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  • What Do You Know About My Love, Baby?

    by Shaikhah Kaseb
    Your love is behind the door of your heart. Your heart is in front of the door of my heart, which is behind it, my love. So my heart gave your heart my love, and your Heart gave my heart, your love, and that circle has no end. Love is blind Love is divine Once you love You forget who you are That how I feel When I am with you Mabye I am mad At you of course
  • Single Mother

    by Mohanachandran Thachappillil
    Aditya is an engineering student from an aristocratic family in his pre-final year. Nitya, a girl from the fishing village near the engineering college, is in school doing her grade ten examination. An accidental meeting turns into a love story. Assisted by Aditya, the first rank grade ten girl becomes a top ranked student in the college while excelling in sports too. The final day before Aditya leaves after completing his engineering course, the two love birds become victims of uncontrolled emo... more
  • Stepping Stones

    by Phyllis Dubetsky
    When Gladys Fletcher decides to leave her privileged yet unsatisfying life and move to a distant island, she sets off on a wild adventure, while enduring the disapproval of her friends and family.
  • Wildlife Removal Service

    by mason henry57
  • Chandigarh Escorts

    by Harmit Kaur
    Harmit Kaur, from Chandigarh Escorts, ever ready with open arms to give love and attention to the world. Having fun in this world has become quite a task as the levels of stress and worries is only mounting and if a person meets a sexy and beautiful diva like me then, he will forget all his work blues and enjoy the best time of his life.
  • The Prince and the Thief

    by P.S. Scott
    A jewel thief with magical powers… Eighteen-year-old Will is a jewel thief with only one goal in life — to be rich. That's why when he spots Aidan, the second prince of Ambrosia saving a peasant girl from royal guards, he steals the prince's ruby bracelet. A few days later, Aidan stumbles into Will during a robbery, and the two strike a bargain. Meets a prince with a secret… Aidan is a prince torn between duty and desire. In a world where same-sex relationships are forbidden in the roya... more
  • Netherfield Prep

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Love, Lust & Friendship

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Now Presenting

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Lady in Training

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Three of a Kind

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Some Proposal

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Royally Unprepared

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • Gray's Blade

    by Elizabeth Stevens
  • No More Maybes

    by Elizabeth Stevens