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Business & Personal Finance

  • Invest In Yourself

    by Peri Scott
    Bringing more “Power to the People” Expanding on the ideas presented in his best-selling book, “BYOB: Be Your Own Bank”, Peri Scott goes even deeper into the philosophy and practical applications of thinking like the rich. If you are longing to escape the 9-5 or are worried about how you are going to retire someday, the ideas put forth in this book are designed to help everyday people become financially free through unconventional money movement strategies.
  • Self-Publish Your Novel for Under $500: A Step-by-step Guide for Writers

    by William X. Adams
    Self-publishing is the most practical way for a novelist to find readers, and with today's technology, it's affordable. Find out what it takes to get your writing online with this step-by-step guide from a novelist who did it. You'll learn what you need to get started and how to see the project through. You'll be able to decide whether to do it all yourself or to purchase some professional services to assist. A section on marketing gives advice on how to sell your book once it's published. Your ... more
  • What Can Attorneys for Worker Compensations Do?

    by Maddison White
    Accidents and injuries are more common in the workplace than you think. You can suffer broken arms or legs or have back injuries from heavy lifting. There could even be carpel tunnel syndrome from years and years of typing. With the help of the right attorney you can recover compensation for these injuries and these will include any wages that you have lost as well as medical expenses that you have had to bear. What Are the Benefits That You Can Hope to Collect? If you have recruit... more
  • The Snowman's Guide to Personal Finance: A simple approach to managing your money

    by Steven Arnott

    The Snowman’s Guide to Personal Finance will help you spend your money stress-free and enjoy your life today. All while ensuring you can continue your lifestyle in the future. This is done through over 20 analogies tying the foundations of personal finance to the act of building a snowman. The book provides steps to save money for the future, put those savings to work and protect yourself from the unexpected.

  • Running with My Head Down: An Entrepreneur's Story of Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose

    by Frank V. Fiume II

    A no-holds-barred rags-to-riches story of finding your purpose and living a life of no regrets. 

    Running with My Head Down is the inspirational story of one man's search for purpose and meaning, a quest without limitation that ultimately leads to unique business success and personal fulfillment. A native of Queens, New York, Frank was born into a working-class family, surrounded by the unified love of his parents. But in the mid-1970s, the nine-year-old was deeply impacted by h... more

  • How AI has transformed digital marketing

    by kumarfield

    Artificial intelligence brings digital marketing into a new dimension. He now seems able to keep his promise: send the right message, in the right place, at the right time. A few months ago, the multinational Procter & Gamble (P & G) announced it wanted to reduce its advertising budget from 100 to 140 million dollars in 2017. A decision far from innocuous when we know that the group is the first global advertiser. Main argument advanced by its leader, a race for innovation and technology too ... more

  • 2019 Real Cisco 300-101 Dumps PDF | 300-101 Exam Practice Guide

    by bale kesw

    The 300-101 Dumps pdf is well presented and user friendly for the students using them.

  • Writing Service Dubai

    by Writing Service is a resource dedicated to all the Middle East students. At very affordable prices, our company provides the finest academic writing services. Our primary motive behind the services we provide is merely to help learners deliver genuine papers without compromise to their academy. We have a team of skilled writers. Our writing services Dubai are accessible online 24/7 to assist students.
  • Throttle Up: How to Accelerate the Impact of 21st Century Leadership

    by John P. Dentico
    Throttle Up Brings Leadership Thought and Practice into the 21st Century LEADERSHIP CAN BE anything one says it is—that is until a person or group has to do something complex with it. For the most part, leadership development remains an exercise of the abstract ostensibly possessed by the heroic or gifted few and disconnected from the multifaceted real-world challenges of everyday life. Throttle Up represents a departure from the traditional perspective in which leadership resides in the traits... more
  • Safety-First Retirement Planning: An Integrated Approach for a Worry-Free Retirement

    by Wade Pfau
    When we properly consider the range of risks introduced after retirement, integrated strategies with insurance and investments support more efficient retirement. Safety-first retirement planning helps to meet financial goals with less worry. I explains how to evaluate different insurance options and implement these solutions into a retirement plan.
  • Content Writing Course in Kerala

    by Akash Menon

    Now, content writing courses are introduced in Kochi to brighten the career prospects of budding writers and identify their inherent talents. During the course, they can become introduced to all fundamentals in content writing, understand the different career options available to them and become qualified as professional content writers.

  • Mommy is a project manager

    by Mei Y. Lin
    In reading stories to my son, I realized that there were very few books written that focus on working mothers.  I wrote a book that I could read to my son, so he could understand how my two roles as Mother and Project Manager relate to each other.  This book will strive to highlight positive examples of working mothers as role models in today's world. Additionally, the intent of the book is to have a story that parents will enjoy reading for their children. And finally, It has vibrant illustra... more
  • Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent

    by Troy Hall
    DID YOU KNOW that 63% of employees are actively searching for a new position? In today's war for talent, the focus should be on talent retention, not just talent attraction. C-Suite Executives, Company Founders, and Sr. HR Leaders need to develop an organizational culture where employees want to belong. Dr. Troy Hall helps you create a "Best Places To Work" environment, where your employees love to work, and stay to work.
  • Atlanta Estate Property Movers is the top national moving companies Kennesaw GA

    by Alice John
    For moving proper planning is needed that involves the best strategies to have a stress free and safe moving experience. From packing to unpacking you need to have a well-managed and effort consuming process. Moving can be very hectic as well as emotionally breaking. Whatever the reason moving comes with, it can be heartbreaking to leave the place you have spent so much time. To reduce the stress of moving it is best to hire a professional and reliable national moving companies Kennesaw GA. Lett... more
  • Bailing Out the Company Canoe: Become a Better Boss

    by RH Franck
    Bailing Out the Company Canoe: Become a Better Boss is a non-fiction business book which takes the reader from the earliest days of the Founder's company, through the heady venture fund raising, code writing, a product launch period, through building its early adoption customer base, and then through the stall and demise of the company. Bailing was written from the perspectives of its employees across a wide range of business professions. It is a useful business book because the authors descri... more
  • Internet Services In My Area

    by betty lodges
    About Internet Services and How to select the best of the internet Services?