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Other Nonfiction

  • Jailhouse Bedtime Stories

    by Carmen Delores Robinson
    In a world where people face insurmountable everyday challenges that often evolve into jailtime, many of the incarcerated are despised as outcasts by larger society. Jailhouse Bedtime Stories allows a peek into the everyday realities of the underprivileged, showing how when circumstances go awry, there’s often no way out, ultimately leading to jail. These real-life events of family life happen every day, all around us, resulting in long-term psychological harm to many. This short story collecti... more
  • Owen's Dream

    by Jay
    Owen’s Dreamprofiles the detailed struggles of Owen, a 12-year-old seventh grader diagnosed with autism at the age of four. Despite his condition, Owen tries hard to fit in with his few friends and classmates. Owen’s biggest desire is to make his school’s basketball team so his family will be proud of him. Owen’s story provides the inspirational details of his disappointments and the discovery of the special abilities that he possesses because of his autism. With the help of his older brother Pa... more
  • A Touch of Death

    by Kucine
    A TOUCH OF DEATH RECOUNT THE STORIES OF OTHERS AND DISCOVER HOW YOU, AND PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE, HAVE THE HEALING POWER TO IMPACT AND CHANGE THE COURSE OF YOUR RECOVERY Quote from Oncologist MD If you get on a plane, I guarantee you will not survive the ride, you have 48 hours to live DANA FARBER STATED ON RECORD Get your things in order, you will not live past Oct 30th 2016. A skeleton walked into my clinic with smiling eyes, many moons ago. I am going to beat this, he said And I believed No Kunal... more
  • The Adventures of Little Skippy

    by Sonnie White
    This children's book presents the story of a mule deer fawn. It opens with a terrible winter storm which has his mother concerned for Skippy's wellbeing. Beginning in the winter of his birth, his attentive mother protects him from the strong cold winds and the heavy falling snow. Because of his birth late in the season and small size she worries about his ability to survive. The story continues as Skippy explores his forest home through spring, summer, and autumn as he meets other creatures who ... more
  • Freckles Finds A Forever Home

    by Renee Servello
    Freckles Finds A Home is about a little rabbit that wants a real family and home. She wants to leave the Bunny Farm and find a forever home. A family, the Servello's, want a real bunny to join their family. Daughter Kelli found an adorable rabbit at the Bunny Farm. She took the little miniature rabbit to her parent's home to meet them. It was love at first sight! She had some patches of brown mixed into her fur that looked like bunny freckles. She was promptly named Freckles. She has so ma... more
  • Imagine Song

    by Melissa Campesi
    A heartfelt and inspiring story about a young girl named Melody who has been awakened by the gift of songwriting. She is formally being taught how to play piano, but never knew her instinctive and natural ability to write her own music until it ACCIDENTALLY happened one day! After Melody was left with no choice but to play the music that stirred in her heart, she became internally illuminated as her music came alive with a spark of curiosity and creativity. Melody's music transported her to a ne... more
  • The Secret Life of Bears

    by Joann Slead
    In her first foray into children’s literature, Joann Slead has given us a charming story that will tickle the hearts of all who hear and read it. Baby Bear, as narrator, shares everything that Papa Bear does for him/her. Depicted as Papa Bear in this book, Jesus’s love is shown in such a way that very young children (two to five years of age) can receive His love.
  • Who's in Your Cloud?

    by Deann Martin
    It's a real mystery! Join Zoe Grace, Lily Hope, and Rosie Faith, sisters on a mission to find the answer about this cloud. This delightful rhyming story leads to a mysterious discovery, an absolute treasure of love and encouragement. Can you figure it out?
  • Little Money

    by Artem H
    How often do we talk to our children about money? We can guess that children know the words "money", "bank", "bank card", etc. At first, we tell them that for adults, it's too early for you, and then at 18 years old, the child starts to interact with money without having the right idea about it. I want to correct this situation and tell the children in an accessible form, as well as to remind their moms and dads of the basic principles of communication with money, and the most attentive ones wil... more
  • Michael O'Poopie

    by Kristen Coppolino
    This is the tale of Michael O’ Poopie, who poops all over town. Though you might not know Michael O’ Poopie, you’ll smell when he comes around. Beginning as a family joke between the author, her husband, and their son, the story of Michael O’ Poopie is a cute and funny book about a very stinky problem. This book is bound to make readers of any age laugh, and it provides an opportunity for silly, fun-loving families to giggle together.
  • Father's Sayings

    by Eugene Peterson
    Father’s Sayings is a book from parents to children. It captures special moments and old sayings, and brings peace and harmony to families who abide by these tidbits of wisdom. Through his collection of short sayings, Eugene Peterson hopes to bring understanding to families.
  • Let's Meet Baby Jesus

    by Michele Darlhing
    Let’s Meet Baby JESUS is an edited version of Michele Darlhing’s book A Heart for JESUS…intimate basics. It has been written especially for toddlers. “Permit little children, and forbid them not, to come to Me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (KJVER) Prepare a child the opportunity to be acquainted with Jesus. Allow them the privilege to develop a personal relationship with Him while they are still young. With the awareness of Jesus at a young age they will be blessed from the... more