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  • The Artisan Way

    by Nandra Hoffman

    Aalyah "Lyah" Artisan is your typical wild child. Running away from home with no form of ambition or sense of direction, she tends to follow no rules but her own as a cunning petty thief. On her latest attempt, she finds herself in a bit of a jam when she’s left facing the barrel of a gun for robbing the wrong target. While on the run, Lyah faces tough decisions as she battles her emotions and the consequences of her actions.

    Picture-perfect Keith Hayden has only o... more

  • Hanging Around for You

    by Stacia Leigh

    Forget something? --Abandoned by her free-spirited mother, Pinecone Rudd has been left with the only “family” she’s got, her mom’s ex-boyfriend, a seasoned biker named Hammond Barba. Together, they’re hiding a grievous secret, which has Pinecone making up stories, like how her mom is simply overseas, practicing yoga, and living her dream...but when a new, good-looking senior named Beau Smiley shows up at school, asking questions and hanging around, ... more

  • Everwish: The Primati Witches, Book One

    by Amelia Oz
    A paranormal YA romance mystery about an immortal Ottoman Prince and a cursed girl from Portland who cannot be loved without bringing about her own death.

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  • Tested Love

    by Liv Donata
    Hello, I would like to request the review of the short novel,”Tested Love” by Liv Donata. The synopsis and cover is below. "When Sadie finally turned of age, her childhood dreams and fantasies of getting paired with the her perfect match according to Biane tradition soon turned a nightmare. Fresh from being accused for murder, she accidentally discovered a long kept government secret that had been buried for time immemorial. The discovery would lead to a series of events that changed the ... more

    by Brenda Mohammed
    STORIES THAT INTRIGUE is a book of six connected delightful and upbeat short stories about the trip to London, Switzerland, France, and New York taken by the main characters Julia, Stephanie, and Sam. Julia and her sister Stephanie take an international trip from Trinidad in the Caribbean to drop Stephanie off at University in France. Sam, an Internet friend, who secretly loves Julia, joins them. Stephanie was unaware that Julia planned to meet Sam. and was upset when he turned up. Fortunate... more
  • Just Shelby

    by Brooklyn James
    A secret note square found in a handmade guitar proves that small town gossip is not only ubiquitous but occasionally true. This gossip comes with strings rivaling those on Ace Cooper’s guitar, the safest strings he will ever have around his heart. Ace’s father warns him to stay away from the Lynn girl. Daughter of a deceased bootlegger and a barely living addict, Shelby Lynn is no stranger to small town contempt. She keeps her nose in the books and feet to the ground, a college scholarship t... more
  • Amelia and the Secret of Stoney Manor

    by Michelle Bradshaw
    Amelia is truly not your average girl and neither is her story. Abandoned by her mother at a young age and raised by an overly-protective grandmother, Matilda, Amelia is confined to the grounds of her childhood home, Stoney Manor. Amelia meets Matthew Fairchild, the new boy in town, and quickly becomes infatuated with him. Soon Amelia discovers things aren’t always what they seem in the little town of Cave Spring, Ga. On her 16th birthday, life as she knows it changes. Her grandmother conf... more
  • Chasing the Sun

    by Melanie Hooyenga
    The new boy. The quiet girl. Will they find love during the solar eclipse? Neb Connelly has looked forward to the solar eclipse for as long as he can remember. When his only friend in his new town invites him on a school camping trip to watch it, he’s there. And only 67% of his wanting to go is because of the quiet girl on the group text his friend started. She gets his jokes, doesn’t mind when he geeks out about the eclipse, and for the first time in months, he’s ready to chase more than the... more
  • New Celestial

    by Lisa Champagne
    Lili Araica is a teenage girl who has never fit in. She has always been odd; having the ability to talk to the dead, see the future, and manipulate Earth’s energy. On her fifteenth birthday, Lili learns the truth of her lineage; she’s a Celestial sent to Earth to combat evil. Her path takes her to Cognosco, the Celestial training school, where she befriends Nora, her sassy roommate, and Easton—a dark Celestial she can’t seem to ignore. Lili discovers a destiny she can’t escape full of danger, ... more
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  • I Am Unworthy

    by Angela Mack

    Fear. Protect. Punch. Repeat. A bully victim turned survivor + a hot head protecting his younger brothers from their abusive father = powerful YA story of friendship, bravery and love.

  • A Pause in My Life

    by Mohsen Aboutorabi
    It was the best time of his life for Syd to walk with his love around the hilly site of the university landscape every day, listening to her voice expressing the colour of love. But his happiness was short and after losing his love at the age of 20, the colourful landscape of his life for him turned into a grey canvas with no colour. He found himself alone in an ocean, rowing around with no direction. The eye contact event in the Nairobi Airport and following short time with Barbara in Lilongwe ... more
  • Love & Letters

    by L.B. Carol
    At 10 years old, Ryan Lockwood was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Throughout his childhood, his parents raised him with the idea that Asperger’s is only a small difference among human beings. Like for example, “his friend Tom is different from him because of his blonde hair and big nose, or Mildred, the librarian, is different from his mother because of her short height and long fingers…” When he turned 28 his life changed unexpectedly. One day he met Elizabeth Harrison, a Neurotypical w... more
  • The Stories Stars Tell

    by CL Walters

    Ever felt like the sum total of your choices have fixed your story in the stars?

    For Emma Matthews, she feels like all of her choices are rooted in the fear of letting down her parents…God…of never being good enough.

    For Tanner James, he’s wearing an identity he has created with his friends and their pact—Bro Code—fixed in sex, alcohol and bad choices.

    Both are longing for a new story they look to one another to help them write.

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