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  • soiled grounds

    by merrick tull-johnson
    Soiled grounds is a futuristic neo-noir/thriller novel with utopian and dystopian concepts. The novel takes place in the utopian city. The main character, Luther, which is a rookie police officer finds a dead body in an alleyway while he’s leaving a bar with his partner. Luther then investigates the murder which causes him to travel between both utopian and dystopian cities. Discovering who committed the murder causes the utopian city to go dystopian, and guilt-ridden Luther, runs away to a plac... more
  • Frozen Border: An Agent Mitchell Novel

    by Zach Stookey
    When small town Sheriff's Deputy Jason Stevens gets the chance to help the FBI investigate the case of a local serial killer, he is elated. When they name him the primary suspect, Jason disappears. Veteran FBI Agent Russell Mitchell tracks the suspect from Illinois to the snow-covered wilderness of Canada, and back again. All while Jason tries to find out exactly why they think he is the killer.
  • Foul Shot, a Wray Larrick Mystery

    by D.L. Coleman
    P.I. Larrick is drawn to the North Carolina shore to aid former girlfriend and reporter Ames Dalton in the investigation of a young female superstar athlete's inexplicable murder, immediately finding himself in a complex environment of powerful women hiding basic facts from him. From the Crystal Coast to the Louisiana bayou, to Philadelphia, and back down south, Wray follows his trail to the killer's door only to discover, almost too late, that things are not always the way they first seem. Cur... more
  • The End Zone An Ahmad Jones Novel

    by Kevin Fitch
    Ahmad Jones, a NYC cop and consultant for the FBI, discovers, through Afarland's updated horoscope, a plan to commit a coup d'etat against its government. As a world-class astrologist and adviser to several international government bodies, Jones, armed with keen astronomic timing, superlative combat skills, and an unusual perspective on American football, is single-minded in his desire to protect Afarland's leadership and the daughter of Afarland's president, as he arrives in Ohio to promote his... more
  • Why Was Rachel Murdered?

    by Bill Prentice
    A mathematician’s murder draws Toronto PI Neil Walker into a web of Ponzi schemes, political corruption and global cybersecurity nightmares. Walker, an ex-RCMP financial-crimes specialist, has out-fought warring bikers and put Mafia dons behind bars. Now he’s forced to work with Carole Lisgar, a high-powered political operator he once arrested for corruption. As more bodies drop and the stakes ramp up, Walker uncovers a conspiracy that stretches from Parliament Hill in Ottawa to a beach-front... more
  • homestays in wayanad

    by Albin Benny
    Nowadays all social orders get a kick out of the opportunity to travel long division, for instance, phenomenal countries. Each guest objective has its own one of a kind heavenliness. All organization advance the movement business and regarding all guests in that country. Most of the social orders pick calm place for their objectives and besides pick incredible lodgings and sustenance. So homestays have more criticalness in the movement business, all guest pick homestays for better sustenance and... more
  • Ratchet and Stench - Animal Sleuths

    by Robert A Webster

    Dog Gone Mystery

    When Cruft’s Best of Breeds Champion mysteriously disappears; the finger of suspicion points at the owner of a rival kennel.

    Somerset police find the missing Scottish terrier’s dermal tracker, but cannot find further evidence of a crime. Having no proof they are unable to do anything and drop any investigations.

    The other dogs call in Ratchet and Stench, and even though they uncover clues that suggest a brutal murder, the animal... more

  • Murder Audit

    by Michelle Cornish
    The truth will set you free...unless you're Cynthia Webber. Cynthia Webber is a CPA student and widow who lost her husband and love of her life in a tragic car accident several years ago. Left with a young son to provide for on her own, Cynthia continued to pursue her career in the auditing department of Darlington & Associates (D&A). But when Cynthia discovers Jim Dunn’s body during the routine audit of D&A's most prestigious and controversial client, Prairie Pipeline Company (PPC), her w... more
  • The Power of the Three

    by P.G. Barnett

    David and his half-sister were born within forty two seconds of one another from the same mother. Stacie, a healthy baby, was able to see things in a traditional manner but David was born seeing only darkness. Learning that being born blind doesn't mean not seeing; David discovers the ability to see through the eyes of others. Physical connection is all it takes. Yet there is something on the faces of his family he sees that troubles him. It isn't his physical appearance. When his mother make... more

  • Return of the Brethren

    by P. G. Barnett
    They have been with us for eternities using their power to slip between slices of time and appear, three families, taking many forms, experiencing the thrills of life and death on Earth. One family brought a lust for cruelty and devastation. Known as the Brethren, their visits always resulted in the death and torture of millions. The remaining families chose to live with mankind in peace. They called themselves the Coven and began passing the knowledge of their powers and memories of their exis... more
  • Death by the Devil’s Hand

    by Michael Patton
    A troubled teen leaves home in West Texas and takes to the road. He soon finds that he gets off on the thrill of confrontation and killing. Dan, Wally and Syd are on a trip to deliver equipment to an observatory in Arizona. The path of these two worlds cross leading to a game of cat and mouse where the role of mouse changes hands. Along the way Wally finds himself in jail, Dan finds love (maybe), and Syd does her best to herd them away from trouble. Find out who walks away when Wally becomes the... more
  • A Balance of Evil

    by P. G. Barnett

    In the tradition of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel American Gods, comes a gripping debut novel of mankind’s race to self-destruction. 

    For Irene Cunningham, a 20th century woman struggling to make ends meet, the job at the Santa Monica DA’s office was the final chance to prove things to herself and her family as well. For her twin sister Melissa, it meant that Irene’s eventual success would bring a halt to the constant family feuds and bickering.

    To both twins, the tale... more

  • Deliberate Deception

    by Joe Porrazzo
    Things are heating up in Tucson, Arizona. A greedy corporation rigs a multi-million dollar raffle...but people aren't winning...they're dying! What comes next will shock the world! From Tucson to Boston to Washington D.C. to the Caribbean...DELIBERATE DECEPTION is Joe Porrazzo's most powerful suspense thriller yet. The deception is deliberate…the results are deadly!
  • The Gob's - Return of the Winkled Rockers - Fossils 2

    by Robert A Webster

    Hoist up the incontinence pants, brush the fluff from your slippers, make a nice cup of cocoa, and enjoy… because:


    The Wrinkled Rockers return for their second hilarious action-packed adventure. A sensational new album in production. A bird watching tour that goes horribly wrong. A devious duo returns seeking revenge. A flatulent Spook and a perilous rescue attempt in a foreign, but familiar, country. What is there not to love? Grab a co... more

  • THE ENCORE: A Transformational Thriller

    by Lauren Holmes
    Life-changing, world-changing transformation is the main character of this thriller. A heroic supporting cast of compelling transformers and transformees propels the action. This is an otherworldly tale of catastrophe, crisis, courage, calling, creation, and camaraderie. "The Encore" is as alarming and unnerving as it is inspiring and heartwarming. A torrent of twists and turns will rivet readers until startling reveals end the ride. This shocker is so gripping, so profound, a... more
  • Miracle

    by kimberly shursen
    Faith Abbott's life ended abruptly. Now she's back with a vengeance to reclaim what is rightfully hers. "Shursen has done it again with yet another complicated plot with characters that pop to life." In the small farm community of Sheffield, Iowa six-year-old Miracle (Mira) Abbott says her new "bestest" friend's name is Faith. A cold chill races down Charlene Abbott's spine as Mira has never been told that her identical twin Faith died soon after she was born. Over the next few week... more