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  • Five Will Die

    by L.A. Detwiler
    By Friday, one will kill and one will die in the Evermore Publishing offices. But this is just the start of a horrifying chain of murders because the killer has much bigger plans. From the USA Today bestseller comes a shocking thriller that will keep you guessing up until the very last page. When a new girl, Becky Rusett, joins the Evermore Publishing team, she’ll start to realize no office setting is as safe as it appears. The secrets, lies, and underhanded dealings of the publishing hous... more
  • Fade to Blue

    by Hank Scheer
    Will Dr. Brenalen's unauthorized experiment lead to a cure for Alzheimer's, or will it be used for bioterrorism? Biotech researcher Sarah Brenalen is frustrated by her boss’s dismissal of her controversial theory, so she secretly injects lab mice with experimental Alzheimer’s drugs of her own design. Sarah is stunned when one of her experiments goes horribly wrong. But Marcel and his international cabal are intrigued. Sarah's brain-destroying T-3 formulation could be just what they need. F... more
  • A Sickening Storm

    A deeply troubling sequence of events is unfolding at the Beach City Medical Center, as people are growing unaccountably, deathly, grotesquely, painfully ill, and eventually dying. First one. Then two. Then a handful. Now a dozen. And the doctors are baffled as to the cause, diagnosis, or treatment. The hospital CEO has hired Dora Ellison and her sidekick and intriguing love interest, librarian Missy Winters to investigate and keep the hospital from having to close its doors. But what t... more
  • Echoes of the Past

    by Angela Grey, Paige Peterson
    When a forty-two-year-old married park ranger and mother of two grown children goes missing during the suitcase killer spree, everyone believes the serial killer is at fault. A serial killer known to dismember his victims, stuffing most of the body parts in a suitcase but leaving the head or a limb around town to frighten unsuspecting passersby. However, unbeknownst to nearly everyone is the fact that over twenty years prior, it was the park ranger that gave birth and abandoned her offspring to ... more
  • Tree of Redempion

    by Jim Davidson
    Chris Hamilton travels to Laredo, Texas to pay respects to his surrogate father who has suddenly died. His journey unveils decades of deceit, a cryptic death, new friends and lovers, along with multiple mysteries and a shadowy figure from his past.
  • The Salvador Dalí Formula

    by D. Labovich


    "Author D. Labovich challenges readers with a fast-paced and intellectually-stimulating storyline wrapped in a mystery to rival that of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code." - Readers' Favorite

    ″A fast-paced psychological suspense thriller dives into ancient myths, and unsolved astoundingly planned murders.″

    A shocking mystery about a journalist who reveals Salvador Dalí... more

  • Secret Life Of: A House Wife

    by amirah suggs
    “In the end, everyone must pay for their mistakes!” - Lynne & Katherine “THIS NOVELLA IS EMOTIONAL, GRIPPING, AND FILLED WITH TWIST YOU WERE NOT EXPECTING “ Being a housewife isn't so simple. What's the cost in having it all? Your world can be turned upside down in a blink of an eye. Lynne tells her story about love, betrayal, heartbreak and REVENGE. Find out what happens behind closed doors, and the lengths you go to when you are left with no other options.
  • Sleep

    by Shane Michael Mortensen

    Haunted by a Killer: Homicide Detective, Gerard Rush, has been hunting a killer who has already left 6 women in the morgue…a killer who haunts him every night in his sleep. Every crime scene is like deja vu. Is his mind playing tricks on him or is he losing it?

    Nagged by Doubt: Captain Thompson, noticing his strange behavior, begins to question his ability to handle this case. With their newest victim being the sister of New Jersey Governor, Abig... more

  • Crimson Waters

    by Jacob Parr
    An important assignment pulls James Luna back to his hometown of Alpine Ridge. A place he vowed never to return to after that ill-fated summer when he lost his younger brother to tragedy. Upon arriving, he finds himself thrown into a situation beyond his wildest dreams. Danger and death surround picturesque Lake Trinity in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. James must balance the weight of a shattered family, a new romance, and keeping those he loves alive. The stakes have never been higher.... more
  • Once to Die (The Other Side of Dead Book 1)

    by T.S. Epperson
    He imagined his death would be the end, but there is no rest in the afterlife… Perry is homeless, and desperate to get off the streets, after losing his best friend Bobby to gang violence. When Perry witnesses a drug deal, he finds his own life in peril. Father John is exhausted. Burned out after fifteen years of ministry, he seeks a sign that he is on the right path. At the driest point of his spiritual life, a beautiful woman is tempting him. He knows he is a soul in danger. When a murde... more

    A fun read. Find a quiet place and enjoy the unexpected humor and conversational style of this author's very first novel and telling. It's a look at a fictional Italian family taking place over a weekend in 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri. The book was born of love and looks deeply into several love connections but targets and questions discrimination and stereotyping and attempts to see what others "see". The Order looks into the minds of others and represents all things unsaid but thought. ... more
  • 978-1507842157

    by Carson Morton
    Against the colorful backdrop of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition of 1897, a sheltered young woman forms an unlikely alliance with her prominent family's Black maid whose brother has been accused of murdering a white woman. To prove his innocence, they must navigate the racial divide of the period and their own developing relationship as they descend down a rabbit hole of betrayal, corruption and murder, leading inevitably to the Exposition's most macabre attraction, the Café of Night and Mor... more
  • Irish Black

    by D.A. Schneider
    Eddie Sutherland is dead. Normally, Detective Wes O'Brien wouldn't care about another dead drug dealer, but he may just be the man that killed him. Thrown off the force and under investigation, Wes is called upon privately to look into a cheating spouse case. The one thing he wanted to avoid. Only this case turns into a double homicide with Wes the only witness. Diving deeper into the murder, Wes soon finds himself teamed with a mentally unstable bounty hunter, embroiled in crooked politics, and... more
  • Miller Knew: An Appalachian Noir and Suspense Story

    by Scott Geisel
    Deep in the Appalachian hills of Virginia, a brother and sister are in trouble. Miller’s ma is gone. His pa is gone. What else can be taken before he fights back? Miller knows the kind of men who inhabit these hills. He doesn’t want to become one of them. How can he protect himself and his sister without losing his soul? From the author of the critically acclaimed Jackson Flint mystery novels. A new voice in Appalachian noir. Mysterious, suspenseful, intense, and yearning for redemp... more
  • Breaking Arrows

    by Luis Figueredo
    An eight-year-old Indian child is dead. The innocent boy’s death is cruel, torturous, and most of all, needless. Jeremiah Tiger, the chief of the Kialegee Tribe, is now faced with the realization that he must fight for his impoverished tribe against the State of Oklahoma and the wealthy and influential Muscogee Nation. The battle is seemingly unwinnable. The once fierce warriors of the Kialegee Tribe are now oppressed and living in squalor. Jeremiah’s only option for securing a future for ... more
  • Windekind

    by Mark Lavine
    Following the tragic death of his young wife, Sam Thibeau and his eight-year-old son Harry move from California to a co-housing community deep in the Vermont woods, where they hope to leave behind their painful memories and start over in an unfamiliar land of snow and maple syrup. Just as they are starting to settle in, Sam comes across a series of strange clues and messages which appear to be meant just for him. The clues lead to what at first appears to be a financial windfall, but before long... more