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  • Hanging Softly in the Night: A Detective Nick Larson Novel

    by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
    A QUESTIONABLE SUICIDE… A DETECTIVE'S SUSPICION... AND A DESPERATE HUNT FOR A SERIAL KILLER BEFORE MORE VICTIMS ARE FOUND. New York Police Department’s Sixteenth Precinct in Manhattan is under siege by the flu, and Detective Nick Larson and his partner, Detective Victor Sacco, are up to their armpits with work overload. The captain’s cigar is seriously chewed, and everyone is working around the clock. To complicate matters, on a personal level, things aren’t going smoothly, either. Laura Howa... more
  • Spider Lake: A Northern Lakes Mystery

    by Jeff Nania
    A missing federal agent, suitcases full of cash, a secluded cabin in the woods. Spider Lake is no longer the peaceful retreat John Cabrelli needs to recover from his gunshot wounds and start a new life. Knowing Cabrelli is a former law enforcement officer, the new chief of police recruits him to help untangle a string of strange events in the little town of Musky Falls. Cabrelli and a colorful team of local residents land in the center of a fast-paced action thriller with a surprise ending that’... more
  • Figure Eight: A Northern Lakes Mystery

    by Jeff Nania
    A shattered career. A crooked lawyer. An unsolved murder. Seeking peace in the Northwoods is fraught with danger. Every night John Cabrelli relives the tragic events that ended his career. While struggling to find himself again, John inherits his uncle's cabin and returns to the lake where he spent much of his youth. Little does John know that danger waits for him when he uncovers suspicious circumstances of his uncle's death. Few people will talk about it as John unravels a mystery that could... more
  • Fille Purdue: A Neil Baggio Series

    by Charles D'Amico
    Fille Perdue: A Neil Baggio Series (Marie Perdita Book 1) by Charles D'Amico is a gorgeous entry into a series that has fascinated fans of Neil Baggio. This time, the story follows Maria Perdita, a woman who has seen and done a lot, and who still needs to get out of the dark pit she has put herself into. Amongst the many things she has done are killing an FBI agent and getting engulfed in a case as a witness for a crime boss that friends want to see put away for a long time. Erin Beddington chan... more
  • Franks Journal Collection Vol 1-3

    by Charles D'Amico
    Volume 1 to 3 of Frank's Journal by Charles D'Amico details Frank's transition to a full-blown serial killer. From ending his nephew's life to adopting a stray dog and befriending some of his victims, Frank shares what transpires after leaving the FBI, before landing in prison and catching up with his old friend, Neil. Volume 1 shows what it is like to transition from an FBI agent to a killer. Here, Frank struggles to accept his dreadful actions as what they are. In the second volume, he finally... more
  • Requiem

    by Charles D'Amico
    Requiem is a work of fiction in the mystery, thriller, crime, and intrigue sub-genres, and was penned by author Charles D'Amico. Another book in the series of Neil Baggio suspense tales, this fourth adventure sees the turn of the events take a much more personal twist than ever before. Neil is reluctant to take the new case, preferring instead to drink in the beautiful Santa Fe sun, but when Maria is pulled into the depths of danger and linked to an international drug ring, Neil knows he must ac... more
  • Ave Maria

    by Charles D'Amico
    Ave Maria: A Neil Baggio Suspense is the second novel in the Neil Baggio Series by Charles D'Amico. Neil Baggio was surprised when he received a call from Orchard Lake St. Mary’s High School. His beloved literature teacher, James “Glow” Glowacki, was now the headmaster of the high school, and he had a favor to ask. Andrew, an exchange student at the high school, was found dead. The police were ruling the case as a suicide, but Glow believed something was fishy. So, Neil picked up the case and st... more
  • Colloquium

    by Charles D'Amico
    Colloquium is the third book in the Neil Baggio Suspense series by Charles D'Amico. A new kidnapping case proves to be a tough one for Neil. A young woman named Erin goes missing, and Neil finds the most baffling clues that make it almost impossible for him to solve this case. Erin is an activist who was protesting against Gaines Chemical before she goes missing. Certain things point towards the head of Gaines Chemical, but something tells Neil that he should look further. But nothing is as it s... more
  • Veritas: A Neil Baggio Suspense

    by Charles D'Amico
    Veritas by Charles D'Amico centers around the tough but frank Neil Baggio and his life after the Bureau. However, Neil is drawn back by the FBI because of an old case: that of his former FBI mentor and now serial killer, Franklin Cappelano. Cappelano, also tagged as ‘Veritas’ by the FBI, has an obsessive nature which made it difficult to get a handle on him. He would burn an insignia into his victim’s skin and each stamp was customized by the murderer himself. ‘Veritas’ enjoyed the thought of ki... more
  • Spychip Armageddon

    by Raymond C. Perkins, Jr.
    Is the Spychip the world’s final salvation or the prophecy of Armageddon the Bible warns us about? Best friends and low-level U.S. Government Immigration employees Jackson LaPointe and DaQuan Nelson are determined to find out after stumbling upon a top-secret document that thrusts them unwittingly into the middle of a worldwide conspiracy. Follow Jack and Quan as they crisscross the country and delve into the inner workings of corporate greed, power, and corruption. Can they avoid the dangerous ... more
  • An Evil Trade

    by kenneth eade
  • Catch a Falling Knife

    by Vincent deFilippo
    Valentina Vittorio arrives in Hong Kong with a single-minded purpose—to bring down the con man responsible for the death of her father. She has immersed herself in the world of high finance for years, rising through the ranks of stock traders and analysts to a position on JM Wen International’s “tiger team” of world-class deal closers. Valentina gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that beneath JM Wen’s legitimate business is a shadowy empire built of greed and blood. To complica... more
  • Blood Will Have Blood

    by Thomas H. Carry
    A darkly humorous and edgy crime novel set in New York City in the late ‘80s, Blood Will Have Blood will appeal to fans of Elmore Leonard, the Coen Brothers, and Lawrence Block. Seven years in New York, and that big break has yet to materialize for struggling actor and inveterate pothead Scott Russo. Performing in terrible, barely attended Off-Off Broadway productions, hopping from one soul-crushing job to the next, Scott slacks away in a pot-fueled haze and contemplates throwing in the towel... more
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  • Killer in the Outback

    by Diane Demetre
    Diana Daniels is a widowed, city-slicker businesswoman. Will she find the killer in the Outback before another murder is committed or will she be too late?
  • Neptune's Window First Glance

    by LL Lewin
    According to the zodiac, the planet Neptune represents illusions, mystery, and the unconscious mind. Aries Dade is a teenage medium who has the ability to look inside those illusions and speak to the afterworld. But for some reason she can’t communicate with her recently deceased mother. With the help of a few spirits, she tries to discover the truth behind her mother’s death. But can she trust the spirits?