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True Crime

  • Age of Secrets

    by Gerald Bellett
    Fleeing from the world’s most powerful Intelligence agency, John Meier is hunted by the CIA across the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan, and Australia in his attempts to expose corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. Government in this riveting True Crime story.
  • LEVI'S EYES: A Son's Deadly Secret and a Father's Cruel Betrayal

    by aphrodite jones
    Levi’s Eyes delves into the unspeakable murders of Christina and Levi Karlsen -- as seen through the eyes of the killer. With each turn of the page, readers will be taken through increasing levels of horror as they discover that, after having gotten away with the murder of his first wife in 1991, this monster was free to kill and kill again – and he did just that. From the outside, Karl Karlsen lived a “normal” life. But behind closed doors, we see how this man’s depravity knew no bounds.
  • Collapse of an Evil Empire!

    by Scott Johnson
    This is a true story (a compendium of articles) about the disbarment of Florida’s Most Prolific Litigator, titled…Collapse of an Evil Empire! It is highly recommended by legislative leaders including Senate tort reform sponsors, former Insurance Commissioners, insurer CEO’s and industry trade executives for carriers, agents and reinsurers.

    by Mr Malik
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  • Crying Daughters

    by Thomas Quill
    Jacob Grey is no ordinary sales VP; beneath his professional facade lies a skilled operative with a storied background in the army and as a private contractor. But it’s his deep love for Alessandra, a woman who has endured a harrowing past, that drives him to embark on a perilous mission of vengeance. His path leads him back into a dark world of corruption and greed and the sinister underbelly of human trafficking and child prostitution. As Jacob works to dismantle the crime empire responsible f... more
  • A Natural Wonder for Vitality by Lyflong Ayurveda

    by LyfLong Ayurveda
    One of the most common themes in Pure Himalayan Shilajit reviews is the noticeable increase in energy and stamina. Many users report feeling more alert and motivated throughout the day, with enhanced physical endurance for activities like workouts and daily chores. This newfound vitality often leads to increased productivity and an overall improved quality of life.
  • Neosurf Australia Casinos

    by Sienna Hickle


  • Faulty Background Checks: Shatter Applicant's Lives While Harming Businesses

    by Hank Balevic
    Hank Balevic, Former FBI Special Agent and President and Founder of Fidelity Data Service, has a new book, Faulty Background Checks Shatter Applicants Lives While Harming Businesses. And it's a riveting, exhaustive expose of the pernicious actions of many background screening companies—a controversial issue that no book has ever written about or exposed in the past! In it, Balevic cogently explains how the rapacious and inimical procedures of the screening companies have resulted in enforcem... more
  • 15 to Life: How I Painted my way to Freedom

    by anthony papa
    A riveting story featuring a 16-page signature with color photos and reproductions of Anthony Papa's art, "15 To Life" is also an important social critique of America's draconian drug laws and a clarion call for reform.
  • HOW WOULD YOU SURVIVE? The Incident, The Arrest, And Jail

    by A.J. Crenshaw, III
    While there are some people that we can predict are on a path that may lead to jail, others, and even ourselves, may not see the incident, the arrest, or a trip to jail coming. Society does not mentally condition us to prepare for, cope with, or navigate the chaos behind the bars and the daily headlines don't seem to deter the impulsive behaviors that keep arrest rates growing. How Would You Survive? The Incident, The Arrest, and Jail gives us the proactive edge that highlights Common situati... more
  • Saint Bloodbath

    by Frederick Douglass Reynolds
    In 2008, five people are murdered at a homeless encampment in Long Beach, California. Less than six months later, a teenager is executed in the desert close to 100 miles away. For several years the murders are seemingly unrelated until a single piece of evidence is uncovered during a search warrant, bringing two teams of detectives from different law enforcement agencies together to try and identify the killer before he murders again.

    by Esad Jaganjac
    The novel "Emir Mateo" was inspired by actual events describing the suffering and senselessness of the war in the Balkans in 1992 - 1995, in which the author and his family found themselves. It is a true event with real main characters, while the other characters are described according to the author's memory. The novel's main character is a twelve-year-old boy, Edvin, who finds himself with his family in the horror of the war on Blakan in besieged Sarajevo. Assassins used snipers and grenades t... more
  • Murder on Federal Street: Tyrone Everett, the Black Mafia, Fixed Fights, and the Last Golden Age of Philadelphia Boxing

    by Sean Nam

    Six months after losing a world title fight that remains infamous as one of the last mob fixes in boxing, Tyrone "The Butterfly" Everett-a flashy, handsome lightweight southpaw on the verge of stardom-was dead. Only twenty-four years old, he was shot in the head by his girlfriend, Carolyn McKendrick, who claimed that Everett had abused her throughout their relationship. But for years, street corner talk raised doubts about what actually took place in Philadelphia at 2710 Federal Str... more

  • one man job

    by danilo beslac

    Fraud is the most profitable criminal activity one can conjure up.

    For fraud, when everything is done with a smile and a friendly hanshake, the courts and judges are almost always inclined, and sometimes obliged by the law, to apply lenient approach in sentencing for this kind of non-violent crime.

    This is a true story.

  • one man job

    by danilo beslac