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Other Nonfiction

  • Politics, Police and Other Earthling Antics

    by Mickie Winkle
    94, irreverent,illustrated, anecdotes satirizing: politics, police, our renaming mania, California, ATT, Comcast, Charities and our whacky human ways.
  • You Don't Have to Be a Star to Shine--Discover the Writer Within/ A Guide to writing creative nonfiction and fiction.

    by Shanna Lee James
    This book was written to encourage those longing to tell their story in a way sure to captivate readers. And to assure you that you need not be a celebrity to be heard. You can write with confidence in a compelling manner to keep your readers turning pages from the introduction until the epilogue through examples of showing rather than ‘telling.’ I present examples of how to turn mediocrity into excellence and give vivid illustrations of creative story telling in nonfiction and fiction. If ... more
  • Rise of the Digital World: An opportunity India cannot afford to miss!

    by RS Amblee
    Digital transformation aka “smart transformation” is happening all around the world and is growing into a multi trillion-dollar industry. It is not just our phones that are becoming smart, homes are becoming smart! Businesses are going smart! Smart cities are sprouting up! Manufacturing and transportation are going smart too! A smart world is rising! This book is all about these amazing smart transformations and the opportunities they bestow upon us. My research and explorations would take you... more
  • Finding Family in a Far-Away Land

    by Amanda Wall
    Two Indian sisters, Priya and Ari, experience what it's like to be adopted into a multi-cultural, interracial family. Walk alongside these two charming, dynamic girls as they journey through the adoption transition to a new country full of new experiences! "Finding Family in a Far-Away Land" is a pensive and sometimes comical book that demonstrates how children can experience the same journey quite differently. A glossary of cultural terms is included so that all can learn and enjoy what Ari... more
  • Apple Watch SE User Guide

    by Charlie Scott
    The Apple Watch SE User Guide is an extensive manual that shows you all the ways to maximize the performance of your device. This user guide has all the tips and tricks that you need to achieve a better result with your Apple Watch SE.
  • Let's Meet Baby Jesus

    by Michele Darlhing
    Let’s Meet Baby JESUS is an edited version of Michele Darlhing’s book A Heart for JESUS…intimate basics. It has been written especially for toddlers. “Permit little children, and forbid them not, to come to Me: for such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 (KJVER) Prepare a child the opportunity to be acquainted with Jesus. Allow them the privilege to develop a personal relationship with Him while they are still young. With the awareness of Jesus at a young age they will be blessed from the... more
  • More Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel

    by F. Jordan Erebia

    The true story of an injured, then fully recovered baby squirrel, who returned to a life in nature, regularly visited the man who nurtured him, and was featured in an article on the front page of The Boston Globe!

  • The Amazing True Stories of Pepito The Squirrel

    by F. Jordan Erebia
    The true story of an injured baby squirrel, found by a retired physician who video documented his physical therapy and full recovery, and captured the hearts of social media fans around the world.
  • Seek Diljot Kaur from Call Girls in Chandigarh for limitless fun

    by Diljot Kaur
    Turn your boring time into something more than jovial with Diljot Kaur from Chandigarh Escorts. Hey, lovely men out there this is super sexy and sensual damsel Diljot Kaur who has a large heart to fulfill all your wishes and dreams. I have been in this field for more than nine years and my experience vouches that I am a reliable and trustworthy babe to spend some personal quality time with. Anyone can take me to any party or boring conference and ensure that such stagnant time moves over fastly ... more
  • The Season of Living Dangerously: A Fan's Notes on Baseball's Strangest Season

    by Robert Kopecky

    The Season of Living Dangerously recounts the views of a lifelong baseball fan as he watched the unique 2020 season unfold—games played in empty ballparks, new rules implemented to speed up play, Covid-19 cancellations, players and management openly expressing their views on racial inequity in America, the postseason expanded to allow over half the teams to participate, and the World Series held for the first time at a neutral site. This diary of the 2020 season addresses not only the c... more

  • The Road To COVID - 30: Self-Help Satire For The Soul

    by Dunk Dougan IX

    Do you remember the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Our lives halted (for only 1 week in Texas) and the prolonged state of stasis left us withering to the bitter winds of constant change which violently swirled around us.

    From the humble perspective of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, The Road To COVID-30 seeks to smash through the barrier that holds you back from your future: Yourself. For you see, you must shift with the paradigm or else be left abandoned, alone, to simply turn... more

  • Write a Million Dollar Book in 10 Days

    by Neeraj Singhvi
    A perfect book for budding writers and lovers who want to know how to write a book. It will act as a writer's diary and can also be used as a writer's gift. Perhaps others have told you to write a book or your inner voice is asking you to publish one. Perhaps you always wanted to be an author. Perhaps you have got a story to write, you want to write the story, but you never seem to have the time to write one. Perhaps you do not know where to start - Perhaps you’ve started and stopped, getting no... more
  • A Knock in the Attic: True Ghost Stories & Other Spine-chilling Paranormal Adventures

    by John Russell
    A Knock in the Attic is my story, not only about my psychic awakening and the abundance of mind-blowing otherworldly confrontations I've experienced, but also about the life lessons those many supernatural encounters have taught me. I'll tell you what it was like to meet Uri Geller, to film a TV pilot for The History Channel, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at some paranormal investigations I conducted that revealed incredible facts. I will also describe my own "UFO encounter" at the Rosw... more
  • Gas Fireplaces Adelaide

    by Heat master
  • Cyberjutsu: Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja

    by Ben McCarty
    Cyberjutsu is a revolutionary approach to information security based on authentic, formerly classified Ninja scrolls. It synthesizes today's infosec field with the tactics and techniques used by ancient Japanese ninjas – history’s original Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Written by Ben McCarty, a former NSA developer and the U.S. Army’s first cyber warfare specialist, this essential handbook for cyber defenders draws fascinating parallels between the stealth warriors of feudal Japan and modern... more