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  • The Complete Works: Reviews by Cat Ellington, Books 1-9

    by Cat Ellington, Naras Kimono, & Joseph Strickland

    The Complete Works comprises books 1-9 from the famous Reviews by Cat Ellington series. In the making since 2018, this comprehensive reference, compiled by Quill Pen Ink Publishing, serves to wrap up the fascinating seven-year series.

    Featuring bonus material by author Naras Kimono and award-winning filmmaker Joseph Strickland, The Complete Works (Reviews by Cat Ellington, Books 1-9) will end the first era of Cat Ellington's prolific career in literary criticism to make way for a ne... more

  • Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 5

    by Cat Ellington, Naras Kimono, Joseph Strickland
    Painted in a rich hue of ultraviolet blue, Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 5 continues the journey through the analytical world of literary criticism with the next collection of engrossing examinations that either ooh, aah, or grimace their way through the vast realm of literary fiction. In the fifth installment of the original series, Cat Ellington presents her trademarked style of interpretative criticism in a diverse set of fictional compositions, including The Break... more
  • Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2 (The Unique Critique Trilogies)

    by Cat Ellington, Naras Kimono, Joseph Strickland
    Celebrating the third year of her compelling book series of the same name, Cat Ellington brings you Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2, a vastly entertaining collection of literary criticism featuring books 4 - 6 from the highly-rated progression. Consisting of (81) written examinations from the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #2 includes REVIEWS BY CAT ELLINGTON: THE COMPLETE ANTHOLOGY, VOL. 4, REVIEWS BY CAT ELL... more
  • Writing with your Muse: A guide to creative inspiration

    by W.L. Hawkin
    Writing with your Muse offers techniques, strategies, tools, tips, and stories to help you tap into creative inspiration. You don’t have to be psychic to be successful with these techniques, although that natural ability exists in all of us, and these techniques will help you develop your sixth sense. There’s even science to back it up. This book will help you if you hear words or see images but find it difficult to get the text on the page, you’ve written and published but are searching for som... more
  • Deconstructing Karl Marx & Communism

    by Filip Demunsereeuw
    Intended for layman and academic, seasoned minds and younger souls, this book explores the fundamental aspects of the nature of communism and its enigmatic patron, Karl Marx. Using numerous eyewitness accounts, an attempt is made to reconstruct the multifacetous Marx: writer, poet, prophet, philosopher, historian, economist, husband, father, teacher, leader, friend and foe, as we observe his course of life in a world that he – at all costs – sought to change. Next, Deconstructing Karl Marx & ... more
  • HOW TO RECOGNIZE A SOULMATE: Your Guide to Soul Level Alignment

    by Maryam Miller
    In fairy tales, things just fall into place. Fortunately life has the capacity to be a bit more rewarding than that. While understanding: how to recognize “the one” a means to affirm the Divine Feminine in Islam achieving life partnership(s) the line between destiny and will drawing lines in positive projection and limerence …are beneficial, that’s not what soulmates are about. Knowledge is empowering. Keeping Allah (Source, The Divine, whatever you call it) first through soul-care, harm... more
  • Русская идея.

    by Андрей Полеев
    Сошествие небесного Иерусалима на землю не может мыслиться как его материализация, потому что Царство Божие внутри нас, и его явление есть результат соприкосновения и соединения прошлого и будущего, земного и небесного, внутреннего и внешнего, психического и космического, совершающихся в каждом человеке в момент познания истины.
  • To Worlds Unknown: The Letters of Clark Ashton Smith, Donald Wandrei, Howard Wandrei, and R. H. Barlow

    by David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi
    The joint correspondence of four titans of the Lovecraft Circle sheds fascinating light on the complex interplay of the personal and professional lives of these writers, artists, editors, and collectors. This volume presents an invaluable glimpse into the world of weird and pulp fiction in the 1930s and 1940s, as each writer displays the distinctive traits that have made him a renowned figure in the genre. The correspondence has been meticulously edited and exhaustively annotated by David E. Sch... more
  • When the Stars Are Right: H. P. Lovecraft and Astronomy

    by Edward Guimont and Horace A. Smith
    H. P. Lovecraft’s passion for astronomy is a major component of his life, thought, and literary work, but until now it has never been extensively examined. This important topic has now been treated in an exhaustive treatise written by two authorities on the subject, Edward Guimont and Horace A. Smith.
  • Young Ultraista: the early writing of Jorge Luis Borges

    by Mario René Padilla
    This book aims to broaden Borgesian scholarship by presenting the ignored and suppressed juvenilia, 1919-1923—the poetry, essays manifestos, and criticism—of a “literary genius” who, two decades later, would become one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated authors. Borges aficionados, upon reading this book, you will have to accept that the introverted, half-blind, erudite author of Ficciones (1944) and El Aleph (1949) was once a young, passionate, aspiring ultraísta poet reveling in the st... more

    by James R. Martin

    “Storytelling in the SEO Age" is not just another how-to-write guide; it is a transformative experience. Setting itself apart from traditional writing manuals, this book goes beyond simply laying down rules or techniques for constructing nonfiction narratives. It delves deeply into the very soul of storytelling, emphasizing the vital importance of authenticity, empathy, and respect for the subjects of the narrative. It's rare to find a guide that merges the technical aspects, s... more

  • Outermost Writing from Cape Cod

    by Christopher Ward Ellsasser
    A collection of essays inspired by the outermost beaches of Cape Cod. In the tradition of Thoreau, each essay begins with an observation of everyday life and builds to an examination of the human condition.
  • Reflections On the Class of 1923: The Tome School For Boys, Port Deposit, Maryland

    by Rodney Kelley

    "Reflections on the Class of 1923" presents an evocative collective biography celebrating the centennial of this class at the Tome School for Boys in Port Deposit, Maryland. This masterful tome paints a rich tapestry of the lives of 29 graduates as they journey from boyhood, traversing the hallowed halls of their esteemed institution and maturing into the complex world that awaited them. Delving into the school's origins, the author explores the educational landscape of early 20... more

  • Storytelling: Ideas and Insights from Modern Tales

    by Roemer McPhee
    "Storytelling" is a large collection of short essays, looking for timeless truths and universal insights from modern literature. Literary artists are great investigators, and most all long-term human interests and concerns have naturally found their way into storytelling. This book identifies and analyzes a large and eclectic mix of ideas and insights: insights into humanity and life.
  • How Did I End Up Here?: (How Do I Always End Up Here?)

    by Mariah Woods

    Have you ever wondered to yourself, "how did I end up in this situation?" Well Mariah lives there. Travel with Mariah as she takes a journey back in time from her childhood years through high school encountering people so vibrant it's hard to believe they are real, and learning many life lessons along the way.

    Where are all of the Black girl coming of age stories? Well here's one. This is the story of my life growing up on the South Side of Chicago during th... more

  • What the Daemon Said: Essays on Horror Fiction, Film, and Philosophy

    by Matt Cardin

    A collection of essays, introductions, and interviews spanning two decades and focusing on the intersection of supernatural horror fiction and film with religion, spirituality, and philosophy. Includes six papers on the works of Thomas Ligotti, substantial essays on a variety of horror topics (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, George Romero's Living Dead films, the history of the angel and the demon), and selected interviews from various publications in which the author lays out the religi... more