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True Crime

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  • Welcome to Canada The Other Side

    by Michael French

    “Welcome to Canada” is not just a tale; it’s raw evidence, an account of medical battles and unmasking corruption, where even the very institutions meant to protect fade. Through the lens of these pages, the curtain is raised, revealing the struggle against dirty cops and navigating a world contaminated by deception.

  • Reign Of Terror

    by Ryan Lamie
    Thousands of children disappear during the late hours of the night. Kidnapped with no remorse while they're asleep in their beds. Missing children numbers rise to epic proportions and their fate lies on the shoulders of one corrupt FBI assassin and her partner, along with their two recruits, a registered nurse and a motocross junkie. Will this quartet reign justice on these kidnappers? Or will more children fall victims to capture?

    ROTT3N~$~APPLE DECISIONS OF A WALL STREET THUG BL3$$3D & H8’D! FROM THUG TO WALL STREET THIS IS A SOUTHSIDE JAMAICA QUEENS STORY! Lyric Nino Nasir Hawkins is a young black king growing-up in the mean streets of New York’s Sin City; the most infamous public housing projects, known as 40 Projects. He is an all-around great kid coming into man-hood who loves and protects his family, but due to critical circumstances, he becomes a product of his environment… Inducted into the game at a very y... more
  • My Toronto Life

    by Mike Lue
  • TRACKRS: On the Cold Trail of a Serial Killer

    by Michael A. Jacobs

    In a presentation unlike any other true crime story, TRACKRS takes the reader through all the stages involved in the pursuit of a serial killer. The perpetrator assaulted six young women in Orange County, California, in the late 1970s, murdering five and killing the unborn child of the sixth. The narration provides a detailed chronicle of an intricate murder investigation put together by multiple law enforcement agencies in 1996.

  • My Father's Story: The Murder of the Best Man I've Ever Known

    by Eric Johnson

    Discover the captivating story within the pages of "My Father's Story: The Murder of the Best Man I've Ever Known" by Eric Johnson. The story unfolds when Eric delves into the life and tragic death of his father, Bill Johnson, who was brutally murdered by his ex-girlfriend in his own home, taking not only his life but also that of his beloved dog. In Eric's account of the story, you will witness first hand how profoundly an act of violence can change lives forever. Eric ... more

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  • Calling 911, The Truth

    by Robert Hall
    Embark on a riveting odyssey as my manuscript unfurls—a tapestry woven with 32 vivid images and 3 immersive videos. This intriguing opening serves as a portal to a truth laid bare, awaiting your discerning gaze. Emerging from my Verizon career in telecommunications, I encountered a mysterious customer, their enigmatic tale a mere whisper of what lay beneath. A clandestine past as a federal agent, cloaked in high-security clearances, gave way to a venture into private security, shrouded in digit... more
  • Age of Secrets

    by Gerald Bellett
    Fleeing from the world’s most powerful Intelligence agency, John Meier is hunted by the CIA across the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan, and Australia in his attempts to expose corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. Government in this riveting True Crime story.
  • LEVI'S EYES: A Son's Deadly Secret and a Father's Cruel Betrayal

    by aphrodite jones
    Levi’s Eyes delves into the unspeakable murders of Christina and Levi Karlsen -- as seen through the eyes of the killer. With each turn of the page, readers will be taken through increasing levels of horror as they discover that, after having gotten away with the murder of his first wife in 1991, this monster was free to kill and kill again – and he did just that. From the outside, Karl Karlsen lived a “normal” life. But behind closed doors, we see how this man’s depravity knew no bounds.
  • Collapse of an Evil Empire!

    by Scott Johnson
    This is a true story (a compendium of articles) about the disbarment of Florida’s Most Prolific Litigator, titled…Collapse of an Evil Empire! It is highly recommended by legislative leaders including Senate tort reform sponsors, former Insurance Commissioners, insurer CEO’s and industry trade executives for carriers, agents and reinsurers.

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  • Crying Daughters

    by Thomas Quill
    Jacob Grey is no ordinary sales VP; beneath his professional facade lies a skilled operative with a storied background in the army and as a private contractor. But it’s his deep love for Alessandra, a woman who has endured a harrowing past, that drives him to embark on a perilous mission of vengeance. His path leads him back into a dark world of corruption and greed and the sinister underbelly of human trafficking and child prostitution. As Jacob works to dismantle the crime empire responsible f... more
  • A Natural Wonder for Vitality by Lyflong Ayurveda

    by LyfLong Ayurveda
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  • Neosurf Australia Casinos

    by Sienna Hickle