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  • City of Stones (Detective Matt Jones 4)

    by Robert Ellis
    CITY OF STONES (Detective Matt Jones 4) By Robert Ellis A Killer’s Secret. A City’s Fate. A Detective Backed into a Corner With rookie detective Matt Jones recovering from the wounds he suffered in The Girl Buried in the Woods, and with his partner, Denny Cabrera, lucky to have survived but still unable to walk, a reporter from the Los Angeles Times, Ryan Brooks, makes a late-night call requesting a small favor... “I've heard that you’re on medical leave,” Brooks says. “Meet me in the... more
  • the Bubble Pods

    by Susan Philip
    This is a story about the homeless in a world where the population has grown to an troubling size and those in poor situations have nowhere to live. Krista is a young girl who suddenly has lost her family and even her community and is desperate to find them. She is devastated and only gets through the fallout because Ben her boyfriend supports her. Meanwhile in another country there is the head office of a company named Podtech and working for them are two employees named Beth and George amon... more
  • Hunt for the Wild Honu

    by Bill Thesken
    Hunt for the Wild - Book #1 Being in the fourth grade at an elementary school on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an adventure in itself. The teacher rides a horse to school and cracks a bullwhip before math class. There’s a shave ice stand at the little town across the street, and fun waves to boogie board at the nearby beach. It’s all a kid could want. But when Jack Pennington hears a tall tale about a rogue sea turtle that can run faster than a man on land, and spots ... more
  • The Rise of Jonathan Flite

    by Matthew J. Beier
    Jonathan Flite’s fame is on the rise. Ever since the suicide bombing at his mother’s press conference last summer, his alleged “past-life memories” of Minnesota’s long-lost Idle County Seven have piqued the curiosity of people everywhere—including new religious extremists who don’t want to be challenged by questions about the nature of reality. Now, the reigning queen of news media, Alice Winterblume, is featuring Jonathan front and center in her hit docuseries, WorldLine. As Jonathan’s claim... more
  • Cloud Warriors

    by Rob Jung
    Anthropology professor TERRY CASTRO makes the discovery of a lifetime: a pale-skinned, blonde-haired, blue-eyed tribe, secluded in the Peruvian rain forest since the time of the Incas, but the discovery puts Castro in a coma caused by curare, a primitive poison. He learns, however, that curare comas are different. He can still feel and hear even though his body is in a catatonic state. \tCastro is transported to a San Francisco hospital at the insistence of LEON DAY, sponsor of Castro's annual ... more
  • The Reaper

    by Rob Jung
    A riot at the 1937 Paris World Exposition turns deadly, and propels timid security guard, Francois Picard, into the middle of maelstrom: a fight over possession of a famous painting between the Nazi high command, Catalonian nationalists, an American industrialist and a Spanish museum curator. Against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, Picard clumsily attempts to influence the painting’s future to his personal advantage, but his girlfriend jilts him, the looming world war terrifies him and hi... more
  • The Sower, Book Two of the Chimera Chronicles

    by Rob Jung
    A five-year-old unsolved murder, a U.S. senate candidate with a past to hide, and an alleged art forgery that rocks the art world: all pieces of a multi-dimensional puzzle facing Detective Ronni Brilliant and the women of the Monet Detective Agency. Hired to solve a cold-case murder, Brilliant, a transgender former Marine MP struggling with her own sexuality, faces an unrelenting succession of threats from an unknown source, raising the suspicion that her own client, the murder victim's grands... more
  • Tunnels & Caves

    by Robert Haydon
    Tunnels & Caves is a fast-moving and entertaining mystery thriller that features the duo of Former sheriff Kelly Wren and the beautiful Angie Morrison. They live and work out of a revamped country home in Willow Creek, Texas. Wren teams up with detective Wayne Tolleson to solve some very difficult and danger-laden cold cases while Angie fights off a band of coyotes and a persistent stalker. The tension builds throughout the book and it all comes to a head with a surprise ending.
  • See Glass

    by Ido Graf
    This novel foretold the subversion of the democratic process in the USA by far-right groups and a serving President. But why? '... a screenwriter could...' make '...See Glass '...a very dandy film thriller.' - Editor & Publisher, Southwest Florida online. A former Legionnaire had been working as a journalist in Paris. He met a mysterious American by chance when the latter sailed into a quiet fishing village nestled in a remote Andalusian bay. The sailor was ex-special forces and his backgr... more
  • The Impostor

    by David Temple
    Hollywood Detective Pat Norelli is solving cases at breakneck speed, but there's one murderer that still haunts her sleep, the serial killer known as the Poser. When a close friend of Norelli turns up dead, it's thought to be a heart attack. Then, to the detective's horror, new evidence comes to light that she may have been involved in her friend's murder. A devastated Norelli knows she is being set up by the Poser, and now it's only a matter of time before Internal Affairs brings her in as a... more
  • Vestiges

    by Peggy Ann Shumway
    When anthropology professor Oneida Graham is entangled in a Michigan Relic mystery, she pairs up with archaeologist Lance Graham, a step-cousin of sorts, embarking on a frantic hunt to find the Native American treasure and the person responsible for their grandfather’s demise. Unfortunately, the diabolical forces at play are sworn to beat them to the target and destroy the treasured secrets before they can share what is sure to change humanity forever.
  • Where the Wolf Hunts

    by Tyler Flynn
  • Deadly Dance: A Scott Drayco Mystery

    by BV Lawson
    Some secrets refuse to stay buried... When Scott Drayco's ex-girlfriend begs him to prove her rich fiancé, Harry Dickerman, is innocent of murder, Drayco's torn; he's suspicious of Harry's motives for wanting to marry a much younger woman, but on the other hand, the man seems to be a paragon of virtue. The police think it's an open-and-shut case — the victim was Harry's ex-wife, killed in Harry's home with his own letter opener, and only Harry's prints were on the murder weapon. But as Dra... more
  • Fortune Hunters

    by Wendy Byrne
    With a past filled with regrets and closing in on thirty, six college friends embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they set off on a quest to find a twenty million dollar treasure that's hidden somewhere on the Appalachian Trail. While their leader Ivan has developed numerous contingency plans, he doesn’t expect their first hurdle to happen before they even start. But when his indebtedness to a loan shark leaves him with a broken arm and a deadline hanging over his head, he knows this ... more
  • The Job: Keep your enemies close and your target closer.

    by M.E. Saleh
    Rules were broken—Sam had no choice but to leave the organization. Walter’s dying wish is for Sam to come out of retirement for one last job. Trained in martial arts with the patience of a sniper and underground connections, Sam must ruin Andrew Donovan and take away everything and everyone he holds dear, including his wife, Dr. Leigh Harris. Dr. Harris races the clock to release her groundbreaking cancer treatment to save millions of lives. However, when the setbacks shift from unfortunate a... more
  • City of Schemes

    by Bill Garwin
    The Feds designate Northern California as a laboratory to test society’s most ambitious advancements. Norcal’s borders are enforced with satellite security and all residents carry an embedded computer chip linked to the next-generation internet. When a corrupt influence peddler seizes control, a war for dominance ensues. City of Schemes is a story of legalized drugs, human smuggling, hacker wars, and dueling psychopaths.