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Political & Social Sciences

  • Fairness: The Blaming and Defending of White America

    by Steve Ghent

    Fairness:  the Blaming and Defending of White America 

    Almost daily the U.S. public is barraged with headlines, news stories and "White People are Racists" as news and entertainment from two industries, Hollywood and the news media, that traditionally have looked demographically like apartheid.  

    "Fairness" also highlights many of the news stories that have been ignored by the mainstream media, namely, hate crimes and discriminatio... more

  • Healing America's Narratives: The Feminine, the Masculine, & Our Collective National Shadow

    by Reggie Marra
    Healing America's Narratives takes a multi-disciplinary look at American history and current affairs through the lens of the country's collective Shadow—what we deny about ourselves and project onto others—which, dominated by unhealthy masculine energy, longs for integration with the healthy feminine. The book explores increasingly comprehensive, inclusive, and complex perspectives on the larger scope of the American experiment, including chapters on women, Native Americans, African Americans, t... more
  • Business or Political President: You Choose: Trump or Biden

    by Peter Murphy

    We look at Donald Trump, a famous business tycoon through the lens of a citizen providing some insights into the background of America’s Business President.

    Peter Murphy as he breaks down the facts from a shockingly relevant business-savvy perspective.

    We look at Trump’s struggles, successes, and areas that could have been better for him and the country.

    We look at Joe Biden, Political President, and his background and where he is taking the country.

    What a... more

  • Poll-Arized: Why Americans Don't Trust the Polls - And How to Fix Them Before It's Too Late

    by John Geraci
    Have you ever wondered why pollsters can’t seem to predict who the next president will be? With the sheer volume of data that encircles our lives, why can’t pollsters detect the signal through the noise? POLL-ARIZED is a provocative examination of what has gone wrong with US pre-election polls written from the unique perspective of a market research industry insider. Blending actual data from polls, interviews with leading pollsters, and a proprietary survey conducted specifically for this b... more
  • For the Hurt of My People

    by Joseph Q. Jarvis, MD, MSPH
    In For the Hurt of My People: Original Conservatism and Better, Simpler Health Care, Joseph Q. Jarvis, MD, MSPH, a long-time public health physician, offers practical ideas on how to untangle the messy politics which keep Americans from really reforming how we do healthcare business.
  • Common Sense for Humans: An Outsider's Look From the Inside

    by Claus Windelev

    “Common Sense” is a book that attempts to bring some rationality to our increasingly complex world. We appear to have reached a critical mass, where we look to be divided again along tribal lines we began with tribes and established a powerful united multicultural society from there. The elimination of traditional, tried-and-true behavioral conventions, as well as a lack of common sense, are both contributing factors to this fragmentation. Politics, education, the environment, and... more

  • The Battle of Lincoln Place

    by Dennis Hathaway
    The Battle of Lincoln Place is a stirring account of the courage and perseverance shown by the tenants of a large, historic apartment complex who stand up to the greed and heartlessness of their corporate landlords, whose quest for profit threatens to destroy their long-time homes. It follows four women who lead the hundreds of working class and elderly tenants in a desperate struggle on the streets, in the halls of government, and in the courts of law and public opinion, along with a fifth wom... more
  • 9781667843964

    by Ronnie L. Smith
    Civic engagement is a concept that can be explained in several different ways. It is getting locals involved in politics and community affairs and training leaders from the grassroots level. I am writing this book to enlighten you all about the history of civic engagement and why it is so essential for us to understand and participate in it. I am very excited that you have chosen to read the book and hopefully take the first step in being our next community leaders and future state and regional-... more
  • Beyond Carbon Neutral: How We Fix the Climate Crisis Now

    by Samuel M. Goodman

    Winner of an IBPA Benjamin Franklin award, Beyond Carbon Neutral: How We Fix the Climate Crisis Now, details, step-by-step, what we need to do right now to avert disaster, showing that there is still hope for solving climate change. This important book hopes to instill the passion and clarity for overcoming such a major problem. Author Dr. Samuel M. Goodman provides a tool to help you gain the understanding needed to advocate for a future free of this looming catastrophe in this thought-provo... more

  • Sustainability for the Rest of Us: Your No-Bullshit, Five-Point Plan for Saving the Planet

    by John Pabon
    Sick of floods, fires, and fault lines? Sustainability expert debunks biggest myths about saving the planet and gives 5 tips to make real impact. Have you ever wondered whether all your plastic recycling, reusable cup carrying, and hybrid car driving are really making a difference? How about the money you give to charity or the politicians you vote for? Why is it that, after 100 years of the modern environmental movement, things only seem to be getting worse? John Pabon has spent two decad... more
  • Outplayed

    by David Lockwood

    Outplayed will change how you interact with others forever.

    David Lockwood’s second book, Outplayed: How Game Theory Is Used Against Us, will show you the ways in which people try to take advantage of you and how you can stop them. It will guide you on how to structure incentives to get others to work with and not against you. It will help you determine when to cooperate—and when to compete.

    Outplayed is a book about game the... more

  • Person to Person: Change Your Life and Fix the World

    by Joeri Torfs & Pim Ampe

    Person to Person presents an environment that incentivizes goodness, fairness, sustainability, and freedom. It begins with the individual and moves toward our collaborative relationships. Finally suggesting a financial environment that would enable this Quality of Life world to flourish.

  • Amygdala Blue

    by Paul Lomax
    Amygdala Blue is an intriguing gallery of portrait poetry and existential creative nonfiction expressed through mental health issues, racial identity and psychosocial rage. All of these performances in Amygdala Blue are directed as a postmodern literary Théâtre de l’Absurde.
  • Whose Fault! Book

    by Ryan D Patterson Sr.
    Abbey and Doug tries to pin the tragedy of flight 1015 on each other. Arguing whose idea it was to send their children to Chicago on that very flight. Ultimately blaming each other. Doug, A Deacon has to talk to Abbey, and find a way to trust their Faith as it is being tested. Ryan D. Patterson Sr. lives in sunny Las Vegas with his wife Kenya. He is a Father of 5 Adult Children. Writing books and poems became his passion early in life while serving in the Military. As an addicted sports fanatic,... more
  • Freedom in Peril: Threats from Within the West

    by Krešimir Perković
    Not too long ago, Western societies were renowned globally for their protection and encouragement of freedom, improving the well-being of citizens around the globe in the process. Unfortunately, the West has increasingly been moving away from its principles of freedom, and, however free Western societies still are, they have become renowned for their continual abandonment of freedom. Although it might sound that way at first, this is not a book about the collapse of Western societies, and nor... more
  • The White People Show: How to Understand Racism and Still Be Wrong About It

    by Kamau Kenyatta
    The White People Show will ruffle more than a few feathers because it goes against the popular and accepted discussions around racism. No matter what you think about racism or anti racism, this book will challenge and stretch you because it will compel you to rethink what you know about individual racism and systemic racism. It’s about rightly defining the term, how white people became racist, and how black people must approach it for survival. Lastly, it exposes the dishonesty implicit in ... more