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  • Author's Guide to SuperComputer Translation

    by Greg Mills
    I investigated the human language translation industry. It is a very tough racket, best avoided at all cost. Then I discovered breakthrough technological solutions. Using SuperComputers to translate books and avoid poor translations is now possible. Previously troublesome translation errors can now be virtually eliminated. We cross-check translations, ordering a translation back to English from a second SuperComputer. You can now compare original manuscripts with test files. That is all explaine... more
  • Dump Your Half-Assed Marketing Strategy

    by James I. Bond

    Want an easier way to get people to buy your products and say YES to your ideas? Then you need to keep reading…

    People buy for emotional reasons. Yet "emotional selling" is missing from most marketing.

    That's why so many pros are now using BRAIN GLUE™ to boost the performance of their ads, emails, social media posts, and one-on-one presentations.

    "This is one of the most important marketing books you will ever read!"... more

  • The Ultimate Guide to Successful Job Interviewing

    by M. L. Miller
    Discover the Skills and Techniques that lead to a more Successful Job Interview The strategies in this book were compiled by the author, successful Headhunter, M.L. Miller, from his series of experiences working for hundreds of client companies from Fortune 100 large companies to startups, conducting over twenty thousand job interviews, receiving hiring manager feedback from thousands more, training interviewers, and designing interviewing processes. There are interview tips out there that w... more
  • 52 Ways to Spend Less: Manage Your Money to Get Out of Debt, Save for Retirement, and Fulfill Your Financial Dreams

    by April Benson-Scearce
    Whether you want to retire early, get out of debt, take the trip of your dreams, or start a charity, 52 Ways to Spend Less can help you cut back on wasteful spending to better direct your money toward what matters to you. The book offers fifty-two strategies for spending less. All fifty-two aim to teach a few key personal finance principles. Peruse the book, internalize these principles, and then apply the methods that most relate to you. Or make a New Year's resolution and devote a week ... more
  • Achieving the Dream of Homeownership Early in Your Life - A Step by Step Guide to Buying a House

    by Sylvia Black
    This book will guide you step-by-step from deciding if homeownership is right for you until you get the keys and move into your new home and the steps in between. I also include Section 8 Homeownership. If you want details about purchasing a home with your section 8 Homeownership Voucher, please purchase “Affordable Homes and Apartments Presents Buy a Home With Your Section 8 Homeownership Voucher” If you want more information about grants, subsidy grants, down payment and closing cost assis... more
  • Broken to Better

    by Michael Kurland
    Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart. It takes a firm resolve, the ability to persevere and pivot during challenging times, the humility to admit mistakes, and empathy for the people around you. Understanding who you are is critical to that journey. In Broken to Better, Michael Kurland candidly shares every step of his own entrepreneurial odyssey—selling everything he owned, driving across the country to launch his new business, and ultimately building a purpose-driven culture... more
  • FasTrack Export

    by W Gary Winget
    This book is for CEOs and marketing managers interested in pursuing a proven strategy for export and global expansion. The book provides a step-by-step trade for maximizing a company's success in global markets by streamlining the export and global expansion process and expoentiallly growing sales and profits while reducing overall costs. The book guides a company through the natural flow of the export and global expansion process from starting up the program through targeting markets, export ... more
  • What's to do in Sage 50 Canadian Edition

    by Alex Hales
    Topics are also dedicated to setting up users and security, foreign currency transactions, periodic maintenance, and form and report customization.
  • Fine Dining: The Secrets Behind the Restaurant Industry

    by Jack Rasmussen
    “Opening up a restaurant is not a walk in the park, or a walk in the kitchen. Instead, it takes strategy, grit, perseverance but, most of all, passion in your concept and vision.” Food has become a vital part of life and there is a new, unique respect for the restaurant industry. From enjoying the presentation of a meal, caring about ingredients and where they come from, to curiosity about the decisions that go into a restaurant’s creation, food is a hot topic. But what does it take to run a ... more
  • The 6 Disciplines of Leadership: How to Run Your Company like a Tight Ship

    by Hessel Kaastra
    The 6 Disciplines of Leadership – How to run your company like a tight ship is intended for anyone starting out in general management, or aspiring to become a CEO someday. This book is a tutorial to help leaders to quickly frame complex problems. It will increase your business acumen and provide practical advice on how to handle common CEO challenges. All concepts are illustrated with real-life examples from companies such as Blackberry, IKEA, Adyen, Aetna, IBM and Just Eat Through... more
  • Remote, Not Distant

    by Gustavo Razzetti
    The workplace is changing. Will you adapt or fall behind? While most companies have struggled to keep their culture alive remotely since the pandemic, some are successfully riding the waves of the future. To the outside observer, it seems like they were lucky. In reality, building a workplace culture strong enough to thrive at a distance doesn't happen by chance but by design. In this practical, meticulously researched book, top culture thought leader Gustavo Razzetti provides a roadmap to... more
  • 10 Leading Tools: Rules, Tools & Habits for Leading Yourself and Leading Others

    by KG Butler
    How do some leaders inspire and create hordes of loyal followers? And why do some people and organizations have the ability to challenge the status quo and succeed again and again? Because they’ve learned the right tools for success. 10 Leading Tools provides you with the skills and tools to become a stronger person and a more productive leader. 10 Leading Tools (10LT) is a contemporary approach to leadership that presents readers with insightful strategies for tackling today's chall... more
  • Forex Trading: Four Basic Trading Strategies for Beginner Traders

    by Diane Dylan

    Have you been thinking of starting to trade in the forex market? If yes, let us tell you that it is certainly a good idea to trade in the foreign exchange market. In comparison to the stock market, trading in the forex market can be done all week at different times. This is because the forex market opens and closes based on different time zones of different countries.

    Therefore, if you have decided to begin trading in the forex market, you will certainly get a benefit over the long run.... more

  • Wealth Your Way: A Simple Path to Financial Freedom

    by Cosmo P DeStefano
    Journey through your Life’s Complete Financial Arc with Wealth Your Way. Accumulate wealth, achieve the pinnacle of financial independence, and then comfortably spend your wealth as you retire on your own terms. Financial independence buys you the most valuable asset on the planet—freedom. The freedom to spend your money, and more importantly, your time, however you see fit. Still, reaching financial independence requires more than mere investing. Unlike other books that try to tell you w... more
  • Financial Help Guide

    by Gary T. Shorter
    Avoid the Rising Costs and Fears of Inflation! Be a Smarter Investor with These SAFE (9%-13%) Funds to Protect Your Money’s Value! \tIf you want to gain a better financial understanding in these areas: \t- \tWhat is the best investment platform? \t-\tWhich is better, Mutual Funds or ETFs and why? \t-\tWhat’s a better investment, individual stocks or these funds? \tThen you need to read this book and save it for future reference. \tThis book reveals (3) high-yield investments that are s... more
  • Elite and True

    by James L. Barnhart
    Inspiring, educational, and entertaining, Elite and True translates James Barnhart’s real-life experiences in the US Navy’s Officer Candidate School, Nuclear Power School, and submarine service into deeper leadership insights than most people will ever experience in their entire careers. Barnhart deftly transforms his own military experiences into a broad format that readers can apply to general leadership situations in their own lives. When readers finish Elite and True, they will feel motiv... more