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  • The Lightning Rod

    by Ged Gillmore
    When gunshots ring out on a respectable Sydney street, Anna Moore finds herself sharing an Uber with a dead man. Unfortunately, the dead man was part of the feared Mendoza drug cartel, and now Anna’s the only one who knows his whispered last words. Ruthless undercover cop, Charlie Hall, sees a perfect opportunity when she interviews Anna. Charlie has a secret agenda, and Anna might just be the perfect pawn for her to use to bring down Mendoza’s operation. Meanwhile, the Uber driver, Bassam, sti... more
  • Future Skinny

    by Peter Rosch
    Casey Banks is a devoutly anorexic man who discovers he can see the future by binge-eating. His new plan? Perform visions for cash while staying thin by any means necessary. Reading futures proves to be lucrative, but when he ignores a vision of his girlfriend committing a grisly murder, it sets Casey on a dangerous path toward a destiny he'll do anything to avoid.
  • Damaged Goods

    by Dan Wasserman
    Challenging conventional wisdom can be deadly. What happens when a soon to graduate PhD candidate in paleontology challenges the old guard and their long-standing interpretation of how the prehistorical world operated? A new fossil find lands Amy Brown in the middle of a deadly fight she unwittingly started that goes to the heart of how money, greed, and reputation are the prime motivators to those who control the study of paleontology. Science, love and a will to succeed create a fast-paced ac... more
  • Into the War

    by James Rosone
    Humanity stumbles into a galactic war… …a war of survival, a conflict with no end Earth has united under the banner of the Republic. Humanities brightest minds have deciphered the secrets to the alien technology and begin to reverse engineer it. An elder race takes notice of humanities strides and intervenes. Humanity is brought into the fold of a galactic alliance, and learns they are not alone in their war against the insidious Zodark empire. Humans now fight alongside friendly alien ... more
  • Monroe Doctrine: Volume III

    by Miranda Watson
    As the dragon awoke… …the world came together. Would it be enough to stop China? WWIII wasn’t what any of the analysts expected. Across the globe, battles raged. Taiwan fell. Fighting continued in the Caribbean and South America. The Russian Far East had invaders, and nobody seemed able to stop this new Red Army. With the world in chaos… …it was hard to unravel the pieces. Would one U.S. pilot give them hope? On the first day of the war, his F-22 Raptor was shot down over Cu... more
  • The Case of the Counterfeit Painting

    by Angela D. Moss

    What painting could they be talking about? What will it take for twelve-year-old Morgan to stop an art thief?

    Morgan and her little brother, Brad, are used to traveling on their mother’s business trips. At first, the trip to Pittsburgh is no different — that is, until Morgan overhears a plot that could upend the art scene in the city. A thief and her accomplice plan to replace a famous painting — which one, Morgan isn’t yet sure — with a fo... more

  • Descent

    by Marion Kay
    The cause of Esther Richardson's undiagnosed health condition has been a mystery for as long as she can remember. When a series of chilling events bring with them confusion and darkness, clues also emerge. Will she be able to piece everything together before it's too late, or will the supernatural prevail?
  • Monroe Doctrine: Volume II

    by Miranda Watson

    Through the cyber-fog of war…

    … the National Security adviser had one worry.

    Would he be able to save the U.S. from defeat?

    Blain serves at the pleasure of the President. Brought over from the last administration, there were few people more trusted. He knew the biggest threat was the deepfakes.

    China’s AI played war like a Grand Master. In what seemed like an instant, the cyber-attacks crippled networks, and then the world lost faith in everything o... more

  • Monroe Doctrine: Volume I

    by Miranda Watson

    It was called Jade Dragon…

    …and it threatened to destroy the West.

    Was an attack on the U.S. imminent?

    In a lab deep in the heart of China, a brilliant engineer had a breakthrough. It was the most powerful AI ever created. Ma Young believed the Jade Dragon could solve the world’s most dire challenges. There was just one problem…

    The president of China had other ideas.

    Was this t... more

  • Hot House

    by Lisa Towles
    When a former CIA operative and private investigator Mari Ellwyn starts digging into the blackmail case of a federal appellate judge, she becomes targeted by a van following her, threatening notes in her mailbox, and a breach of her home. Teaming up with seasoned investigator and former detective, Derek Abernathy, the crime-savvy pair begin looking into the wrongful death of a mentally-ill college student, Sophie Michaud, as well as two journalists – one dead, one missing, who were writing a sto... more

    by Jerome Mark Antil
    A young man stumbles upon a sex-trafficking ring in New Orleans and attempts to save one of its victims. Boudreaux Clemont Finch—everyone calls him Peck— is a man of beguiling contradictions: Once an “an illiterate Cajun French lawn-mowing hunk,” he is now in night school in Tulane, while he works at a law office run by his boss and sometime lover, Lily Cup. Despite his unprepossessing manner, he has a remarkably lively, observant mind. One night, he witnesses a young girl—he estimates she’s 13—... more
  • Crude Ambition

    by Patricia Hunt Holmes
    A Texas Reckoning In the early morning hours after a law firm recruiting party at a beachside house on Galveston Island, a female summer intern is found lying on the floor, bruised, bleeding, and unconscious. Something terrible has happened. She is taken to a hospital by the only other woman there, but the next day the intern is gone without a trace. Those involved decide to keep silent about the incident in order to further their own career ambitions, but the two women are haunted by what happ... more
  • Half-Told Truths

    by Amy O. Lewis
    Book two of the critically acclaimed Colorado Skies series, Half-Told Truths weaves multiple mysteries into one seamless plot. Kim Jackson is starting to get used to life on the run. In Durango, Colorado, she has found work as a part-time bookkeeper and as a live-in housekeeper for Lena Fallon, an ex-cop paralyzed in the line of duty. Kim’s old life as a corporate accountant—when she was framed for murder and forced to go on the run—feels far away until someone from her past spots her in the ... more
  • Every Star in the Sky

    by Sara Davison
    She is willing to testify against her trafficker. If she can stay alive that long. “You’re safe here, Starr.” How many times has Detective Cole Blacksky said that to her since helping her escape the life she’d been forced into eight years earlier? Starr desperately wants to believe him, but she knows Brady Erickson, her former captor, too well. Although Cole has promised her protective custody on his family’s remote ranch, no place on earth is safe enough. Brady will stop at nothing to per... more
  • The Hillingdon Files

    by Paul A. Cooper
    DCI Greg Richards, having moved away from the metropolitan area to the more relaxed confines of Bournemouth CID, finds himself at the hands of a money laundering syndicate. This syndicate has kidnapped his partner and her sister because of their knowledge of a not-so-well-hidden computer file that can expose a multibillion-dollar scam being played out, unknown to them, on legitimate enterprises. Aided by the girls’ cousin, Richards embarks on a torturous route to track the women down. The evide... more
  • Where Death and Danger Go

    by V M Knox
    In the dark days of 1941, Britain fights on. Invasion threatens and fear hangs in the air. Some yearn for peace and an end to the relentless Nazi bombing. Others are spurred on to fight for victory, no matter the cost. And some will manipulate a divided country for their own ends. On a winter’s night, a German spy parachutes into the Cambridgeshire fenland while another man is secretly murdered in the same field. Is he another enemy spy or has he been sent to his death? Either way, a kille... more