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  • Lobster on a Cheese Plate

    by Mark Harari
    What makes you stand out? In a world filled-with good choices, why should your prospective clients choose you over the competition? In short, it comes down to answering one question: "why should I choose you?" The best answer wins. But there's a catch: prospects start answering that question on your behalf from the moment they become aware of your existence. This book will show you how to establish yourself as that "best choice" from the onset, dramatically shortening your sales cycle and vir... more

    by Robert Koshinskie
    Devils in the Details calls for the rise of modern Devil's Advocacy to help reduce risk and manage uncertainty. Through discussion and examples, this book challenges decision-makers from the CEO to the newly minted manager to think and act like a modern Devil's Advocate. Inside you'll discover: - The origin of devil's advocacy and why modern Devil's Advocates are needed today - Why we need to regularly challenge our formal processes, including so-called best practices - Different kinds of t... more
  • How To Conclude A Contract: The Real Business Contract Management

    by Yana Chizhikova
    The author shares the lessons she learned while running a small agile business first, and then working at a large international EU-based corporation. As an executive, she negotiated and concluded a wide range of contracts: commercial agreements with customers and suppliers, administration, bookkeeping, auditing, IT services and databases, lawyers, and so on. A book How To Conclude A Contract: The Real Business Contract Management gives observations and thoughts about how to: run negotiatio... more
  • How Dyslexics Will Rule the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Automation Are Disrupting Our Economy Creating an Employment Dem

    by Tiffany Sunday
    In Tiffany Sunday’s, groundbreaking book, she asserts the last competitive edge against the machines is human creativity. She examines the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on employment, the global economy, and society. Tiffany condenses research and dozens of interviews into a convincing narrative about the future of work and new job opportunities for creative, problem-solving professionals. Advanced digital systems and platforms are creating a homogenous mindset. Companie... more
  • Dyslexia's Competitive Edge

    by Tiffany Sunday
    “The book is engaging when it instructs people with dyslexia to tap into their creativity, innovative spirit, and understand how they are often able to solve complex problems easier than others and are often more skilled at technology. Sunday teaches young adults how to use their gift of being dyslexic to research business strategies and entrepreneurial ideas for post-graduation.” "Dallas Morning News"
  • Reimagining Collaboration: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and the Post-COVID World of Work

    by Phil Simon
    "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by ignorance." -Hanlon's Razor Over the past five years, organizations adopted Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams in droves. Think of COVID-19 as pouring gasoline on the fire. The pandemic didn't start a trend as much as it accelerated an existing one. Unfortunately, far too many of us mistakenly view these applications as Email 2.0. As a result, we are missing out on extraordinary opportunities to create more collaborative ... more
  • Liability insurance NY can be solved by a Brokers

    by Jessica Mantooth
    General liabilities insurance is one of the most misunderstood types of insurances. This is one of those insurances that we neglect but we should not. This means that you have to get all the information that you can about these liabilities. If you are one of the new buyers it is understandable that you guys can catch up in the excitement of buying a new place. It will diminish your focus from the real deal. You will have to be the focus when buying a house for yourself. You have to cover all asp... more
  • how to write a company profile

    by ebola george
    Be it a small scale business at its initial stage or a fully flourishes business at large scale , having a business company profile is at upmost importance. Company profile works at a resume for your company. A company profile should be accurate and should contain all the information regarding your company like history, services offer, recourses and location. Business profiles will serve as a good marketing tool. Business world is very competitive and the one who are of ahead of competit... more
  • From Penguins to Paradise: My Life as an Advertising Man

    by Paddy Hayes
    From Penguins to Paradise: My Life as an Advertising Man invites the reader to laugh at and learn about the ad industry in equal measure. It charts the career of a young advertising agency trainee, from his initial struggles as a trainee Account Executive to his appointment as Managing Director (Thailand), and eventually Senior Vice President (International). His insightful and often hilarious experiences range from the pitfalls of trying to make penguins perform for a TV commercial in London to... more
  • Business Character Matters

    by Derrick Jordan
    Business Character Matters: The Ten Habits of Highly Successful Managers embodies several fundamental principles of character development and self-improvement. The habits are basic and represent the internalization of correct principles upon which lasting business success is based. This is a must read book about character—how changing your unsuccessful habits can bring success in every area of your business career and life. The main idea of the book is to develop yourself and grow as a person an... more
  • The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do

    by Jay Gordon Cone

    The Surprising Power of Not Knowing What to Do helps organizational leaders and teams who feel stuck or overwhelmed by uncertainty and complexity. Readers learn to use four thinking disciplines that turn the discomfort of not knowing what to do into creative insights and options. 

  • Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Brand From Zero to Hero in 2021

    by Michael Kouiroukidis
    Growing on Instagram is a very complex and work intensive process. It can be compared to the launch of a spacecraft into outer space. This book teaches you the fundamentals of how to lift off into the Instagram universe. You will learn about how the algorithm works and how you can use this knowledge with the help of detailed step-by-step instructions. This book is structured around different strategies that can all help you grow your Instagram account. After learning about them all, you will kno... more
  • Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving

    by Samuel Sanders
    The goal of "Your Next Big Idea - Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving" is to help the reader develop innovative ideas. Whether those ideas are giant multi-million-dollar businesses or simply ways to improve everyday activities, this book describes a process that can be used to help the reader originate and cultivate ideas that can change their life. It is styled as an interactive workbook where the main character is the reader, with each section featuring exercises that will challenge th... more
  • 7 Unicorn Drive: From Startup to A Billion Dollar Sale in 7 Years – The Adventure of Iza and Samo Login

    by Dani Polajnar

    7 years. One billion dollars. An IT startup from tiny Slovenia sold to a Chinese giant. This is not your everyday fairytale. This is the unusual story of Iza and Samo Login, the first married couple in the world to reach this level of success in business, creating a true "unicorn" in such a short time. 

    This is a tale of business interwoven with a guide that highlights different ways of thinking and leading, with an element of spirituality and a strong responsibility to o... more

  • Running Your Small Business Like A Pro: The More You Know, The Faster You Grow

    by Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA
    A common sense guide for learning how to run your business as a professional enterprise. It provides a fundamental understanding of the challenges small businesses face with real-world solutions that drive results. It also introduces tools and techniques that any business in any sector can easily deploy to achieve long term stability.
  • Black Magic Removal

    by Love Back By Vashikaran
    Free black magic removal, Free service seems like a lucky fate in the world of today. You know when one goes through the hard times. They are not able to decide which way can be better for them.