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Other Nonfiction

  • Battlecry of the Believer

    by Tom Cannon
    America is in trouble – deep trouble. But there is a solution! In ‘Battlecry of the Believer‘ you will learn how the battle for the soul of America can be WON! Learn how you can win battles in your personal life, family, and our nation! ‘Battlecry of the Believer‘ is timely – because the battle is going on now. It’s up to us to determine what our next step will be! In this important book, you will learn how you can wage war in the spiritual realm, and win the battles we now are facing! Are you r... more

    by AMIR JOY
    Morality... Have you ever stopped in your tracks and just wondered what exactly is morality? Of course, morality is what separates us, humans, from animals, right? But then, why do some animals act in such ways that might be described as moral? For instance, chimpanzee will tend to share his food with his peer instead of taking the share for himself. Even rats would choose to save his fellow caged rat instead of choosing to obtain food. Are these moral acts or merely animalistic instincts? If th... more
  • On the Origin and Destiny of the Soul

    by Charles Leopardo
    What is the origin of the human soul; and what is its destiny?” Beginning with this crucial question, award-winning screenwriter and artist Charles Leopardo draws upon his experience and knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions to construct a metaphysical support for belief in spiritual resurrection. Illustrated with examples of his art created over half a century, this book is the result of Leopardo’s intensive ten year study of Judeo-Christian beliefs about afterlife. The author argues fo... more
  • The Adventures of Ivy and Kimber

    by Kimber Snyder
    The Adventures of Ivy and Kimber is a true story that tells how a pony with handicaps and this little girl became best friends through patience and time. The Adventures of Ivy and Kimber is filled with examples of positive morals, and it teaches children to care for pets the very best they can. It also shows that waiting for something you want can seem to take forever but it is worth it. At the end of the book they're blessed with an extra-special surprise.
  • Wise Tales From the Jewish World: The Essential Collection

    by Uri Kaplan
    This book contains fifty-five of the most enlightening and amusing fables the Jewish tradition has to offer. It includes ancient stories taken from the Talmud and the Midrash, as well as more recent tales borrowed from the charismatic rabbis of the Hassidic Movement. Reading these tales will not only teach you about Judaism but will also inspire you to ponder life and death, and anything in between. If you take them seriously, these stories may make a real impact on the way you view your life.
  • My Mix Is Beautiful and So Are You

    by J. Criss
    Join Julianna as she shares her views on being biracial and loves who she is. She knows that true beauty comes from within. She believes in herself and she believes in you too!
  • Into the Carpathians: A Journey Through the Heart and History of East Central Europe (Part 2: The Western Mountains)

    by Alan E. Sparks
    The journey continues in Part 2 of Into the Carpathians. Still on the trail of wolves, we are now led into the western Carpathian Mountains and the Sudetes of Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. As we explore the misty hills, mysterious forests, and intriguing history of this fabled landscape, encounters with wolves, bears, and lynx; lumberjacks, shepherds, and recluses; poets, tyrants, and saints; sprites, spirits, and witches; and such ancient peoples as Neanderthals, Celts, and Quadi, a... more
  • "Every Day Is Saturday: Sleeping Late, Playing With the Grandchildren, Surviving the Quarantine, and Other Joys of Retirement"

    by Jerry Zezima

    "Every Day Is Saturday" is a funny look at life after work, a cheerful guide to making it through a lockdown, and -- best of all -- an enduring love story.

  • The San Jose Earthquakes: A Seismic Soccer Legacy

    by Gary Singh
    In 1974, amid the early days of the North American Soccer League, an unlikely team transformed a quiet suburb into a soccer haven. Combining excellent play with a grass-roots movement of fervent fans, the San Jose Earthquakes shook the Northern California sports landscape. While rival NASL franchises struggled for attendance, the Quakes played sold-out games to the most loyal and passionate fan base in the league, creating an unforgettable and enduring legacy. Ever since then, the San Jose Earth... more
  • Predicting Success in Completing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

    by Laurence F. Aucella
    Predicting Success in Completing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults regards the process of RCIA, the process by which one becomes a convert to the Roman Catholic Faith. It also contains valuable history about Christianity and how it has evolved over the centuries that will aid in nourishing the faith and increased the knowledge of both new converts and life-long Catholic. This book is dedicated to the memory of Sister Dorilda Flynn of the Sisters of Saint Anne, Anna Maria College.
  • The Finn Chronicles: Year One

    by Gwen Romack
    Training rescued hoomans is a stressful job, but someone has to do it. The Finn Chronicles is a unique story told by an extraordinary dog. He’s irreverent, funny, and full of sass. Based on his real life, join Finn as he issues weekly reports back to K9 Rescue Headquarters on the strange behaviors and rituals of his rescue-hoomans. With sarcastic wit, he observes the curious world around him, heroically saves his unwitting hoomans from dangers (see also: evil electric toothbrush), and shares his... more
  • Inside the Torah: Narrative, Interpretation, and Mystical Meanings

    by Charna Klein
    Inside the Torah covers the 54 portions of the Torah. It covers what is in each portion, Rabbinic interpretations, original contributions, connections between the Torah text and science, Kabbalah, deep structures and meanings. The book includes discussions on women, sexual and gender minorities, and other subjects. It takes the reader from the basics through different levels of interpretation and meaning all in one book.
  • Inventing Lincoln: Approaches to His Rhetoric

    by D. Leigh Henson
    Comprehensive resource for students of Abraham Lincoln’s speeches and other writings: critical analysis of treatments of his compositions in 21 biographies and 36 book chapters or essays in peer-reviewed journals
  • Mr

    by Colin A. White
    This is a reference for collectors of vintage Rolex wrist watches. The style is a cross between a desk-reference and a coffee table book. Lots of data plus practical advice to guide a collector through the pitfalls and challenges of these high-value vintage watches.
  • Decoding the Lost World of the Maya

    by Lindsay Mcauley
    This book documents research concerning mathematical evidence that the designers of the Temple of Kukulkan in Mexico incorporated aspects of the time periods of the Maya calendar within architecture using a single unit of measurement. This unit of measurement is identical to that used in Israel and Egypt suggesting there was a collaboration between civilisations thousands of years ago.
  • Interfaith Peace Curriculum for Kids

    by Rev. Dr. Vicki Michela Garlock
    Unit 1: Peace of our Interfaith Made Easy curriculum consists of 4 volumes for 4 different age groups (Preschool-Kind., Lower Elem., Upper Elem., and Middle School). Each volume contains 15 lesson plans, and each lesson plan includes a story, a craft, and an activity. Seven lesson plans center on stories found in the Christian Bible. Seven lesson plans center on stories from other faith traditions, including Buddhism, Hasidic Judaism, Islam, Native American, Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), Sikhism, ... more