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Other Nonfiction

  • Money Is Easy

    by Angela Todd

    MONEY IS EASY is a Christian-based illustrated children's rhyming book that debuts Money Mike, a super cool money tree that branches out with the message, "Money is as easy as counting one, two, three!"  Money Mike interacts with a young boy and girl, showing them his money leaves that have unique lessons and values of how to TITHE, SAVE, INVEST, GIVE, and stay out of bad debt.  He explains three easy steps that reveal secrets to success: making money grow, like the le... more

  • (Just As Well) It's Not About The Bike

    by Chris Atkin
    Discovering the untold stories of one of the world’s most popular coastlines. Part sporting travelogue, part political history, (Just As Well) It's Not About The Bike follows journalist Chris Atkin's 1,300km cycle from Valencia to Gibraltar. En route, he travels through Spain’s most picturesque towns. And Benidorm. Along the way he learns about the region’s history, from the time four hydrogen bombs fell over Spain, to the politician who shot General Franco’s daughter in the bottom yet ros... more
  • The Boy Without a Soul

    by K Duncan Deaton, MD
    The Boy Without a Soul is a thought-provoking novel about the rude confrontation between biblical inerrancy and the strange supernatural beliefs of some Christians, with science and modern morality. Because there is no one fundamentalist position, K Duncan Deaton creates a hybrid sect named the Roman Baptists. The story begins with an atheist oncologist Tom Tanner whose compassion confronts the church’s fundamentalist dogma. It continues with the possibility of cloning Jesus from the communion s... more
  • Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience

    by Michele L. Turner
    Continuity and Resilience- two words that could track to the same destination albeit, varied in arrival time. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition for Continuity is: uninterrupted connection, succession, or union. Using this same resource, the definition for Resilience is: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. While an uninterrupted life, free of misfortune may sound wonderful, it is in the challenge, in the change, that we learn the greatest lessons. This ... more
  • Jesus in Kashmir The Lost Tomb

    by Suzanne Olsson

    This book, a true story,  has achieved acclaim worldwide from critics and is under consideration for a major film production. The author wanted to investigate claims in India and Pakistan about ancient Biblical graves in the region. When 9-11 happened in New York, she was amidst the very Taliban and terrorists who were cheering. She stayed on, determined to continue her research. Then came an even bigger jolt. She got her DNA results. Unknown to anyone in the family, they discovered thei... more

  • Devotions Inspired by Life

    by Lynne Modranski
    Buzzards, blue jays, ice cream and snowflakes. What do have in common? Each one can teach us something about Jesus! Jesus constantly used illustrations from everyday life to teach His disciples. He shared countless parables. In the same way God blesses us daily with aha moments. He uses simple things in creation to reveal Himself. When we learn to see the Almighty work in everything, we can grow in Christ and find more joy in the journey. Those growing in Christ have been reading devoti... more
  • Dive In to a Life of Freedom: Finding Healing in the Story of Naaman

    by Lynne Modranski
    When the captain of the army gets advice from the maid, things get really interesting . . .Yeah, there's a Jesus lesson in there.Christians get tired of living by the rules, hiding their past mistakes and tackling every problem like they’ve got it. We try to make Jesus look good, but it’s hard work. Dive In to a Life of Freedom is a seven session interactive Bible study written to help Christians Sink the Secrets and Give up God-sized problems so they can go all in with Jesus.Naaman scoffed at t... more
  • Reality Revisited

    by Igor Radovic
    Reality Revisited (from A to Z) is a selection from notes taken over the years on many topics of general interest. Due to their vast number, brevity, diversity, and largely stand-alone character, these notes are presented in alphabetical order and as a lexicon. But this is where the similarity of Reality Revisited with traditional lexicons such as the Webster and the Oxford dictionaries largely ends. Some of the notes in Reality Revisited are attempts at humor and satire, and should be taken wit... more
  • The Homeowner's Guide to Contracting, Building, and Remodeling

    by Joe Oswald
    Building or remodeling a home can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it can also be a stressful and daunting challenge. Organized to cover all the major phases of construction and renovation, this book is complete with over one hundred actual construction and renovation photographs, checklists, financing options, builder insights, industry secrets, design ideas, and other valuable information to help homeowners save a fortune while completing their project on time, within budget, and with... more
  • Matters of Life...

    by Norman Weeks
    Matters of Life…, the first volume of Matters of Life and Death, presents life-thought-about, life-laughed-at, and life-suffered. The first chapter, “Life Thought About”, considers the human from our roots in organic biology. The essays then proceed from the biological organic to the psychological idiosyncratic to the morally valuative. “Life Laughed At”, the second chapter, presents a series of human life-situations in biographical sequence. First comes birth (or, rather, pre-birth). The... more
  • Memories into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook

    by Marilyn L Davis
    For years, people have told you to write a book, you've got a great story to tell, and you could teach people something. But great stories don't always translate into excellent memoirs. Why is that? Excellent memoirs take pre-planning before you start writing – even a draft. A significant part of your pre-planning involves•Understanding why you are writing this book•Establishing positive mindsets•Creating emotional safety•Retrieving memories•Determining your theme•Choosing a point of view• ... more
  • The Cats Who Love(d) Me and the One Who Doesn’t

    by Joyce FitzGerald Galloway

    Cats can bring out latent talents in humans, and they do so with remarkable success for Joyce FitzGerald Galloway, as told in THE CATS WHO LOVE(D) ME AND THE ONE WHO DOESN'T. It all begins one stormy night when the author retrieves a drenched and frightened tiger kitten from a gutter near her home in Ireland. Penny is to lead the parade of these cats, cats with colorful beauty and remarkable individuality, as they are endowned with special gifts, all but one giving her affection. For inst... more

  • Delinquent: How the American Juvenile Court is Failing Black Children

    by Daphne Robinson
    Black children are more than twice as likely as white children to be arrested. Black children are five times more likely than white children to be detained or committed to youth jails. These statistics are shocking because black children only make up 16% of the total number of children in this country. Why is the American Juvenile Court failing Black children? Daphne Robinson was a prosecutor for more than 20 years in the juvenile justice system. She has had an up close view of a system that... more
  • Transformation in Times of Crisis

    by Nitin Rakesh & Jerry Wind
    Every crisis while deeply unsettling, contains the seeds of opportunity. Nitin Rakesh, CEO of Mphasis and Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor Emeritus and Professor of Marketing at Wharton have written this book to help you transform any crisis into opportunities by applying the eight principles and an analytical framework to your own unique situation.
  • Quantum Confession

    by Ronald N. Fritsch
    Providing his own faith as an example of the transition from conservative Christianity to accomodate the findings of modern science, Ronald N. Fritsch blends spirituality and quantum physics and provides a testament for a new understanding of God. Fritsch explains how God exists as a loving God and how this love is portrayed in his detailed and beloved Creation. Fritsch addresses controversial topics such as di-polar divinity, the humanity of Jesus of Nazareth, and salvation history along with ... more
  • What Was I Thinking? Toxic Shock Syndrome

    by Dr. Patrick M. Schlievert
    Dr. Patrick M Schlievert was in his first year as an assistant professor of Microbiology and Immunology, having spent two years trying to get the medical and scientific communities to recognize that there was a disease called toxic shock syndrome. Because he could not get even the Federal Government to recognize this disease, he started a national news media blitz that became second only to the Iran hostage crisis in 1980. Dr. Schlievert took this chance at great risk to his career because he gr... more