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  • Lifting the Lid - A comedy thriller

    by Rob Johnson
    When Trevor Hawkins hits the open road in his beat-up old camper van with his incorrigible dog, Milly, his quest for adventure soon spirals dangerously out of control. The simple act of flushing a hotel toilet transforms his life from redundant sales assistant to fugitive from a gang of psychopathic villains, the police and MI5. Then there’s private detective Sandra Gray, who could cheerfully throttle him for turning a well paid, piece-of-cake job into a total nightmare. Or could she? With... more
  • Status: MISSING

    by D.W. Maroney
    The Drone Theory Taskforce has one directive: Determine whether U.S. Top Secret technology—lost when a CIA drone went down in Iran—is being used to hijack airliners in flight, and if so, recover the technology. No one believed it was possible to commandeer an airliner in flight from a land-based location, then Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean, giving rise to The Drone Theory among U.S. Intelligence agencies. Since that fateful flight, dozens of other airliners ha... more
  • The Mutiny Girl (Gold & Courage Series)

    by Karen S. Gordon
    Vance Courage is running out of ideas to shore up his failing Miami law practice. Pondering his options, his fugitive uncle shows up on his doorstep. The man needs a place to stay. Harboring him could land Courage behind bars. But how can he turn family away? An instant message blinks on his tablet. What does a fellow ex-cop from twenty years ago want? An attractive woman from across town messages him on a dating app; she invites him to meet her at the Hotel Mutiny. What does he have to ... more
  • Paperclip

    by Walter Rhein
    Prior to meeting Carlie, Mickey's biggest problem consisted of escaping the wrath of the ruler-wielding nuns of St. Asors. But when Carlie moved to town, Mickey found that the young girl's proximity began to enhance a dormant ability to catch fleeting glimpses of the future. Confused by the stirrings of young love, Mickey began to sense the presence of a shadowy villain, driven by hatred, on a relentless pursuit that would not end until both Mickey and Carlie were dead.
  • The After War: (Book One of The After War Series)

    by Brandon Zenner
    Two years have passed since humankind faced extinction: Two cousins are leaving the protection of their underground bunker for the first time, after a cataclysmic war and unrelenting disease ravaged the earth. On the other side of North America, a young survivalist is leaving the seclusion of his cabin deep in the woods, traveling with his aging canine companion, Winston. For individual reasons, these men are traveling east, where the fragmented lives of a small number of survivors will soon be ... more
  • Just Once: A Sophisticated Thriller

    by Hovav Heth
    Eyal Shiloh is a VP at a startup company. Maria is married to a mysterious tycoon and sells her body for money. Maria will change his life forever! Eyal Shiloh, VP at a startup company, has a smart and beautiful wife whom he loves a great deal. With the looks of a fashion model, he lives a life that feels nothing less than perfect. But there's just one thing that bothers him. Eyal had never slept with anyone but his wife. Eyal decides to cheat on his wife, just once. The attempt to sat... more
  • The Lobster's State of Mind

    by Hovav Heth
    A man accidentally switches his mobile phone with his wife's. This mistake will lead to an unfortunate chain of discoveries. A couple go out to a birthday dinner. the husband orders a lobster. This will turn out to be a life changing event. An attractive career woman has to make a choice between two men- a boring but reliable colleague or an exciting but reckless businessman. These short stories and others in this great collection are set in the very trendy, dynamic and hot sparkling atmosph... more
  • The Wedding Crasher

    by Nikki Stern
    Every bride deserves a wedding to die for. One killer--the Wedding Crasher--is literally making that happen. Sam Tate, the poker-playing, yoga-loving sheriff of Pickett County, Tennessee, discovers the Crasher's latest victim, dressed in a wedding gown and laid out under the trees in her county. Now she has to deal with a media feeding frenzy, power-hungry local politicians, and recurring nightmares about a long-ago tragedy. With the arrival of FBI Special Agent Terry Sloan, even her well-protec... more
  • Penny Dreadful: A thriller (The Jasmine Spitfire Mystery Series Book 1)

    by T M Tam
    Hong Kong. Idyllic beaches. Glitzy cityscapes. What can possibly go wrong? Everything. Jasmine Spitfire, Hong Kong’s social counsellor extraordinaire, embarks on an investigation that puts in her radar a cast of suspects, making the crowded city even more claustrophobic. But when the clues do not add up while the dead bodies begin to pile up, Spitfire must race against time--and overcome her own demons--to find and stop the real murderer. An intense, white-knuckle whodunit set amidst t... more
  • The Partners

    by Jack Polo

    Two detectives’ steamy past complicates their hunt for a psychotic killer and puts them in an assassin’s deadly sights.

    Would you trust a former lover who'd betrayed you? Detectives Cole Trane and Mollie Simmons have no other choice. They're after a ruthless killer tied to the Russian mafia who leaves behind a bloody trail of victims as he races to escape to Canada. Their only hope is to have each other's back like they once had each other's heart -- especial... more

  • Longevity

    by Rolf Margenau
    In Longevity, Lucy Mendoza leads a team of scientists at the Prendergast Foundation who are testing an enzyme that might extend our lives by thirty years. For several reasons, the federal government, a major pharmaceutical company, and a billionaire investor have no qualms about eliminating Lucy to ensure that project will fail. Her former lover Grant Duran, an ex-Marine special ops officer who’s lost a hand and is now a molecular biologist, thwarts the first attempt on her life. As dead bodies ... more
  • Twilight's Last Gleaming

    by Dane Ronnow
    Iran and North Korea collaborate to launch a nuclear weapon into orbit, with the goal of detonating it over the United States, shutting down the electrical grid, and with it, the national infrastructure. The plan is discovered by a team of NSA intelligence analysts, and presented to the president of the United States in a Situation Room briefing. The conclusion reached by intelligence directors, cabinet members and the president -- the threat is real, and nothing can be done to stop it. 'Twiligh... more
  • Insomnia

    by Nick Van Loy
    Seth is riding the subway. While reading a book, a girl comes and sits right next to him. Being a bit surprised by this, he can't say a single word, so they sit in silence for about ten minutes. The girl has to get off at the next station. She left a piece of paper with a phone number and the words 'WAKE UP' written on it. Why did she write that?
  • The Girl in the Freezer

    by Douglas Keil
    Reporter Shawn Shaw is coerced into searching for a missing young woman, Chuti Tiu, who is wanted by the mysterious Destiny Foundation. Destiny's representative Berk is charged with returning the young genius to the scientists who raised her for intelligence experiments. Berk's intentions are revealed as the search takes Shaw and his friend to Las Vegas, and back to Manhattan. In a high-stakes battle involving physical and cyber mayhem, rape and death, Tiu comes through with an elegant solution ... more
  • Strong Alibi

    by K.C. Turner
    Elizabeth Strong slowly begins to deal with her post traumatic stress disorder with the help of her budding relationship with Detective Angel Martinez. Just when she thinks she’s beginning to get her emotions under control and feel safe again, old fears start to resurface. With thoughts of the past seeping through, the last thing she wants to hear is that a victim she’s trying to help is found dead in Lake Erie. While Martinez begins gathering evidence in hopes to solve a potential murder, El... more
  • Artificial Horizon

    by Richard Authier Lee

    Michael Babcock, the pilot who, months earlier, flew the original test flights which tormented elderly Esther Brandt in her run-down family mansion, returns to apologize and inquire about her well-being. He tells her he has been forced into retirement and now flies old warplanes for air museums and air shows. He is back in Maine to fly for the Eagle's Head Air Museum on the coast. Shortly after he leaves, the town learns that Babcock and his aircraft, one of only ten airworthy classic Spi... more