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  • Palm Beach Blues

    If stealing a half million dollars from the Mafia is a bad idea, then using the money to pay off a homicidal Russian loan shark is an insane idea. Elliot Becker realizes this a little too late as his well-intentioned South Florida real estate scam starts to fall to pieces. He needs a Plan B—and he needs it now—because when Ponzi schemes fail, they tend to fail fast. Complicating matters is Logan Treverrow, an aspiring sculptor and newly-returned veteran from Afghanistan trying to figure o... more
  • Silent Gavel

    by Merissa Racine

    Court reporter, Lauren Besoner is content with her life in a small Wyoming town. After a failed married and a rocky relationship, she's happy to just lay low and let life pass her by. But when she stumbles upon the body of the honorable judge that she works for, Lauren is suddenly the detective’s top suspect. With her ex-husband in position to take over for the judge, not only is she worried about proving her innocence, but now her career is on the line. Determined to find answers o... more

  • The Advancing Storm

    by Robert Valletta
    One by one, a group of top Department of Defense research scientists are dead. Each instance appears to be a random act of violence or a fateful suicide. Halfway around the world, a military conflict in Korea escalates. Marine Lieutenant Danny Gallaher survives after being injured and captured by enemy forces, only to learn during his recovery that his father has died while skydiving, and his older brother was brutally killed while investigating a lead in their father's death. As the battle-... more
  • Magician in black

    by Michael J Merry
    At least 62 verified plots to assassinate Adolph Hitler took place between 1932 and 1944. None succeeded. When threats appeared in the early 30’s, Hitler told Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer-SS, he required someone who might ‘be trusted with his life’. Based on these needs, Himmler had his protégé, Reinhard Heydrich, head of the German Security Services, seek someone to perform the task. His choice was Dieter Goff, a WWI veteran, now a police officer in Berlin. Goff became known as ‘The Magic... more
  • His Betrayals

    by Jerry Payne
    Like the hills of San Francisco, where he made his name, businessman Kyle Stone will not be denied his destiny. Orphaned at 13, war at 18, married at 20, he survives the perils of Vietnam, and now faces the dishonesty of the boardroom. Follow Kyle through a series of obstacles laced with corporate intrigue and three betrayals that will change the dynamics of his existence. Will his family and friends be caught up in this web of destruction? Loaded with the truth and courage and de... more
  • Don't Say Her Name

    by Kelly Jameson

    When Broadway star Alice Josephs thinks she sees her twin sister in the audience during one of her performances, she begins to question her sanity. Lessa disappeared twenty years ago in the woods near their Hudson River Valley home, and the crime was never solved. As handsome, Emmy Award-winning crime writer Nial Reynolds investigates the cold case, Alice becomes the target of a sadistic stalker obsessed with her beauty and fame. She begins to receive threatening letters, and odd items from h... more

  • Magnum's Electric Book 1

    by Christopher Barnes
    A new retiree was mysteriously hit by a powerful flash of lightning. He lived. He was hired by the government as a special agent crime-fighter. He succeeded in his adventures, experiences and undertakings.
  • Harbor Blues a novella

    by Cheryl Devenney
    A twenty-four year old unsolved murder case re-surfaces when Melanie, the wife of the Los Angeles Police Department’s next chief, inherits her estranged father’s seaside bar. The bar brings back bittersweet memories for her and is a trigger that unleashes years of deception, guilt, and regret. \t When a recent murder is linked to the cold case, it sets Melanie on a path to find the truth and reconcile her past: forever changing her family’s lives. In a story tinged with a flavor of film n... more
  • Milestone: Project Amber: A Suspense Novel.

    by Carl Lakeland

    2019 Book Excellence Awards Winner - The Lost Ones - Adventure
    2018 Book Excellence Awards Finalist - Eagle Shield - Thriller
    2018 Readers' Favourite Honours - Eagle Shield - Thriller
    2018 International Book Awards Finalist - Eagle Shield - Thriller

    The long-awaited award-winning series is finally here.
    New never before released chapters and bonus content.

    Eagle Shield.
    A trained killer must learn to forget everything he has come to know as a well-beat... more

  • A Roman Death

    by Joan O'Hagan

    Skullduggery and scheming in Ancient Rome on the eve of Caesar's assassination.

    Historical thriller set in Ancient Rome. In 45 BC, Julius Caesar is at the height of his power. Lucius Scaurus, the young, good-looking fiancé of a high-society girl is poisoned at the couple's own pre-wedding banquet. In the trial that follows, Roman society is shocked when the girl's mother, Helvia, is accused of not only of murder, but of incest. Cicero comes to Helvia's defence, bu... more

  • The Marijuana Murders

    by Mark S. Bacon
    Theme park exec Kate Sorensen finds a body in the park’s garage. Then she must decide if the park should endorse one of two competing campaigns to legalize pot in Arizona. Political dirty tricks, multiple murder suspects and possible drug smugglers spark a fast-moving mystery set in Nostalgia City, a theme park that re-creates an early ‘70s town.
  • Kakorrhaphiophobia

    by Chris Devito
    One instant. A single flash of twisted metal and steel is all it takes to shatter Jennifer’s life forever. The drunk driver took her husband’s life but she lives on. Depression. Survivor guilt. Anxiety. They all take their hold like vice grips. Jennifer has gone from being an investment banker in Manhattan and having nerves of steel, to not being able to perform the simplest tasks without feeling the most crippling fear. To escape her despair and anxiety, she has moved to a small southern ... more
  • The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen

    by Sally Dill
    According to nightlifer Roy Winklesteen, daylifers have no idea what they're missing. So, when a 2 a.m. glance out his bedroom window reveals a neighbor is hiding a secret of mythic proportions, Roy's summer break looks a lot more exciting. Seeking a cure for being the most ignored kid in all of fifth grade, Roy knows an awesome adventure will surely get him noticed in middle school. He watches and waits for the perfect time to move in for a closer look at the mysterious man who lives one street... more
  • Attack of the Lambs

    by Tom Olsinski
    A masked man shoots up a packed church where the pastor and parishioners perish. Former detective Harry Powell shoots the assailant causing him to flee. When authorities settle on an unlikely suspect, church leaders are skeptical. Concerned that other attacks may come, they hire Powell to partner with ex-nun Maggie O’Connor to investigate. The agnostic gun-wielding Powell and the peace-loving O'Connor must overcome their disparities to solve the case. During this pursuit, they grow closer as the... more
  • Secrets

    by John Callas
    Opens in 1942 on a mission to Nazi headquarters in Berlin. Under cover, GUS and a group of American soldiers easily infiltrate the building. Gus discovers crucial documents, which are beyond who wins or loses the war. It is essential these documents are delivered to his superiors. Their cover is blown and all are killed in the escape except Gus. In N.Y., present day, JOE, Gus's son, and CHRISTINA make intense love then lay in bed talking. They have fallen in love but on this particular ev... more

    by Dee Kearney
    Sam Cray, a streetwise and earthy detective looks upon the eighth victim of a serial killer they are starting to call the Illinois Butcher. Ruthless and vicious, the killings are particularly twisted. Yet has he made his first mistake? The killer leaves a trademark on every victim, a daisy tied with a yellow ribbon. Only this time he has sullied a previously unblemished record by leaving a fingerprint when he has stopped to fasten a button on the girl's clothing. A simple reflex, but perhaps g... more