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Political & Social Sciences

  • Wedlocked: A Story of Forced Marriage

    by Hannah Rubenstein
    When the plainclothes police officers appeared with a warrant for her arrest, Mayah assumed that her father — a powerful figure in Nairobi’s Indian business community — was attempting to frighten her. What she didn’t realize was that her ordeal had only just begun. That night, while her newlywed husband languished in a jail cell, she would be driven across the border at gunpoint, sedated, and locked in an empty room for days. She would be flown across the ocean in a drugged haze and awake ... more
  • Tainted by Suspicion: The Secret Deals and Electoral Chaos of Disputed Presidential Elections

    by Fred Lucas
    The almost-presidencies of Aaron Burr or Al Gore would have created a different world. Four presidential elections were not decided on election day, but were rather decided by another branch of government. And in three cases, large segments of Americans viewed the president as illegitimately selected rather than legitimately elected. This is the story of the common threads binding the pro-longed presidential elections of 1800, 1824, 1876 and 2000.
  • Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton On the Issues

    by Jesse Gordon
    How do the two front-runners compare on the issues? Forget about polls; forget about politicking; -- what would Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each do as president? This book digs up Hillary's and Donald's issue stances on over 100 key issues, from voting records, debates, memoirs, biographies -- all of the sources that the mainstream media SHOULD investigate, but never do. An ideal book for actually answering serious questions about issue stances and policy plans -- keep it on your coffeetabl... more
  • Chronicles of the Kwedake Dikep, A Timeline of the Indian Spring on the Hill, TL of 2012

    by Robert J. Thayer
    The Chronicles examine the possibility of adding a very critical human right to the American Constitution, giving health and genetic protections to unborn citizens and health aid until they reach the ‘terrible twos’. Each Chronicle examines aspects of the Constitution with an independent view from the ancient Indian Spring on the Hill, which is actually located on Capitol Hill, USA. The Chronicles are a set of yearly political TimeLines for this century.
  • The Beltway Beast

    by Munir Moon

    The Beltway Beast , transcends the anger and frustration of American people with its leaders in solving their problems. It documents our current reality and offers transformational ideas such as shrinking the Presidential Primary process through technology; Reducing healthcare cost through Smart Patient Credits and a Value Based Tax system that decentralized the power away from Washington.

  • The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials, and Technology Leading the Way

    by Munir Moon

    In a time when the one percenters seem to have it all, author Munir Moon builds a case for the average Joe in his eye-opening new book, The Middle Class Comeback. So take heart and take control of your fears with Moon’s informative–and ultimately inspiring–look at the middle class.

    Moon, a former financial-industry executive and current business owner, uses his years of expertise to paint a portrait of the middle class that is not nearly as grim as the media w... more

  • A Long List of Everyday Guaranteed Rights

    by James Sabin
    A Long List of Everyday Guaranteed Rights casts a critical eye on the many layers of civic life, ranging from the local to the global, and outlines the rights that are the possession of each individual. James Sabin, while not an attorney, sets out in this guide to inform and educate readers so that they will know and appreciate the rights, the liberties, and the freedoms that are theirs to enjoy. Several chapters of A Long List of Everyday Guaranteed Rights provide the list of rights. Then ch... more
  • Love and Stigma: The Outcast System

    by Sir Adolphus O.M. Ekejiuba, KSJI
    The Outcast System occurs in Africa and India. In Nigeria, outcasts are called Osu. As freeborn, myself, I was brought up to see the outcast as lower class humans. Our culture made it an abomination to have any relationships with them. I was forbidden from marrying from their stock. They could not hold some traditional titles and were never appointed Traditional Rulers. These fell apart when I saw blood donation by an outcast. The thoughts as to who would use the blood he donated bordered me. Af... more
  • The Trump Revolution: The Donald's Creative Destruction Deconstructed

    by Ilana Mercer

    Donald J. Trump is smashing an enmeshed political spoils system to bits: the media complex, the political and party complex, the conservative poseur complex. You name it; Trump is tossing and goring it. The well-oiled elements that sustain and make the American political system cohere are suddenly in Brownian motion, oscillating like never before. An entrenched punditocracy, a self-anointed, meritless intelligentsia, oleaginous politicians, slick media, big money: These political players have... more

  • On Resurrecting Beauharnais: Jeremy Waldron and Group Libel

    by Terrence Heinrichs
    You’re a Muslim father walking down a city street with two young kids in tow. You see a sign posted on a wall that says “Muslims Go Home!” You’ve seen signs like this before. How should you react? Jeremy Waldron thinks you should be fearful because such signs evoke memories of the horrible things done to you and your kind in the past. Meanwhile, he thinks, while you are cowering in fear, those who posted the signs are comforted, all the while planning and conspiring with others to do awful thing... more
  • Gay, Explained: History, Science, Culture, and Spirit

    by Preston Grant

    Imagine your favorite gay uncle sitting you down and explaining everything you ever wondered about gay people. That is Gay, Explained.

    Written for gay and straight people alike, Gay, Explained leads the reader on a journey that even the most educated may find surprising. Told in a warm and personal style, Gay, Explained weaves together the individual story of a man born Mormon and gay with the wide ranging stories from some of humanity’s most fascinating... more

  • All His Bright Light Gone: The Death of John F. Kennedy and the Decline of America (One)

    by Peter McKenna
    The book says the loss of John F. Kennedy had a far more profoundly negative impact on the United States than is commonly believed.
  • Iraqi Americans: Witnessing a Genocide

    by Weam Namou
    In Witnessing a Genocide, Weam Namou shares her visit to Iraq in 2000, a journey where she embraced Easter with relatives, remembered her magical childhood in Baghdad, and enjoyed her ancestors’ town of Telkaif in Mosul. The trip, held dear to her heart and preserved through pictures of extravagant picnics, tours of ancient monasteries and other lively explorations, is soon drowned by the events that follow the 2003 US-led invasion. Like the rest of the Iraqi American community, Namou watches... more
  • What's Your (Analyst's) Diagnosis? Truth (or Fantasy)?: An Essay On Human Perception

    by Frank Elbert Davis III
    Human perception of reality, and scientific advancement, is linked to the truthfulness of verbal and mathematical description(s) of real event(s). Human verbal and mathematical descriptions of reality reveal psychic reality of those persons projecting the descriptions and relate to prior real experiences or verbalizations of others. This book presents as natural phenomena: 1) ''Free will'' of human perception, or its absence, results from the truthfulness, or fantasy world conceptualization, o... more
  • State Change: A Chemical Fantasy

    by Joe Andrade
    The state of the Nation has deteriorated. The state of the Planet is rapidly deteriorating. The deterioration is due to the growth and actions of Humanity. Humanity itself is now in peril. The State must change. National and World leaders are trapped in a set of assumptions which exacerbate the very problems which must be solved. Replacing those leaders and rulers is insufficient, as their replacements will likely be afflicted by the same mindsets - based on the same historic assumpt... more