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Other Nonfiction

  • Pray Like a Pro: A Guide to Strategic and Effective Prayer

    by Carlene Kelly
    Pray Like a Pro is an incredible prayer tool in the hands of every believer from the beginner to the seasoned prayer intercessor. There is no greater prayer example to follow than the prayer that Jesus, Himself, prayed and then gave to His disciples. The Lord's Prayer is more than a prayer to recite. It is an in-depth study of strategic and effective communication that combined with faith will produce phenomenal results. Pray Like A Pro encourages intimacy with a Heavenly Father that loves us an... more
  • Revised, Updated, Second Edition...Ironstruck the Ironman triathlon journey

    by Ray Fauteux
    This is an updated and revised second edition of Ironstruck...The Ironman Triathlon Journey. Ironstruck is an inspirational, motivational, and common sense guide for those attempting to take on the Ironman Triathlon. Whether it's your first Ironman or one of many, this book will provide insight and training and racing tips that will aid you in getting the most out of your Ironman experience.
  • Conscious Home Design: The Guide to Living Your Best Life by Designing for Happiness, Health, and Relationship Success

    by Talor Stewart

    Just as proper diet, exercise and good relationships are essential components of a happy, successful life, so too is proper home design. Conscious Home Design creates momentum in the lives of those who experience it, helping people more readily achieve their noble hopes and dreams, and bright ambitions. When you place the essential parts of life within the context of a consciously designed home, you and your loved ones will be served and supported night and day.

  • Hidden Talents

    by Maryanne Di Marzo, Amy Acker, et al.

    Maryanne Di Marzo, Amy Acker and Rodica Ceslov can help you uncover your HIDDEN TALENTS. Why uncover your hidden talents? Because knowing how to uncover the talents you didn't know you have and turning them into new skills will help you move away from competencies of the past that can hinder your career and will help you achieve higher levels of performance. Drawing from decades of experience in executive leadership development as C-Suite officers and consultants, we describe sixteen essentia... more

  • Character and Structure: An Unholy Alliance

    by Chris Andrews
    Successful stories are built on two key foundations: 1. Delivering on your story's premise, 2. How much your audience cares about your characters' fate. Expectations are difficult to meet, but some core values transcend genre and format, such as a logical progression of events which help people to understand your story. That begins with an understanding how stories work, but more importantly, what your audience expects. What people want is an experience. Experience is delivered through the inte... more
  • by albert Davis

    Professional cleaners for Businesses

    In todays day and age businesses and Work plans are at the peak of emerge, hence many organizations are determined to function their best providing for janitorial services at the Work setup suited accordance to clients demand. One thing is to note is that a clean and sanitized place of business is essential for clients to continue patronage. The sight of unsanitized or poorly kept areas  gain  a negative reputation among ot... more

  • What are the Standards of the Best Waterproofing Services?

    by Arron Alton

    People mostly need waterproofing services for commonly basement flooding then it may be worthy of having waterproofing services. So people should install a waterproofing system for their home considered to be as is a vast financial commitment by selecting the right company. Several waterproofing companies providing Waterproofing Inside Outside Nor... more

  • Latest News

    by sanath pollemore
    share all new latest news about new things.
  • The People's Team

    by Mark Beech
    The People's Team is a definitive, lavishly illustrated history of the Green Bay Packers, commemorating the team's 100-year anniversary. Not only are the Packers the only fan-owned team in any of North America’s major pro sports leagues, but Green Bay — population 104,057 — is also the smallest city with a big-time franchise. The Packers are, in other words, unlikely candidates to be pro football's preeminent team. And yet nobody in the NFL has won more championships. The story of Titletown, ... more
  • For the Thinking Sapiens: Short Takes on Life

    by Peter Lawrence
    For The Thinking Sapiens, presents musings about people, faith, success, love, hope, wisdom, fortitude, truth, money and work. It will certainly make you re-think about what matters in life and offer a model for daily living. The short essays have been deliberately choreographed such that there is a subtle link between the essays in the various chapters, including selected transcripts from movies. By the end of the book, an astute reader will have enjoyed tying the pieces together. Expect a dash... more
  • Scribes of the Tribe, The Greatest Thinkers on Religion and Ethics

    by David Rich
    Never before in the history of humankind has there been a greater need for the essential wisdom of ethics. Our political and religious leaders have failed us, and the world is spinning out of control, with despotism on the rise in Europe and North America, continuous wars in the Middle East and Africa, and periodic nuclear standoffs between Pakistan and India. We have too many people, fighting over fewer and fewer resources. Self-interest and greed have hobbled our ability to deal with chronic w... more
  • The Niche Marketing and Book Guide

    by Jennifer Lancaster
    The Niche Marketing and Book Guide outlines all the golden rules for targeting your book, and any business offering, to a particular audience. It is written with those professionals who write content and books in mind. It takes you through the first steps to creating your book, including copyright, libel, and types of editing. As digital marketing is all part of publishing a niche book, discover the platform your author website should be on and read tips on getting book publicity and kee... more
  • A is for Aqueous: The Alphawets: Water from A to Z (Alphawets Learning Fun Book 1)

    by Wendy Goldstein Davis

    The Alphawets - five friends made of water - reveal a water connection for each letter of the alphabet in this elaborately illustrated abecedarian.

  • Grocery Store Garden: How to Grow a Beautiful, Tasty Indoor Garden from Grocery Scraps

    by Michelle Marsh
    GROCERY STORE GARDEN gives complete, easy-to-follow directions on how to create beautiful and tasty indoor kitchen gardens from free, readily available materials and ordinary kitchen scraps. A GROCERY STORE GARDEN is an easy, fun project that costs very little but saves the reader/gardener both time and money and can contribute to better health and nutrition. Fully Illustrated step-by-step directions make growing a GROCERY STORE GARDEN an ideal family activity. Children can complete most pr... more
  • Soul Matters: Modern Science Confirming Ancient Wisdom: Healing at the Interface of Spirit and Matter

    by Jeanne-Rachel Salomon, PhD
    Soul Matters presents Dr. Jeanne-Rachel Salomon’s research into the millennia-old shamanic healing modality of Soul Retrieval. During actual shamanic healing sessions, Dr. Salomon utilized QEEG Brain Mapping and DFM blood work to monitor the body-mind system of both the client and herself. The scientific results of her work allow her to conclude that the fundamentals of the shamanic healing method are aligned with quantum principals and that the phenomenon of soul leaving and soul returning happ... more