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Political & Social Sciences

  • The Missing Link in American Education

    by Joseph Cortese, Ed.D.
    Educational reform cannot be imposed. It is the belief of long-time educator and educational professional. Joseph Cortese Ed.D. that corporate reformers in education are wrong. In Cortese's book The Missing Link in American Public Education, he discusses how corporate reformers love the word "innovation." but they lack the knowledge of children and how they learn. They all too often rely only on data, which can be skewed, misapplied, and misinterpreted. Instead of involving community feedback, p... more
  • Century Sentence 2020 version

    by Xu Xue Chun
    Brief Introduction of the Book 2020.2 The book records my comments about all events in the world in the form of diary. Every event documented and reviewed has been based on political affairs in a contemporary age. Our age now has entered a particular period in which traditional religion has failed in its attempt to adjust the relation between men as usual. Human beings therefore are exposed to a great risk. I have been given a sign from God to help human beings go through crises and su... more
  • Manifesto

    by Alex Exarchos
    Humanity as we (used to?) know it is in grave danger. The most effective, efficient, far-reaching and numbingly overwhelming tyrannical regime ever experienced in the human history has all but tightly embraced our collective life as human beings, leaving us an ever-diminishing room for autonomy and spontaneity; and it has achieved this largely through our, explicit and implicit, consent. Moreover, this regime is progressively and rapidly invading into domains of our personal life that had so f... more
  • The Amazing Zoe: A Queen Like Me!

    by Valene Campbell
    What would you do if your child came home crying because others didn’t see them the same or think they were able to do the same things? Meet Zoe and Kaitlyn, two girls who love playing together. Their favourite game is dress-up and one day, the girls decide to be royals. Their playdate takes a turn when Kaitlyn refuses to let Zoe be the princess because she has never seen a princess like her before. Teaching Opportunity: Zoe runs home, upset and confused, not realizing that she is about t... more
  • Making a New American Constitution

    by George William Van Cleve
    Making a New American Constitution explores the grave flaws in the United States Constitution that obstruct reforms urgently needed for national unity and survival; proposes crucial amendments; and shows that a new constitutional convention is essential to achieve them. Today America is an economically and racially highly unequal society. We are now in danger of being governed permanently by a small group of wealthy people (an “oligarchy”) in their own interest. Our middle class is collapsing... more
  • Effective Weapons to Stop Violence, Control Terrorism, and Curb Conflict

    by Patience Okon- Ndekwe
    Sacrifices litigate Man’s Enemy, dragging the Foe into the Divine Courts where martyrs rule. Obey the laws of sacrifice to suspend judgments against self, extinguish negativities and claims. The Peace-Making laws promise global peace, national security and safety which every responsible Government must also care.
  • From COVID-19 to TRUMPVID-20

    by Abdo Husseiny
    Admitting to being a confirmed cynic, the author presents contemporary issues from the perspectives of an old man who has seen it all: from “a world war, regional war, coup d’états, war on organized crime, war on drugs, an endless war on terror, eliminating the threat of al-Qaeda and then ISIS, etc.” to “protection from epidemics, pandemic, including swine flu, avian flu, West Nile virus, Ebola, and different generations of the coronavirus.” Time revealed that many of the world events are associ... more
  • Facing the Environmental Crisis

    by Hilmar Lorenz
    At the end of the year of 2015, an international conference shall take place in Paris to which the UN has invited the leaders of all nations in order to make an internationally binding treaty about the necessary measures for preventing that the global warming surpasses the limit of two degrees since the beginning of industrialization. The import of making this treaty this year is that, without taking the necessary measures now, a worldwide climatic cataclysm may start that, after having started,... more
  • Guess Who's Coming To The White House?

    by Antigone
    Welcome to the United States-Hamelin. A gravely ill Imperial President governs the land. His name is Pied-piper. I am an immigrant and his most subversive subject. "Through vigorous facts, extensive data, and first-hand knowledge, the immigrant of U.S.-Hamelin encourages the Vice-President to invoke the 25th Amendment, Section 4."
  • Collective Ownership Based Economy

    by Prathapchandra Kedilaya

    The book presents ideas for creating an ideal society. An ideal society is one where all its members enjoy prosperity, peace, and happiness. Prosperity creates peace; peace creates happiness. So, it's all about creating prosperity, which is possible only by creating an ideal economic system, socioeconomic system, or political economy. Thus, the book presents ideas for creating an ideal economic system. Since democracy must run the economic system, creating an ideal democracy is an insepar... more

  • Thriving While Black: The Act of Surviving and Thriving in the Same Space

    by Cori Williams
    “Thriving While Black” sets out to explore the psychological and emotional consequences of being Black in America as well as in the workplace. The playing field for Whites and Blacks are not equal in both corporate and social strata. Blacks are discriminated against and excluded based on their skin color, which creates the question of what their place is in America. Black workers in corporate America have to grapple with racial microaggressions in the workplace, which often involves White wor... more
  • Politiquette: The People's Guide to Political Discourse in the New Millennium

    by Nadia Asencio
    Partisanship is destroying the U.S. ​ Whether you're an Independent fed up with your lack of representation in Washington, a moderate Democrat or Republican disappointed by the failures of your party, or a Millennial whose disenchantment with our current political system has turned into apathy, you have options and the power to turn things around. But we can't change the state of affairs until we realize that we're part of the problem. While no one can do everything, we can each do our part; t... more
  • Lions in the Grass: A Marketing Insider’s Guide to Mass Persuasion (and Why You Want the Sh!t You Want)

    by Bill Morrison
    You’re being manipulated. Every day, professional persuaders use emotion to sell their sh!t. Unfortunately, the emotion they’re using is yours. Have you stopped buying a favorite brand with no idea why? Has your frustration with your phone peaked just as the new model became available? Has a once-loved outfit gone so suddenly out of style that it’s embarrassing? How you vote; where you shop; what you buy: these decisions are all influenced at a subconscious level by emotional manipulators, ... more
  • A Brief History of Knowledge for Social Science Researchers: Before Method

    by Deborah Court
    This book gives a succinct, informative and highly readable history of knowledge from Ancient Greece to the present day, in Europe and the Western world. This outline provides the basis for understanding how various research methods originate: their epistemological, historical, political and social roots. The book will be of interest to graduate students and social science researchers who wish to understand how research methods have developed in human history.
  • Qualitative Research and Intercultural Understanding: Conducting Qualitative Research in Multicultural Settings

    by Deborah Court
    This book first explores the roots of qualitative research and its place in the research landscape. Then it provides a clear, accessible guide to planning, conducting and writing qualitative research, with a stress on intercultural understanding, including research ethics, insider-outsider researcher roles and issues of power. The book will be of interest to graduate students and social science researchers in various fields.
  • Last Chance to Save American Democracy:

    by Haven Scott McVarish

    The climate has passed the tipping point. White supremacists are armed and marching. Our government cages immigrant children. The wealthy get all the tax breaks. We can’t even agree on wearing masks to stop a deadly pandemic. 


    For many Americans, it seems that our nation's problems multiply by the day, that those in charge are willing to end our republic to retain power -- and they're right.


    With riveting insight, political strategist H... more