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  • Maddie's Ghost

    by Carol Fisher Saller

    Madeleine “Lainie” Stanton is about to become a local celebrity. Born at precisely midnight at the millennium, she’s turning 12, and a TV station wants an interview. But when the reporter finds out Lainie’s great-grandmother Madeleine was hanged for murder, the story threatens to blow up into something quite different. Racing against time to prove her ancestor was framed, Lainie and her two best friends follow clues that seem to come in a shocking way&... more

  • Riders in Disguise

    by Patrick Anderson Jr.
    Riders in Disguise is the first book in a trilogy that takes a broad look at the most influential decade in South Florida's history through the prism of four individuals: Rig Lopez-Campbell, a Liberty City middle-schooler whose father's been recently incarcerated; Tommy Munoz, a Pedro Pan survivor dragged into the violent world of cocaine trafficking; Tina Pacheco, a freelance photographer turned journalist after capturing images of the '79 Dadeland Mall Massacre; and Ralph Williams, a homicide ... more
  • Body of Origin

    by Kimberly J. Smith
    Sixteen-year-old Calliope Littleton is hiding something. A few things, actually. While it's public knowledge that she's switcherborne, only her parents know she's immune to the government-mandated drug meant to suppress her switching abilities. No one has a clue that she caused the accident leaving Jamie Mulligan, their school's star cross-country athlete, unable to walk. If anyone found out she's secretly letting him use her body to run again, she'd be in massive trouble. Cal is taking a huge r... more
  • Bring the Night

    by J.R. Sanders
    When an oddball sister and brother hire him to find out if their father's suicide was suicide, private investigator Nate Ross figures he's in for an easy job. That is, until he discovers that the evidence doesn't add up and the cops - who are strangely cooperative - have rubber-stamped the case and filed it away. Soon Nate's dealing with crooks on the lam, dodging local bigwigs and shady lawyers, and chasing a clear-cut case of murder. Meanwhile, he wrestles with a conflict of interest as he'... more
  • The Serpent’s Teeth

    by Stephen Kronwith

    Detective Jane Rieger-Franklin, her wife, Anna, and their two adopted daughters live in an idyllic world, in stark contrast to the nearby Kings, a family whose long history of mutual enmity reads like a Greek tragedy.

    When someone murders matriarch Emma, suspects abound, but as the detective investigates, the Kings’ mutual animosity tears at her psyche, inciting old fears and bringing new ones to the surface. And as the investigation proceeds, what were tiny cracks in the Franklin... more

  • Bayou Venom

    by J.J. Cagney
    When Ash stumbled upon her potential boss’s lifeless body in New Orleans’ murky swamps, she knew nothing would ever be the same. With a long list of suspects and a web of secrets lurking in the bayou, Ash will need all her cunning and intellect to unravel the truth and catch the killer before they strike again—or her newest nemeses at the NOPD find a way to pin the murder on her. Danger lurks around every corner, and Ash must stay one step ahead of a killer who seems willing to hurt anyone to m... more
  • For What It's Worth

    by Nathan Pettijohn
    The prank pact was meant to be fun.  Now they just want to live through it. Tulsa, 2006. Jon Ryan and his three best friends spend the final days of their senior year goofing off and taking mushrooms at casino concerts, keeping adulthood at arms’ length as long as possible. To memorialize their time together, they make a pact: one prank per person, per night, on the last week of school. From subtle psychological torture and glitter bombs to a stolen llama and a dead body in the trunk, w... more
  • The Unexpected Hostage

    by Allison McKenzie
    Nothing in her life has been stable since Tess’s beloved fiancé Kyle died in a tragic accident. She’s spent the past year hell-bent on outrunning her grief, jetting between high-stakes meetings and the rock clubs where she can disappear. Avoiding her pain was working—almost—until she and her colleagues are taken hostage by a violent Eastern European terrorist group. With no means to escape her captors, Tess and fellow captive Mark must rely on one another to survive. Together, they’ll risk t... more
  • Lorelei

    by Kit Derrick
    Trent has been in a living nightmare for two years since the accidental death of his beloved girlfriend. What was once a tragedy has become a terrifying descent into his own mind, as a seductive spirit torments and blames him in his dreams, and hallucinations start to take over his waking hours. With his mental and emotional stability on the brink of collapse, Trent must decide if he's willing to cross the line between reality and madness - even if it means taking one more life. Will Trent be ab... more
  • The Dragon Garden: A Pingzi & Benzel Mystery (The Pingzi & Benzel Mystery series)

    by Resa Nelson
    When a stranger claims to be the rightful demon queller of the Far East, 11-year-old Pingzi worries about losing the life she loves. Pingzi Po is a member of the Imperial Family and the only demon queller in the Far East. That’s why she’s the only female in the entire country who has the power to live an independent life. Knowing a demon queller comes along only once every few hundred years fills her with confidence. But after a young man in a far-off province threatens to replace her, Pin... more
  • Two for the Money

    by Steve Zettler
    What happens when millions in cold cash evaporates into thin air? And the only people aware of its disappearance are a collection of misfits, bunglers and crooked CIA agents? And the one person on earth who knows exactly where that cash is located is a legless, ex-Navy SEAL, confined to a wheelchair. It’s an icy Christmas Day in Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love. Sam Christie has come to South Philly to visit the grave of a former Secret Service Agent, Pete Macaluso. Drive into town, place s... more
  • Second Chance Killer

    by Bradley Cornish
    Damon Faulkner is trapped in a nightmare he can't escape. A lifelong struggle with sleepwalking lands him in the middle of a murder investigation - and he's the main suspect. Despite having no memory of the crime, Damon fights for his life against a drunken detective determined to close his one-hundredth career case. As Damon awaits trial, he discovers unsettling secrets about Jekyll Island's past and realizes he may have been set up. He must stay awake to clear his name before it's too l... more
  • The Recordings

    by Kyle Zona
    Joseph Bailey—recently fired after a student-scandal—moves to Baxtor Springs, hoping to publish a novel unlike his previous textbooks. After a massive explosion claimed hundreds of lives in Baxtor Springs, Joseph feels inspired to use the tragedy in his writing. But would it be malicious to write about the victims as an outsider? Alone in his smart home, Joseph asks his Home Device to play a record—but his words are misinterpreted. Instead, the Home Device plays the recording of a murder, a r... more
  • Border Sands

    by Math Bird
    ONE AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY. ONE BRUTAL MURDER. On a sweltering August Bank Holiday in 1983, the town of Mabon Pryce’s childhood home had much to celebrate - until tragedy struck with the brutal murder of local beauty Mary Reece. Haunted by the darkness that shrouds the small town, Investigative reporter Mab returns for the funeral and finds himself drawn into the mystery of Mary’s death. As he begins to piece together the events that led to Mary’s death, he realizes that the truth is far m... more
  • Break My Bones

    by Michelle Ian
    A secret never to be shared. A killer seeking vengeance. Is his nightmarish fiction about to become a bloody reality? Michael Kerrigan is delighted with his success. With his well-received suspense novels putting him on the map, the popular author trades his dark past for meet and greets with adoring fans. But his borrowed peace shatters when a friend he thought he’d buried dead in the ground long ago shows up very much alive… and hellbent on wreaking murderous havoc. Trapped in a deadly g... more
  • Bee Conspiracy

    by David Boito
    As concerns over food shortages grow amid massive honeybee die-offs, an LAPD cop and a Special Agent for US Fish and Wildlife investigate a sociopath kindling mass hysteria to profit from the extermination of biological bees.