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  • Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches: Use Your Natural Gifts to Attract Your Ideal Clients

    by Sharon Good
    "Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches" shows coaches and other independent professionals how to use their natural gifts to connect with clients.

    by Sarah Weise
    Move over Millennials, there’s a new kid in town. Today, Generation Z (ages 13-24) outpaces Millennials by 3 million. They represent 40 percent of consumers and $44B in direct buying power. This generation is wielding their mighty influence on every other generation, in every industry. Yet marketing departments are still focusing on Millennial research and are missing the massive potential of Generation Z. This generation of digital natives is an entirely different type of consumer—one tha... more
  • Scrum for Non-Techies

    by Antonio Montes Orozco

    Scrum is a teamwork methodology for developing software and technology products. Starting in the 90s, nowadays is still the most used methodology in software development. Used by big companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, BBVA Compass Bank, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and many more, it helps in the creation of high-performance teams and group intelligence to fulfill any requested task. Scrum is starting to expand in other environments that nothing have to do with software: schools, town ... more

  • B07RX153VS

    by Monica Rubombora
    Government Tenders Don’t Suck! is a no-nonsense playbook for the overwhelmed small business owner who wants to navigate the complicated government tendering process and win. The book is a comprehensive guide for business development and RFP. It has been designed to help—the “little gal and guy”: 1-Avoid common pitfalls and make the most of your business understanding, skills, and experience to purposefully win profitable Government Contracts 2-Compete for business through structured and... more
  • [BLOG] Starting a Successful Blog: Share Your Passion and Turn It into a Business ( A Step-By-Step Guide To WordPress Magic)

    by Sara Sandhu
    ‘Starting A Successful Blog: Share your Passion and Turn It into A Business’ is a book about how to start your blog in a Step-by-Step process.
  • Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-Ups

    by J. J. Wenrich
    It really does take a village! If today’s youth are tomorrow’s future, we the village need to properly equip ourselves in order to equip our youth for success. That means not only parents but • grandparents • aunts and uncles • teachers • friends • neighbors... You get the picture. This book seeks to educate the general population in a way that can be passed on to younger generations for years to come. It’s adulting for all ages! J.J. will walk you through how he encouraged his thr... more
  • Culture Infusion: 9 Principles for Creating and Maintaining a Thriving Organizational Culture

    by Kerry Wekelo
    Culture Infusion is your guide for improving corporate culture and motivating your employees to perform at their highest capacity. Culture Infusion is for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to build a legacy, shift perspectives, and lead by example so others are inspired and driven to be their best selves. Whether you are a top-level executive or lead a team, you will find valuable insights in this book on how to create and maintain a sought-after workplace. You'll learn how to infuse a cultu... more
  • Hire A Seven Seater To Enjoy Your Trip Fully

    by Uber Car Rental
    In our busy lives, we find no time to spend time with our family or friends. Sundays are the best that gives you an opportunity to spend some time with your family. If you are planning to go out with your family or friends on a holiday. You may be traveling with 5-7 people in a group taking a lot of luggage. Or maybe you want to drive with a bit of extra space in the car. Hiring the 7-seater car is the best choice to adjust your group of family or friends. One main reason is that it will give t... more
  • ACT On Your Business

    by Lee Chaix McDonough
    In ACT on Your Business, therapist and business coach Lee Chaix McDonough will introduce you to the six keys to unlocking greater fulfillment, success, and joy. Using her evidence-based methodology for entrepreneurial flexibility, she’ll teach you the tools you need to get in touch with what’s most important to you (and why that’s the key to sound decision-making), to transform your deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings from enemies to allies, and to anchor yourself in the midst of any storm. ... more
  • What Spectrum TV and Internet Preserve This Year?

    by Spectrum Bundles Deals
    This year has a lot for the public that is really going to please us. We have a cricket world cup. We have Olympics and Game of throne. We have Ramadan. Like every year we have Christmas as well. And one more thing that is really going to please TV and internet lovers. Does anyone know what that is? Umm, guess it. What would be from which you will be pleased. Okay, I tell you how I will be please or which kind offers make me please as far as TV and internet is concerned? Fast internet, HD and ma... more
  • Why it's Compulsory to get Insurance for your Business?

    by jimmy Malik
    Business insurance is a broad category of insurance coverage for companies. This is also called commercial insurance. Businesses take out insurance to protect themselves from financial losses caused by lawsuits or property damage to their property. A company that provides Best Business Insurance services will guide you on what type of insurance is beneficial for you. A company that does not have insurance may not be able to continue working after a loss. Protects You from Big Losses: Business ... more
  • The Currency Revolution: Understanding The Next Great Economic Phenomenon

    by Daniel Mark Harrison
    Not since the publication of The Wealth of Nations in 1776 has there been such an important and historically-significant book written as The Currency Revolution by Daniel Mark Harrison. In The Currency Revolution, Harrison analyses currencies in fiat and digital form alike, proposing radical yet sound new economic theories in the process that will have us redefine the way that trade and tender is carried out today. Among the new theories that Harrison proposes are: •\tThe Value Coeval – a ... more
  • Tips to Improve Your Event Management Skills

    by Alica Smith
    In terms of event management, very few rules are immutable. Because each event is different, each requires a unique approach. To be a great event organizer, you need to be as flexible as you are. With this flexibility, you can customize, learn, and make changes to improve each event. Don't just cope with an event. Instead, create all your legendary events with these tips for better event management: Set Clear Goals:

    If you coordinate with more

  • The Bold Business Book: A Strategy Guide to Start, Run and Love Your Bold Business

    by James Kademan
    Remember that great business book you actually read? You will. A million dollars of real world business stories and powerful advice packed in 300 pages. Suppose you were considering starting or improving your business. Suppose you wanted to make more money AND have the free time to enjoy it. Let's just say that you want to be able to have your business work for you. Maybe you are not there yet but the vision is real. This book is for you. With real stories and a witty sense of style this... more
  • Concerning the Nature and Structure of Concept

    by Winston J. Perez

    Do you know the difference between an idea and a concept? Ask someone you know what an idea is—their definition. Next, ask them this: So, what is a concept then? Stand back and note his or her confusion. 

    Amazingly, everything you read about in history (from Einstein to the Wright Brothers to Shakespeare to the Beatles), what you do professionally for a living, and every idea you have for a film, a business or a revo... more

  • The Thinking Game: A Winning Strategy for Achieving Your Goals

    by Kara Lane
    THE THINKING GAME is a complete guide to effective thinking that leads to greater success and satisfaction. Readers learn to manage the hidden beliefs, biases, and emotions in their unconscious mind. They then discover the rules, tools, and strategies to help them master their conscious mind so they can make better decisions, solve problems quicker, and achieve their most important goals.