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  • 7+ Visual Features of Facebook you are not Utilized.

    by Neeraj Sahu

    7+ Visual Features of Facebook you are not Utilized.

    1. Interest list

    Interest Lists is a Facebook highlight that was presented around 3 years back. At the time,it totally changed what number of us utilized Facebook.  In case you're a long-term Twitter client, you thoroughly understand records and how they help you see what you truly need to see on Twitter - which is packed. Interest Lists on Facebook customer service toll free number does fundamentally s... more

  • Go Tech, or Go Extinct: How Acquiring Tech Disruptors Is the Key to Survival and Growth for Established Companies

    by Paul Cuatrecasas
    Go Tech, or Go Extinct is an insider’s guide to the opportunities available for established companies willing to embrace rapid change without sacrificing their core goals. More encompassing than a “how-to” handbook, this resource is designed for ambitious C-suite leaders eager to implement the future-focused actions vital to survive and thrive. Armed with the same priceless wisdom that Cuatrecasas uses to create exponential returns for his clients, you’ll identify and seize smart ideas on how to... more
  • Beginner Landlord: 101 Forms to Managing Rental Property Investing, Legal Self-Help Guide

    by Sanket Mistry
    Rent your property using Peerless Legal's "Beginner Landlord" created with first-time landlords in mind as well as experienced landlords who are looking for legal forms to meet their shifting needs. This book is a great way to earn passive income. The forms are written in plain-English, easy to understand, comprehensive, and fill-in-the-blanks. The Legal Self-Help Guide series provides information to those who want to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in an effort to resolve leg... more
  • High Credit Score Secrets - The Smart Raise And Repair Guide to Excellent Credit: Herold Financial Literacy Program

    Improve Your Credit Score in 45-60 Days or Even Less This practical credit compendium starts off by demonstrating over 50 guaranteed methods of how you can almost immediately boost your credit score. Follow these simple, effective and proven strategies to improve your credit score from as low as 450 points to over 810. Understand the tactics to build excellent credit for yourself and how to guard that good score for a lifetime.
  • The Arab Business Code

    by Judith Hornok
    In “The Arab Business Code,” Hornok guides business leaders in the U.S. to create and maintain long-term relationships with their peers in the Arab world and beyond with insightful case studies of renowned international and Arab businesspeople and a colorful new concept that she calls The Seven Emotional Hinderers. This approach introduced in “The Arab Business Code” aims to help readers overcome the barriers to conducting business in the Middle East through the method of decoding.
  • BE LEFT BEHIND: Discover Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Before Your Grandma Beats You to It

    by Yuri Cataldo
    Cryptocurrency can feel like an incomprehensible world, especially when you’re just getting started. We’ve both been through the whole process of learning how to buy, send, spend and invest in cryptocurrency so we know how frustrating and confusing it can be. By the end of this book, you are going to be feeling a whole lot more confident than you do right now; in fact, we’re sure you are going to want to get more involved. Back when we were getting started, we had a ton of questions about how to... more
  • DON'T TAKE ANY WOODEN NICKELS: Principles of Corporate Finance kdp_textbook_submission: Summary - PRESENTATION FORMAT FOR WORKSH

    This is a study of selected corporate finance theories including Nobel prize winner, Fama. This studies and reviews the evolution of corporate finance theories. The demonstration of this module within the Breadth component is an overview of the selected three corporate finance theories including risk and market variability. Within the Depth component, an annotated bibliography critiques current literature on corporate finance theories. An essay comparing, contrasting and synthesizing these theo... more
  • Naked at Work

    by Danessa Knaupp
    Think about what kind of leader you could be if you knew, with absolute certainty, that you were the best person for the job. Now, think about all the reasons you can’t be that leader. The stories you carry, your failures, the realities of your organization—everything that’s in your way. The truth? You can be the strong, inspirational leader you imagine by leading authentically. But you have to peel back the facade and get naked. Many books tout the benefits of authenticity, but none ex... more
  • The Golden Toilet: Stop Flushing Your Marketing Budget into Your Website and Build a System That Grows Your Business

    by Steve Brown
    The last thing you need to invest in is yet another website rebuild. In fact, that fancy website of yours is nothing more than a beautiful, brand new, solid-gold toilet. If you’re not convinced, at least be honest: how much have you spent on your website, thinking that this time you’ll get the right design that will send the value of your business skyrocketing? It didn’t move the needle, did it? That’s because your website is The Golden Toilet, and you’ve flushed far too much money into it wi... more
  • How do Procurement Outsourcing Services Enhance Trade Quality?

    by Arron Alton
    Procurement Outsourcing activity is involved in knowledge and support to the specialist. Tracking subcontracting is focused on providing structure to the team. Certain establishments are involved in facility tasks requiring immediate action. The savings saved as a result may involve the gaining procedure and vendors to focus on production. The production process may be interrupted by a gap. Maximum manufacturing Establishments stress on management of ingredients such as packaging and direct earn... more
  • How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor (The Real Estate Investor Manual)

    by Gabrielle Dahms

    The Real Estate Investing Manual: How Trends Make You A Smarter Investor explores how property investors can capitalize on emerging trends to generate large incomes in real estate. Investing in these trends allow you to make a difference and to make a profit.

    The author Gabrielle Dahms dispenses practical methods, offers passive and active ways to invest, and set you up to become a successful real estate investor. The book is filled with actionable ad... more

  • The Broken CEO

    Many CEOs simply don't know how to lead - their leadership is broken. This book is a guide to fixing broken leadership so that CEOs can become the leader they always wanted to be. In his first book, The Broken CEO, Chris Pearse explores how many of the challenges you face as a leader, are simply reflections of your own inner dynamics - your thinking and feeling worlds. He shows how turning your attention through 180º from the outer mechanics of the business, to your innermost self, transforms th... more
  • The Short-Term Retirement Program: Break Out of Your Financial Prison

    by Robert Feol
    Change Your Life Starting Right Now Learn how to pay off your personal mortgage in as little as three to five years. Leverage your income to invest in rental properties that can help you build wealth for years to come. Learn WHY you are unable to get ahead, the nefarious financial market factors intentionally arrayed against you, and how to solve your financial problems ONCE AND FOR ALL. THE SHORT-TERM RETIREMENT PROGRAM will change your life forever.
  • The Book Marketing Audit

    by Kilby Blades
    Marketing feels like an albatross, doesn’t it? Always heavy around your neck, the sharp tip of its curved beak impossible to ignore as it digs into your skin. For most authors, it’s a burden. Even marketing geeks—people who actually like this stuff—struggle to find the time to write, as well as market, their books. "The Book Marketing Audit" distills 40-time-award-winning author Kilby Blades's learnings as a 15-year digital marketing veteran to offer customizable, action-oriented advice. It w... more
  • How To Write a Professional Bio: For Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs

    by Jeniffer Thompson
    Get ready to write your best bio ever. Writing a professional bio is the first step to creating a polished, powerful, personal brand. Whether you are a thought leader, author, speaker, or entrepreneur, your bio is your chance to control the narrative of YOU. It’s often your introduction to the people who matter most—your audience. Your bio is your pitch! In How to Write a Professional Bio, personal branding expert Jeniffer Thompson walks you through ten easy steps with her proven Bio-Writing For... more