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  • Mad City

    by Victor Vahl

    Mad City explores the lives of New Manhattan impacted by the corruption of a once-coveted all-cure drug.  Isaac Sage, son of the deceased creators of the drug, pursues a personal vendetta under the guise of a vigilante, showcasing his true potential and the greatest of his inner demons.

  • Mountains Will Fall

    by R.H. Johnson
    A cult determined to usher in the End Times now has nuclear weapons in its arsenal, and the plan calls for triggering the most destructive event in human history. Millions of lives hang in the balance as black-ops agent Travis Delta guides a down-to-the-wire operation that will determine America's future. The stakes couldn't be higher in R.H. Johnson's fifteenth novel.
  • Fear River

    by R.H. Johnson
    Mayhem and murder roil the usually calm waters of the St. Lawrence River. The story is set in the bucolic Thousand Islands region of New York State, where the wealthy enjoy the good life amid the splendor of their cozy private islands. But nothing is as it seems in the tiny riverfront town of Rampart, and even the local police chief seems indifferent to a recent crime spree. It’s up to a pair of NYPD homicide detectives to solve a homegrown mystery that has turned the sleepy community upside ... more
  • The China Mandate

    by R.H. Johnson
    An ISIS base in the Amazon rainforest, a kidnapped quantum physicist, and missiles on the far side of the moon may have nothing in common. But if they do, black-ops agent Travis Delta is the man best equipped to uncover the connection. When America confronts an existential threat from China, the U.S. government quietly taps Delta to solve the problem with his potent brand of extrajudicial diplomacy. But will a Glock 20 and raw courage be enough to neutralize a frightening new weapon that is abo... more
  • Sanibel Bones

    by R.H. Johnson
    Big trouble comes to paradise when people begin disappearing on beautiful Sanibel Island. NYPD Detectives Pete Nazareth and Tara Gimble interrupt their Florida vacation to help untangle clues in the most unusual case of their careers.
  • Ghost Assets

    by Shane Twede
    Ghost Assets! is the second book in the military-style action-adventure series Trinity Operation Novels, written by Shane Twede. This book follows the story of Cougar as he and his elite Black Ops team Trinity are tasked with locating priceless Colombian artifacts which have mysteriously gone missing. While attempting to calm tensions between Colombia and the US, whom Colombia view as responsible for the disappearance, a recently restored C-47 vanishes at sea with its two pilots. Amelia, one of... more
  • Escorts Service in Mahipalpur

    by pedro pedro
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  • Terrorized In New York City

    by William A Chanler
    This is a tale of survival of the human spirit. Mary Godwin, a journalist in New York City, witnesses a terrorist incident at The Freedom Tower. Her fiancé, Percy Shelley, fails her. Stalked by a psychotic, she falls for the NYPD operative helping her. Who lives and who dies?
  • The Sexual Assistant

    by Rick Clements
    Nancy enjoyed her job of freeing people from their sexual anxieties. She taught both men and women how to embrace the delight of seduction and love-making. Nancy made no judgments and was very confidential. Then one day a secret government agency wanted her to work as a spy. Nancy’s sexual abilities could elicit information during intimate moments. Experts were hired to give Nancy expert skills to assist her spying activities. Nancy became “Jade,” the exotic woman with no inhibitions. This n... more
  • Chasing the Pain

    by Matthew Iden
    “If you’re reading this, then you haven’t heard from me in three weeks, maybe more. If that’s the case, call Marty Singer. He’ll know what to do.” That’s the note Karen Reynolds, ex-wife of friend and former US Marshal Karl Schovasa, hands retired cop Marty Singer. Schovasa’s missing after trying to guide a young addict away from being exploited by a fake rehab center, and all signs point to foul play. In a bid to save both of them, Marty heads south to Palm Beach to take on a cabal of crooks... more
  • The Journalist

    by R.N. Crane

    Favor Bosworth, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun Paper, investigates murders in the  Loch Raven reservoir and the Las Vegas wash feeding Lake Mead. The murdered girls went to Law School at UNLV along with Dan Brock who left school early to pursue a career in investing. Favor interviewed many of the girl’s classmates but only a few seemed to have the means, opportunity, and motive for murder.

    Favor is also tasked to evaluate Brock Investments for reporting false investment ret... more

  • Chatroom Mystery

    by Charles W. Barry
    Bryan Breen is a chatroom addict and although sad, his death seems to be as a result of his crisis. But then his aged uncle starts to investigate the case and finds very dark secrets that suggest his nephew's death is not accidental....
  • The Dead Daughter

    by Thomas Fincham
    Can a father murder his only child? Kyla Gardener’s dead body is found on her bed one early morning. She had been stabbed multiple times. Her father, Paul, has blood stains on his shirt and his fingerprints are all over the murder weapon. Paul has no memory of what happened. Private Investigator Lee Callaway was also at the Gardener residence on the night of the murder. He had been following Kyla’s mother, Sharon, who was having an affair with her yoga instructor. When all evidence poin... more
  • A Climate for Death

    by R. T. Lund
    A thousand miles off course, a private plane grazes an historic lighthouse and crashes on a snow-covered precipice a hundred feet above Lake Superior. There's a dead pilot on board, but three VIP passengers are missing. The FBI, NTSB and others head to the crash site in remote Lake County, where the locals are dealing with one of the coldest winters on record. A deadly snowmobile accident, an upstart candidate for Congress, and alarming discoveries in Isle Royale National Park add to the ch... more
  • Gate of Death

    by Chris DeSantis
    An unexplained death at the Metropolitan Museum of Art results in an eye-popping investigation down a trail paved with ancient secrets, Egyptian mysteries, and age-old conspiracies. Global domination hangs in the balance behind the scenes as powerful and clandestine groups seek the ancient rites of immortality☥
  • The Innocence of Westbury

    by Frederic Martin

    It's autumn. It's high school. Will is dealing with unwanted fame while Blue flies under the radar, but for how long?

    Will is healing and wishing life would return to where it was at the beginning of the summer—peaceful and fun. Blue, meanwhile, finds that high school life is much more tolerable than she expected thanks to a new friend and a surprise mentor. But deep in the foundation of Westbury, a crack is forming that threatens to undermine everything t... more