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  • Rogue Assassin, A Lazarus Solaris Novel. Book Three of the Lazarus Chronicles

    by Robert Ullrich

    The Year is 2011, and 25 years of peace between the

    Sicilian Mafia Families is in jeopardy. A Sicilian hitman goes

    rogue against his father, Enzo, killing the son of Giuseppe

    Salerno, taking Giuseppe's only grandchild, Stephanie, then

    Smuggling her to London and a waiting flesh peddler.

    The Salerno Family, one of the largest, legitimate Arms

    Dealers in Europe, left the Sicilian Mafia with Enzo Grasso's

    blessings. Benito, his only son saw Enzo ... more

  • The Rosario ISBN: 978-1-6847-0412-5 (sc) ISBN: 978-1-6847-0414-9 (hc) ISBN: 978-1-6847-0413-2 (e) Library of Congress Control Nu

    by Peter Sissons
    This is my "elevator pitch": "Imagine being flown to a new job at an isolated luxury estate belonging to a fabulously rich but obnoxious Englishman, high in the Catalonian mountains. This man’s obsessions and his total domination of his estate are hard to handle, but he is paying you handsomely and you tolerate his rudeness and demands. Then imagine discovering that he is downright dangerous… and he knows… you know… and now you are trapped. What would you do next? This is the crisis fa... more
  • Double Trouble at the Museum

    by Stew Knight
    How safe is it to sleep near a Tyrannosaurus rex in a dark museum? Maybe there’s more to worry about . . . Finn and his friends attend a school sleepover at the museum. After the local news reports that some of the dinosaur bones are missing from the new exhibit, other strange things begin to happen. Can Finn, Botts, and Tess uncover the trouble at the museum before it’s too late?
  • Curse of the Cornfield Ghost

    by Stew Knight
    Finn is certain the cornfield on his street is haunted. Botts, his best friend, thinks Finn is a little paranoid. But strange things have happened every October on Halloween night. When Halloween arrives, someone dressed in a black cape steals kids’ sacks of candy. Finn realizes he must do the unthinkable to catch the thief. He must enter the cornfield and experience his worst fear. Join Finn, Botts, and Tess in their search for the stolen candy and the thief’s true identity.
  • Give Them Unquiet Dreams

    by James Mulhern
    In 1976, fourteen-year-old Aiden wants to free his mother from McCall's, a psychiatric institute outside of Boston. He's certain she's not schizophrenic because he also sees ghosts. His grandpa, whose spirit visits at night, tells him he must rescue his mom from "that shower of savages" at the hospital. "Like you, she has second sight. Your grandmother's ma also had the gift. She was demonized, and we can't let that happen to your mother.” Aiden enlists the help of his nana's old-lady friends, h... more
  • A Deadly Homecoming: A Toni Day Mystery

    by Jane Bennett Munro
    Pathologist Toni Day knows her mother like the back of her hand. When her mother calls and asks her to investigate the disappearance of her best friend?s husband, Dick, she knows better than to argue. Soon, Toni and her husband, Hal, are on their way back to her hometown of Long Beach, California, where another mystery awaits. Dick?s wife, Doris, is convinced that the historic house she shares with Dick is haunted. To make things even more complicated, Doris is also suffering from a mysterious i... more
  • Ashes of Despair

    by Mary Schaller
    The sequel to Deadly Distrust occurs three years later during the AIDS crisis in San Francisco. The morals of sex are changing, and the LGBT community is in turmoil. Our heroine, Elinor DeMartini, inherits a large estate. However, the board of directors doesn?t want her knowing about their corruption, and they don?t want to stop the flow of money. When Elly tries to learn about her inheritance, one of the board members is killed. And so starts an action-packed struggle to survive the many danger... more
  • Kassy O'Roarke, Cub Reporter

    by Kelly Oliver
    Twelve-year-old Kassy O’Roarke wants to win the Thompson prize at her school newspaper. Her pesky little brother Percy and his key-stealing ferret try to help . . . and that’s when the trouble begins. Apollo the cougar cub goes missing from their family’s petting zoo. Kassy puts her detective skills to the test to find him before Animal Control does. Can Kassy outsmart the dogcatcher and rescue Apollo before being grounded for life? Join Kassy’s fun-filled adventure cracking riddles, detecti... more
  • Red Blood on White Cotton

    by John W Long
    Attorney John Reynolds returns to his childhood home, the sprawling Riverdale Plantation, for the funeral of his father. He learns his father has left him a mysterious letter imploring him to investigate the disappearance of his brother 30 years ago. He is given several clues but the trail is cold. He embarks on a dangerous quest which leads him to a sinister criminal organization involved in drug trafficking, murder and numerous other crimes. He puts himself, his family and friends into grave d... more
  • A Most Unusual Girl

    by Nick Cahill
    Priska James is thirteen and has a surprising ability handed down to her by an archangel: she can hear the song of a person's soul. Even though she is supposed to be a champion for justice, she'd rather just be a kid, and she dreads the day her grandfather forces her to finally take a case. That day comes when she is asked to find a missing girl last seen in the company of a congressman at a Lake Tahoe casino. The clues lead to a ruthless fixer, and Priska finds herself alone and outmatched.
  • Sea Scope - eBook

    by Debbie De Louise

    Sarah Collins returns to Sea Scope, the family-owned inn in which she grew up. She hasn't been back to South Carolina for twenty years; not since she and her brother Glen discovered a body by the nearby lighthouse. After Sarach returns to the inn, she faces long-buried memories, text messages and strange clues.When past and present collide, Sarah must face truths about her family, and what happened that summer day by the lighthouse. But will she survive to tell the tale?

    &... more

  • Sea Scope

    by Debbie De Louise
  • Sea Scope: Large Print Edition

    by Debbie De Louise
  • Creed of Vengeance

    by Aubrey Dasher
    In the parishes of Louisiana, it’s time for a reckoning. For more than two thousand years, children have been at the mercy of pedophile Catholic priests, but retribution is on its way in the form of outraged locals who will stop at nothing to avenge their own. Creed of Vengeance takes you on a heart-stopping journey through three generations of abuse victims as Cajun justice emerges out of bayou country, with inescapable and heartless cruelty brought down upon the guilty. LeRóy Garceau, raped in... more
  • The Secret Gospel

    by Dan Eaton

    "A dangerous and thrilling adventure ... This multi-faceted work of history, conspiracy and religion will gain favour among fans of Dan Brown and Steve Berry." —Publishers Weekly

    In 1958, a young scholar stumbles upon a version of the Gospel of Mark far older than that recorded in the New Testament. Unfortunately, his discovery brings him nothing but vilification and accusations of forgery.

    Eventually, the Secret Gospel simply disappears. Fift... more

  • No White Lies

    by Dan Eaton

    What would you do for success? Would you lie? Would you cheat? Would you kill?

    Award-winning journalist Will McCormick has it all. Money, a beautiful family, and a house in the picture-perfect resort of Queenstown in New Zealand. 

    Will also has a dark secret. The story that made him famous years ago didn’t quite happen the way he told it, and now someone from his past seems determined to make him pay.

    When his five-year-old daughter Lizzy vanishes... more