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Other Nonfiction

  • My awesome project

    by Nupor Liroe

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  • Sothys Men's Care

    by Nefer Tari

    Nefertari provides the Sothys men's care products. Such as hair body revitalizing gel cleanser, Age-defying hydrating fluid, Face cleanser, After-shave cream, Sunscreens, and Moisturizers.

  • The Leprechaun Who Was Not a Mouse

    by Maureen Kellar-Kirby
    A little boy's friendship with a leprechaun who lives underneath his house is threatened when his parents set a trap for what they think is a mouse however the leprechaun surprises them all and demonstrates his cleverness by outwitting them.
  • Erroll Garner: The Most Happy Piano, The Centennial Edition (1921-2021)

    by James M. Doran
    As we celebrate Erroll Garner's centennial (June 15, 2021) this new edition will inspire a new generation of Garner enthusiasts. Erroll Garner: The Most Happy Piano, Centennial Edition, is divided into three sections, as was the original 1985 edition. The first section, "His Story," has been updated to include the vital records of the interviewees who participated in the oral history project. With the passage of time, most of the voices in the oral history are now gone. "His Times" is a chronolo... more
  • Conversations with Animals: From Farm Girl to Pioneering Veterinarian, the Dr. Ava Frick Story

    by Ronald Joseph Kule
    Starting from her birth in Missouri on a Fourth of July, the biography of renowned Veterinarian Dr. Ava Frick, an acknowledged animal whisperer and Founding Animal Chiropractic Inductee to its hall of fame, intermingles with reminiscences (in her own words) of certain animals who made a difference in and altered her life as much or more than she made a difference in theirs. Ava Frick is an outspoken and outside-the-box proponent of innovative care for animals large and small.
  • The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to Never Give Up

    by Argyro Graphy
    Does your child sometimes feel overwhelmed and want to just give up? Unfortunately, it is human nature for our inner negative self-talk to get the best of us and lead us to think that we cannot do something, even though we know we can. On this adventure Bentley and his friends meet children that have special needs. Listening to them talk about their own struggles, Bentley and the others reveal that they too have challenges. The children are all surprised. Looking out through a hospital room wi... more
  • The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Children to be Kind

    by Argyro Graphy
    What happens when the bully becomes the victim? Bentley and his friends are en route to the Annual Fair when they hear a fuss at the back of the bus. A crowd has gathered around Toby the elephant, pointing fingers, and making fun of him when the bus finally stops, his glasses are taken from him. Surprised at this behavior Bentley assures Toby that this will be dealt with. Spending the day at the fair, A cry for help is heard in the distance. Will Bentley and the others offer their help? or... more
  • Warning Signs: Identifying School Shooters Before They Strike

    by Peter Langman, Ph.D.
    How do we prevent the next school shooting? By knowing the warning signs. Dr. Langman’s timely book presents research-based, practical guidance on anticipating and preventing mass attacks. Warning Signs is for all members of a school community, including school personnel, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers, parents, and students. Drawing on lessons learned from dozens of thwarted plots and deadly attacks, Warning Signs provides the insight necessary to keep schools safe.
  • The Path To True Leadership

    by Charles Leonard Gill
    We must be intentional with our lives and decide to grow continually to become an inspirational individual with the right attitude who strives to achieve spiritual, personal, and professional growth, then move to the next stage, LEADERSHIP! The book provides fundamental leadership principles for front-line leaders, the purpose of coaches and mentors, sharing your story, learning your staff, understanding change, and giving back.
  • Fooled by the Winners: How Survivor Bias Deceives Us

    by David Lockwood
    Fooled by the Winners will change the way you think about the stock market, health care, global warming, diets, lotteries, restaurants, and your siblings. It will reshape your perspective of the past and give you a clearer view of the future. Fooled by the Winners is a book about survivor bias, the cognitive error of focusing on the winners, the successes, and the living. But in many instances, we can learn more from those who have lost, failed, or died. Survivor bias is found in a wide ra... more
  • Talk Your Way Round Europe

    by Shaun Dowling
    TALK YOUR WAY ROUND EUROPE FRENCH SPANISH ITALIAN GERMAN Talk Your Way Around Europe provides a new, and simpler, method of learning French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Whether you want to learn the language from scratch, or simply refresh your memory, this is the book for you. Each language comes with a carefully chosen 500 – word vocabulary, with a separate list of words for buying food and eating out, and one for business use. a list of 80 frequently used “message builders” with which to... more
  • Boring Dad

    by Karren Wilde
    This book is about my boring dad and his boring actions. These pages outline the everyday life of a nerdy dad who has a way cooler, more exciting daughter. This biography is from the point of view of a 10-year-old girl, me, who is constantly embarrassed and annoyed by her father’s uninteresting behavior. People who have gone through or are still enduring this same dullness should read this book. Better yet, they should get their dads to read it to them!
  • I Never Knew You

    by Elliot Brent

    It is known and understood that the mystery of the seven golden candlesticks of Revelation 1:20 is of the seven periods of the church. The church is currently in its last age-- the age of Laodicea. The ages of the church end in failure. Thus, as in 1517, when one named Martin Luther wrote words unto the church of his day, this very literature serves as those 95 theses that Martin Luther nailed to the church's door years ago. When Israel began to fall into idolatry, they moved further away... more

  • The Evolution Revolution: 2021

    by Sahara Devi

    Take a journey that will open your eyes, your mind, your Heart.

    Take a journey that will #UpliftandInspire.

    Take a journey that will create insight and encouragement.

    In simple, relatable language—more wham/bam/thank-you-ma'am and less blah, blah, blah—Sahara speaks of the human condition at the crossroads of a new way of being in the world: a way of being that honors the essence of what we are and propels us toward the next stage of evolution as a species,&n... more

  • Inside the Robe

    by Katherine Mader
    Have you ever wondered what a judge is really thinking? To most people, judges are mysterious creatures. Judge Mader shines a bright spotlight on the hidden folds of the judging world. The old saying is that judges merely "follow the law." Yet following the law can produce wildly different results depending upon each judge's background, politics, and life experiences. Even the floor of the courthouse to which a case is assigned can mean the difference between prison and freedom. From her perc... more
  • Rainbow Unicorns Primary Story Journal

    by Propeller Cap
    A Unicorn-Themed Primary Story Journal for Grades K-2: If you're looking for ways to unlock and encourage your child's ability to express their creativity and build their language art skills, one of our draw and write notebooks is an ideal tool. Engaging in creative writing and drawing exercises has been shown to build a youngster's confidence and increase their imagination. With this primary story journal, your child can create and illustrate their own stories and adventures while developing t... more