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  • My English Teacher and I

    by Mikhael Aroni
    They all want their English to be perfect, but can a teacher help? All of them live in London. All of them want to belong. Some want to blend in. Others to stand out. One is particularly clueless. A good English teacher must surely be what he needs. But he won't find the right one until he finds himself.
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    by james farnadise
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  • Night Magick

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Maura might be new to the supernatural town of Green Vallis, but this isn't her first dance with the devil.

    Half vampire, half human and full bar owner, Curtis Jefferson has spent a lifetime running from his vampiric ancestor. When the old nemesis finally catches up to him, it’s only by a freak accident that he’s not killed. But now the beautiful woman who saved his life has a target on her back.

    As the new owner of the local motel, Maura MacGregor... more

  • Kiss Me At Sunset

    by Laura M. Baird

    Michelle's living her life again at age fifty after being widowed over a year. She never expects an instant attraction to the hulk of a man at the beach bar she and her friends are at for a night of fun. Bachelor Xander is living life on his terms at age fifty-two, making music and working at his sister's bar in Florida. One glance at the stunning Michelle in a wet t-shirt contest has him all out of sorts and he's determined to get to know her. When seemingly opposites attract, pa... more

  • Fildena 100

    by Nina Grace
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    by james farnadise
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  • Forever Oblivion

    by Alexa Padgett
    She fell in love in less than one second… Aya and Nash have overcome Herculean trials to stay together, and now they have it all--love, passion, wealth, and possibility. But new challenges block their path. Aya has her own dreams and pursuing them while she supports Nash's stardom is difficult. Nash needs Aya safe, no matter the cost. His past, the demons that gnaw at his trust, demand it. But he can't protect her from everything. Maybe not even himself… They'll fight the world to st... more
  • Sultry Oblivion

    by Alexa Padgett
    The boy she fell for was her superstar. Now, he's a rock legend. Their love becomes a media circus. Aya and Nash are amazing together, but the rest of the world isn't so happy with their relationship. The paparazzi hound them. Bloggers and fans tear the couple down. Even Nash's bandmates are sharpening their claws. Every stolen moment together is a fight. Against jealousy. Against Aya's fear of the limelight. Against the world. Worse, her history with his fame threatens Nash's hard-won ... more
  • Craving Oblivion

    by Alexa Padgett
    Their love was like a song, full of body and the right notes… Aya Aldringham ran away from Nash’s betrayal, but no matter how far she goes, she can’t outrun her feelings for him. The only way to survive is to shut down, erecting fences around her heart that are too tall to scale. She puts on a mask for the world, but when trying to move on earns her an unexpected marriage proposal from a new man, Aya is left second-guessing her life choices. What does she really want, and how much longer can s... more
  • Sweet Oblivion

    by Alexa Padgett
    Rock-n-roll is hell on relationships. Especially his. Aya Aldringham has it all, but wealth can’t make her father love her or give her more time with her dying grandfather. Nor can it stop her from yearning for Nash Porter—the boy she never forgot. The boy who saved her. Nash doesn’t do relationships, not after watching his parents use each other’s feelings as weapons. When he finds Aya again, after so many years, he can’t help but get close—really close—like in her bed and in her arms. ... more
  • Let it Snowball

    by Margot Johnson
    Divorced, empty nester Merilee is on a roll. Filled with scrumptious cookies and old-fashioned fun, her Christmas bus tours aim to add festive spirit to her hometown and new meaning to her lackluster life. Too bad her reserved driver slams the brakes on fun. Widowed farmer Ross needs a little joy to combat his December blues. Behind the wheel, he wears a Santa suit but can't muster a convincing ho-ho-ho. Too many memories block his road to happiness…until irrepressible Merilee sparks a snowst... more
  • Daisies

    by Joshua Senter
    In 1954, awkward Gwen Hisel falls in love with the affable Willie Bennett on the dusty Oklahoma prairie. What follows is a harsh life for the two youngsters as they struggle to make the best of their difficult circumstances. Twenty years later, Sheila Hisel, daughter of Gwen and Willie, marries Darrel McAllister. But while her parents' love for one another had seen them through tribulation and adversity, Sheila's own marriage crumbles under the strain of hard times. Now, as Sheila's son,... more
  • Under A Dark Moon

    by Stella Riley

    Meet Adam Brandon … acutely intelligent and master-swordsman but gradually realising that he isn’t yet ready for the future he had previously planned.

    Victim of a cruel deception, Camilla Edgerton-Foxe has a jaundiced view of the male sex and a tongue as sharp as her wits … but she also possesses an extraordinary talent.

    A peculiar encounter offers Adam the kind of employment for which he is uniquely suited and which will exercise his mind as well as his muscle... more

  • If I Could Turn Back Time

    by Mary Frame
    She’s a spectral cynic. He’s a time traveler racing the clock. Amelia Peters doesn’t believe in ghosts. After outing her late paranormal investigator parents as con artists, the natural skeptic wants nothing to do with anything even supposedly spooky. But her long-held disbelief in the supernatural crumbles when she inherits a small-town cabin… and keeps bumping into a handsome specter in the night. Shaken by the mysterious hunk’s disturbing ability to vanish into thin air, Amelia is stun... more
  • How the Lady Seduced the Viscount

    by Laura A. Barnes

    When one believes in love, they will embrace …

    She wanted to keep her independence. He wanted her to accept his marriage proposal. After her uncle withdrew his support of their union, will they discover they only need each other’s acceptance for a happily ever after?

    Jacqueline Holbrooke refused to become the latest match in her uncle’s mad matchmaking scheme. She watched her sisters and cousins fall victim... more

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