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Political & Social Sciences

  • TrumpMania: Vince McMahon, WWE and the making of America's 45th President

    by Lavie Margolin
    The bluster and bravado that Trump witnessed at several WrestleManias, whether from a front row seat or inside the ring, surely lent a hand to his memorable electoral debate oratories. TrumpMania is the story, on screen and off, of the mutually beneficial business and personal relationship between Donald Trump, Vince & Linda McMahon and the WWF/WWE. No matter what side of the political aisle you sit on, it would be hard to deny that Vince McMahon had some hand in the election of the 45th Preside... more
  • Great Objectives

    by Robert D. Finch
    In his book Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill refers to the great objects of human life. We may assume that what Mill calls an object is the same as an objective in modern parlance. The examples of great objectives that Mill cites include power, fame, and money. One wonders how seriously Mill was actually endorsing such aims to be the overarching objectives of living or whether he was simply expressing his finding that many people actually do take such aims as these for life. The contention is th... more
  • Privacy: And How to Get It Back

    by B.J. Mendelson
    In this forceful short book, technology guru and author of the best-selling Social Media is Bullshit (St. Martins Press) Brandon Mendelson exposes the crude reality behind the smiley face of internet networking: data trading. We are all auctioning our personal information, the book argues, to the highest bidder. Mendelson discusses the end of privacy from a contemporary perspective, including chapters on: Metadata and its uses Data auctions The Internet of Things The use of social me... more
  • The Transition, Initiated by Copernicus and Galileo, from Religion to Science

    by Lawrence Wood
    Have you ever wondered: ?Why two diametrically opposite explanations of ourselves -- Religion and Science -- coexist?? As this book explains, the reason is, one explanation began before the other. The first explanation?s development began thousands of years ago when our gradually evolving brains and minds awoke to an unknown, possibly threatening environment. Unfortunately, attempts to explain this strange environment were frustrated by illusions such as the apparent motion of the sun, moon and ... more
  • It Is About You: How American Government Works and How to Help Fix It

    by Deborah Cupples
    A nonpartisan and plain-language guide, this book covers basics about American Government and includes a copy of the United States Constitution. Understanding your government will make you (1) less likely to be misled by agenda-driven politicians or media figures and (2) more likely to have a say in how government affects your life. The following concepts are among those covered in this book: the Rule of Law; checks and balances; separation of powers; types of laws; people’s rights and the g... more
  • The Bilingual Revolution: The Future of Education Is in Two Languages (Edition in English)

    by Fabrice Jaumont

    The Bilingual Revolution is a collection of inspirational vignettes and practical advice that tells the story of the parents and educators who founded dual language programs in New York City public schools. Convinced that bilingual education is a public good that should be offered to all students, these pioneers illustrate how these programs can positively transform a community, a school, and even a country. The book doubles as a "how to" manual for setting up your own dual language... more

  • Knowledge For Life

    by Mark Derrick Boisvert
    Book explains world Governments, Organized crime, What happens to your body when you smoke cigarettes and use illegal drugs. The two main systems that keep our bodies alive with out thinking. Plus what all religions are in the world. Then how we would be better off with science. Then the final is the space race.
  • Knowledge For Life

    by Mark Derrick Boisvert
    Author has been associated with a psychiatric hospital for 40 years and has a different outlook on everyday life than most people
  • Social Change Through Training and Education

    by Dr. E. Beverly Young
    Volume 3?The ?Clothing? of Effective Policing: Cultural Competency, Spirituality and Ethics continues my discussion about the humanity of policing. For this writing, I give attention to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional dimensions of humankind. I use clothing metaphorically to describe more than something to cover body parts. Clothing refers to preparation of the heart, soul, and mind for tasks associated with policing. I came up with the idea while studying scripture, substituting the ... more
  • Your Rights When Stopped By Police

    by Nancy E. Albert
    This book lays out, in everyday language, landmark rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court governing police-citizen encounters. Taken together, these decisions provide a road map to understanding the behavior required of ordinary citizens and law enforcement officers alike. Written in a lively, sometimes whimsical, narrative poetic style, it is designed to leave the reader not only entertained, but also empowered by a better understanding of one's rights and responsibilities. Extensive end notes, writ... more

    by Michael Caster
    “You are now under residential surveillance at a designated location. Your only right is to obey.” With these words, Chinese lawyer Xie Yang was introduced to the brutality of Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location (RSDL), China’s rapidly expanding system for enforced disappearances. Little is known of RSDL, or what happens inside. The People’s Republic of the Disappeared will change that. RSDL facilities, often secret, custom-built and unmarked prisons, are run by police or St... more
  • Invisible Law of the Universe

    by Kay Forgione
    Happiness—the goal of human life—is dependent on the degree of the cultivation of virtue, the practice of goodness developed by the intellectual part of the soul. If we agree that happiness is the aim of the individual, then the government’s aim is to ensure the happiness of every citizen of a nation by exercising civic virtue and reviving Aristotle’s idea of human society. More specifically, in our modern societies the role of government should be to curb the excess capitalistic greed of the ri... more
  • Think Before You Ink and Other Cautionary Tales

    by Alison Bossert
    Think Before You Ink And Other Cautionary Tales is a collection of humorous essays and stories which explore the life, travels and oftentimes kooky thoughts of its writer, Alison Bossert. An entertaining blend of universally appealing, smart, satirical observations on life, food and the all too often cultural misstep. Whether thinking the worst-case scenario while standing in the customs and immigration line at the Moscow Airport, deciding on a tattoo, or offering advice after a job layoff, her ... more
  • Profiles in Wisdom

    by Steven McFadden

    Taking inspiration from John F. Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize winning Profiles in Courage, Steven McFadden presents the stories and thinking of 17 contemporary Native American spiritual elders in this widely acclaimed book. As our existing culture shifts, what to the ancient ones who have been trained in the sacred Traditions of Turtle Island (North America) have to say to us? With this question and others, journalist McFadden begins his quest to speak with contemporary Native American ... more

  • No Such Thing as a Bad Kid

    by Charles D. Appelstein, MSW
    Written specifically for professionals who guide kids with emotional and behavioral challenges, this empowering handbook is packed with principles and techniques to help child-guiders tap the potential for greatness that exists in every young person. It opens by portraying misbehavior as a call for help; provides a wealth of insight into “decoding” those messages; and presents hands-on, neurologically sound tips for effectively revolutionizing adult interactions with highly vulnerable kids in a ... more
  • Chronicles of the Kwedake Dikep A TimeLine of the Indian Spring on the HIll TL of 2016

    by Robert J. Thayer
    Current research on a modern definition of a human right on healthcare or wellbeing (total integrated health) as it might appear under very modern bioethics, epigenetic and purely molecular or quantum levels of homosapien beings. Much more difficult than originally defined in Constitutional contexts of Justice, Liberty and our Posterity.