  • Trade Winds of the Heart: A Romance Novel

    by Krystina Powells
    Kayla Jackson and Richard Patterson have no reason to cross paths. Life for Kayla on the charming island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands hasn’t been all sea, sun, and sand. At twenty-four, Kayla is finally maneuvering her way through all of the bitter setbacks in her life, hoping to achieve her dreams. Just as Kayla is beginning to find focus, she meets Richard, an intriguing stranger who’s worlds apart from the life she knows. Richard has moved from Davenport, Iowa to the Caribbean ex... more
  • The Looking Glass: A New York Love Story

    by H.L. Sudler
    A flirtation takes an unusual route to love, when two unlikely people bond over golden age movies. New York City garage mechanic Andy Hainesworth and beautiful restaurant hostess Luz Mendez find themselves drawn to each other the more they discuss the joyful escapism of old movies. There is only one problem. The masks they wear, the lives they attempt to hide from each other, threatens to shatter their peaceful haven and destroy their promising romance.

    by pari chopra
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  • A Very Witchy Yuletide

    by D. Lieber
    A Very Witchy Yuletide is a Pagan holiday contemporary romance. It is a love story about two people who are given another chance to be honest about their feelings for one another. It presents various situations of what it's like to live as a Pagan in modern society as well as what it's like to be visually impaired and the situations one gets into. It is an Our Voices story, the author being both visually impaired and Pagan.
  • Sans War

    by Ann Sepino

    Once upon an island, two warriors learned to love.

    In the realm beyond where humans live, the Bunog and Tayhu have been warring over trade routes and territories for nearly a century. Magda, a Bunog with blood that makes her as fast and strong as most of her enemies, is swept away by the stormy seas while fighting a Tayhu. She ends up on an island in human territory—along with the man trying to slay her.

    Just as she regains consciousness and attempts to... more

  • Dragonfly Wings

    by Elizabeth Ann Boyles
    Deadly conspiracies and thorny Japanese traditions war against an American diplomat and a samurai’s daughter. In 1859, the Americans have finally cracked open Nagasaki’s centuries-old isolation. Sumi Taguchi yearns to investigate the outside world. But if she pursues her desires, she must disobey her family’s elder and accept the dangerous consequences. Yet what can she do when her heart says to hold on? John Cardiff, Nagasaki’s first American consul, aims to make a fortune and marry his New ... more