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  • Inherent Truth

    by Alicia Anthony

    Beckoned home by visions from beyond the grave, reluctant psychic Liv Sullivan must confront gifts she’d rather keep buried. Assigned to a covert psychic intelligence operation he doesn’t fully understand, Special Agent Ridge McCaffrey finds himself straddling the line between duty and desire. But danger simmers alongside attraction when a gruesome discovery exposes long buried secrets. With life altering consequences on the line, can Liv accept a hard truth and regain Ridge&rsquo... more

  • Valentine act I of II

    by Elliott Morreau
    Welcome to Coalfields. A Town where everyone fits in. From murderers to rapists to paedophiles. And you. Yes, you. What? You think you’re so much different from them? That’s what Jack and Lia thought too. After all, what do two high school lovebirds have in common with a place like that? Nothing. Until one of them commits murder. But even then, who am I to Judge? After all, I'm merely an observer in the stars—a spectator. God. So out of all the people in the world, why observe ... more
  • The Blood Mark

    by Anthony Uzzo
    The Blood Mark is a compelling story, of an Army veteran’s family that must overcome incredible danger and personal tragedies, in order to survive. Our story takes place and in the turbulent tornado ally of central Oklahoma. John Cloud is a decorated Army veteran who is debilitated by PTSD from his experiences in Iraq. His extended absences have alienated him from his wife and two daughters. ISIS has taken control of a large swath of Iraq and Syria. Mohammad Rafta a ruthless ISIS command... more
  • Ascending Power

    by Malcolm Gibson
    When a rare mineral discovery pits a small west Texas tribe against Big Oil, it turns into a battle for survival that will leave the world changed forever. NFL star quarterback Billy Strikeleather is living the dream—he has a beautiful wife, adoring fans, and a multi-million-dollar mansion. But when an injury sidelines him permanently, he turns to the bottle for solace. With the DWIs piling up, his marriage hits the rocks and his self-confidence is shaken. Feeling unmoored, Billy warily r... more
  • The Brotherhood

    by Tejas Desai

    Enter a sinister, exotic world of danger, surprise and suspense: the first volume of Tejas Desai's international crime trilogy The Brotherhood Chronicle. Niral Solanke, a down on his luck private investigator living in New York City during The Great Recession, is trying to redeem himself from a life of sin by rejoining a conservative Hindu religious organization called The Brotherhood. But when his childhood friend Priya Mehta dies mysteriously, he is tasked with investigating her demise.... more

  • The Run and Hide

    by Tejas Desai
    From the lush beaches of Thailand, to the gritty streets of India, to the political battles of New York City and the business dealings of the American South, welcome to the second volume of The Brotherhood Chronicle: The Run and Hide. Niral Solanke, the awkward private investigator from The Brotherhood, is surviving in a sinister Thai underworld when he receives an assignment that reunites him with the Hindu religious organization The Brotherhood and its new leader Bhai. What follows is a ... more
  • Magnus Hooper

    by Ananya Rajaraman

    People of England owe their freedom to the great detective Magnus Hooper. As the month of December brought its melancholy and gloom, it almost seemed as if crimes, too, became too lethargic to take place. Magnus Hooper is appointed to solve petty crimes, which he detests. A curious woman with an acute case of tuberculosis lodges in the flat opposite Magnus’. Intrigued by this, he investigates the new neighbour, who turns out to be his flat mate Richard’s niece. Soon, a man with th... more

  • The Snow Globe

    by Tony Faggioli
    In the four years since breaking off her engagement, Maggie Kincaid has fled from city to city, seeking to escape her ex-fiancé Michael’s relentless pursuit. Abandoned by a criminal justice system that cannot seem to protect her despite multiple restraining orders, she is ready to give up. But it isn’t that easy. Maggie’s dead grandmother keeps haunting her dreams, warning her in cryptic phrases of the future. Or is it the past?
  • Darkest Betrayals

    by Bella Rayne
    Is Danger in the Past… or the Present? Layla doesn’t recognize herself anymore. Talented, intelligent, and ambitious, she has fallen victim to crippling panic attacks that leave her unable to function. Despite the support of her husband, Derek, she feels alone. Desperate for help, she reaches out to her husband’s friend James, an energy practitioner and hypnotherapist who suggests a past life regression. But just as the session is about to start, she is suddenly immersed in a world not her own…... more
  • Conviction: Written By Blood: Book One

    by Dwayne Gill
    As a dangerous group of terrorists threatens the U.S., two unlikely heroes emerge. Cane is a rogue assassin. Daniel is a huge, convicted murderer with a long history of violence. Together can they unravel the mystery of the marked men, protect the ones they love, and overcome their inner demons?
  • The Augmented Man (First Printing)

    by Joseph Carrabis

    Sci-fi Military Thriller

    What do you do with a deadly weapon when it's no longer needed?

    Nicholas Trailer is the last of The Augmented Men, beings created first by society and completed by a political group the public can't even imagine exists. Captain James Donaldson takes severely abused and traumatized children and modifies them into monsters capable of the most horrifying deeds without feeling any remorse or regret.

    But the horrors of war never stay on the battle... more

  • Nobody's Angel

    by Linda Freeny
    Detective DAVID KINCAID, is obsessed by finding out the identity of a dead Jane Doe, and how she came to be in that garbage ridden New York Alley. He believes her death was not an accidental overdose, but murder. His quest takes him back to the small town he was raised in, and to an older woman who seduced him when he was just sixteen, and turned a boy into a man. To his dismay, he still attracted to the woman, and still infatuated with her and eager to enjoy the passionate sex they enjoye... more
  • Viable Hostage

    by Audrey J. Cole
    Malorie’s best friend is missing, but no one seems concerned about the wayward medical student's mysterious disappearance—until another student's partial remains wash ashore a Seattle beach...
  • Head First

    by D. Z. Church
    For Jolie Minotier the stakes couldn't be higher, adrift in the town where her mother terrorist Chloe Minotier abandoned her, fearful her mother will resurface, rejected by her father, she does the one thing she can think to do---run. But she doesn’t anticipate being kidnapped or that her father, now CDR Byron Cooper, her uncle, Laury Cooper, or her aunt, LT Robin Haas, will care. But they do. Sufficiently to endanger their lives and careers in the rush to find her. Jolie’s disappearance set... more
  • Dead Legend

    by D. Z. Church
    Dead Legend is the first in the Cooper Vietnam Era Quartet which follows one family's odyssey through the Vietnam Era, beginning in 1967. Dead Legend features Byron, a Navy pilot and Laury, a Marine sergeant, sons of legendary Navy ace, Mac Cooper. The estranged brothers were left adrift in 1955 when Mac Cooper asked one question that led to scandal and suicide. In 1967, as pilots sortie in Vietnam, equipment problems escalate until flying an A-4E attack bomber is as touch-and-go as outmaneu... more
  • Perfidia

    by D. Z. Church
    The DEA claims Olivia Lassiter's father, Del, was last seen retrieving the wave-battered body of his drug running partner from a rocky cove in Barbados. In disbelief, Olivia outruns the DEA to Del's safe deposit box only to uncover an emerald and ruby necklace, bearer bonds, and a rusty key. When a couriered note from Del demands the key, and a glib Barbadian lawyer dangles intrigue, Olivia grabs the next flight to Barbados landing in the middle of a tug of war over a historic plantation, a h... more