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True Crime

  • The Battle for Sicily's Soul

    by Claudine Cassar
    This book looks at how Cosa Nostra manipulated Sicilian society and the Catholic Church for decades, disappearing into the background while hiding in plain sight. The roots of the Mafia in the island’s religious superstition, bigotry and legends were so strong that it took over one hundred years and a massacre for the vows of secrecy to be broken, revealing the true face of the Sicilian Mafia.
  • Daughter of Song

    by Doug Hood
    \tDaughter of Song is narrative nonfiction about a teenager, daughter of Cambodian refugees, who is in prison for a puzzling crime involving her newborn. The author spends years with her parents, finds several similar cases, discovering how hers was subject to gross misunderstanding and prosecutorial overreach. With a team of lawyers they file a petition for clemency. It's an inspirational journey with an illiterate and devoted family in their quest for fairness.
  • Way Too Fast: An American Reckoning

    by John J. Farmer, Jr.
  • Who Killed My Mother?: a memoir

    by Kory M. Shrum
    Two phone calls. One mysterious death. This is a true story. 
 On July 4, 2020 Kory received two phone calls. One from her uncle, saying her mother was found dead in her bedroom from an overdose. A second from a homicide detective saying he believes it was murder—and her uncle is the suspect. 
 Now Kory wants to find the truth about what happened to her mother. But sifting through the conflicting details and compelling evidence turns out to be a hell of a ride. Only after a fearless look int... more
  • amazingbedtimestory

    by amazingbedtime story
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  • Gnome Book Writing

    by Gnome Book Writing
  • Perpetual Gloom, a two rut-road on The Boloney Trail

    by Shelah A Johnson
    Perpetual Gloom is the first installment of The Boloney Trail trilogy. The Boloney Trail Trilogy Logline The Boloney Trail trilogy tells a true, uncensored and unapologetic, story of three generations of the Hornbeck family as they fight to survive the Great Depression by serving the Lord and the Devil, only then to become involved in the dawning of the feared Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel in the early 1960s. Perpetual Gloom Synopsis Perpetual Gloom lays the foundation for The Boloney... more
  • IceSpy

    by Norman Miller
    A novel that is CHILLING TO THE BONE Fiction often mirrors truth. And you get just as close as you want to be to non-fiction in this fast-paced novel that turned the turmoil surrounding the U.S. Bobsled Federation into shocking international intrigue. The pace is faster than a sled on ice and it races from Lake Placid, New York to the burrow of the CIA at Langley, Virginia to rebelling Latvia and its ancient rift with the Soviet Union during the final days of the Cold War. It's scary enou... more
  • An Occupational Hazard

    by James Wrethman
    The Novel to Gamble on this Year The Ventura Casino - a glittering arena where the super-rich go to pit their wealth against chance, and admire the beautiful Chicas who deal at the tables.But behind the scenes lurks a corrupt world of credit-fixing, prostitution and rape - a world that only a few brave employees dare to challenge. As the sleaze escalates and the challenge begins to look like a threat, how far will the powers-that-be go to protect their interests?
  • American Monster

    by JT Hunter
    This book is about serial killer and rapist Oba Chandler. The story focuses on the June 1989 triple-murder he committed by luring a vacationing mother and her two teenage daughters onto his fishing boat under the guise of a sunset cruise.
  • Death and Forgiveness, My Capital Punishment Witness

    by Alan Johnson
    Death and Forgiveness, My Capital Punishment Witness details my experiences witnessing and writing about executions in Ohio, including 21 in person. My journey changed when I began attending theological seminary, while still working as a reporter. I began to see the reasons killing someone because they killed someone was wrong. I also discovered the power of forgiveness, not just for those involved in violence, but for all of us. I became a witness in more than on way - for my readers and for Go... more
  • The Alaskan Blonde: Sex, Secrets, and the Hollywood Story that Shocked America

    by James T. Bartlett
    Known as “the most beautiful woman in Alaska,” Diane Wells was bruised and bloodied when she screamed for help in the early hours of October 17, 1953. Her wealthy husband Cecil was dead, and she claimed they were victims of a brutal home invasion. Police were immediately suspicious, and began to search for her alleged lover, black musician Johnny Warren. A sex scandal in far-off Alaska shocked the readers of Newsweek, Life, Jet, and pulp magazines, but no one thought it would end in a Holly... more
  • Code 4

    by Terry Smith
    Code 4 is an insider's view of the police profession as seen through the eyes of one of its veterans. Over a 37-year span Terry Smith worked as a uniformed officer, undercover narcotics agent, organized crime investigator and a homicide detective. He writes about things that happened while he was "protecting and serving" and gives an inside look at several newsworthy cases he supervised, including two tragic abduction homicides involving victims Julie Holmquist and Katie Poirier.
  • Edward Oliver Tilburn

    by Donald Hartman
    What do you get when you combine “Buffalo Bill” Cody with Bernie Madoff, and for good measure throw in an actor, a cookbook author, a college founder, a faith- healer, an embezzler, and a bigamist? Answer: Edward Oliver Tilburn E.O. Tilburn (aka N.T. Oliver, Ned Oliver, and Nevada Ned) was a late 19th/early 20th century con-artist that has somehow flown under the radar of both biographers and historians, but in this book Donald Hartman has revealed Tilburn to the world, and his life story... more
  • Real Prison Real Freedom

    by Rosser McDonald
    Prisons, an integral part of society, generally are not familiar to most people. Length of sentence and treatment by others in the prisons vary widely. The immediate “Man-in-charge” of each prison unit is the warden, who has some flexibility within TDCJ guidelines. Warden Dr. Keith Price gained a reputation for turning around some chaotic prison units. He knows from experience that at best, prisons are very difficult places for people, whether they are behind the bars or in front of them. “Peop... more




    Lyric Nino Nasir Hawkins is a young black king growing-up in the mean streets of New York’s Sin City; the most infamous public housing projects, known as 40 Projects.

    He is an all-around great kid coming into man-hood who loves and protects his family, but due to critical circ... more