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  • 9780692828786

    by Dan Blakely
    Over 175 pages full of just about EVERYTHING from A-Z. Just look inside the book and check out the table of contents and you will agree, this IS the COMPLETE guide! There are a lot of books on the market about how to have a garage sale and yes some about making money buying at garage sales but many of them can be limited in their information. There is just SO MUCH opportunity out there; Antiques, vintage stuff from the 70's and 80's, CD's, Book's and the list goes on. However, to succeed at this... more
  • Fierce Reinvention

    by Rand Leeb-du Toit
    Rand Leeb-du Toit’s sudden cardiac death in 2014 was the trigger for radically reinventing his life. Rand was given an incredibly rare second chance, a moment that made him realize we all allow fear and our own self-limitations to hold us back from realizing our dreams. Now the former Fortune 500 advisor, lawyer and venture capitalist wants to help others become fierce, seize their own destiny and live life at their full potential. His new book, Fierce Reinvention, will challenge you to find... more
  • what is the importance of education essay?

    by Nathan Nathan

    Ordering a custom essay to be written for you by means of a expert on line writing team can resolve a few of your problems. As an ordinary student, you're anticipated to perform equally properly in dozens of difficult topics, each considered one of which requires your steady interest. It receives even greater hard at the stop of every semester, while you need to paintings concurrently on some complex writing assignments, and you'll admire the benefits of getting an essay writte... more

  • Create Your New Life of Abundance

    by Jennifer Lancaster
    Find out what’s behind common money and relationship struggles (including the author’s own story). Tuning into our beliefs, values and the way we think is the key. But we go a step beyond creating a prosperity mindset — as you also need solid financial principles. The Seven Pillars of Financial Sense will help you: •balance the budget •eradicate personal debt •plan your financial life •protect what you have •make more income from teaching others, and •prepare to invest and take act... more
  • Let's Collab! Find the blogging tribe that will skyrocket your business.

    by Herchel Scruggs
    Let's Collab! Is a guide for new bloggers looking to find their tribe. I give detailed instructions on finding and working with the tribe that will help your blog grow.
  • The Bird is the Word: Tweet Your Way to the Top on Twitter and Sell Books More "Cheep-ly"

    by Leilani Anastasia
    Are you a self-published author with some really good content but don't know how to gain a readership? Are you struggling with sales yet don't have the budget to launch a pricey advertising campaign? If your answers are yes, then this book is the one for you! Packed with great information and suggestions, this book is a go-to guide for any author who is looking to sell books through Twitter while being "cheep"! If you're looking to make your book selling business a career, then this book is a gr... more
  • Do You Know What a Book Publicist Does?: A Guide for Creating Your Own Campaigns

    by Claire McKinney
    Are you an author? Is your book about to be published? Are you wondering how to promote your book? Over the years, Claire McKinney has found that the lack of information on how book promotion works has left most authors in the dark, without a clear idea of how they can contribute to their own campaigns. In her book, she opens a window into the world of media relations and publicity so that authors will learn: How to promote your book to the media How to create your own media contact list ... more
  • The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living

    by Karl Beckstrand

    (Careers, small business) “Masterful … An immensely appealing book because of its readable style … and its realistic but soft Asian-style illustrations.” – Crystie Cook, poet. Selected by the State of Vermont for career/financial literacy curriculum. A child with a knack for solving problems helps some hungry fish and finds a treasure. Illustrated folk tale teaches how to spot opportunities to help others and make money; comes with ideas for businesses; job ide... more

  • The Moses of Wall Street: Investing the Right Way, for the Right Reasons

    by Ron Tank
    The book is “Where the Bible Meets Wall Street” and it simplifies the stock market. This is Ron’s first book. If you read for style and literary quality, this isn’t your book. He is not an award-winning writer and it has flaws. But there are ideas, paragraphs and whole chapters in this book that we have never seen written down on paper before! Concepts that could open doors for you today, or tomorrow, that otherwise may have taken a life-time to walk through! When Ron shared the beginnings... more
  • Laws of Visual Attraction

    by Claire Langju Lee
    When there are two identical products, how is it that one looks better than the other? Why do some designs stick in your memory when you’ve only seen them once? If something looks good, there is a good reason why. Here are 9 laws of visual attraction, which will sate your curiosity. Laws of Visual Attraction shares in detail nine sales-boosting techniques that Lee discovered and experienced firsthand while providing visual merchandising consulting to 2,000 businesses including LG Electronics, N... more
  • Time For Wonderlust: Planning Your Retirement Renaissance

    by Forrest J. Wright

    Finally—In Retirement, You’ll Have Time to Wake Up Your Brain to the World of Ideas! Goodbye to the work world and hello, leisure! What are you going to do with all your new free time? Try engaging your “wonderlust(TM)”—your innate curiosity and desire to know the world…and to know yourself. Isn’t it time you entered the world of great thinkers and powerful ideas? The book you’re holding is unlike any other retirement ... more

  • Agile Scrum: Your Quick Start Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions

    by Scott M. Graffius

    There are a variety of frameworks supporting the development of products and services, and most methodologies fall into one of two broad categories: traditional or agile. Traditional practices engage sequential development, while agile models involve iterative and incremental deliverables. Organizations are increasingly embracing agile to best meet their business needs and successfully manage projects. Agile Scrum: Your Quick Start Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions provides those ... more

  • What's Next?: The most important career guide to help you find the right job, be more confident and achieve career success.

    by Mohamed Hanbal
    The book is dedicated to answering 10 of the most important career questions to help the reader identify what he or she wants, take the right actions as well as make the right career moves. In this book, you will find answers to questions such as: •How Do I Know What I Want in Life? •How to Reduce My Fear of The Future and The Feeling of Being Inadequate? •Where Should I Start My Career? Or in Other Words: In Which Department? •Should I Work in A Big Multinational Company or In a Mediu... more
  • 13 Power Money Saving Articles + Bonus

    by Personal Money Service
    Find the collection of the most powerful money-saving tips from Personal Money Service! Personal Money Service is the service that helps the borrowers get matched with the loan lenders and it shared useful money and budget related articles and infographics. ‘13 Power Money Saving Articles’ is a powerful e-book that shares the essential tips about budget, credit, loans, etc. These are essential secrets that will help put finance in order and time-tested methods to save money that do work, etc. Fi... more
  • Job Search Diary

    by Resume Writing Lab

    Are you dreaming about a good job offer? But do you know the secrets of successful job search? ‘Job Search Diary’ is a book, brought to you by Resume Writing Lab. This professional writing service specializes in resume writing and its writers know a lot about successful job hunt. Find the most effective and time-tested methods that will help you become a magnet for the HR managers and get a job offer. Follow the link i... more

  • Communicating Your Competence, A Guide for Non-native Professionals in the North American Workplace

    by Beverly B. Leach
    For non-native professionals (business and academic) working with North Americans, Communicating Your Competence presents proven techniques for connecting "American style" in business, social and presentation situations. Based on the author's extensive experience, the book includes a first-language-specific section to improve pronunciation, along with techniques for subtle shifts in body language, culturally appropriate patterns of idea expression, and guidelines for preparing and delivering a s... more