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Other Nonfiction

  • Let's Meet Baby Jesus

    by Michele Darlhing
    Let’s Meet Baby JESUS is an edited version of Michele Darlhing’s book A Heart for JESUS…intimate basics. It has been written especially for toddlers. “Permit little children, and forbid them not, to come to Me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (KJVER) Prepare a child the opportunity to be acquainted with Jesus. Allow them the privilege to develop a personal relationship with Him while they are still young. With the awareness of Jesus at a young age they will be blessed from the... more
  • My Pal, Opal

    by Aubrey Riggins
    Join best friends, Lola and Opal, as they learn how to recognize what the other is feeling through body language, words, and dancing! This book will help educate children about dog body language to prevent future bites and foster healthy relationships with their dog(s).
  • Critical Thinking for Grade 2 and Grade 3

    by Andy P.
    Critical Thinking for Grade 2 and 3 provides a range of problems that can get your student to think and improve their critical thinking skills, logic, figurative analysis and visual skills. The problems enable kids to develop superior critical thinking in various dimensions like size, shapes, shading and placement of objects. Students can learn to think, analyze relationships between various objects, patterns and help them advance their critical thinking skills. This book is a great resource t... more
  • Critical Thinking for Kindergarten and Grade 1

    by Andy P.
    Critical thinking for Kindergarten and Grade 1 provides a range of problems that can get your student to think and improve their vocabulary, reading, math, logic, figurative and visual skills. The problems enable kids to develop superior critical thinking in various dimensions like size, shapes, colors, shading and placement of objects. Students can learn to think, analyze relationships between various objects and help them advance their thinking. This book is a great resource to prepare for v... more
  • Which Lock is the best for Lockers? - Shared Locks

    by Wilma Hale

    There are many locks are available in the market and most people confuse that which one they should buy. In our topic, we'll discuss the best lock for your lockers.

  • A New Alphabet for Humanity

    by Leesa McGregor
    Over 30,000 Copies Sold Pre-Launch! A New Alphabet for Humanity is a book of heart based values that inspires children to be compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet. This book contains 26 empowering alphabet lessons that are designed to nurture social and emotional intelligence, activate the potential of our children and create a bright future for humanity. This beautifully illustrated book teaches children how to embody the values and qualities we all desire to live by.... more
  • Our Era is Now: 14 Remarkable Women Who Rewrote History

    by Zoe Yu
    From Maya Angelou to Caroline Herschel, history has had its share of remarkable visionaries who blazed the trail to a world of progress and equality. "Our Era is Now" is the perfect book for children and adults alike to delve into a beautiful story bursting with empowerment and hope through meaningful biographies and whimsical illustrations. Drawn from the legacies of fourteen brilliant women who rewrote history, this book is a sure source of inspiration for the next generation of girls to do th... more
  • The Naked College Essay

    by Charity Hume
    The Naked College Essay looks beneath the six prompts on the Common Application and helps you explore the deeper question: Who are you? This book “reverse engineers” the Common Application and other college essay questions by beginning the writing process with your most original and unforgettable material. After decades of experience coaching students with their college essays, and seeing many gain admission and win scholarships to top universities, I learned their strongest material drew from t... more
  • Bible Quiz Book for Children

    by Amanda Steen
    Children have a natural thirst for knowledge. In this vibrantly illustrated book, children will not only learn biblical truths but will be challenged to remember the information well enough to answer basic questions. This will build their confidence and also spark an interest to continue growing spiritually. The purpose of this book is to spread God’s Word and, ultimately, His love
  • A Day in Code

    by Shari Eskenas

    For kids and beginners of all ages, this picture book teaches you how to code in the C programming language through an illustrated story. Learning C has never been this fun...or fast!

  • Balloons for Tiger

    by Lori Orlinsky
    How can children begin to heal after losing a pet? Balloons for Tiger takes an imaginative look at this tough topic as colorful balloons travel from the hands of children to their beloved cat who has passed on. This book lets children open up their hearts and imaginations for a magical journey to the farthest corners of the world, where they’ll meet skydivers, astronauts, superheroes, and everything in between. As they watch the balloons’ voyage to the other side of the rainbow bridge, they lear... more
  • Colorful Hawaii: A fun way to learn about colors and words in Hawaiian and English

    by Lori Hashimoto
    Explore beautiful Hawaiʻi with this fun book kids will ask to read and sing over and over again. Learn Hawaiian colors and words in the order of the well-known song taught to Hawaiʻi's children: ʻulaʻula, melemele, poni, polū, ʻeleʻele, ʻākala, ʻalani, keʻokeʻo, ʻāhinahina, ʻōmaʻomaʻo...mākuʻe! Each color connects to a unique part of the islands: ʻiʻiwi (scarlet honeycreeper bird), lā (sun), kalo (taro), naiʻa (spinner dolphins), nā hōku (stars), Pulelehua (Kamehameha butterfly), mauna (mountai... more
  • Edgar: The Naughty Elf

    by Eric clayton
    Edgar is an elf at the North Pole who likes to do things his way. The problem is that his way usually gets him in trouble with the other elves and Santa. Join Edgar on an adventure that is entertaining as he searches for a way to get off of Santa's Naughty List!
  • E is for Elephant: An Animal Alphabet from A to Z

    by Kjersten Faseler
    E is for Elephant is an alphabet book for children, highlighting animals from A to Z. Each page is full of vibrant illustrations and fun rhymes that educate children about animals and teach the ABCs. Join the animals on their journey as they explore the alphabet!
  • Birmingham driving lesson

    by just pass

    The best way to learn to drive is through regular sessions with a qualified driving instructor and, if possible, private practice with a family member or friend. Driving schools Birmingham The average number of lessons required to pass a driving test is about 44 hours of vocational training and 22 hours of private practice (as quoted by driving standards). The time it takes to do this varies greatly from person to person. However, choosing a good instructor and... more