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  • Fng

    by Benjamin Spada



    "Welcome to Black Spear." With these four words Cole West is immediately thrust into the shadowy world of the military's most deadly black-ops program. No warning. No training. No ... more

  • Li Jun: A Tommy Keane Novel

    by Travis Myers and Natasha Myers Marsiguerra
    A young woman is dead, it's a grim crime scene, her body hanging over a wrought iron fence. The question of course is how did this happen, did she jump from the open window three stories above where she now hangs? Or was she thrown to her death by one of the nine possible suspects who fled the building just as police arrived? Tommy makes a promise to find the answer. It turns out to be one of the most dangerous commitments of his career.
  • Just Like Majick

    by D. L. Yoder
    Magdalena Majick stumbles into a bewildering mystery when a friend's second-hand shop is broken into, but nothing has been removed. Every candle in the shop had been set ablaze and the clues left behind lure Magdalina into investigating the break-in. Magdalena slowly unravels the mystery, her life weaving a path through a hidden landscape of love, desire and obsession. The tale of one girl's love and care for her fiends is pure magic.
  • Things Left Undone

    by Anne Lovett
    Liberty Chase is terrified. Fleeing her husband’s abuse and needing Father Sam’s counsel, the drama teacher finds him dead. Fearing a murderer is nearby, she escapes to her grandparents in Florida with her disabled daughter. When the death is ruled “by natural causes,” Liberty’s floored. It wasn’t so, and she’s desperate to prove it. Even if it means going back to her repentant husband. When a quirky PI agrees to help, Liberty’s determined to find the fiend who killed their friend, while fi... more
  • Tetherless

    by C.K. O'Donnell
    In the near future, eighteen-year-old Abbie Spencer and her family live hand-to-mouth in their decaying town of Eureka, California, living on high alert because the East Bay Serial Killer has struck again. When Abbie’s lucky enough to secure a live-in servant job for the most affluent family in Port Allegiance, the sparkling neighboring city surrounded by a massive wall to keep out the riffraff of Eureka, she discovers that her predecessor didn’t quit, as everyone believes, but was actually a... more
  • The Confessions of Pope Joan (Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers Book 7)

    by Gary McAvoy
    In the heart of the English countryside, a discovery is made that threatens to overturn centuries of Church history. When Father Michael Dominic uncovers a cryptic diary leading to a lost 1st century Gospel, he is thrust into a labyrinth of deceit, murder, and controversy. Alongside Hana Sinclair, a savvy journalist, Michael sets out to unravel a mystery buried deep within the Church's past. The Confessions of Pope Joan is a gripping tale of courage and faith, charting their quest against a powe... more
  • When the Smoke Clears

    by Kat Edwards

    Talia Brighton, the young widow of a Los Angeles firefighter is drowning in grief, plagued with nightmares and a terrifying sleepwalking habit as she struggles to overcome the horrific death of her husband. As Talia—who prides herself as “not a hugger, not a crier”—battles regret for the role she may have played in Russ’s death, she starts seeing things she can’t explain and begins to question if she is fit to raise their daughter Riley.


    ... more


    by franc delacroix

    "Reclaimed by Grace" is a powerful novel that delves into faith, redemption, and transformation. It follows the lives of Marcus and Jonas, two brothers whose once-strong faith wavers as they face life's hardships. Their struggles take a haunting turn when their sins manifest physically, challenging their beliefs. Through encounters with biblical figures and supernatural trials, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. The novel explores themes of faith, doubt, ... more

  • The Still Small Voice

    by Brenda Stanley
    Some secrets never die. A daughter's sin may be the only thing that can expose the truth. Madison Moore has been estranged from her family for years, but when her dying father summons her home, she reluctantly makes the trip back to the place that still evokes heartache. Her family's reception is lukewarm. They still hold the strict religious beliefs that cast her out. But when her father tells her about a murder years before and that he has proof the woman in prison is not the killer, Madison... more
  • See Naples and Die

    by Andrea Tonty
    Angela Palmer returns to Naples with her cousin Nick Robinson seven years after her husband Gregory fell to his death. After prolonged grief, at last she hopes she can accept the past and also rejoin her Neapolitan family that is ready to welcome her with open arms. Angela is an academic specializing in the history of ballet, and, working with Nick, a retired professor, she hopes at last to move forward on projects that were stalled in the aftermath of Gregory’s death. Once in Naples, unexpected... more
  • The Wailings

    by B.G. Craig
    "When Madam limped toward her, Rei didn’t look up. She couldn’t look up. Because she only knew one thing for certain. Don’t look her in the eyes." ~ Rei’s memories slip through her fingers. Every ninth night another sibling is adopted, and each time she can only recall a blurry, featureless head. Without her mind to rely on, she must create a system of notetaking to help her make sense of the strange and twisted orphanage. This novella is told through a series of nonlinear vig... more
  • Magic in Errors

    by Sneha Babu
    Magic in Errors is a poignant novella that delves into the intricate workings of the universe, all sparked by a neon-colored hair tie. Over the course of a few fateful days, this seemingly insignificant accessory travels through the hands of six individuals from diverse walks of life- strangers, lovers, friends, and enemies; each embodying a distinct societal evil. Every encounter sets off a chain reaction of events, forever altering their lives in ways they never could have imagined. Amidst th... more
  • The Digital Wallpaper

    by Anna Maeve
    In "The Digital Wallpaper," Maeve ventures into the heart of modern psychological suspense, skillfully reimagining the timeless classic, "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In this short story meet Emily, a woman trapped in a smart home that should provide every comfort but ends up becoming her silent prison. As a promising tech journalist, she embraces the potential of smart technology, moving into a state-of-the-art home with her husband, John, who is both her partner and he... more
  • The Ring Academy: The Trials of Imogene Sol

    by CL Walters
    Imogene Sol has worked hard to be a top-10 cadet at The Ring Academy on Serta. When the Final Trials begin—tests to determine her job placement—she’s ready. Her hope to shed her infamous name—a name synonymous with her traitor parents—rides on her performance. When a mysterious saboteur interferes with her Trials, Imogene must uncover who’s behind the treachery but who can she trust? The stakes aren’t just for her future anymore but her life.
  • The Palisades

    by Gail Lynn Hanson
    Dorothy Fiske, eighty-three, adores movie stars, jewelry, murder mysteries, and men. At twenty-five, inspired by Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury, she moved to Los Angeles from a religiously strict Midwestern home. Despite the glamour, Dorothy, heartbroken, was childless. She blamed her sweet, unambitious husband, Eugene, claiming his sperm was weak, but Dorothy knows the truth. Ruth, a sixty-six-year-old home health aide, fears eviction from her LA apartment due to her unusual, antisocial behav... more
  • Conspiracy of Lies

    by Richard S. Rachlin
    Set in Miami, the legal thriller. Conspiracy of Lies, tells the story of a young lawyer, who in taking on his first drug case unwittingly finds himself in the crosshairs of the CIA and a ruthless federal prosecutor desperate to keep secret their ties to the Santolisma cartel. While Jake’s law practice is finally beginning to take off, at home, his marriage is crumbling. He has broken a solemn promise to Elena, his wife, not to defend drug dealers due to her traumatic experiences as a child in... more